Top Most AMAZING Skyscrapers In The World!

Top Most AMAZING Skyscrapers In The World! 

Did you know that a skyscraper could actually rotate from the tallest to the most inappropriate here are 10 skyscrapers that will inspire you! 

10-The tower, UAE 

In October 2016 Dubai set the first foundation stone for the new structure that will be known as the tower it will surpass two-bys 828 meter high Burj Khalifa currently the world's tallest building the tower I know very original but I think it's called that because it hasn't been named yet will be a notch taller than the Burj Khalifa designed by futuristic architect Santiago Calatrava known mostly for the city of Arts and Sciences complex in Valencia and New York's new World Trade Center transportation hub the tower is set to be completed in time for the Dubai World Expo in 2020 the building will also have glass balconies that rotate outside the wall of the tower as well as a luxury hotel and 18 to 20 floors of shops restaurants and other tourist facilities the company said it will also be built in the same area as the address downtown the company's 63 story luxury hotel that went up in flames on New Year's Eve last year. 

9-Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia 

All towers in the world will be dwarfed by Saudi Arabia's 1001 meter high Jeddah Tower which is scheduled for completion in 2020 the last phase of its 1.2 billion dollar development has been secured and once the final Needle is built the tower can claim the world record for the tallest tower in the world also known as the Kingdom Tower it will have the world's highest observatory and be a mixed-use building with offices a Four Seasons Hotel and apartments the finished building will have 200 floors right now there at around the 50th floor the designer Adrian Smith was inspired by the folded fronds of young desert plant growth and the way the fronds sprout upward from the ground and start to separate according to Gordon Gill architectures website it is an analogy of new growth fused with technology the foundation will be 60 meters deep to battle the salt water from the ocean they better hurry up and finish soon because earlier this year New York architectural design firms proposed a new skyscraper called the sky mile Tower in Tokyo at 5,577feet high this eco-friendly complex would surpass the Jeddah Tower and could be completed in 2045. 

8-RyugYong Hotel, North Korea 

At 105 storeys this is the largest abandoned building in the world towering over the rest of the city this skyscraper was supposed to be a monument to showcase the power of North Korea, unfortunately, the supreme leader at the time Kim Il-sung was unable to complete it due to the economic crisis after the fall of their main benefactor the USSR it would have been the first building outside the US to reach over 100 stories and the tallest hotel in the world Kim Jung Il took over in 1994 and a famine began in 1995 killing millions so the hotel was not really a priority in the 2000 several attempts were made to complete the hotel and the outside was done but the inside was just concrete the repression of the North Korean government led many architects to call it the hotel of doom an esquire magazine called it the worst building in the world and the closest to man's have come to building a Death Star. 

7-Elephant Building, Thailand 

In 1997 the elephant tower opened in Thailand becoming the world's largest elephant shaped structure also known as the Chang building it is the most talked about building in Thailand with good reason I didn't know was an elephant until somebody told me the Cubist design is now a national icon with a little bit of humor these three towers have 32 floors full of luxury condos offices and shops its ears are multi storied balconies its eyes are huge windows and its tail is made up of 20 stories of glass rooms that stick out of its rear its tusks are home to the building's management company the creator of Bangkok's elephant tower Thai senator engineer and real estate mogul our own choice ad studied engineering at the University of Illinois and went on to build one of Thailand's largest engineering firms he was also an advocate for the welfare of Thailand's elephants there is also a robot building in Bangkok that was designed for the Bank of Asia to reflect the computerization of banking architects oom at gyms I was inspired by his sons robot toy and made the building as a protest against the neoclassical and high-tech postmodern architecture that was so popular. 

6-Rotating Tower, UAE 

If everything goes according to plan Dubai will have an 80 storey rotating dynamic skyscraper by 2020 have you ever seen a tower where the different stories actually change their shape sounds impossible but dynamic group claims that this tower will be the world's first skyscraper consisting of separate rotating floors attached to a central column residents will be able to control the rotation speed and direction of their apartment through voice activation hmm well I'm tired of my view today TURN RIGHT 90 degrees this building will never the same twice the dynamic terror will also generate its own energy via wind turbines placed between each floor and solar panels covering the roof of each level architect David Fisher says the tower will also be the world's first prefabricated skyscraper with up to 90% of it built in a factory and then shipped to the construction site while we have yet to see a construction date or a location as far as I know the dynamic group company has registered a patent that guarantees rights to any building in motion they'd better get started if they want to finish by 2020 right. 

