Top 10 Most Powerful Secret Weapons In The World

Top 10 Most Powerful Secret Weapons In The World

Many things can happen in a dangerous world and when there is conflict there can be a need to have strong offensive and defensive military weapons as technology advances the world's militaries and their weapons also advents join us as we take a look at 10 of the most powerful military weapons.

10-The laser Avenger

There is a new type of weapon on the battlefield and it's not just something from a science-fiction movie all military generals know that a launched missile is one of the greatest threats and the most devastating weapon once missiles are launched it's extremely hard to target them and shoot them down in fact, it's nearly impossible enter the laser Avenger originally developed to destroy unexploded bombs and improvised explosive devices the Avenger can be mounted on any type of vehicle ship aircraft or drone and can effectively destroy targets with precision this weapon is unlike any other conventional weapon and can be fired without missile exhaust or gun flashes that would reveal its position making it a silent invisible and deadly weapon.

9-Mars modular advanced armed robotic system

The Mars is a military robot utilizing an all-terrain tank track design and has 360-degree visual capability outfitted with cameras motion detectors and acoustic microphones and laser targeting systems it is heavily armed and equipped with an m2 for OB medium machine gun and not one but four m203 grenade launchers it can carry 400 pounds of ammunition it has been designed to be remotely operated to scout out key target positions while keeping human fighters at a safe distance from enemy fire it can even go into dangerous hot zones and rescue injured soldiers and pull them to safety this futuristic war machine is battery powered which can last three to 12 hours depending on mission activities but there is also a sleep mode that saves battery power allowing it to track down the enemy for a week before having to be recharged.

8-The XM25 individual airburst weapon system

Called the counter death' allowed target engagement system the XM25 is a semi-automatic shoulder-fired weapon that fires 25 millimeter high explosive air bursting ammunition it has been nicknamed the Punisher and is designed by orbital ATK and Heckler & Koch this weapon was specifically made to hit targets hiding behind cover with the ammunition traveling to the target and then exploding shooting shrapnel in an outward direction the XM25 fires a programmable airburst 25 millimeters smart round it consists of the weapon system with a target acquisition control system mounted on top a soldier using this weapon can aim it right at a wall that conceals a target.

7-MQ-9 Block 5 Reaper Drone

The Reaper is an offensive attack drone made by General Atomics and primarily designed for surveillance and attack missions this piece of futuristic high-tech weaponry is loaded with a complete array of sensors for tracking and reconnaissance and can carry up to four Hellfire missiles GBU-12 paveway ii and GBU-38 JDAM attack munitions but the capabilities of this unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft system can be custom configured using mission kits that contain various weapons and sensor payloads depending on its mission the MQ-9 Block 5 reaper is the primary offensive strike unmanned aerial vehicle for the US air force running many types of tasks and missions including intelligence surveillance reconnaissance close air support combat search and rescue precision strike buddy laser and many other functions the aircraft and its operational crew can be transported anywhere in the world at a moment's notice when a special mission requires it.

6-The USS Zumwalt ddg-1000

The USS Zumwalt ddg-1000 is the newest and the first in class ship built for the US Navy the Zumwalt-class destroyer features a state-of-the-art electronic propulsion system a wave-piercing tumblehome hull stealth design and the latest warfighting technology and weaponry available it is armed with a lethal payload of a t-cell surface-to-air missiles while twin advanced gun systems 155-millimeter cannon mounts provide an offensive punch and 257-millimeter mark 110 guns supplied defensive close-in anti-aircraft anti-missile capabilities this ship can also be made torpedo ready and also support two of mh-60r type helicopters or one sikorsky mh-60r and up to three unmanned aerial vehicles like the mq8 fire scout helicopter UAV it only takes a crew of 142 to run the entire ship.

