Top 10 Everyday Things That Are BAD For YOU!

Top 10 Everyday Things That Are BAD For YOU! 

Today we're going to be looking at ten everyday things that could kill you so these are a ton of things I'm sure you guys have done or maybe you do them every single day, So let's get started.  

10- Crossing your legs 

So I bet when you guys sit down you've probably crossed your legs for comfort before I mean I'm doing it right now, to be honest, well okay it's not that serious but crushing your legs can actually kill you and has killed other people before it turns out that crossing your legs increases your blood pressure by more than seven percent and that may not sound like a lot but that's pretty big when we're talking about blood pressure and people always used to say this but everyone thought it was a myth but in 2014 dr. Sampson found out that it was true and it's okay if you do this now and then but if you guys work in an office where you're sitting down all day and you have your legs crossed the whole time then this could be pretty bad and it can have really bad effects on your body like your legs being really veiny which are called varicose veins and guys these do not look nice and they're full of that isn't enough to make you stop crossing your legs doing it can also cause back and neck pain so I don't know about you guys but I'm probably going to stop crossing my legs in fact life's too short. 

9-Walking near deer 

So when I say the most dangerous animals in America you guys probably think of bears or sharks or something but no it turns out that deer are the most dangerous animal in America and I'm sure you guys walk past these sometimes or maybe even see them around in your area depending on where you live if they actually kill 140 people per year of the USA alone and the reason why is mainly because there's so many of them don't worry too much guys deer are okay to go near at most times but don't go near them when they just gave birth because they're really protective about their kids and they attack you if they think you're going to attack their kids and I think they give birth near Easter so don't go near them at Easter well at least I think it's Easter don't blame me if you get killed by a deer wow I am so professional but yeah guys stay away from deer I actually live kind of near a big deer park so I'm going to watch out if I ever go there just kidding guys I don't go outside. 


Now you guys are going to think I'm a clown for saying umbrellas are deadly and I literally know somebody who's seen a number on a fly into someone's stomach because of the wind at a beach once but yeah I checked out the statistics and it turns out there's over a hundred thousand umbrella injuries every year and I don't mean like lower things I mean like really bad ones that make people go to the hospital and around 17,000 people actually end up dying from umbrellas every year and most of these happen how I described earlier with wind of the beach and it can also be from falling umbrellas and houses and other things and one really weird one which I'm not sure counts is one woman died choking on a cocktail umbrella so yeah I don't know if that counts but still a ton of people died from umbrellas and the percentage of umbrella deaths is going up every single year so next time you want to go to the beach just be sure to bring a bulletproof vest along. 


So yeah guys this is a really innocent kids food and it's called jelly in some countries and jello in America and basically the way most people die from jello is by choking on it people choke all the time on food what makes jello different well the reason more people die from jello instead of other foods is because they're usually quite big and because they're soft some people don't chew it and they just swallow a big whole clump and then it gets stuck in their throat and the main reason why people die from them is because the Heimlich maneuver doesn't work with jello because it gets lodged in the throat and some countries like Japan and New Zealand have really banned these because of this and in America there's around six jello deaths every year and even more in Japan there was around 80 per year there which is why they banned them that year guys stay away from jell-o's if you don't want to shoot your food vile if you're like a regular person who chews their food then you should be fine. 

6-Drinking a lot of water 

So everyone says drink water because it's healthy in fact people are always telling me to drink more water so if drinking more water can kill you I must be really healthy right huh I wish but people do die from drinking water too much of it in fact and around 16 people per year die from drinking too much water in the USA alone I mean I know that doesn't sound like much but I mean it's pretty hard to die from drinking water and most people who die from drinking water actually internally drown to death because if you have too much then your organs get coated in water and then you don't get any air and the most common reason people drink too much is if they're doing a marathon so next time you guys are thinking of doing a marathon for a charity or good cause don't do that you're going to kill yourself now but seriously guys as long as you don't drink more than four liters of water per day then you should be okay or just be like me and live off redpoll and coffee. 

