Top 10 Worst Open-World Video Games Of All Time

 Top 10 Worst Open-World Video Games Of All Time 

Ever since Grand Theft Auto 3 proved how much of an interest there was in sandbox experiences every studio since has been trying to capitalize on the boom resulting in over a decade of diverse top-tier titles that continue to push the industry forward with that said in a genre as popular as this where so many different releases have continued to innovate and push boundaries there have been just as many stinkers acting as cautionary tales of how chasing the open-world dollar can go terribly wrong consequently throughout the years gamers have had to induce some of the most boring video games ever made traveling through the same old sterile cities and repeating the same old missions over and over again and  today we will talking about the 10 worst open-world games of all time.  

10-Vin Diesel's wheel man  

Well Vin Diesel has starred in some actually pretty damn good movie tie-in games his 2009 vehicle boy wheel man is not one of them the main problem is that a title just doesn't really know what he wanted to be it mixes bits of need for speed with stuntman and of course a little Grand Theft Auto for good measure but doesn't really know what made all of those games tick except from the iconography and high-speed car chases this lack of identity is present in the gameplay itself is a lot of the missions are confined to a car is place control a blocky Vinny Dee and drive around restricted parts of an open-world but a scant a few do allow you to get out stretch your legs and shoot people spaces off, unfortunately, neither game player style is all that engaging like the movie itself wheelman could never quite escape the shadow of other better releases but it is admittedly probably the best Fast and Furious game not to be called Fast and Furious it's just a shame that it's more too fast too furious rather than fast 5.

9-Risen 3: Titan Lords enhanced edition  

A series which has continued to chug on despite never releasing again that's actually been any good risen 3 Titan Lords enhanced edition who is the cherry on the sheet cake of this notoriously terrible pirate themed franchise while a lot of open-world games on this feel empty risen three is completely bereft of ideas and imagination in every department boasting combat clunkier than the ships you travel on the very act of playing the sandbox title feels like a punishment forced on the player while the fragmented story and repetitive enemies don't entice you to dig deeper into its admittedly grandiose world not only a technical disaster despite its enhanced moniker risen threes RPG elements are some of the most needlessly complex that genre has ever seen just about every character has an ability they can teach you or something to sell with a sequel never communicate which items and upgrades you can actually use what you need to do to gain access to them and that's if you can even remember which character had which thing in the first place it's a right to on.

8-Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3  

Despite having three attempts at creating a good sniper ghost Warrior game developers at CI games have never really made something worth playing 2017 s third title was their most valiant effort yet while the gameplay was more refined than ever taking the series open-world only introduced a myriad of new problems rather than offering anything new for fans of sandbox shooters to dig into golf's warrior was content to just riff on the mechanics other games perfected years ago likewise the shooters entire selling point adopting the role of a sniper and having to adjust for wind distance and movement to line up the perfect shot was far too similar to the superior Sniper Elite Series slow more bullet time and all meaningless sequel pretty much had nothing that allowed it to stand out from the crowd. 

7-Since row 4: Got out of hell 

Although it started out in the shadows of GD air over the years The Sands raw franchise proved that it was more than yet oh the copycats by doubling down on wacky open-world design when the competition was moving towards more mature and self-serious experiences that approach allowed the franchise to solve for a while but by the time sans roar got out of hell came around it became clear that the series is over-the-top zaniness was papering over a severe lack of original gameplay ideas in fact despite literally going to hell the latest sequel felt stellar than ever and instead of ripping off GD air was content to riff on the likes of crackdown even worse the humor that propped up the previous games simile started to get old and got out of hell and despite a few creative flourishes here and there only made the whole affair feel even more punishing since Rob could have gone anywhere after the release of the fourth game but unfortunately, the devs decided on the most lifeless option imaginable.

6-Two worlds  

Drawing inevitable comparisons to oblivion when I released back in 2007 the open-world RPG - world short players how bad Bethesda series could have turned out in the wrong hands while again featured all the tenants you'd expect from a release in this genre boasting a huge world to explore code as you could tell it to your choosing and a wide variety of beasts to fend off against just about every one of these features was botched in somewhere the map itself while ambitious became a chore to explore thanks to some glaring bugs and glitches that made even simple movements of pan combat didn't fare much better either with clunky controls telling every enemy encounter into a scrappy wrestling match rather than a grand fantasy battle likewise the story crumbled the longer the game wore on with the abysmal if noble voice acting accomplished by the developers rather than a professional studio ruining any impact in live otherwise had.


