Top 10 Most Shocking Animal Mutations

Top 10 Most Shocking Animal Mutations

Despite all the bizarre things you see circulating on the internet and in videos such as obviously photoshopped images ,maybe you've seen some of these well we won't fool you with such things because there really are some unique hybrid animals that truly exist and we'll show you some of these craziest hybrids that will have you believing they aren't real so sit back and relax and enjoy these 10 amazing animal hybrids.


First up on our list is the source and it's actually just one of a number of a'queen hybrids called zebras that's the name they'd given a queen hybrid that has a zebra ancestry this crazy-looking horse will make you do a double-take and exclaim why does that horse have stripes the source is a result of crossbreeding of a male zebra and a female horse why would someone do something like that you might ask it turns out that the zebra part gives the horse high resistance to certain pests and diseases which normally would affect horses and donkeys making them not only a sturdy but also very Hardy animal one of the sources, most notable features are the dark stripes that are darkest on the legs and on the rear and sometimes they can be found on the rest of the body neck and head in Africa sources are used as trekking animals to transport both people and goods up and down the mountains.


We know our viewers are smart cookies so you have probably already guessed that a liger is the combination between a male lion and a female tiger likers are usually larger and heavier than either of the parent species and some biologists have suggested that its larger size or growth dysplasia is caused by the absence of a certain growth limiting gene the largest of these unique hybrid cats often grows to lengths of more than ten feet and they can weigh up to a whopping 900 pounds however there may have been some ligers reported weighing as much as 2,200 pounds but while some people might think that is cool some cat experts have warned that laggers and other designer hybrids are pointless and their breeding to be unethical with any animal hybrids there is a greater chance of genetics being messed up and causing the animal big problems like infertility and other defects.


Many of you have probably seen this animal before because it is a favorite among celebrities Savannah cats are spotted and is an animal that was bred to give the impression of grandeur and dignity of a wild cat with a cheetah or leopard-like appearance an interesting thing about this cat is that since 2006 they have held the Guinness Book of World Records for the world's tallest domestic cat some of you might think that they look like a Bengal cat which is also popular but it turns out that these are from poorly developed bloodlines Savannah cats can weigh from 12 to 25 pounds and live 12 to 20 years which is just a bit longer than most domestic cat breeds and by the way if you're thinking about owning one of these cats be prepared to fork over 12,000 to $20,000 but be aware that these animals are also at risk for having genetic defects that is why some perfect or f1 breeds cost so much their rarity.

7- Cama

Cama is a hybrid animal created by crossbreeding a one humped camel from Asia with the South American llama despite the difference in shape and their size the camel and a llama are actually distant relatives and evolved from the same ancestor the Cama can reach around five feet tall at their shoulder and weigh anywhere from 180 to 1,000 pounds they are covered in a soft fur that is slightly shorter than the fleece of a llama their appearance is made a bit more unique with their short ears long tail and cloven hooves you might be wondering where the hump is well it doesn't inherit this from the camel but just like the camel it can drink large quantities of water and survive long periods of time without it interestingly enough the Cama makes the same sounds like a camel and can live from 30 to 40 years.

6-killer BEEZ

We bet that half of you didn't know that killer bees were actually a hybrid but if you did you get a gold star some of you may have seen the 1978 movie called the swarm where clouds of angry bees attack entire cities and fatally sting hundreds of people some people say it's pure fiction and that it could never happen in nature but folklore like this has arisen within the last 10 years regarding an insect often called the killer being the bee's ancestors live through Africa south of the Sahara Desert their proper name Africanized to be was actually an accident Brazilian scientists had attempted to create a new hybrid be in the hopes of improving honey production one of these bees didn't like the idea and escaped Shaw shank Redemption style and headed out into the wild where it met up with some other beads and you can guess what happened from there this new hybrid took many years to establish colonies and the bees are aggressive easily agitated and all have bad attitudes but don't think this bee can only be found on a continent of Africa in October of 1990 an Africanized bee was found in southern Texas and for the record, these bees attack in larger groups make less honey make less wax and hate high-pitched sounds and will easily swarm more often if you're caught in a swarm there's just a 75% chance you'll be part of a deadly attack.


Much like the liger that we previously talked about earlier in the list this hybrid cat is created by mating a tiger and a lion together he is one of only a dozen tycoons to exist in the United States this one has a tiger head a bit of a lion's body with a tiger's tail buts a really neat thing about this animal is that it's got a mixture of spots and stripes that are absolutely beautiful the Tigers name is Raja and he's a rare breed one that almost never happens in the wild Tigers usually have a body length of 8 to 9 feet the history of this big cat dates back to the 20th century and during the 1920s when several English newspapers published stories on some of these animals that were living in zoos between 1936 and 1938 both the London Zoo and the Manchester zoo had Thai goons one of them a famous hybrid cat named Maud the tigon lived at Manchester Zoo in England in the 1930s and 1940s both of these animals were born in India and they were gifted to the British Royal Highness.


This is the interesting story of a creature called a Wolfin who was born to a male false killer whale and a female bottlenose dolphin that's right a whale and a dolphin hybrid animal these two animals shared an aquatic pen with each other and well the Wolfin was born the male killer whale in this story weighs 2,000 pounds and measures 14 feet long while the female bottlenose dolphin weighed 400 pounds and measured 6 feet long but here's the interesting thing the male killer whale is actually a species of dolphin so there was nothing really weird there but because of the size differential the marine biologist at the tank didn't think mating what happened apparently they never heard the quote from the character dr. Ian Malcolm who said life finds a way.

3-Deer -Cow Hybrid

If you think about all the animals there are that could create some bizarre hybrid you might come up with something really crazy but we wonder if anyone would think about putting a cow when two deer together just for fun although that might seem physically impossible and the fact that deer cal hybrids are incredibly rare they are certainly not unheard of most crosses involve red deer or elk as they are known in North America but it's not always the case and many old video surfacing show small calves with Deer  heads and in many cases, these were called freak animals because no one had ever seen such a hybrid before.


Here is yet another big cat hybrid that is possibly the most interesting of all the big cats jag Lions as you might have already guessed have a Jaguar father and a lion mother at a place called Bear Creek exotic wildlife sanctuary in Ontario Canada a pair of jag lions were born to a male Jaguar named Diablo and the lion mother named Lola the breeding was not intentional but accidental as the park the cats stayed in separated - - to stop them from reproducing a hybrid which is known to have many birth defects but to the complete surprise of the park staff a black jag lion named judge Jarrah and the more lion looking tsunami were born these two are so rare that they might be the only two Jagr lines in the entire world.

1-Alligator Snapping Turtle

To be fair the alligator snapping turtle is not a true hybrid as its name suggests but we thought we would put the spotlight on this amazing animal because not only is it rare but it is in threat of becoming extinct these creatures are prehistoric and brutal looking and it's no surprise that their behavior matches their appearance with their spiked shell bear-like jaws and thick scale the dragon tail interestingly enough they are often referred to as the dinosaur of the turtle world they can be found in rivers canals and lakes of the southeastern United States and can live to be 50 to 100 years old males can average 26 inches in shell length and can weigh up to 175 pounds usually the female of most animal species are larger but the female alligator snapping turtle only weighs around 50 pounds.

We hope you enjoyed this list tell us which one of these is your favorite and if you've come up with your own hybrid tell us about it in the comments.