5-Christmas trees 

So it's the festive season pretty soon and I bet you guys can't wait to put up your Christmas trees well sorry guys it's going to kill you okay probably not but around 41 people every year die from them and over 1,000 people are injured by them too and one of the main reasons for this is because house fires are often caused by Christmas trees in fact they caused over 140 house fires every year so yeah people die from them by either burning to death in a fire the tree falling on them and killing them or swallowing a leaf from a tree and choking to death okay who's out here eating their Christmas trees and I'm sorry for bumming you guys out about Christmas but yeah guys watch out for your Christmas trees this holiday season because they're out to get you. 

4-Vending machines 

So you guys probably have done before or maybe regularly get a drink or a snack from a vending machine well I hope you don't buy water because that's going to kill you but something even more deadly than the water in the vending machine is the huge metal box itself and around 37 people die every year just trying to get a snack from a vending machine and this is usually people who are actually shaking them to get out a stuck item or they're trying to steal stuff by shaking them up damn that's kind of like the vending machine having its payback but yet another way this can happen is just by them being on a loose or unstable surface so who knows maybe it's best to go into stores instead of vending machines and in 2014 a really young kid who was around 12 years old legitimately bought some coke from a vending machine and then he put his hand in because he got stuck and he actually ended up having the machine fall on his hand and break his arm so guys definitely be careful in fact I just checked and a few weeks ago this guy here was killed by a vending machine when he broke into it wow it really does look like they can fight back kids don't play with vending machines and apparently the most likely thing for you to get injured getting but I don't think that's some kind of conspiracy or anything I think it's just because there's so much coke in the world and no guys I'm not being bribed by Pepsi. 

3-Using hot water bottles 

So we'll know if you guys probably use hot water bottles for a ton of things like muscle pains or heating your beds and maybe more older people will find this one crazy because these used to be used the whole time well it turns out that this can be really dangerous I mean a big bag of boiling hot water does sound kind of dangerous I guess and this may happen when people don't screw the lids on well enough and then the boiling hot water leaks out and can give you third-degree burns and actually kill some people because of how bad the burns can be and sometimes the liquid is so hot that it can cause some badly made ones to melt and then the rubber either melts into your skin or you get burned by the water that comes out or even better both now I'm just kidding guys that sounds so painful there you next time you want to warm a bed or just relax a muscle use a hot water bottle but make sure the lid is screwed on oh and don't buy a cheap one from your local bargain bin or it might melt. 

2-Microwave popcorn 

No guys I'm not talking about the popcorn in scream this is an all popcorn don't worry this is only microwavable popcorn and it's to do with a chemical which is in the popcorn but yeah it's fine to eat normal popcorn that's been popped from kernels but microwave popcorn requires a special chemical to keep it fresh before it's heated up and it's a chemical called diacetyl which is basically like butter but has a poisonous odor that can actually be dangerous to inhale over long periods of time so it's not exactly poisonous to eat but inhaling this too much can be fatal and I don't know how but some people actually have died from this I don't think that most people eat that much microwave popcorn but if you do eat it like every day then just be sure you don't inhale too much because it is technically poisonous and they can be even worse if you're allergic to diacetyl and don't even know it and no guys I'm not being paid by the movie theaters to say this. 

1-Eating lunch at your desk. 

So I know a ton of you guys work in an office or maybe work from home and eat lunch or other meals at your desk and to be honest I do this too but maybe I should stop because it can be really bad to do this because there's so much bacteria on desks anyway but the average desk that you eat at has 400 times more bacteria than your toilet that's right guys it will be cleaner to literally eat out of your toilet and this bacteria can be passed on from food a lot and also because most desks have a fan there's usually more dust on desks which can also lead to the crazy amounts of bacteria there and sometimes even buildup in your insides if you eat food which had bacteria on it and some offices take this so seriously they now have standing desks so that less people e to their desks I don't know maybe that's going a bit too far but if it's healthier for you then why not but I just checked and these things literally cost $1400 just for a standing desk so yeah guys unless your company is really rich and has $1,400 for every single employee sorry but you're going to die but don't worry guys you can just use the toilet in your office. 

We hope you enjoyed this list, and tell us which of these things you do and thank you so much.