Top Most UNUSUAL Guns You Won't Believe Exist!

Top Most UNUSUAL Guns You Won't Believe Exist!

From shooting around corners two tiny little spy weapons here are 10 unusual guns you won't believe exist. 

10- Ducks foot pistol 

Four barreled guns often called ducks foot pistols because of their Quackers design date back as far as the 18th century and have become somewhat of a collector's item because of their rare nests in 2017 one was auctioned in London with a guide price of up to five thousand dollars it had a walnut slab-sided but an ornate silver wire scroll inlay and of course the unusual four barrel design this particular one is thought to have never been fired but was such a strange design and difficulty to aim why were these even designed in the first place collectors dispute when they were made with suggestions that they were either Georgian era weapons or made much later towards the end of the Victorian era but one thing's for sure they would have been extremely effective at crowd control they were apparently very popular with naval captain's who would seldom actually have to fire because all they had to do was wave them around and the intimidation effect was enough to get large groups of people to back off versions of the gun were usually made with between three and six barrels but the record goes to a weapon designed by giuseppe markov is key in 1835 he attempted to assassinate king louis-philippe the first in paris and to do so constructed a 25 barrel volley gun his one shot managed to kill 18 people but the king received only minor injuries. 

9-The corner shot 

The problem with weapons that shoot in straight lines is that it can be difficult to shoot around something so that's what the coroner shot was developed for designed to be used in modern warfare situations it allows users to engage from any direction and be able to trigger while completely undercover it can be attached to a wide variety of weapons and includes high-resolution digital cameras that are mounted on the front and displayed through the LCD screen on the rear section this allows the system to be used as a surveillance device to and with the remote link to the triggering mechanism the adapted weapon can be fired from behind cover while the corner shot is undoubtedly the most advanced adaptation for this purpose there have been a number of other similar enhancements that have been used by forces around the world the periscope rifle for example was developed during the First World War to be used in trench warfare while the krumlov was a curved barrel attachment for the Sturm gave her 44 rifle that the Germans used in the Second World War and now for some more unique history. 

8-Cemetary gun 

In the 18th and 19th centuries grave robbing became a real problem in the US and Britain cadavers had become valuable because the law prevented medical schools from buying them for use and research and training instead they relied upon the bodies of executed criminals and bodies that were donated but they couldn't acquire enough for their needs grave robbers would steal the corpses and sell them to the medical schools creating a black market and bodies that cemeteries tried their best to prevent the weapon they use to protect the graveyards from thieves was the cemetery gun mounted on a mechanism to allow it to spin in all directions the flintlock weapon was set up at the foot of a grave with three tripwires positioned around it in the dark robbers would trigger the wires and meet a grisly end and the weapons effectiveness soon led to them being banned not to be deterred managers of graveyards then started to install coffin torpedoes which were landmines inside coffins that gave a nasty surprise to any intruders. 

7-The Elgin Cutlass pistol 

It was essentially a 54 caliber pistol with an 11 and a half inch buoy blade attached to it the buoy blade was added to exploit the popularity of famous knife fighters such as Jim Bowie it was adapted by the Navy in 1838 and was mainly used by boarding parties and most famously in the Wilkes South Seas expedition they were supposedly vital in a battle in 1840 when a landing party had to protect themselves against Fijian warriors who had attacked them on the island of Malolo in total 150 Elgin pistols were made and some are even reportedly used in the U.S. Civil War by then though weapon design had moved on and they weren't wildly popular the Navy itself using them and instead prefer to equip it sailors with the M 1860 Cutlass which remained in use until the 1940s. 

6-The APS underwater assault rifle 

The APS underwater assault rifle was created by the Soviet military in the 1970s in order to provide improved firepower to their frogmen who until that time had been equipped with knives and an underwater pistol based on the ak-74 rifle and using a gas piston to operate a number of adaptations were made to make it suitable for underwater use these included firing a dart instead of a bullet and using a smoothbore barrel and relying on the shape of the dart for accuracy the magazine holds 26 rounds and fires darts using powder and a primer designed in a way that the barrel remains flooded during operation the aps actually performs differently depending on the depth it's being used at the deeper you go the less powerful it becomes and the differing water pressures needed the installation of a self-adjusting gas system to ensure that it still worked the rifle is by no means a perfect underwater weapon and proved to be bulky and awkward to move around with still it would have been enough to carry out missions and was far more effective than having just a knife. 