Back in 2009 fuels, open-world was the largest the video game industry had ever seen while that scale was certainly enticing though the empty arcade driving propping it up tongji as chances of fuel becoming a smash hit a predictable rubber-banding system meant that player control drivers often took the lead early on slowing down in the final stage is to allow the player to edge in front of the competition for a quarter uncaught a pick for door line finish while AK could admittedly make the occasional race an exhilarating experience when it happened every single time you jumped into the game it became tiresome likewise the bland open-world itself didn't do much to stop every race from blurring into one hodgepodge of last-minute victories and wonky driving mechanics the brown smear over everything was supposed to evoke a strange surreal post-apocalyptic landscape but it only resulted in skid marked environments to drive around in and not the cool racecar kind.

4-Driver 3  

Although the driver series actually got out ahead of Grand Theft Auto in creating a 3d open-world by the time of game in the series rolled around the latter franchise have completely outmatched it with releases like GTA 3 and vice city driver 3 or Drive 3 or driver however you pronounce it consequently with developer reflections as dreadful response to the increased competition once again putting you in control of Tanna the third game in the franchise attempted to amp rockstars open-world formula but only managed to create broking missions and a shooting system that always seemed to miss the mark endeavouring to create a dynamic open world by having NPCs react realistically to your actions and introducing a rather impressive damage modeling system for vehicles this equals technical shortcomings compared to its technical ambitions resulted in a sandbox that always felt under threat of coming apart at the seams rather than the cohesive and lifelike environment the devs had imagined.

3-Gangs of London

 Wanting to prove just what the PlayStation Portable was capable of Sony released the open-world crime game gangs of London in 2006 but it wasn't exactly the S of its sleeve that publisher thought it was going to be there's something in the premise of letting you choose to pick a gang to join and wage war in London like your in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or something but the gameplay itself was just so uninspired yeah you can shoot people yeah you can run them over yeah you compel them with baseball bats yeah you can play a pretend darts in a virtual pub and fall into an existential crisis over how you don't have anyone to do that within real life yeah only me then obviously all of these faults were made even worse by the limitations of the console itself the god damn machine only had one foam stick yet players were expected to properly explore this 3d open-world and yeah the devs did their best when it came to this aspect admittedly but the tech only exacerbated the already pretty crappy gameplay. 

2-The amazing spider-man 2  

Hands down the amazing spider-man 2 has one of the worst open worlds ever created the drab grey city is barely any more lifelike than a cardboard cutout miniature in the game even seems to recognize this dropping the setting quite often in favor of tightly crafted levels that somehow only makes the game worse though at least in the city you get to swing around and pull up high-flying Spidey moves but there of objectives of the main quests as well as the restrictive levels suck out even that molecule of fun I don't talk about the fact that this sequel somehow looks worse than the original game despite benefiting from a new generation of consoles and you're left with the worst gaming outing the webhead has ever enjoyed and look I bloody love spider-man games I'm even a huge fan of the tie-in to the amazing spider-man 1 but this is just sad it's just sad man.

1-Superman Returns 

Creating a Superman game is no easy task but he is 2006 stab at bringing the coder to life has become a textbook example of how a developer can completely get up without any storyline to follow the game has you flying across the same streets over and over again to fight the same old robots just saw metropolis as health bar doesn't run out it's all busy work and despite the game featuring a level up system and upgrades pretty much everything that the game has to offer can be experienced in the first 20 minutes despite how bad it is though that are good features that are completely squandered the vast array of powers Superman has at his disposal including a rather impressively executed ability that allows players to travel faster than a speeding bullet a completely wasted and repetitive gameplay and own imaginative enemies somehow making the superhero romp even more frustrating the player it's all a shambles and in an ero where this kind of movie caching has virtually been abandoned by the major publishers it seems even worse in hindsight.

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