Top 10 Luxury Prisons That Are Nicer Than Your House!

Top 10 Luxury Prisons That Are Nicer Than Your House! 

Today we're going to be looking at 10 luxury prisons that are nicer than your house people go to prison to be punished for committing crimes but you might be surprised to find out that some prisons aren't very punishing at all from Starbucks and McDonald's in the Silph to flat-screen TVs and dancing get ready to see some prisons that may be nicer than your own home.

10-Bastoy Prison 

We have Bastoy Prison what if Bill Gates committed a crime and got locked up well he would probably end up in Bastoy prison in norway this prison is located on a private island named Bastoy Island and it's only for the rich now when I say it's on a prison Island think less Alcatraz and more a resort in the Bahamas this prison is pretty big but only houses around 100 people this means prisoners have a lot of space unlike some prisons in Asian countries where they can be up to 20 prisoners in one cell this place has more activities for the prisoners than a resort prisoners can enjoy luxury tennis courts and soccer pitches they can also enjoy the wildlife by fishing and the prison even has their own private sunbathing area and you can even act as some kind of king go horseback riding around the island the prisoners don't live in cells but countryside cottages and they get one each that's right forget one cell per person these prisoners get one house per person during the day they work on farms with animals and crops and also person it's a free tool even walk around the island whenever they walked this is because it's an island so there's nowhere for the prisoners to escape to but let's be real would anyone even want to escape from this place if anything it sounds like people would want to break into here instead of break out. 

9-Ponddok Bambu Prison 

This prison really is one the only the richest can afford one dog bamboo prison is located in Indonesia and offers all the comforts of home to their roommates however most prisons in Indonesia are known for being some of the worst in the world so what's the catch when it comes to pond dock bamboo well that would be corruption you see in here prisoners or all women and they pay large sums of money to go there this is often a place where female gangsters and the gangsters wives go to and also if four women are working in the government or a large company get put in prison they will likely go to this one the prison is like a house with aircon comfy furniture and TVs this place is so close to home the prisoners can actually take their stuff from the house and put it in their cell and I use the term cell very loosely it's what they have is more of a studio apartment this place even has karaoke machines and nail salons, as well as a sculpture roomful of art and botanical garden what's more family, can live in this prison with you and it's basically treated like more of an apartment complex than prison. 

8-Sollentuna Prison 

This is yet another prison which has more features than many college dorms this Swedish prison is complete with private cells for instance where they have their own comfortable beds and sofas from Ikea and forget a steel bucket these prisons have their very own bathroom section the facilities here are all state-of-the-art which include a full gym and a kitchen which can be used by everyone so you can make a juice and go to the gym to get healthy while behind bars here they also have many rare carries for the prisoners to relax in with sofas and large TVs the prisoners here are also allowed to bring personal items into their rooms which include computers guitars and even file so they can work from behind bars this prison looks more like a college from the outside because there are windows everywhere and prisons can look outside all day long also privacy is very good in this prison as the prisoners are not watched in their rooms by cameras and some areas of their room can't even be seen by the doors window the prison is also known for sometimes lighting up and having relaxing couches all over the prison one thing's for sure if you're ever locked up in Sweden you better hope your center Sollentuna. 

7-HMP Addiewell 

Her majesty prison a dl is located in Scotland and is no rake in a prison while in most prisons prisoners are punished in this prison they're there to learn the prison is called a learning person and it comes with a requirement that all prisoners must follow the prisoners must all commit to at least 40 hours of productivity per week this often means learning a skill or getting educated the whole point of this person is to help prisons adjust to normal life and serve the community most prisoners who go to this place have committed minor offences how much to turn their lives around for that they're rewarded with comfortable rooms with TVs and computers they also have their own bathroom and shower room and daily towels are provided just like a hotel and much like Sollentuna prison in Sweden this place looks a lot more like a college than a prison from the outside but from the sounds of it more learning goes on in here than in a college be honest is this prison just a slice or perhaps even nicer than your college dorm. 

6-Cebu Prison 

Sometimes the prison is in prison sifting crimes which make them famous or infamous well we're about going to a prison that could make you famous forget America's Got Talent check out Cebu prison in the Philippines while most Philippine prisons are not nice at all this prison is different it's not luxury in the sense that there's horseback riding and sunbathing areas but this prison gives its inmates ultimate creativity what I mean by that is this person is a hub for music singing arts and dancing that is what the prisoners do here each and every day but how do they get famous from doing if you might be asking well these prisoners don't just perform for each other if they actually perform for civilians people buy tickets to come to this prison and watch the shows the prisoners put on and then the money gets reinvested back into the prison and it's arts so if you ever wanted to go to art or band camp as a kid but couldn't then maybe try getting into this prison just kidding don't do that but as I was saying some of the best performers in this prison end up getting famous and civilians even ask for their autographs and when they're released they're often well-known enough to start doing what they were doing behind bars professionally. 

