Top 10 Most Insane Roads In The World

Top 10 Most Insane Roads In The World

when someone says Road the first thing that probably comes to mind is the local paved road you use every day which isn't very interesting depending on where you live but there are some roads that barely fit the definition because of the extremely harsh and treacherous places that they go through from narrow roads hanging off thousands of feet of sheer cliff walls to bridges so high once you see them you'll be looking for something to hold onto check out these most insane roads in the world.

10-Siberian road,Yakutsk, Russian 

This highway Yakutsk  has also called by many the Russian highway from hell this road is part of the Russian Federal Highway that stretches from Moscow Russia and then all the way to the eastern part of the country to the city of Yakutsk the final leg before getting to Yakutsk  is called lena highway and it's over 600 miles long through the majority the highway from hell stretches next to the lena river and even though it's called a highway it's actually an unpaved dirt road the highway was built by the Soviets during the 50s and like most of their infrastructural projects they were in a hurry and the important thing was that it gets done without too much worry about the actual practicality Yakutsk is the capital of Siberia and is the coldest place on earth during the winter as temperatures in January go below minus 40 degrees on average what's surprising is that this is great for the highway as the road hardens completely and drivers can drive around 40 miles per hour on it the real problem is during summer when the temperature and humidity rise and the road becomes wet cars and trucks get stuck in deep mud creating traffic jams with hundreds of vehicles and people spend days on the highway stuck deep in the mud with temperatures going over 91 degrees Fahrenheit seeing tipped-over vehicles is a common sight and the worst thing is that there aren't any alternative roads Yakutsk through Siberian.

9-Zoji la pass, Kashmir

Zoji la is a roughly 5.5 mile long road in India that goes through the Western Himalayas and the road sits at an elevation of 11,574 feet Zoji la is a dirt road for the most part and has to narrow tracks that run the edge of the cliffs swirling through the most extreme mountain regions in the world what's even worse is that the road has no guardrails no traffic signs and there is a constant issue of recurring landslides as if this wasn't enough the weather conditions are also very difficult with heavy snowfall during the winter and during the spring the glaciers on the mountains melt creating a slick and muddy road and there are many landslides in 2009 350 people were stuck on the pass for several days due to heavy snowfall anyone who dares drive this treacherous road better come with incredible confidence in driving skill and a good four-wheel-drive vehicle.

8-James Dalton Highway, Alaska

Alaska is home to some of the most extreme roads in the world but one, in particular, stands out from the rest the James Dalton Highway this is one of the most isolated and loneliest highways in the world used mostly by truckers the highway stretches from Fairbanks Alaska all the way to the Arctic Ocean it was officially finished in 1974 and the main purpose of the road was to support the trans-Alaska oil pipeline and provide a supply route it was named after the engineer James Dalton who supervised the construction of the roam the highway is exactly 413 miles with only three small towns along the route around 80% of the road is completely unpaved and some parts are so primitive that no smaller vehicles can get through easily being one of the northernmost highways in the world the temperatures can get really low and everyone who decides to go on this route needs to carry proper supplies and medical equipment.

7-Los caracoles Pass, Chile

Argentina and Chile have a mutual border that is over four thousand nine hundred seventy feet long there are many border crossings most of them located in the Andes and one of the most spectacular ones is the los caracoles pass also called paso de las Libertadores this is another pass that reaches an elevation of over 10,500 feet and it is an important road that connects the Mendoza region in Argentina with Santiago the capital of Chile the pass is one of the most winding roads in the whole world and when seen from the air it looks like a long stretching coil those conical ace is located on the Chilean sign and the name means the snails as it has over 20 crazy turns that swirl into each other while being located on an extremely narrow location where vehicles have often tipped over.

6-Seven mile bridge, US

The seven-mile bridge is located in the Florida Keys and this is one of the most iconic bridges in the US as the name suggests the bridge is over seven miles long and it connects the little duck key and nightsky the bridge has two tracks and it stretches out through an open sea while at the same time being one of the longest bridges in the whole world it was built from 1978 to 1982 and the bridge was featured in several movies the bridge itself is not dangerous but being on the sea in Florida makes it a forefront for hurricanes and nobody wants to be on a bridge when a hurricane hits, in fact, the bridge was readjusted to make it sturdier so that it doesn't fall off due to all the storms.

