Top 10 Most Insane Secret Military Robots

Top 10 Most Insane Secret Military Robots

Military weapons are advancing at an incredible rate if you compare Old World War weapons to what we have now the technology involved is mind-blowing but there was a new arena when it comes to military hardware and that's robots that do the fighting for humans imagine a battlefield of fully autonomous robots fighting a massive battle and taking orders without human casualties well okay that might be pushing it but check out these amazing military robots that will change the course of warfare.


Named after the Argentine and massive breed of dog the dog oh is a compact powerhouse of muscle and force it can traverse over any obstacle including climbing flights of stairs it is equipped with six wide-angle cameras allowing the operator to see in a 360-degree view not only can it spot targets remotely but it is also armed with a Glock pistol that harbors two additional cameras along the barrel, of course, the gun itself is a Glock 26 a baby Glock that is slotted into the robot and has a magazine of 14 rounds the operator uses a point-and-shoot interface using their fingers to aim the laser resulting in a pinpoint accuracy with each shot, the DOGGO can fire five rounds in two seconds and because of its size is not affected by the recoil the robot also has some additional features that have been added for police use such as microphones and speakers for remote negotiations and a Picatinny rail that can be outfitted with non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray.


The GUARDBOT was originally designed with the idea of a planetary mission on Mars allowing this robot to travel on any solid surface at 9 miles per hour through sand and snow and in water where it can travel upstream at a brisk 3 miles per hour this is one of the more passive robots that the military has considered using mainly for surveillance and detection the drive is powered by a motorized pendulum that changes the boss center of gravity the pendulum motion drive system can last up to 25 hours on one charge moving continuously or up to 45 our stationery it's fitted with a variety of sensors audio and GPS that allows the unit to be controlled remotely or via satellite and can even be mapped to follow a specific set path each unit can be customized with different treads and sizes ranging from 5 inches to 7 feet in diameter the guard bot is still in development so it remains to be seen if the device will be considered the future of mobile surveillance.


With a height of about 6 feet armed and weighed in at 1,600 pounds the gladiator is a compact tactile armored unmanned tella operated ground vehicle that can easily be considered the most valuable multi-tool of the Marines it has been developed to support troops conduct ship to objects maneuvers to minimize risk and eliminate threats to different payloads are onboard these particular units a remote weapon station and a cart or combat armed robotic targeting module the robot can assist in cover fire while also being able to bring supply to soldiers at the line of fire or anywhere there is high amount of risk with critical and larger assets the cart is a targeting designation system in which the unit can remotely assign targets for an aircraft or any type of laser-guided munitions it can be fitted with a variety of weapons such as an m134 minigun that can fire unimpressive 3000 rounds downrange in under a minute another popular choice for these units is anti-personnel obstacle breaching systems or a pubs that allow safe breaching of complex obstacles such as land mines or the disposal of improvised explosive devices the combinations of these all-around vehicles seemed limitless and will most likely be used so long as there are live troops on the ground.


We are not as far away from having robotic humans as we used to be and we are even closer to robot stingrays yeah stingrays whose biomechanics are surprisingly easy to recreate the robot stingray is made from both titanium and aluminum skeleton with silicon fins and is a mobile swimming mine the inner layer is made out of sound-absorbing materials that allow the metal from the mind to be hidden from sonar it even has an ultrasonic self-protection system since its design is so lifelike that it is highly likely to be considered food for their natural predators although the mine isn't the fastest capping at 6 miles per hour it can keep up that speed for 12 hours sleep mode also allows the mind to remain dormant until it receives its order to strike, there have been several similar ideas from other countries for a maritime mind including the US Navy's MK 67 submarine-launched mobile mine or SL mm which is a torpedo-like weapon that can be used to travel to a remote location and post up on the bottom of the ocean floor while it waits for its target however it's the latest idea coming out of Turkey named the whatas that adds this stinging twist naturally details for the mine isn't readily available but it has been in development for two years which suggests that this project will eventually make its debut.


Developed by General Atomics this infamous American-born robot certainly doesn't need an introduction the MQ-1 predator drone was one of the most highly used remotely piloted aircraft in the u.s. Turkish Italian and even Royal Moroccan Air Forces for over two decades the drone was primarily used for aerial reconnaissance missions until 2002 when it became the primary remotely piloted aircraft for offensive operations by the United States Air Force and the CIA in Pakistan and Afghanistan they were outfitted with agm-114 see Hellfire anti-tank missiles and a later with AGM-114 k hellfire missiles which were capable of hitting targets in motion from an even greater altitude which gave the drones the new mq-1 a designation General Atomics completed manufacturing on the final rq1 ordered by Italy in October 2015 and was retired by the United States Air Force in March of 2018 in order to favor the heavier and more capable mq-9 Reaper.


