Top ten inventions that will soon change the world !

Top ten inventions that will soon change the world! 

Today we're going to be looking at ten inventions that will soon change the world so every year thousands of inventions are made some are novelty and aren't too useful but some inventions like the car or phone are very useful but we already have cars and phones however here are some things we don't yet have but soon will and these will change the world. 

10-Mosquito patch 

Did you know that after humans mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the world that's right although mosquitoes are small they take over a million lives every year this is mainly by malaria in places like Africa now there are many ways that charities are trying to stop mosquitoes doing this for example if you donate around 15 dollars this is enough to buy mosquito net for an African family now while mosquito nets will help they're pretty inconvenient and they're also pretty expensive and big that is why one company calls kite is making something called the patch the kite patch will actually make you invisible to mosquitoes the way mosquitoes to take humans is by smelling the carbon dioxide in their breath however the kite patch is a sticker which you put on your clothing this will block the mosquitos ability to smell you and therefore no mosquitoes will detect you or go near you these patches lasts for up to 48 hours and there are also much more cheap and convenient than a mosquito net the kite patch is already making waves across the world and who knows maybe one day the kite patch will save millions if not billions of lives. 

9-Safety truck 

on a very dangerous everyday thing we do is use the highway many accidents can happen on a highway but did you know that one of the leading causes of highway accidents is cross people really hate getting stuck behind trucks in the highway so that is why many people simply drive around them but of course with a truck you can't see what's in front of it because it's so large this causes many people to dangerously pull out in front of other vehicles and a simple youtube search shows tons of these accidents well did you know that Samsung are actually trying to solve this problem they've made something called a Samsung safety truck it's a truck with four large screens on the back it then relays video footage from the front of the truck onto the four screens on the back this gives any drivers behind the truck a clearer view of what's ahead so this when they know when it's safe to overtake and when it's not this is essential for any winding or narrow roads but in general this could really save lives this idea is so simple it's crazy to think that no one's come up with it before but now these Samsung safety tried to be rolled out more and more so in the future perhaps these will be the standard maybe in the future we'll be able to connect these to Tesla Auto driving cars that's where your car would even be able to auto overtake trucks it may sound like something from the far future but it's closer than we think . 

8-Automatic toothbrush 

Around 60 percent of people in the USA actually use an electric toothbrush now an electric toothbrush is a lot less work in the manual world now an electric toothbrush is a lot less work than a manual work but we all know that you should brush your teeth for two minutes that's what the dentists say but with this toothbrush you only need to do it for 10 seconds and believe it or not all you need to do is bite down you don't even need to brush this invention is called fiamma brush it actually cleans your teeth and much more thoroughly than a regular brush and instead of 180 seconds it doesn't intend you simply put it in your mouth and connect the device to a smartphone you do this wirelessly via Bluetooth and then all of the brushes will do the work for you this is such an amazing idea which will save us a ton of time you can actually already buy one of these and many people who've used it say it's totally amazing when you're using it it kind of looks like one of those odd Japanese mouth extenders but it's some tout ibly more useful where you guys have used in our brush or is it too new for you. 


Are you a student if so you likely hate having to note down everything someone says in the lecture it can take a ton of time and you have to rush your notes well that is where this invention comes in you can either use it as a necklace pendant or you can attach it to your clothing but what does this do well this device actually transform speech into text with 98% accuracy all you have to do is plate the device once and it begins transforming all the speech around here to text now you don't have to write down your lecture notes this thing does it for you but what if someone speaks to you in a different language well have no fear their sense tone actually understands 12 languages this way you can transform anything anyone says in any language to text and then translate it on Google Translate this invention is a dream come true for note takers and it would also work great in meetings when you don't always have time to take down tons of notes just think about how fast you could write a book using one of these things would you guys try out this invention let me know in the comments. 

6-Invisible bike helmet 

So this is yet another invention which is going to save lives many people every day pass away during a bike accident people could be cycling to work without a helmet to get into an accident and then their life is over of course it's always best to wear a helmet but some people simply don't some think they look silly and others don't want to carry a helmet around with them all their while that is why to students from Sweden decided to make an invisible bike helmet their invention is called hovding and it's a stylish net collar that contains an air bag this is how it looks when you're wearing it in cycling Norman it totally blends into your coat or clothing right but then when you get into an accident it will transform into this it can tell by forces and pressures when you get into an accident and then when you do you'll have an inflatable helmet all around you and this inflatable helmet is said to be better than a traditional bike helmet this invention is available in some countries in Europe but this soon should be worldwide just imagine how many people this is going to save I have to say it sure it's more convenient and looks a ton better than a regular bike helmet when it's not inflated addicts but seeing is only inflates when you're in an accident I think the last thing you'll care about is looking silly. 