5-The K 329 BELGOROD

This Russian attack submarine is another first-in-class ship that is based off the design of Russia's older akula-class submarine it took 20 years to complete this project but the payoff seems to be well worth it is a massive nuclear submarine hunter its hull is made of low magnetic steel and is powered by a new generation nuclear reactor which gives it a top submerged speed of 35 knots this submarine is 400 feet long and has eight vertical launch tubes loaded with supersonic onyx and calibre cruise missiles and can carry long-range nuclear-capable cruise missiles the vessel also has eight torpedo tubes four of which are 650-millimeter tubes while the rest are 533 millimeter tubes and while hunting ships and submarines is its job it can surface to shoot down an overhead aircraft with its 9 K anti-air missile and then quickly submerge under the waves before anything new would hidden.

4-Nimitz class aircraft carrier

The USS Nimitz is a nuclear-powered multi-mission aircraft carrier belonging to the United States Navy and is the lead ship of her class it is one of the largest warships in the world ship was commissioned in 1975 and has since had 18 overhauls the Nimitz is part of Carrier Strike Group 11 or CSG 11 with carrier airwing 11 por cv 11 and Barnes with Nimitz as the flagship of the strike group she weighs over 100,000 tons and is 1090 two feet long it is powered by two Westinghouse a 4w nuclear reactors powering four steam turbines with four shafts despite its huge size it can reach speeds of 30 1.5 knots it is equipped with the latest air search radar target acquisition radar and then array of landing aid and guidance systems it can carry 90 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and it has its own defensive and offensive weapons including two rim seven sea sparrow short-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapon system the small lightweight infrared homing surface-to-air rim-116 rolling airframe missile two Phalanx close-in weapon system Gatling guns for MK 30 a 25-millimeter autocannon turrets and 10 50 caliber turret emplacements with all that firepower the Nimitz is definitely the most dangerous warship ever built.

3-Sukhoi su-15

Sukhoi su-15 is intended to replace the Russian Air Force's fleet of mig-29 and su-27 once operational it will be the first stealth fighter jet to be inducted into the Russian Air Force it gets its power from two Saturn al for one f1 afterburning turbofans that produce thirty-two thousand five hundred pounds of thrust each giving it a top speed of 2400 40 kilometers or 1,500 miles per hour the suit 57 has a blended wing body fuselage all moving horizontal and vertical stabilizers and has thrust vectoring another state-of-the-art control designs and features allowing an improved high angle of attack behavior the advanced flight control system and thrust vectoring nozzles make the aircraft departure resistant and highly maneuverable in both pitch and yaw enabling the aircraft to perform very high angles of attack maneuvers it also utilizes stealth technology and is the first Russian aircraft to do so it can be loaded with various different weapons depending on its combat missions for air-to-air it can carry for beyond visual range missiles and to short-range missiles it can also carry many different variations of infrared homing or heat-seeking missiles air-to-ground missiles and precision-guided bombs the aircraft has also an internally mounted gsh 301 30 millimeter cannon.

2-S400 air defense system

The s400 is one of the world's most advanced interceptor based missile defense systems and is armed with forty and six sam missiles that have an estimated operational range of 400 kilometers or 250 miles and an altitude of up to six hundred and seven thousand feet the missile is reportedly capable of exo-atmospheric interception of intermediate-range ballistic missile warheads in their terminal phase as the warhead approaches its target however it is not known if the weapon is operational as no images of the missile have surfaced so far for now the S400 is armed with an improved variant of the four eight and six e2 interceptor missile with an alleged range of 250 kilometers about 160 miles one s400 regiment is divided into two battalions each battalion consists of up to eight launchers and 32 112 missiles in addition to acquisition and engagement radar systems and a command post it was estimated that by the end of 2016 the Russian military would have a total of 16 as 400 air defence regiments.


Answer continental ballistic missile DF-5B a codenamed dunfin 5 the 36 meter long ICBM df5 is a silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile that was first developed in the mid-1960s it has a range of more than 12,000 kilometers and can carry a thermonuclear warhead equivalent to 3 million tons of TNT it is the longest range of missile currently in the Chinese arsenal its range can not only cover the whole territory of Russia and the surrounding countries it can also cover the United States besides the 1 2 3 Megaton yield nuclear warhead it is reported to also be equipped with chaff and decoys or penetration aides to increase its resilience to missile defense systems you.

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