Top 10 Luxury Vans with Business Jet Interiors

Top 10 Luxury Vans with Business Jet Interiors 

We are used to the idea that vans are just a convenient way of passenger or cargo transportation but some people actually find them to be irreplaceable for interstate travel with comfort day to day work on the go or overnight camping with necessary amenities and today's episode we'll be exploring the most luxurious models of offices and wheels and coach lounges that can let you stay productive during your daily commutes will allow you to base your vacations on your own and enjoy the levels of luxury that could only be found on board of private jets . 

10-Ertex VIP Vans 

Built by the Turkish company are tax this VIP class vans are designed to deliver the ultimate mobile office experience to their owners the brand offers four levels of van conversions business luxury premium private jet and private royal accommodating from four to nine passengers the conversions are based on the VW Caravelle and three model series from Mercedes-Benz namely Vito sprinter and V class though their specifications defer depending on the chosen model all the vans feature the highest quality leather interior heated and cold reclining seats with footrests air conditioning and lots of lighting there also work with superior and 14 mint and connectivity systems including a large smart TV a DVD player and a separate audio system plus iPhone and iPad docking stations USB ports and electric sockets for each seat and addition air attacks customers get up outworking tables a small fridge and an espresso machine to enjoy a cup of coffee and the heavy traffic . 

9- Van joy 

Designed Raisa marble concept a stated based creator Berlin furniture designer Michael Hilgers the scamper concept is designed as a mobile test laboratory for space-saving solutions unlike many popular van conversions that focus on the luxury and fitting all the extras and to a limited career room of the van joy is all about creating a multifunctional living environment and maximizing the use of the available space while keeping it affordable and free of the unnecessary clutter as design targets tech-savvy urban dwellers and is quiet minimalistic but still versatile enough to serve as a mobile office and transform a travel camper the van features multiple storage solutions a tiny kitchen with a sink butane grill any fridge any working area that can be reconstructed into a bed for two-plus enjoy even fits ahead and toilet and a small outdoor shower. 

8-Klassen T6 

This business jet on wheels by German company class on takes luxury to the next level while based on the VW Transporter t6 its NSAIDs are completely redesigned into a first-class cabin finished with high quality wood and leather the vehicle has a six seating capacity with full reclining back seats having a massage function and being completely adjustable it features the automatic foldable desks flip-out coffeemaker premium Alpine 5.1 surround sound system safe wood fingerprint recognition and retractable over 32 inch 3d LED TV that serves as a divider to separate the driver and the passengers what's more it even has a cigar box all the systems within the vehicle from sealing position and heating to media can be operated through the classroom remote system mobile app the price for the VW g6 business since round solid $173,000. 


Senzati is the U.K based company that specializes in building unique VAP vans and officers and wheels on the basis of the Mercedes Vito sprinter and V class the company is an official Van port neuron Mercedes Benz and all of its conversions a European whole vehicle type approved one of the brands most famous vehicles belong to the jet series based on the Mercedes Benz V class and Sprinter the series has three trim levels business-business plus and jets pack advertised as a perfect people holler for high profile exacts and large businessmen the scour is completely customizable it accommodates up to six passengers and has several floor plans as standard since a tangent class vehicles come equipped with seats performed in the softest Nappa leather a double glazed panoramic roof used by charging ports Wi-Fi 4G retractable tables and superb soundproofing and insulation that will allow you to work comfortably even in the heavy traffic Heiner cramps a free privacy wall every year toilet and two TVs. 

6-Jet van 

On the market since 1996 Becker automotive design is world-famous in the industry of specialized luxury vehicles and 20 years of operation the company has delivered exclusive armored SUVs and vans to the highest level executives heads of states and VIPs and 25 countries in 2012 Becker a demographer lunch sprinter jet van a luxury conversion of a Mercedes Sprinter turned from a light commercial van to a fully customizable mobile office on wheels true to its name the vehicle houses for first-class airline type seats put like extensions back support heating and massage functions a rear bathroom and a crazy entertainment system with a 40 inch LCD display and a 7.1 audio system it also has an on-board computer with 4G connectivity the company works with his customers to satisfy their safety some Mercedes Sprinter jack van could be armored for request. 