As technology is starting to become more compact so is the mechanics of flight all the way down to the level of insects developed at Harvard University these Robo bees weigh in at about 80 milligrams with one point one-inch wingspans which is believed to be the smallest man-made wingspan to achieve flight the wings can flap over 120 times per second and can be controlled remotely in real-time at the foundational level, this project was developed in consideration of artificial pollination but can also have been considered for search-and-rescue and surveillance the only challenges facing researchers however, are independent power supply and decision-making functions which are currently supplied to the robot via tether which is integrated within the skeleton if these obstacles are overcome it is possible for these bees to utilize swarm intelligence which will be imperative for the idea of artificial pollination as well as search and rescue missions and can even be expanded for use in detecting harmful chemicals in the air although it is said that this project offers a few ecological and moral risks this project is still in development and will likely see some sort of implementation in the coming years.


The crusher bears a striking resemblance to the gladiator mentioned earlier although the crusher is specifically designed to work independently of its cavalry think of it like a mega soldier it's outfitted with its own Arsenal and is highly autonomous it is equipped with five two megapixel cameras which give it an overall field view of 200 degrees horizontally and thirty degrees vertically at a resolution of over four times that of a television screen it then uses this data along with GPS to map its own path to conquer obstacles if the just so happens to run into something it didn't plan for say a six-foot high brick wall or a gorge that's over six feet deep the crusher is able to readjust to find the easiest and safest path to its objective no human manipulation required just like a soldier sometimes the crusher has to move stealthily which is why it is equipped with a hybrid electric engine to reduce noise but it is also able to continue to operate after the engine has been shut off also like the gladiator the crusher is considered for missions that are severely dangerous for human soldiers anything from supply mule to century this vehicle has all the trimmings of its counterparts but has an artificial intelligence that is unrivaled.


Weighing less than 30 pounds this robot is another man packable robot that is also Future Combat Systems this particular vehicle manipulated with a Microsoft Xbox 360 controller is extremely useful in military operations where there are tight terrain and many small hiding spots such as urban terrain sewers tunnels and caves it can also aid in the performance of high-risk functions such as detecting toxic industrial chemicals and materials its use is highly considered in urban environments since these situations require a lot more visual intelligence and careful consideration before moving forward either for priority positions or potential strikes the XM tu-16 has both passive and offensive capabilities and because its modular design allows multiple payloads to be integrated in a sort of plug-and-play fashion it can even carry up to six pounds of payload weight if necessary in 2015 orders were finally placed by the US Marine Corps to utilize the XM tu-16 and has since better adapted the Armed Forces to urban combat.


Forget physical eligibility limitations this PD 100 BLACK HORNET has been drafted for use in major military forces of 19 NATO-allied countries such as the U.S France Germany the UK Australia Netherlands India and Norway this micro unmanned aerial vehicle was developed by proxy dynamics and is four inches in length and has a 5-inch rotor span the black Hornet is small enough to fit in your hand and weighs the same as one double a battery three cameras one facing forward one looking straight down and one pointing downward at 45 degrees provides troop with full-motion video and still images for local situational awareness and can be taught to operate in as little as twenty minutes in 2014 procs introduced a new version of the PD 100 that had night vision capabilities and fitted with both long-wave infrared and day video sensors that can transmit the data over a mile and range although the Hornet has a speed of 10 meters a second and only 25 minutes of endurance it is still a highly considered and regarded surveillance tool used to this day to provide troops with information of what's ahead and what's to come.


Humanoids have a contender amongst the ranks of the artificially intelligent say hello to SAFFER the shipboard autonomous firefighting robot safer is a humanoid robot designed to help mitigate damage for sailors onboard naval vessels the robot can navigate the interior of a vessel independently as well as climb ladders and respond to various emergencies the robot utilizes a mass number of sensors that have Direction heat awareness and obstacle detectors due to limited information released from the US Navy it is hard to identify all of the intricate mechanisms that make safer work the movement of the robot relies on the sensors installed and must be sophisticated enough for the robots to be able to maneuver safely and effectively through dense smokey and tight quarters of naval vessels safer also possesses a hose trigger system that allows it to aim at and put out fires the robot must also be equipped with some sort of fireproof insulation to be able to withstand extreme temperatures as well as the effects of electrical and chemical fires which can occur at any point in time considered a success this humanoid type of Robotics can also be applied to other uses some of those uses considered our battlefield extraction where the robot can retrieve injured personnel when a fight is occurring or in surgery that is considered too delicate for any person the Office of Naval Research has been utilizing technology of this kind for an extremely long time, however, this project seems to be one of the biggest projects they have ever done.

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