Top 10 Most Insane Secret Military Submarines

Top 10 Most Insane Secret Military Submarines

The ballistic missile submarine is one of the most reliable means of nuclear deterrence these are the war machines that would survive a first, strike and be able to retaliate but these underwater Giants could also travel close to any target avoiding detection and rain down multiple nuclear warheads preventing an enemy from using their own weapons now check out some of these incredible submarines.

10-Virginia-Class, USA

First delivered to the US Navy on September 24, 2018, the block 3 Virginia class nuclear-powered fast attack submarine is armed with all the latest advanced submarine warfare technology it is powered by a pressurized water nuclear reactor with an output of 150 megawatts which drives a 30 megawatt pump-jet propulsion system the most recent and interesting change to these new deadly submarines is that instead of having 12 individual 21 inch diameter vertical launch tubes that are able to fire tomahawk land-attack missiles T Lambs the block 3 submarines are built with two larger 87 inch diameter tubes which can house six tomahawks each and have been designed for future advanced missile systems the south Dakota also is equipped with four torpedo tubes 4 MK 48 torpedoes and has a water bag to large aperture bow or lab sonar array and in combination with its fly-by-wire capability enables this submarine to perform important intelligence and surveillance missions the new Virginia -class ssns are multi-purpose platforms capable of performing anti-submarine warfare anti-surface ship and strike warfare the US Navy plans to commissioned a total of 51 Virginia -class attack submarines.

9-Seawolf-Class, USA

These submarines are one of the most advanced but also the most expensive hunter-killer submarines in the world intended to restore the technological edge that the U.S. Navy had enjoyed over the Soviets from 1945 until the mid-1980s they were built to seek and destroy the latest Soviet ballistic missile submarines such as the typhoon class and the latest attacks like the Akula-Class they are said to be the quietest submarines in the world and the boats are exceptionally quiet at high speeds most subs need to stay around five knots to avoid detection by passive sonar arrays not the sea wolf much faster than many submarines with a top submerged speed of 35 knots it can cruise at 20 knots and be impossible to locate in fact a sea wolf at 20 knots makes a lot less noise than an older Los Angeles-Class submarine tied up to appear they can operate at greater depths than any existing U.S.  subs and they can also operate just fine under the polar ice cap they are armed with eight six hundred sixty millimeter torpedo tubes that can launch MK-48 torpedoes and sub harpoon anti-ship missiles the tubes can launch Tomahawk missiles and the attack submarine can carry a mix of 50 torpedoes sub harpoons and tomahawks or it can go on a mission and lay down 100 mines silently there are still three seaWolf's hunter-killer subs in service and actively patrolling the waters newer boats are said to be equipped with an advanced BSY sonar Suit surveillance and tactical towed arrays BPS 16 navigation radar and a Raytheon MK 2 weapons control system.

8-Astute-Class, U.K

The first Astute-class  nuclear-powered attack submarine was first commissioned with the Royal Navy in 2010 and replaced the older Swift sure class attack submarine they are significantly stealthier and carry 50% more weapons than the previous Trafalgar class boats these attack submarines are fitted with 20-inch torpedo tubes and are armed with bae systems Spearfish torpedoes and being sub harpoon anti-ship missiles the Spearfish is a wire-guided weapon with active-passive homing and an active range of 40 miles and can travel at 60 knots the sub harpoon is a sea skimming missile with high subsonic cruising speed and a range of more than 80 miles, of course, the sub can also attack land-based targets with Tomahawk cruise missiles that have a high-explosive warhead these missiles have a range of more than 1 thousand miles and can be used to target enemy ships and land targets the astute class can carry a total of 36 torpedoes and missiles and mines can also, be carried in place of torpedoes the submarine is powered by a Rolls-Royce pressurized water reactor which has a service life of 25 years and is not refueled the range and sea endurance of the boat are only limited by the crews need for food Supplies.

7-Graney-Class, Russia

Also known as project 885 Yama the western designated Graney class is the latest Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine which is being built to replace the older Akula-class subs however despite improvements the Graney class are only slightly quieter than the Akula class K5 67 our defense is a yes in class nuclear attack submarine of the Russian Navy whose construction began in 1993 budget cuts delayed the project for years and it was only launched June 15, 2010, and only became combat ready in early 2016 the Severodvinsk has 24 vertical launch tubes for various cruise missiles and include P800 onyx that have 187-mile range it also has 825-inch torpedo tubes these tubes can launch anti-ship missiles as well as torpedoes and it's reported that the boat can carry a mix of 30 anti-ship missiles and torpedoes it has a top speed of 35 knots submerged and can cruise submerged and silent at 28 knots.

