Top 10 DEADLIEST Food Around The World!

Top 10 DEADLIEST Food Around The World!

From Wrigley Cheese to seafood that will fight back here are 11 of the deadliest foods in the world some of them might surprise you. 

10-Casu Marzu 

Figured I'd start you off with a bang costume bars ooh that can't be so bad right it's Sardinian maggot cheese it's a delicacy in Sardinia and Corsica you know where Napoleon was from it's even considered an aphrodisiac costume Marzu which literally means putrid cheese is made by taking whole pecorino cheese's outside cutting off the top of the rind and leaving them open to the air the female of the filo P like a safe lie comes and lays her eggs in the cheese leaving behind up to 500 eggs every visit the eggs hatch and the maggots begin to consume the cheese as nature runs its course the maggots digestive juices break down milk fats and cause the cheese to ferment at a very rapid rate they also create a watery substance that leaks out of the cheese as it ages by the time it's ready to be served each costume Marzu cheese contains literally thousands of 8 millimeter long maggots now believe it or not it gets worse it's believed that the cheese is only good while the maggots are still alive the cheese is therefore spread onto flatbread while the maggots are still present because they can leap up to 15 centimeters when they're disturbed people eating a costume Marzu flatbread sandwich have to cradle it in their hands to keep the maggots from escaping some people don't want to eat live maggots but there are only two ways that costume Marzu aficionados accept for solving that problem in one method they take the cheese and seal it up in a paper bag the maggots start to suffocate and jump around in the bag looking for freedom making a sound like popcorn being popped when the bag gets quiet then the maggots have all suffocated and the cheese is ready to be eaten the only other acceptable method of killing the maggots is refrigeration when a live maggot is consumed it can survive in the human gastric system causing an illness called pseudo myiasis the maggots continue to do to living human tissue what they started doing to the cheese anyone else feeling a little nauseous hope you weren't eating just now I recommend waiting to eat until after the reading. 


Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica originally native to West Africa it was brought to Jamaica as part of the slave trade in 1778 not all of the fruit is safe to eat the Aki fruit is deadly if it's eaten before it's fully ripe and it needs to be carefully prepared it can only be eaten when the outer pod is red and opens on its own and when the flesh around the seed the RO is golden in color the black seeds are always dangerous immature acute contains a toxin known as hypoglycemia this toxin blocks fatty acid metabolism and forces cells to start using a ply Segen to gain energy once that glycogen is used up the body is unable to produce more and this results in a deadly case of hypoglycemia this is also known as Jamaican vomiting sickness apart from obvious symptoms that gives the illness its name occupies mean can also lead to coma and death Aki is so dangerous that it's banned in the United States however sometimes it is possible to get the canned version that has already been pitted. 


Also called the Green Fairy this liqueur was a favorite of the Victorian artistic set and Goth scene members everywhere everyone from Vincent van Gogh to Ernest Hemingway drink absinthe and Toulouse Lautrec even mixed it with cognac you know because it's not strong enough already it is a mixture of wormwood sweet fennel and sweet anis which gives it a strong licorice-like flavour it's a very strong alcoholic drink that's rumored to have addictive hallucinogenic properties and over the years absinthe has been blamed incorrectly for causing madness suicide tuberculosis and epilepsy even though the drink might not actually cause any of those illnesses it does carry a toxin wormwood has a substance called thujone which affects your brain by blocking gaba receptors this can cause painful convulsions and is toxic and high doses the drinks addictive effects are due to the strength of its alcohol content since absinthe is about 60 to 70 percent alcohol you would die of alcohol poisoning long before the food has a chance to do you in. 

7-Wild Mushrooms 

For many people no trip to the woods would be complete without mushroom hunting many wild mushrooms are safe to eat but if you aren't 100% sure about what you're doing you could be in trouble the safe ones often have look-alike toxic cousins eating toxic wild mushrooms can be deadly there are many dangerous mushrooms but one of the most lethal is the aptly named Death Cab mushroom, mushroom poisoning causes abdominal pain and violent vomiting and more than half of the people who eat the Death Cap mushrooms slip into comas and eventually die experts say that if you don't know for certain which mushroom you're picking you're better off leaving well enough alone even experienced mycologists people who study mushrooms have been known to make fatal mistakes where wild mushrooms are concerned another interesting but dangerous wild mushroom is the inky cap which is also called tipplers Bane if this mushroom is eaten within a few hours of drinking alcohol it becomes poisonous causing flushing vomiting and heart palpitations the more alcohol you had the worse your symptoms will be better not mix it with the absinthe. 


