Top 10 most expensive private jets in the world to fly up in the air when you are a multi-millionaire is quite simple however some see it as a luxury competition about how much you are willing to spend to have all of the earthly comforts in heaven stay with us to see the most exclusive and expensive private jets on the planet. 

10-Gulfstream G650 ER 

The aircraft builder raised the bar literally when they made this new ship presented as one of the fastest jets in the market reaching a speed of 0.85 Mach and being able to travel an incredibly vast distance of 7500 nautical miles demonstrated in trips from New York to Hong Kong and also from Los Angeles to Melbourne Australia in addition this air vehicle has space to carry up to 16 passengers with extreme comfort, on the other hand, it also has a perfectly equipped kitchen to serve up to two meals for 14-hour trips this winged beast capable of providing all kinds of comforts has an approximate cost of 66.5 million dollars. 

9-Bombardier global 7000 

This business jet is made by the Canadian company Bombardier and is described as the largest custom-made jet which has an impressive kitchen equipped to prepare food for 19 passengers even though the plane is only designed to carry 10 passengers plus 4 crew members at the same time one of the features that differentiate it from the previous versions is the 80% increase in the size of the windows so that passengers can enjoy an incredible view at any time of the trip on the other hand it has a living room that is used to watch movies or just relax finally the bedroom is spacious enough for a queen-size bed right next to the laundry room this super equipped executive aircraft tries to emulate the feeling of being in a private suite so it has nothing to envy from any five-star hotel with a small price of 73 million dollars which is apparently worth it. 

8-Boeing 757 

Also known as Trump force one it is one of the most famous private jets in the world because its owner is the millionaire and current president of the United States Donald Trump it cooked with 43 seats and capable of flying up to 16 hours at speeds above 500 miles per hour and powered by a Rolls-Royce engine which gives us a glimpse of how luxurious this jet is in addition the aircraft has a kitchen a dining area to eat and a main room equipped with a 57 inch TV not to mention that it also has a guest area with wooden walls and turns into a bedroom since we mentioned it president Trump's room has a bed made of gold and silk and even a small desk engraved with the family's coat of arms although the plane itself is already overloaded with luxury it also has a VIP area the Trump Force One is valued at one hundred million dollars did we mention that all the metallic finishes have a 24 karat gold bath. 

7-Airbus ACJ 319 NEO 

This jet is the business version of the Airbus corporate jet or ACJ company which reaches a range of up to 7800 nautical miles and can fly over intercontinental distances without stops just as an example this jet can fly from Los Angeles to Geneva and Switzerland because of its extra fuel tanks it also has a maximum capacity of up to 19 passengers however this feature may vary according to the buyers needs used mainly for business meetings this jet doesn't have many luxuries you could even say that it maintains a classic style starting with its wood-lined in leather interiors it provides both a business and home environments valued at around 101.5 million dollars this aircraft apparently makes every business meeting worth it. 

6-Gulfstream III 

Built by the American aircraft company Gulfstream Aerospace with a capacity for 14 passengers this aircraft is equipped with all the luxuries and banality z' that you can imagine from having 20 inch screens for each seat to a conference room it also has three areas divided into meeting area a relaxing space where there is a sofa for three people that can also be converting into a bed a well-equipped kitchen that consists of an oven a microwave and a coffee maker without counting the space for drinks in addition like any private jet its interiors are covered with leather and high-gloss wood one of the best-known owners of this aerial beauty is the actor and comedian Tyler Perry for which it is estimated that he paid a value that would be around 125 million dollars on the other hand the same jet was mentioned in the news when used to transport the body of deceased singer Whitney Houston from California to New Jersey. 

5-Boeing 767-33A/ER 

If you've ever heard about multi-millionaire Roman Abramovich owner of Chelsea the English Football Club you know that with in his great variety of properties between houses and yachts he also owns this luxurious aircraft also known as the bandits this jet has a capacity for more than 300 people and was acquired in 2016 by the Russian tycoon at a price of 200 million dollars although we don't have complete knowledge of the specifications of this jet it is said that it has a capacity for a large number of people considering that the original version is capable of transporting up to 419 people it also has a 30 seat dining room plus a meeting room a spacious living room master bedrooms and bathrooms with luxury showers this Flying Fortress is equipped with a missile detection system and radar blocking technology the same system as the Air Force one the presidential aircraft of the United States. 

4-Boeing 787-8 BBJ 

Thought of by its creators as the fusion between modern engineering and the taste for usefulness and operability among the features that the American company uses as an insignia of this aircraft is that it can travel anywhere in the world without making any stopover also when it was launched in mid-2016 it was called the most advanced corporate aircraft for its interiors it has a living room with all the singularities of a private jet as tables designed to be used in lunches of up to six people at the same time it has completely separate bedrooms made with the objective that its users get complete privacy in general this elegant and ostentatious ship has 18 first-class seats five fully equipped bathrooms and is capable of handling up to 40 passengers in the words of the company's CEO they're renewing the air travel lifestyle and with a price of around 224 million dollars we believe that they're achieving it. 

3-Airbus A340-300 

Owned by Alistair Ustinov considered one of the richest men in the world this vehicle is capable of carrying up to 295 passengers and is powered by four engines that allow it to travel a distance of nine thousand miles this jet has the typical cabins divided into three classes however it differs by its great style that could resemble that of a nightclub combined with that of a Swiss cabin as its interiors wrapped in polished wooden decorations with rooms furnished with leather likewise like all luxurious Jets already named it has comfortable and spacious bedrooms equipped with double and extra-large beds according to its designers the main reason for its interiors is to make the comfort and luxury of a suite evident the estimated figure for this metallic wings beast is 238 million dollars which could increase based on the owners requirements. 

2-Boeing 747-81 VIP 

If one of these is already expensive it has the VIP status we know that it is a marvel of engineering at the same time probably worth unimaginable figures consider the second largest plane in the most luxurious in the world as well this palace in the clouds is some colleague is able to fly at 646 miles per hour and travel a distance of 9200 nautical miles it also has a wide meeting room a dining room for 14 people and several fully furnished living rooms as well as having a cabin for rest that consists of 8 individual beds separated into cubicles located in the back of the ship while the identity of the owners of this jet class is completely private it is known that they have been sold to powerful people in Qatar and Bermuda at the same time at the beginning of the decade it was rumored that this model would be the replacement of Air Force One which is the indicative that is given to the presidential airplane of the United States however another model of the same company was chosen with an approximate price of 367 million not counting the additional 200 million for the remodeling carried out by green point technologies it is undoubtedly an aerial jewel. 

1-Airbus A380 

Custom and closing with a flourishing number-one we can find Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal jet because flying first-class is not enough this airbus has two levels of pure elegance basically the combination of all the private jets mentioned but with more attributes such as a garage spacious enough for two cars a spa multiple steam baths and even a concert hall capable of hosting up to 10 people in turn it is known to be the longest commercial aircraft in the world just to give you an idea the commercial model is capable of carrying more than 500 passengers among the specific remodeling for the Prince was the implementation of a magic carpet in which the floor of the plane is transparent offering passengers a perspective of floating through the air said jet cost the member of the Saudi royalty an approximate cost of five hundred million dollars a real treasure. 

We hope you enjoyed the list let us know which one of these JETS you'd like to ride on and Thank you so much.