Top 10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Car Interiors Ever

Top 10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Car Interiors Ever 

Everyone loves their cars and most of us are very happy with our vehicle's interiors and most car manufacturers try to give the customer the necessities such as a comfortable interior and a decent sound system to get you through those traffic jams but some vehicle interiors go way beyond the basics of style and function and when you got a lot of money you can experience a vehicle with an interior so nice that you forget you're driving with that in mind we went out to find ten of the most luxurious car interiors available. 

10-Rolls-Royce Phantom 

The Phantom is the 8th generation of the ultimate in luxury the interior of this car is amazing and is deliberately designed to look somewhat old-fashioned but elegant it is the most expensive production sedan that still uses rotary mechanical controls for heating and ventilation and push-pull chrome levers for fresh air which is filtered before it enters the car the dash has the three traditional instrument dials and instead of a rev counter or rpm gauge there is a power reserve meter the headliner is lit up with tiny little lights that cover the whole thing making the inside sparkle like diamonds it has a glass dashboard so that individually commissioned artwork can be positioned behind it in the back seat is a champagne fridge and folding picnic tables completely automated of course and 12-inch displays are built into the seatbacks all non-glazed surfaces are covered in either hide wood or ankle-deep carpeting on the side note this car has umbrellas built into the doors and you don't even have to close the door on your own the car will do that for you. 

9-Bentley Bentayga Falconry 

This car is for the mega-rich who practiced the ancient sport of falconry and the interior is made to accommodate the bird and its owner in every way the first thing you will notice is the custom high trimmed cabin of the car is finished with a 430 piece desert scene beaching a native Saker Falcon which needs to be assembled over the course of nine days as each piece of the inlay goes four separate processes of cutting pots and shading pressing and double cutting before being assembled by him the master flight station of the car has individual compartments which can hold your GPS / tracking unit binoculars and handcrafted leather bird hoods next to the master flight station is another perch for your Falcon to sit on as well as a customizable refreshment station in the refreshment case you will find a blanket face cloths and three metal flasks of course besides all this luxury the interior has everything you would expect from a luxury interior. 

8-BLF Force 1 

Basically this car is a rebodied Viper but the interior is far beyond what the Dodge Viper has inside it is beautifully refinished in leather suede and Alcantara all diamond stitched with contrasting thread to help position this as a more luxurious prospect than the Dodge inside the car the high-end seats are recovered in high-quality leather and suede the center console has smartphone chargers and there is even a double champagne bottle holder between the two custom seats along with this is a custom leather and suede sunglasses case the black and gold interior fit the silver bodied sports car perfectly the forced one starts at around at 230,000$. 

7-Bentley Mulsanne 

If you have a lot of money and you want a wide variety of colors to choose from when it comes to the interior of your car then Bentley has you covered with over 20 interior color options to complement the exterior of the car no matter which color you choose each customized interior features handcrafted wood lots of beautifully stitched leather metal finishing and of course the interior is equipped with champagne glass holders the back seats aren't stationary and can extend or pivot as you like the interior also features top-of-the-line entertainment options and that's just the back seat area near the top of the center console in the front is an 8-inch satellite navigation screen that motors almost noiselessly out from behind a veneer door the fascia in front of you is clad in glossy wood surrounded on all sides by soft leather and punctuated by polished stainless steel fittings 8 way adjustable heated seats are standard and give you maximum Headroom and legroom other features include ambient interior lighting rear view camera climate control massaging front seats Grenier iPod roar while the entertainment package adds picnic tables 8-inch screens in the headrest DVD player 20 gigabits hard drive and Bluetooth headphones. 

6-Mercedes Maybach S-Class 

One look at the inside of the Mercedes Maybach S-Class and you will see that it is custom-designed for comfort each one of the custom leather-covered power reclining seats comes with a pillow and has individualized heating ventilation massage features and have an optional cooling feature as well the dashboard is like the control navigation of a starship and features the dual 12-point three-inch widescreen displays which are set right next to each other to create a seamless driver information panel and center-mounted touchscreen the first screen being a customizable instrument panel and the center screen for entertainment the ambient lighting around the dashboard can be changed to over 60 different colors or themes the car also comes with standard electronic parking aid intelligent cruise control a multi-function steering wheel and pretty much power everything on the interior. 