5-The key gun 

From way before hidden guns used by secret agents key guns were used in the 17th and 18th century as a method of self-defense for jailers who would be dealing with the worst criminals of the time they were usually very primitive firearms often being just a metal tube that was sealed on one end with a touch hole on top the jailer would have had a lit cigar or cigarette in his mouth and touched it over the hole to ignite the powder within more complicated versions were made through which included firing mechanisms with examples still surviving that used flintlocks and percussion caps despite the ingenuity key guns didn't really take off partly because they simply wouldn't have had much stopping power and also because once you started using it as a key it would be difficult to keep your hand on the firing mechanism and actually use it. 

4-Grad 22 ours knife gun 

It's a well-known fact that bringing a knife to a gunfight isn't going to get you far that is of course unless you have the grad knife gun a modern version of the LG pistol' the grad which was developed towards the end of the 90s used modern design and technology to create a slick weapon the knife was a heat-treated high carbon stainless steel single-edged fixed blade and inside the grips was the revolver cylinder with a 1.75 inch barrel towards the base of the knife was a spring-loaded trigger level that could be pulled down and when pressed would fire the revolver the muzzle was inside the top of the grip and the bullet would fire over the top of the blade the knife and revolver could be separated to make it possible to clean and reload various versions of the Grad were made including a 22 karat gold-plated one in total though fewer than 1000 made it into the hands of customers and today they are seen as a rare collector's item. 

3-The pepperbox gun 

Pepperbox revolvers were the first types of repeating revolvers and got their name because they look so much like an old-fashioned pepper mill they had multiple barrels that revolved around a central axis and virtually any type of firing mechanism could be used including a matchlock Wheelock flintlock percussion cap and plenty more the first designs were created in the 16th century using matchlock mechanisms and the user would have to preload each Barrel in advance and use a match to fire each one, in turn, the early versions up until at least the 18th century had no automatic rotating mechanism so this had to be done by hand there were countless different versions of pepperbox revolvers with some having as many as 24 barrels their popularity waned from the 1840s though when the introduction of true revolvers began to take over still there are some that remain in use today such as the German made p11 underwater revolver this gun was made in the 1850s by a Belgian gun maker named Mariette it is a 24 barrel pepperbox revolver using percussion cap technology it would take about an hour to load but it was pretty quick to fire. 

2-The turbo palm squeezer pistol 

The turbo palm squeezer pistol is one of the most discreet guns ever made as the name would suggest it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand the original design was patented in Paris by Jacques Iturbi Oh in 1882 with the pistols firing chambers being arranged around a rotating disc and pointing outwards with the barrel protruding through the middle fingers the user could fire a shot by squeezing the spring-loaded lever which would in turn cause the disc to turn and be ready for another shot as a close-range weapon it was incredibly effective particularly because it contained so many rounds compared to other weapons of the time there was a choice of two versions one with a 10 round 6 millimeter protector cartridge and another with 7 rounds for the 8 millimeter Galois cartridge having secured a U.S. patent in 1883 Turbie Oh licensed the production rights to the Minneapolis firearms company who produced their own two versions for the US market not many examples of these weapons survived today but if you do have one stored away somewhere it could be worth up to $2,000. 

1- Chainsaw bayonet 

Have you ever looked at a rifle with a bayonet and thought it needs to be more deadly and look more awesome well that's exactly what Robert wire from Doublestar firearms tried to do in 2012 and the result was an immediate success known as the zombie ex chainsaw bayonet it has a 10-inch blade and can be mounted to rifles like the ar-15 at first he designed it solely to display at the SHOT Show but it was so popular that he went on to sell 100 of them at $800 each in 2017 USA Today released a video showing different accessories that can be attached to the ar-15 and they featured the chainsaw bayonet this renewed interest in the device and in 2018 they released a follow-up version called the kill saw debuting at the 2018 shot show the new version has the same 10-inch blade but much-improved battery life power efficiency and weight distribution. 

If you're worried about protecting yourself and your loved ones from the impending zombie apocalypse then this is surely the weapon for the job thank you very much do you have any of these unusual guns in your collection let us know in the comments below be sure to follow and have a nice day.