Top 10 Worst Foods for Health, Weight Loss and Wellness

 Top 10 Worst Foods for Health, Weight Loss and Wellness 

what are the worst  possible foods that we can eat in a day  what are the worst foods for us that are  out there in our diets making us  unhealthy and making us in some cases  obese go ahead and leave a comment  letting me know what you think might be  the absolute worst food out there and  then stay tuned and I'll talk about what  the ten worst foods are I'll talk about  the ten foods that we should be  eliminating from our diet in order to  have healthier bodies. 

10-Processed meats 

So that includes any  kind of processed  sandwich meat hot dogs sausage all of  these that not only are going to have  the negative effects of meat themselves  which are kind of hard on the body but  once you start adding in chemicals and different additives you're really waging a war on your body when you're eating these foods go ahead and opt for lean meats such as chicken or turkey anything that is a natural  meat is always going to be better for you than a red meat or any kind of processed meat. 

9-Ice cream and milkshakes 

Ice cream  and milkshakes  any of these really sweet drinks that  are compounding not only sugar but also  high fat lots of dairy these drinks are  huge amounts of calories and oftentimes  their accompanying a meal that's also  high in calories compound it again if  it's a coffee drink or Frappuccino type  drink where you're throwing caffeine in  there as well you're putting whipped  cream on the top the calories are just  adding up adding up you have no  nutrition coming from these drinks and  they're just going to really really  be hard to lose weight if you're  drinking a lot of these real sugary  milkshakes and things like that an  alternative when you need a sweet drink  you want something a little bit more  would be an all-fruit smoothie or any  kind of shake like that natural fruit  juices are good you want to be careful  because natural fruit juices don't  contain all the good things that fruit  themselves have but that is going to be  much better than having something that's  got a lot  fad as well as sugar. 

8-Microwave dinner 

On my  list is TV dinners or any kind of  microwave dinner which have become  really popular because they're so quick  they're so easy to transport throw  them in the fridge or freezer and get  them out, Newcomb and you instantly have  a meal but right there in that whole  nuking them process it's exactly what  you're doing you're nuking any kind of  nutrients or anything that might have  been in the food before it was packaged  and processed and frozen by putting it  in the microwave and doing it these TV  dinners are prepackaged meals in the  beginning or already stripped of  nutrients and vitamins all the things  that a good whole food is going to offer to  you but by nuking it in the microwave  you're just taking it one step further  and really doing your body a disservice  the other problem is that you're eating  a meal you're you know eating something  to be telling your body to get full but  if you're not giving your body any  nutrition it's not going to be satisfied  you're going to still feel hungry afterward  you're going to splurge on the dessert more  than likely and you're going to be hungry  again later so if you can eliminate TV  dinners from your diet that would be a  huge plus in terms of getting healthier.


Particularly canola oil corn oil  soybean oil safflower sunflower oils  these are often highly processed oils  that lose a lot of their nutrients and  they sometimes may come from genetically  modified plants as well which is another  harmful thing ,good oils to use instead  would be olive oil or coconut oil olive  oil is a great alternative for salad  dressings and sauces things like this  coconut oil is a great oil to cook with  because it maintains its chemical  structure even after heating so some of  these oils once you heat them up will  actually change in structure and form  new chemicals about coconut oil is going  to  take all of its nutritive properties and  be the best oil to cook with even at  high temperatures. 

6- Refined sugar

Now  refined sugar is going to include all of  our sweetening syrups like high fructose  corn syrup and other sweeteners refined  sugar is been implicated in all kinds of  problems of course diabetes and obesity  as well as other problems with the  immune system and other organ systems as  well sugar is also an addictive  substance so just like caffeine or other  addictive drugs it's something that over  time the more you eat it the more your  body is going to crave it or think that  it's needing it and the more you can  kind of get to get yourself in a  feedback loop of trying to answer it  with sugar and that just making you want  more the best alternative to sugar would  be picking up a piece of whole fruit and  eating it now while fruits also contain  a lot of sugar they contain a lot of  vitamin vitamin nutrients enzymes and  fiber as well that are going to help you  break them down and assimilate and use  those sugar molecules for energy rather  than them just getting stored in your  body as fat. 