5-Audi A8 

This car has an amazing interior that is loaded with just about anything you can imagine centered on the dash is a 10.1 inch haptic feedback touchscreen that acknowledges inputs with a pulse when tapped below that on the center stack is a second screen which functions primarily to display HVAC controls but can be used for other operations including Google or navigation searches by a handwriting recognition the system is highly configurable allowing owners to choose their own dedicated buttons on the lower screen while offering permanent buttons for navigation whether telephone functions radio on the left side of the upper screen and of course Wi-Fi hotspot' connectivity the back of the car is certainly a place where you can get comfortable and features include an optional foot warmer and massager for the right rear passenger that deploys from the front passenger seatback massaging heating and reclining functions. 

4-Range Rover SV Autobiography 

This is an SUV that is built for comfort features include an automatic four-zone climate control that can be optimized for each occupant and configurable ambient interior lighting gives you a choice of 10 calming colors for those who wish to look at the Stars a sliding panoramic roof can be fully open the cabin features the finest quality diamond-quilted leather and the inside is fitted with carbon fiber panels including the steel weave carbon fiber door panels the center console is beautifully finished and houses tables that deploy electronically along with a refrigerated compartment for drinks even the rear doors are electrically operated and yes there are two more 10-inch screens with 4G Wi-Fi capability the perforated semi-aniline leather seats offer 24 way heating and cooling options the back seat offers a staggering four feet of legroom because of the rover's extended wheelbase and the seats are so comfortable you forget you're inside an SUV. 

3-Lincoln Continental 

The Lincoln Continental has always been known for being a luxury car and the car itself used to be a lot more massive than the modern body style the Continentals interior is a mix of leather knurled aluminum genuine wood and chrome while the Continentals cabin lacks the cohesive sophistication of its rivals it offers a higher level of standard equipment including optional 30 way adjustable perfect position seats which include inflatable side bolsters individually adjustable thigh supports massage modes and very warm heating elements that put both front seat occupants in the lap of luxury the seeds can also be cooled the back seat can be equipped with heated and ventilated massaging seats that recline redundant controls for the audio system and adjustable headrest pillows the Lincoln can also be equipped with a twin-panel moon roof that has a power shape well it's not as expensive or as impressive as other more expensive cars it's definitely luxurious in its price range. 

2-Porsche Panamera 

luxury cars often excel in interior design because they're the first to embrace new technologies the Porsche Panamera has a configurable driver display that places the analog rev-counter front and center just like traditional Porsche sports cars the center console is high placing the shifter immediately by the drivers right hand the card looks like it's meant to be driven by a human not just an agglomeration of sensors and computers and it's still spacious and plush the cabin looks sleek and stylish and uncluttered nearly every surface is covered in soft touch materials and both rows of seats are roomy and comfortable there are plenty of tech features and the Panamera has lots of cargo space the Panamera and available upgrades include full leather upholstery 14 or 18 way power adjustable front seats massaging front and rear seats ventilated front and rear seats heated rear seats a heated steering wheel and 8-way power adjustable rear seats other interior amenities include dual zone automatic climate control and in cabin air filter Bluetooth a 10 speaker audio system satellite radio a USB port and a touchscreen infotainment system with the Porsche communication management interface navigation apple car play Wi-Fi hotspot ambient lighting a 14 speaker Bose audio system or an optional 21 speaker Burmester audio system if you need it including a rear seat entertainment system. 

1-Mercedes-Benzes Sprinter by Lexani 

A favorite with celebrity clients and government officials California Lexani motorcars offers custom interiors with amenities rivaling those in yachts and private jets the Mercedes Sprinter van has a spacious cabin and Lexani designed interiors featuring the finest woods and leathers and seamlessly integrated audio and entertainment systems the inside of the van is fitted with custom lighting and lots of wood panels a big-screen HD LED TV sits in front of the custom leather-covered recliners which are fully automatic and include heating massage and cooling functions everything is automatically controlled including window shades that cover one-way visible electronic tinted glass each chair has a folding table and a, 12, point three-inch touchscreen control for everything inside the van the bathroom inside the van is spacious and a lot nicer than even an airline the large screen TV can be raised or lowered for communicating with the driver spacious and loaded with everything the Mercedes-Benzes Sprinter is a dream office on wheels. 

We hope you enjoyed this list let us know which one of these was your fate, and thank you so much.