5-Halden Prison 

If there's one thing we know from this list it's the prisons in Scandinavian countries are lakhs to put it lightly the nickname of this prison is the most humane prison in the world but some call it the softest and most pointless press in the world as its sole acts every inmate has their own room with a lot of privacy the prisoners get to work on skills all day to get them back into society as quick as possible and a rec room with a large TV movies and videogames is all in the prison there's also a state-of-the-art fully fitted gym too but the most impressive luxury this prison has to offer is a music production studio if you've ever wanted to form a band or become a pro rapper then you can do it here in this prison the prison has instruments microphones and sound mix is all used by pros and there's even a fully equipped kitchen in this place where prisoners can make all the food they like so you can cook up an omelet in the kitchen and then cook up a beat in the studio really though this person seems like a nice place almost more like a hotel than a prison. 

4-Aranjuez Prison 

One thing people don't like about prison is that it can tear families apart sometimes kids have to grow up without a mom or a dad because they're in jail well this prison in Spain is designed for kids and young adults kids can spend the first few lives of the year behind bars with their parents some say this isn't nice for the kids but the prison is more of a paradise for kids their recruits everywhere and even children's play areas this also tele-bears and Disney characters painted on all the walls yeah this place doesn't exactly have the typical prison decor this place is good as it allows kids to still grow it with their parents despite what they've done however some say the kids shouldn't live in prison just because their parents have messed up and committed a crime what do you think about this child's prison do you agree with the concept or do you think it's not fair on the kids and it's this place looks nice enough that it warrants kids and babies growing up here. 

3-Otago Corrections Facility 

This prison is located in New Zealand and it's one of the biggest in the country however it's also one of the newest and nicest presence in New Zealand the prison has very comfortable accommodation with furniture beds and even TVs in every room it mates are also allowed gifts to be bought in such as food books candy posters and music the prison even has its own rugby field and inmates can play rugby soccer or other sports the prison also has what it calls its change through skill building in this building inmates learn various skills such as cooking farming engineering and more this will allow them to get a job once they're released which helps the community and the prisoners do you think these rehabilitation prisons are too soft or do you think they're better for everyone studies show that taxpayers save money with these new prisons however some say criminals shouldn't be given a second chance which seems kind of harsh let me know your thoughts and tell me if you wouldn't mind staying at the optical Corrections Facility. 

2-Justice Center Leoben 

This prison is a minimum security prison located in Austria the place is being compared to a hotel from the outside and apparent tourists sometimes mistake it for apartments in fact the inside of each person the cell looks like a studio apartment each prisoner gets their very own one of these with a decent amount of space prison also has good privacy with a private bathroom and kitchen in every cell there is also a fully fitted German outdoor rec area and even a basketball court which can be used as a soccer field to each cell has a TV inside as well as a kettle for making as much coffee or tea as the prisoners want and most prison stores a windowed meeting they can always watch the sunrise and actually make the best of their sentence from the outside this place it's like some kind of trendy wooden apartment building or office and as I said it's often mistaken for something other than a prison by visitors now you know you're in a nice person when people can't even tell it's a prison I wonder if there be more crime if all prisons were like this what are your thoughts on the super-nice justice center Leoben. 

1-Champ Dolan prison 

If you're a people person in you enjoy sharing an apartment with people then you'll like this prison in Switzerland this prison has triple occupancy rooms its newly refurbished meaning that all the technology and a mainly C's here a state-of-the-art but the facilities aren't the only good thing about this place the room sharing actually means the prison is feel more like university students this allows what are called dorm mates in the prison to work together to become rehabilitated there are programs in the prison which help prisoners get back on track and into society again the images of this prison sure do you look nice it's nicely and the cafeteria looks more like a trendy bistro than a prison cafeteria also in the prison there are many outdoor rec areas and green spaces for the prisoners to hang out and play sports what do you think of the chapter on prison is it too luxurious or should all prisons feel like this in order to rehabilitate the prisoners you have to remember though that even though these places are kind of luxurious they are still prisons after all and while rec areas and gyms are good it doesn't beat freedom okay maybe there's sunbathing in the horseback riding too but you get the picture. 

We hope you enjoyed the list let us know which one of these Prison was bizarre and Thank you so much.