The Indian company pinnacle specialty vehicles is a leader and Indian market specializing in modifications and conversions of vehicles for commercial and personal use PSV bases their modifications on the traveller commercial van line from the force motors with 158 inch wheelbase the pinnacle Ibiza conversion turns a vehicle and to a fully-featured org station the design is highly customizable with a wide array of options like different seating capacity and layouts desk types and flooring materials Ibiza includes an audio-video conference system integrated with a smart TV to carry out presentations or conferences on the go the manufacturer also did not forget about the main commodities so there's a pantry papadum mini-fridge often cattle and even a bathroom on board moreover shower as an available option another model pinnacle Finanza presents a cozier version of an office on wheels with the larger pantry section dining area high-level and faux Taemin system any bad. 

4-Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VIP 

Mercedes-Benzes Sprinter VIP as a business vehicle conversion designed by the Turkish company try mode on the outside it looks just like another Sprinter with a single noticeable improvement wider windows however the interior is redesigned completely to bring more functionality and comfort the VAP can accommodate up to 11 people including the driver and those and the front passenger seats the 9 seats and the back were finished with high-end leather and can be adjusted and fully reclined the surfaces of the cabin combined the premium materials like leatherwood and chrome among the many features added to the interior are electronically folding desks flat-screen TVs surround sound system a safe cupholders coffee maker mini-fridge several hidden compartments sunroof and ambient lighting glad that you're still with us just wanted to let you know that we have been exploring the topic of camper vans motor homes . 

3-Interstate lounge EXT 

The only trailer manufacturer and the US that lasted from 1932 Airstream is now famous for creating mind-blowing trailers of different sizes luxurious RVs and coaches one of them as interstate lounge EXT based on the famous Mercedes-Benzes Sprinter sitting nine passengers the venez ideal for daily long curbs to the beach or mountain cabin with France as well as leaving a life of a working traveler if you want to spend the night on wheels the seats are easily transformed into a bed for two for the starting price over $165,000 the airstream coach offers the bass and everything it has advanced Mercedes-Benzes safety features including front and side airbags rear and side view cameras collision prevention assists and Orkin assists with a four-wheel drive that is easy to drive in any road and weather conditions that also feature solar panels a heated anti-fog windshields a tankless water heater a tap any fridge. 

2-Lexani EXTV 

Lexan is known for creating the most opulent interiors and the automotive history that dominate the executive luxury segment however what if additional comfort is not only needed on the road but also an off-road adventure we present you the EXTV 4x4 Sprinter van improve a ssin and the name sense for the extreme terrain vehicle and the description of laksana model has earned by the presence of a 4x4 drive capability 20-inch forged monoblock wheels with 33 inch off-road tires and LED boards to light the darkest journeys the interior gets carbon-fiber trimming swot ceiling and walls the layout of the cabin has maximum level of practicality which is aided by the most necessary appliances like a mini-fridge Wi-Fi connectivity Apple TV with a 24 inch flush-mounted LED TV heavy duty air conditioning system and multiple power sockets and USB ports. 

1- Inkas Armoured Sprinter Van 

Inkas vehicle manufacturing company are calling their modifications of Mercedes Sprinter the limousine buses since they completely transformed the interior turning at entry celebrity suite if anonymity as a necessity the vehicle looks very discreet and could be mistaken for a delivery van the passenger compartment can accommodate up to 7 passengers depending on the configuration you can equip it with two cool boxes a washroom, as well as premium video and sound systems the cabin environment is fully controlled by an iPad and all the furnishings, are of the most premium quality Inkas is able to armor their Sprinter to urine or b6 or b7 levels offering maximum protection. 

What do you think about the luxury offered by these fans would you like to own one of those, tell me about your favorite models, and thank you very much.