6-Sierra ii -Class, Russia

This Russian submarine is one of the most expensive that the Russian Navy has ever built there have been two sierra class two boats ever commissioned because of their extremely high price the boats have to light and strong titanium homes and at the time they were built Soviet titanium technology was far more advanced than the West and required fewer passes to achieve a solid well but the cost of the holes was what limited the number of subs to be built however the titanium hole gave the attack submarine advantages in diving depths and speed the Cierra-class too can operate at depths of 1700 to 2,000 460 feet while the Akula-class and even the American Virginia-class can only operate at 820 feet even the most advanced Seawolf -Class can't dive that deep it is armed with SSN 15 starfish or SSN 16 stallion anti-submarine missiles SSN 21 Samsung cruise missiles and can carry eight torpedoes or 42 mines it is powered by a pressurized water nuclear reactor rated at 190 megawatts delivering power to one shaft and it also has two to one thousand two horsepower emergency motors.

5-Improved Los Angeles-class, USA

There are still some older boats in service in the US Navy and there are around 40 of these older subs still in service the first improved version of this boat was commissioned back in 1988 and are much quieter than the original Los Angeles-class boats and in fact up to seven times quieter this class features a very potent array of weapons which include MK-48 torpedoes sub harpoon anti-ship missiles and of course the mighty tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles which can be launched from the dedicated vertical launch system or from the torpedo tubes, they operate under the ice where Russian ballistic submarines tend to hide a total of 62 of these submarines were built and they are powered by an S6g pressurized water reactor a total of 26 MK 48 torpedoes can be carried by the Los Angeles-class however, it can also carry 14 torpedoes and 12 tube-launched tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles which can be fired out of 4 tubes and placed amidships in the vessel Los Angeles-class attack submarines saw action during operations in Iraq Kosovo and Afghanistan but now mostly run under-ice operations guarding against Russian attack subs.

4-Akula-class, Russia

It was the late 1980s when the Soviet Union launched a number of the Akula-class boats which were far quieter than the previous Soviet attack subs and they were also quieter than the latest US attack submarines during that time and yes quieter than the original los Angeles-class the improved Akula-class to steel hauled boats have 425-inch torpedo tubes and 420-inch tubes the attack sub can carry up to 40 torpedoes and missiles it is powered by a 190 megawatt water pressurized nuclear reactor and it has a maximum speed of 35 knots submerged.

3-Ohio-Class, USA

These submarines were originally designed and built to carry intercontinental ballistic missiles and were classified as SSBNs they carried trident ii missiles which could have 14 to 475 kiloton warheads but between 2002 and 2008 the US Navy converted four of its oldest ohio-class submarines into cruise missile carriers or SS gns the first conversion was completed in 2006 by replacing the trident ii intercontinental ballistic missiles with seven much smaller Tomahawk cruise missiles each converted SS GN is capable of carrying 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles which would typically be deployed in a surface battle group along with met these boats also have 420 inch torpedo tubes 4 MK 48 torpedoes because of their heavy weapons payload they have a slower submerged speed of 25 knots what nuclear reactor these boats use for power is classified and unknown.

2-Oscar ii-Class Russia

Call the project 949 Entei these soviet Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile submarines are known in the west as the Oscar ii class they are the third-largest submarines ever built in terms of displacement and length only the Soviet Typhoon class and the American Ohio boats are larger in fact, they were the largest attack submarines ever constructed they are currently among the most capable Russian submarines and currently four out of eleven boats still remain active with the Russian Navy by modern standards they are far from stealthy but pack a heavy punch when it comes to armament the Soviets designed these giant cruise missile boats to attack US aircraft carrier battle groups and coastal military installations they are armed with 24 p700 granite supersonic cruise missiles with a range of 340 miles they are also fitted with 225 inch and 420-inch torpedo tubes which can launch both torpedoes which include SN 16 stallion anti-ship missiles torpedoes nuclear warheads or nuclear depth charges when going against hostile ships and submarines incidentally the Kursk which sank during a naval exercise when there was an explosion caused by a hydrogen peroxide fuelled type 65 torpedo as they prepared to fire hydrogen peroxide had seeped through the weld which caused an explosion equivalent to 550 pounds of explosive the explosive was heard as far away as Alaska and measured 4.5 on the Richter scale the submarine sank in relatively shallow water at 354 feet and then a second explosion happened 135 seconds after unfortunately, the entire crew of the 118 Russian sailors perished the Dutch giant for raised the Kursk where it could be seen without its entire nose section a moment of silence for those sailors lost.

1-Soryu -Class, Japan

Not typically known for their endurance, the Soryu -Class is a diesel-powered submarine with an air-independent propulsion system that allows it to operate submerged for weeks rather than days as a traditional diesel-powered sub. Because nuclear submarines need coolant to be constantly pumped through their reactors which generates noise, diesel-powered submarines can be far stealthier by running on diesel at the surface long enough to fully charge their onboard batteries and then diving to operate for days on battery power alone. Japan's Soryu -Class uses a Swedish-designed air-independent propulsion system however that allows it to operate its diesel engines even while fully submerged, greatly increasing its endurance. Though smaller than most other attack submarines at only 285 feet in length, Japan's Soryu -Class s' deft maneuverability allows them to operate extremely close to shore and hug the bottom of shallow water, making them the perfect defenders of the island nation.

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