5-30 ST Mary Axe, UK 

Also known as the gherkin the towering innuendo and the crystal phallus this skyscraper is unlike anything else in London designed by Norman Foster the skyscraper was purchased for over a billion US dollars making it Britain's most expensive office building its distinctive tapered form minimizes its footprint and it has gaps in each floor that serve as a natural ventilation system at 40 stories it is not the tallest building but it definitely stands out as a symbol of contemporary architecture it was built on top of the site that formerly housed the Baltic Exchange that was damaged by a bomb placed by the IRA in 1992 the Gherkin began as a larger building but people complained that it affected the view and that it was ugly and it is now used primarily as an office building it also reminds me of the dog Mart in Barcelona Spain that is known as the suppository it is also an architectural icon and at night the building shines with 4,500 LEDs. 

4-Shanghai Tower, China 

The Shanghai Tower is China's tallest building and the second tallest building in the world by height to architectural top behind the Burj Khalifa reaching 632 meters as of 2016 it is the world's tallest building by height to the highest useable floor 127 to be exact the observation deck was open to the public on July 1st 2016 and beat the Burj Khalifa's at five hundred and, 60, one point three meters the skyscraper allows visitors to stand on a glass platform and look down on the viewing deck and the city below it also has the fastest elevators in the world with a top speed of, 20, point five meters per second besides being the tallest skyscraper in China it also claims to be the greenest it has received numerous awards and certificates for sustainable building practices and energy efficiency. 

3-Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore 

Possibly the biggest and most well-known chunk of the Singapore skyline the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino consists of 350 five-story towers capped by a sky park the giant boat-like structure on top this is known as the sand sky park which has a public observatory gardens restaurants lounges and of course an infinity pool overlooking the city the ground level connects directly to the metro system and has its own shopping mall which comes complete with a gondola pond skating rink and food court it's the most expensive standalone casino property and is valued at 8 billion dollars billion with a beat it was designed by Israeli Canadian architect Moshe Safdie famous for his habitat 67 building the developer originally asked Safdie to create a single Tower but he refused saying that it would create a wall separating Singapore's downtown from the sea instead he designed the three towers so the downtown would still have windows to the sea view. 

2-Agora tower , Taiwan 

The french architect vincent kal about twisting tower is taking shape in Taipei completion for this sustainable residential structure is scheduled for completion in 2017 and will have 23,000 trees which will absorb up to 130 tons of carbon dioxide each year the design has been conceived as vertical land or an inhabited tree bringing green and nature back into the city modeled after a DNA double helix it has a 90 degree twist giving people panoramic skyline views each story rotates 4.5 degrees as the building a sense vincent Callebaut says that it's time to repatriate nature in our city in order to increase the quality of our life with respect to the environment I don't know about you but I would love to live in one of these apartments and have my own hanging garden. 

1-Burj Khalifa, UAE 

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world's tallest building for now it is a mega tall skyscraper 828 meters tall the design for the 162 storey tower combines local cultural influences with cutting edge technology to cope with the challenges of the desert the towers overall design was inspired by the petals of a desert flower and patterns found in Islamic architecture the purpose of the skyscraper was to gain international recognition for Dubai and diversify from their oil-based economy the Burj Khalifa was designed by Adrian Smith from Skidmore Owings and Merrill the same responsible for the One World Trade Center and the future KN tower that I was telling you about in order to support the building's weight up to such great heights the engineers developed a concept known as a buttress core this concept consists of a strong core with three wings stretching outwards and each wing is supported by the other two it has the world's highest nightclub and the world's highest restaurant it also has the second-highest observation deck in the world after the Shanghai Tower at 555.7 meters hope you don't have a fear of heights. 

We hope you enjoyed the list let us know which one of these Skyscrapers you'd like to live in and Thank you so much.