Top 10 Smartest Animals In The World

Top 10 Smartest Animals In The World 

Today we're going to be looking at the 10 smartest animals in the world so humans are the smartest species on this planet but while they may not be able to speak or drive a car some animals are seriously smart too and in some ways even smarter than humans so let's check out the most intelligent animals in the world.


Many underwater creatures aren't all that smart take jellyfish for example they don't even have brains well octopus actually has the biggest brains out of any advert abrete a human brain has 100 billion neurons while most octopuses have around 130 million so you may think that's a lot less than humans but wait until you where those neurons are most of the neurons and octopuses are not in their brains instead they're in their arms that's right octopuses arms are super intelligent don't believe me why not purse was even caught on camera freeing itself from a jar that's right it's somehow managed to unscrew the jar only using its arms the amazing thing about an octopus is even if you cut off one of its arms they can simply regrow and if you're wondering what happens to the very intelligent cut off arm well it lives as a thing of its own that's right a cut off octopuses arm will actually live as its own thing which will swim around and even grab food as if it was still attached. 


So when we think of dirty animals we think of pigs, for example, you wouldn't want a pig walking around your house well believe it or not pigs are actually cleaner than cats and dogs it's funny how we don't mind them hanging around our house but pigs are forbidden but pigs aren't only the cleanest domestic animals around they're also the smartest pigs actually have amazing long-term memories some of the best out of any animals in the world in many scientific tests they can also solve mazes very easily and believe it or not some pigs can even comprehend a simple symbolic language pigs are also very emotionally intelligent and love to play with each other they not only play but also play fight and they know when to stop when one of the pigs gets too upset pigs also understand mirrors pigs also understand mirrors and can use them to help find hidden food and believe it or not one day scientists even got a pig to operate in Nintendo 64 joystick believe it or not even the reason why people think pigs are dirty is because they're smart it isn't because they like to be dirty instead it's because they like to cool off you see pigs don't sweat as they don't have sweat glands so instead think he's smart to cool themselves down. 


Thanks to phrases like birdbrain meaning idiot we may think that birds are not smart but some of the smartest animals on this list are in fact birds for example pigeons can actually see the world's magnetic field this allows them to have the best sense of direction out of any animal in the world believe it or not pigeons are also able to recognize individual people they do this by analyzing their facial characteristics and remembering firm that's 1 or 3 since why people used to communicate using carrier pigeons they would remember things like landmarks buildings and of course people not only that they also make very logical and intelligent choices and as far as birds and animals go pigeons have a very highly evolved problem-solving skill they're actually able to learn abstract math rules and the only other animals said to ever understand math are monkeys so really pigeons are much more smarter than we give them credit for so next time you see a hungry pigeon in the park make sure you feed it otherwise it might remember your face and take a dump on your car. 


We all know the saying dogs are a man's best friend and dogs are also one of the most popular animals in the Western world you may think that the smartest dogs in the world there are involved in those competitions but in reality you won't find the smartest dogs at Crufts instead dogs they'll actually bend the rules and aren't so obedient are often smarter dogs with Minds of their own are actually much more intelligent however if they can quickly learn commands and also perform them well then this means they are very smart too many dogs can also identify high-tech objects even if they don't necessarily know what they do of course dogs are the most domesticated animal in the world and nowadays there's a lot of criticism for people making designer dogs for example dog breed is making pugs which find it hard to breed simply for the aesthetic some scientists say that after a few more decades of domestication dogs could be even smarter than chins but everyday studies on humans and dogs are being carried out and we're learning more and more. 


So we all know that pigeons are very smart birds a crows brain is the size of a human thumb you may think that would make it dumb but think about it in relation to the size of a crow that would be like our brains being the size of an arm anyway this massive brain allows them to compete with primates when it comes to intelligence crows can solve a very complex problems and like pigeons they can also identify human faces only better not only that crows you very emotionally intelligent towards humans just by looking at a human space they can guess whether it's friendly or angry not only that Roza known as vigilante birds sings they steal all the time you've likely seen those sounds and beaches saying don't leave valuables out as they may get taken by crows, crows don't just see the gleam of shiny objects they actually really like taking these gifts and they see the value in the tune, for example, an 8-year-old girl in Washington began feeding the crows in her backyard then in return the crows began to bring her gifts in exchange for more food the girl now nearly has 100 very valuable gifts that the crows have given to her and amongst these gifts even include golden earrings and the golden bracelet if you guys want some quick cash then make friends with a few crows. 


You may think that when it comes to the smartest rodent that crown would be held by mice this is because they do a lot of testing on mice but did you know that two rats are actually much more intelligent than any Mouse could ever be that is because rats are one of the only animals with the ability to think now hear me out obviously every animal can think but rats have something called metacognition this means that rats can make decisions based on what they do or do not know much like humans do rats are also very self-aware for example they're ticklish and can tickle themselves unlike humans and they're also one of the only animals that dream Wow I'd love to see what a rat dreams about not only that rats make for great pets you may not think of rats as pets but they're actually sold in moist pet stores and rats are very social animals and have strong bonds with their owners and also friends in fact some rats can even get depressed if they don't have any other rats with them so if you do decide to buy pet rats make sure you get at least two however much like dogs rats can learn things like their names and if the rat is familiar enough with your voice and their name they'll actually come to you when called. 

4-The monitor lizard 

So when it comes to the smartest animals in the world reptiles are scarce but the most intelligent reptile is very smart and it's called the monitor lizard that's not because these reptiles can use computers though instead, it's because they can actually count that's right the monitor lizard is one of the only animals that counts, for example, it counts how many things it's eaten in a day there are also very social and have personality traits they can not only use their hands but unlike most other lizards they can also use their forearms and according to zookeepers at the National Zoo in Washington DC monitor lizards can actually remember the faces of their keepers so if there's one thing we know about monitor lizards it's that they have a great memory. 


Elephants are massive and so are their brains they actually have around 100 billion neurons in their brain which is the same as a human elephants can also learn a lot and a very self-aware for example an elephant can recognize itself in a mirror even out in the wild elephants very sociable and also demonstrate helpfulness and compassion they can communicate their sadness or happiness to other elephants and then other elephants will respond accordingly much like humans would but here's another amazing thing elephants are the only mammal that can communicate with seismic signals this means two elephants can communicate using vibrations in the ground that's why you might see what seems like an elephant walking up and down in the same spot but in reality they're simply using vibrations in the ground to communicate with one another. 


So dolphins vary in intelligence but the smartest type of dolphin is a bottlenose dolphin believe it or not they can actually use voice to learn and have vocals signature when dolphins are young they create their very own one-of-a-kind vocal whistle this makes them individuals and means dolphins can tell each other apart if they want to call another dolphins name they simply mimic the other dolphins whistle and not only that there are various reports of dolphins helping out human swimmers from sharks dolphins also like to help humans catching fish for example dolphins will remember fishing boats then when they see those boats sail out and throw the nets over they'll go under seeing catch all the fish this way they get a free easy meal and don't get caught in the nets. 


Now chimpanzees are the closest animals to humans meaning they are the most intelligent animals in the world although he may look slightly differently we share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees they're our closest living relatives and much like humans can't communicate in any environment they're very sociable and while they do often move around in all force they can't also stand upright on two legs if they want chimps in the wild and in zoos have been seen making tools using stone this is kind of like what caveman did back in the day and to top it all off even the reproductive age for chimpanzees is the same for humans. 

We hope you enjoyed the list let us know which favorite smart animal on this list and Thank you so much.