5-Siddhu River Bridge, China

This bridge is located in China in the Hubei Province and was officially opened for traffic in November 2009 when this happened it also claimed the title of the highest bridge in the world the City River Bridge stretches across the city river valley almost 500 meters high at its tallest point if someone fell from this bridge he or she would reach terminal velocity meaning their fall speed would eventually stop increasing from for such a long time it is the only bridge in the world where such a phenomenon is possible the bridge is part of the G50 huyu highway and it connects Chongqing and shanghai because of its height the bridge is often surrounded by mist during colder weather and moving clouds often surround the bridge and reduce visibility drastically making it a very dangerous road.

4-Millau Viaduct, France

If you're curious what bridge holds the title for the highest in the world it's the Millau Viaduct which stretches over the torn River in southern France through the Massif Central mountains the purpose of building this road was to help reduce holiday traffic between Spain and France the bridge is over 1.5 miles long and is 1125 feet high from its base to the top making it the tallest bridge in the world and even taller than the Eiffel Tower the construction of the bridge cost over 450 million dollars and is definitely a scary one.

3-Royal Gorge Bridge, USA

The Royal Gorge Bridge is a tourist attraction in Canon City Colorado and was opened in 1929 for a long time it was the highest bridge but in 2003 it lost that title the height of the bridge is 1,050 feet and even though there are now others that are taller it is still an amazing sight and one of the craziest bridges in the world it stretches above the Arkansas River and many people use it for bungy jumping and other various extreme sports the sight from the bridge is truly amazing and scary it consists out of more than 1,200 wooden planks throughout its length it has a very thin deck compared to newer bridges and doesn't have a stiffening truss and this is why all of the jiggles and shakes from the wind and passing vehicles is highly noticeable standing on this bridge can be really scary as it sometimes seems like it will collapse the city river bridge might be the highest in the world at the moment but the Royal Gorge Bridge had that record for the longest period 75 years and it is still the tallest in the US.

2-52 tunnels, Italy

The Strada Delle 52 gallery which is also known as the road of 52 tunnels was an engineering marvel especially for its time and was built for the Kingdom of Italy this road winds between Bolshevik MP glia and the Porta del Pozo vo and crosses the southern slope of the mountain with its deep canyons and sheer rock faces it was strategically built outside of the range of the astral Hungarian artillery and its implementation was of great strategic importance because it allowed communication and transfer of supplies by mule from the base to the summit area of Mount Vesuvius it was called a masterpiece of military engineering and boldness considering the conditions and the era it was built-in in fact the speed at which it was built is remarkable work began on February 61,917 and it was completed that same year in November it had to include a year-round access be located outside the range of enemy artillery and had to be accessible by mule these were all problems faced by a similar Road named Scooby which could only be accessed by motor vehicle those responsible for its construction were the thirty-third miners company of the Italian army along with 600 laborers, nine months is an impressive construction speed considering that it's 21,506 feet along with 7,480 feet divided into 52 tunnels which were excavated from solid rock each tunnel is unique and has a name and number tunnel 20 is carved out of a Tower of rock and to overcome the difference in height the small road twists around itself like a corkscrew and on leaving the forty-seventh tunnel which is the highest part of the road there's a breathtaking panoramic view where you can see the winding road that makes its way up the side of the mountain it might seem like a great place to travel to and check out but it's also listed as one of the most dangerous roads in the world and even mountain biking is prohibited here due to the number of fatal accidents hiking is allowed though and making your way through the old dark and creepy tunnels is a surreal experience.

1-Passage du gois, France

The Passage du gois is a part of the D 948 road that runs through France on its Atlanta coast the road connects the mainland of France with a local island and it literally stretches on the coast the causeway is 2.5 miles and it isn't always passable and the reason for this is its placement on the coast when the tide is high the road is completely flooded with water and no vehicles can pass through this is why it's not uncommon to see cars go through the area with boats on top so that passengers can instantly get out to safety in case they get flooded the causeway can be passed for only an hour and a half before and after the lowest time, it has been used this way since the 16th century and now it's mostly tourists heading for the island who go through the Passage du gois.

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