Hakarl is the national dish of Iceland it's made of the meat of the Greenland shark which is poisonous before it's properly processed the meat has high levels of uric acid and trim ethylamine oxide which is a natural antifreeze that protects the shark in cold arctic water makes sense right these chemicals are present in such a high concentration that only a few bites of uncured meat is enough to kill you to prepare the dish the poor shark is gutted and beheaded then it is buried and gravely sand once it's buried the sand is covered with heavy stones which are intended to press on the shark meat the meat is left to ferment this way for six to, 12, weeks and then it's dug up cut into strips and hung up to dry while it's drying a brown crust forms which has to be taken off before the fermented meat can be cut into small pieces and served hot Carl tastes strongly of both ammonia and fish and people who didn't grow up with it report having a terrible time trying to choke it down but if you need food that won't spoil for long periods of time while you're exploring the freezing surroundings then hey this is the dish for you. 


Octopus that's properly cooked and prepared is not a problem it's the way it's served in Korea that can be deadly it's called Sannakji and it's not just about the taste it's rumored to boost a man's sexual stamina Sannakji is the wriggling tentacles of a baby octopus that was seasoned and chopped up while it was still alive and there served immediately this means that the suckers and tentacles are still active and squirming around while you're trying to eat them your food is literally fighting back while you're trying to swallow it that's because each leg has a little brain nerve in it that keeps on going even after it's been separated from the body the suckers can grab the inside of a human throat and can cause diners to choke to death which makes this dish both cruel and dangerous beginners to first before swallowing or this little octopus might just stick to your throat to get its revenge. 


Also called yuca cassava is a resilient and hardy plant Fitz in the arid climates of Africa and South America it's incredibly drought resistant and is a major source of calories starch and carbs it grows well where usually it's tough for people to find enough to eat the part of the cassava that's used most often is the root which can be eaten whole graded or ground into flour for bread or used to produce tapioca unfortunately cassava contains something called anti nutrients which are plant compounds that prevent the body from absorbing vitamins and minerals from food that's not the only drawback to this widely consumed crop raqqa Sava also contains a substance called cyanogenic glycosides which release cyanide into the body when the plant is eaten this can lead to cyanide poisoning which on the mild end impairs thyroid and nerve function on the other extreme it can lead to paralysis organ damage and death people with poor protein intake are more likely to develop cyanide poisoning from eating cassava so the people in the areas where this plant grows are perversely at a higher risk from eating it cassava also absorbs pesticides and harmful chemicals from the ground which might cause cancer in the people who eat it as part of their daily diet. 

3-Bean Sprouts 

Who knew right mung bean sprouts are featured in many Asian dishes and they're a delicious crispy and moist addition to a stir-fry salad or sandwich sprouts have long been featured as a part of the clean eating movement and for good reason they can be very beneficial but these innocent-looking guys have a dark side but don't we all the FDA recommends that pregnant women children people with depressed immunities and the elderly should avoid eating bean sprouts including alfalfa sprouts completely this isn't so much because of the sprouts themselves it's because of the way that they're grown beans and seeds need warm humid conditions in order to sprout and these conditions are also a perfect environment for bacteria like e-coli Salmonella and Listeria in 2011 bean sprouts grown in Germany were linked to an E-coli breakout in Europe that killed 22 people and sickened hundreds if not thousands more sprouts should be fully cooked so that the risk of bacterial infection is negated so much for those fresh sprouts on your sandwich. 

2-Blood Clams 

More seafood yay this one with a very unpleasant name blood clams are saltwater clams that are found along the Pacific Rim all the way from South Africa to the coast of Japan they get their name because they contain very high levels of hemoglobin in their flesh which causes their juices to look like called blood they're very popular in Indo Chinese cuisine and those from Korea are considered to be of extremely good quality unfortunately because they grow in poorly oxygenated water they are also known carriers of the bacteria and viruses that cause hepatitis A dysentery and typhoid a crop of Chinese blood clams was blamed for a hepatitis outbreak in 2009 nobody wants that is it really worth it for some bloody looking clams nope. 

1-Fruit Bat soup 

Come on who doesn't want to eat that I'm just kidding I know you don't when guns were introduced to Guam it suddenly became easier for locals to kill and eat their indigenous fruit bat the Mariana flying fox this doesn't sound so bad unless you're the bat but researchers noted that once the natives started using guns there was a sudden surge in a neurological disorder that was the nightmarish combination of Parkinson's Lou Gehrig's disease and Alzheimer's it came to be called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis parkinsonism dementia Ald PDC this illness causes muscle weakness paralysis dementia and ultimately death in the village of atomic alone one-quarter to one-third of all deaths between 1944 and 1953 were attributed to the disorder the Mariana flying fox enjoys eating fruit especially the fruit from the fern-like cycad tree this fruit contains a neurotoxin which accumulates in the flesh of the bat over time when people eat the bat they ingest the neurotoxin all at once and that is what causes this new disease which continues to afflict traditional eaters in Guam today fruit bat soup is made by taking a freshly killed bat washing it and then boiling it whole in coconut milk and whatever else you want to put in there people will eat the whole thing down to the bones. 

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