5-Airless bikes 

So we've just seen one by convention which involves a ton of air well now for the opposite this is a bike invention but instead of using air it doesn't use air we all know that bikes are great but one of the worse things is getting a flat bike tire age means you have to push your bike around and also sometimes you can fly or feel like if your tire pops well that's why these new bikes have airless tires instead the tire to aerodynamic strips of rubber instead of them being pumped up by air that just made in a very special way with holes in them this allows you to be much more streamline and go even faster than usual but it also makes the ties much more durable hangul never have to pump them up you can ride over glass nails in just about anything else on these not only will they save a ton of money in time it will also stop people from falling off their bikes after their tires pop. 

4-Roller rail 

So we've already gone over how traffic accidents caused a ton of people to pass away every year but did you know that one of the things put in place to help you actually causes a lot of injuries we've all seen those metal guardrails on highways they're supposed to stop you from going offroad or hitting into other traffic but think about what it does to a car hitting one of these metal rails spoiler alert it massively messes up the car and potentially you wall that is why one South Korean company has me something called a roller guardrail the idea behind these rails is to move the vehicle away from the rails after making impact in surface plowing into it and stopping the vehicle it will actually push it off if you take a look at the yellow objects on the rail there are actually pig rollers when they're pushed police will roll the car reducing the impact and the force so in a vehicle impact some of these and serves smashing into it it simply rolls to the side and believe it or not this even works with large vehicles like trucks this invention is going to save so many lives you can literally plow into one of these railings at high speeds and you should be fine I have to say this is totally amazing and these should be everywhere they're already all over South Korea but no doubt in the future these will spread to Europe USA and other places if you guys have ever seen roller rails before then let me know. 

3-Custom hot sauce 

If you've ever seen the series hot ones this invention is Sean Evans dream we all know there's all kinds of different hot sauces you can eat but what if one day you feel like a mild hot sauce and then the next day you feel like a hot sauce you may think you'd have to buy many different kinds of hot sauce but no as you can see this hot sauce purple actually allows you to adjust the spiciness levels you can increase it to make it hotter or milder depending on what you want somebody found one of these in Mexico but they're also sold in America I have to say this is an awesome invention and this would work great for restaurants when there's different people with different palates it's called Dave's gourmet adjustable heat hot sauce and personally I'm going to try and find a bottle of mystify where do you guys want to try out this amazing custom pork sauce you could even turn the top with your eyes closed and play hot sauce roulette Dave if you make that into a game then you. 

2-Double toilet paper 

So we all know that a roll of toilet paper comes in a hollow cylinder this is because the hangar has to go in the middle which is why it's hollow but when you come to think of it that's a lot of space to take up just on one hanger and you're kind of being ripped off by a lot of toilet paper companies well that is why somebody came up with this invention as you can see it looks like there's no hole in the toilet paper you may be thinking how would I put this on a hanger well on this toilet paper the inside of it actually comes out this gives you an extra roll up on the go toilet paper this is great and super useful it could be used in an emergency or you could use them as facial tissues or napkins this way you get more bang for your buck and you don't have to waste money on any empty space they have to say this is a great invention as you get way more product and also on the go toilet paper sounds very handy you never know when you could need it until you do this invention actually comes from Japan but I'm sure it will soon be worldwide. 

1-All-in-one bathroom 

So this is yet another amazing bathroom invention but this one isn't just for convenience this one will save the world when you look at the top of this image you likely see it sink but if you look at the bottom half you see a toilet so what is this you may be asking sink or toilet well this is actually both the way the toilet water fills up is from the water you use to wash your hands this way you're simply recycling the water so it may as well get two uses one to wash your hands with and then want to flush away waste this is a fantastic idea which would cut our water usage in half and also it would encourage a lot more people to wash their hands seriously though this is an awesome invention which actually comes from Japan why this is already spread to China and it's only moments before will likely come worldwide what do you guys want to buy a sink toilets I have to say it's a pretty genius idea even though it may confuse people who haven't seen one of these before. 

And this is the end of this list I Hobe you enjoy the list and let us know which of these inventions will change the world? I Hobe you enjoy, and thank you very much, and have a nice day.