5-Artificial sweeteners 

Now an even worse offender  than sugar itself are artificial  sweeteners so those are the little pink  and blue packets on the table in your  restaurant any food that is sweet but  claims to be sugar free is going to  contain some kind of sweet tasting  chemical called an artificial sweetener  now these artificial sweeteners are  detrimental for a whole lot of reasons  there's been a lot of research looking  into them and their different effects  nausea and headaches things like that  but they also are going to essentially  trick your body so essentially these are  chemicals other than sugar tricking your  body into thinking that you're ingesting  sugar and for that reason they're going  to cause you to have an insulin response  where your body is detecting that you've  eaten something sweet it's preparing for  your blood sugar to rise so it releases  insulin and preparation for that causing  your blood sugar to drop  and because there's actually no sugar in  that food that you've just eaten you've  decreased your blood sugar by releasing  insulin and it's actually going to make  you hungrier so in a lot of instances  different studies and this where they've  looked at artificial sweeteners they  find that people consuming artificial  sweeteners instead of normal sugar  actually end up eating more and  overeating more so causing weight gain  instead of weight loss.
4-Trans- fats 

Trans fats have  been getting a lot of attention in the  last several years because they've been  found to have a lot of negative health  effects and so the food industry's  answer to trans fats and a lot of cases  have been actually you know changed the  serving size and do other things that  they actually can can list the food as  not containing trans fats and the way to  check for that would be looking on the  label for anything that says partially  hydrogenated oil anything that says  partial hydrogenation indicates a trans-fat now trans-fat is really really hard  for the body to deal with hard to  assimilate it's going to of course cause  you to gain a lot of weight but whereas  some fats contain nutrients and are  useful to our bodies trans-fat is  essentially going to act like a poison  and really make it hard to lose weight  if you're having a lot of trans fats in  your diet.

3-Canned food 

Along the same lines with my  discussion on trans fats I'm going to  add to this list  anything that is canned or packaged in a  box  especially canned soups which contain a  lot of sodium and other artificial  flavors  now of course eating canned vegetables  is going to be at better than eating no  vegetables at all but it's important to  note that almost anything that you can  get in the canner box is available in a  fresh alternative you're going to be  able to get it in the produce section  your Mable to get fresh meats instead of  packaged or canned meats and these are  always going to be  sniffing team or healthful for you than  something that's been canned something  that has a shelf life of several years  or that may have no shelf life at all  it's going to indicate that it's not of  living food it's not a raw fresh food  and therefore it's not going to contain  as much nutrition. 

2-Fried foods 

Getting towards the  end of our list I'm now going to address  fried foods  now fried foods are bad for us for a  whole lot of different reasons mainly  that heating anything to a really really  high temperature is going to create some  some toxic chemicals it's also going to  kill any of the vitamins or nutrients  that may have existed in the food prior  to being heated barbecuing is another  process that's going to really take a lot  of nutrients out and add some chemicals  in anything that's going to really high  temperatures so boiling and steaming are  going to be good alternatives to fried  foods or baked foods so fried things  French fries a lot of baked goods are  actually fried things like that if you  can eliminate these foods you will see a  lot of improvement and your health and a  lot of times these foods feel hard to  avoid but if you can just for instance  you know maybe you're not going to  completely cut out fast food completely  altogether and a real cold turkey but if  you can go ahead and eliminate French  fries that would be a great step towards  towards improving your health. 


Sodas are the number one most purchased  item in grocery stores in America  they're estimated to be responsible for  70% of our excess calories in our diets  they are loaded with sugar or in some  cases artificial sweeteners which I  already addressed as being bad so don't  feel like by substituting your soda with  diet soda you're you're making a  healthier choice it's actually going to  be better to just go with the normal  soda than to go with a diet soda for a  lot of different reasons but if you can  eliminate  is completely that would be best one  good way to start weaning yourself off  soda is to alternate you know if you're  somebody that drinks a soda at every  meal  start alternating a soda one meal water  at another soda one water another kind  of this idea of maybe just going equal  amounts of water in soda and over time  it'll be easier to wean yourself off of  sodas now if you're somebody that drinks  a whole lot of sodas every day this is  kind of a huge a huge undertaking but  you will see weight loss coming pretty  quickly there's several people that  report that once they cut out sodas with  that being the only dietary change that  they make they immediately see that  they're losing weight and feeling more  helpful and all of this now part of that  I would contribute to the fact that  they're probably drinking more water but  also this is just a huge contributor to  excess calories and sugar that we don't  need and that it's really detrimental to  our health so sodas should go.

Did you know all of this stuff going in leave us a comment let us know what you're thinking and if you like this list?