Top 10 EXTREME Sports You Didn't Know Existed

Top 10 EXTREME Sports You Didn't Know Existed 

what do you do when the traditional  games of  basketball and football just  don't quite do it for  you-you join an  extreme sport  if adrenaline is your  thing then you're  going to love learning about  these  thrilling sports make sure to stick around and throw the end to find out which extreme sport, here's ten extreme sports you didn't know existed.

10-limbo skating  

we're all  familiar with the game 1limbo you  basically lean back to go under a pool  and the  pole gets lower and lower each  round but that's  not very extreme at all  well what if you add in a  pair of  rollerskates and high speeds to the game  if  you even think about lifting your  head up while  limbo skating you'll get a  pole to the face not  only can you skate  forwards but backwards too this  sport is  a big hit with the kids in India in fact  a  Guinness world record holder for limbo  skating was  only eight years old when he  broke his own record  Teela Kishan broke  the record for farthest  distance while  limbo skating under bars with an  astonishing distance of 475 feet and 7  inches the  bars were set at only 30  centimeters high another  kid was just 6  years old when he got worldwide  recognition for limbo skating bogum  Satish amazed  the world when he skated  under 39 cars back in  2014 one can even  argue that Goggins approach was  even  more extreme than skating under regular bars limbo bars can always move if you're too high but cars aren't nearly as forgiving. 

9- Skydiving

Skydiving is one  of the most popular extreme  sports out  there  nothing gets that adrenaline pumping  like jumping out of a plane and praying  to  the deities above that your parachute  opens and  yet someone found a way to  one-up skydiving but  first let's switch  over to talking about kayaking  kayaking  India's calm or its extreme as you want  depending on the body of water you take  on but  what do you do when you combine  kayaking and  skydiving sky aking how  does that even work well  you basically  skydive in a kayak and hope  lands  safely on the water below we can  credit the  inventor as miles Dasher who  created it because he  wanted a sport  that was more extreme  if jumping out  of a kayak seems harmless  think about the  aerodynamics of it it's  one thing to go into a  spin with just  your body but if you factor in the  wind  speed and physics of a person in a kayak  it  makes the idea all the more dangerous  and in case  you're wondering yes miles  had to work hard to get  permission from  pilots to jump out of a plane in a  kayak  according to him one of the perks of sky  aking is that you don't get your bottom  wet when  you land in the water. 

8-Roller Derby 

yes this is another roller skating  sport but it's  still pretty extreme if  you're older you might remember watching  roller derby on TV and wondering  if it  was real you might have even seen a  movie  with it starring Ellen Page and  thought that  roller derby was just a  work of fiction but roller derby is a  very real sport and it's likely that  there's a leap in your very own  neighborhood this  sport started in the  early 1920s and has gone  through quite  the change over the decade this game  consists of two teams of five members  rollerskating on a track four members on  each team  are blockers and one member  per team is a jammer  the jammer scores  points by passing members of the  opposite team there's a lot of blocking  and  hitting involved to not only keep  the jammer from  passing but to also keep  the blockers away from  your team's  jammer high speeds and hits that are  all  done on wheels  seems legit even though the  skaters wear  helmets and padding the sport is  known  for causing numerous injuries skaters have also been known to have their joints deteriorate quicker because of the high intensity of this sport. 


How much do you love  cheese do you love it enough  to go  cheese rolling from the name alone  cheese  rolling sounds like a relaxing  activity in which  you make delicious  cheeses in reality cheese rolling is  actually one of England's most bizarre  sports historians believe that this  sport  originated around the 15th century  and it has been  flourishing ever since  each year thousands of  people gather on  Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire  England  to watch hundreds of people chase a  9-pound  cheese wheel down a steep  hence where the sport  gets its name  going down a steep hill at any speed  is  guaranteed to result in some tumbling  and  somersaulting but typically these  people are  throwing themselves down the  hill to pass the  finish line first if  you win you get to take the  cheese wheel  home with you  YUM originally it was  the person who  caught the cheese that won the game  but  that was too dangerous  the roll of cheese was  actually even  replaced by a foam replica in the  2013  race for safety reasons. 


One could  argue that riding a unicycle is extreme  enough as it is since you have to find  your balance and pray that you don't  fall down however  after you've mastered  the art of unicycling what's  next well  why not take your unicycle to the  mountains known as Muni you pretty much  ride a unicycle down rugged terrain  considering that you  have to use your  entire body when using a regular  unicycle you have to be in even better  physical  shape to be able to be you need  otherwise you  could find yourself  seriously injured if you've  ever hiked  or even rode your bike on its trails and  you know that the terrain of a mountain  can be  unpredictable Muni requires the  rider to assess the surroundings first  before they hop on their  unicycle if  they don't then their tent might  accidentally make contact with or Rock. 

5-Crocodile bungee  

In 2011, 22-year-old Erin Langworthy was truly the  luckiest  woman in the world  she'd been traveling in  Zambia when she  decided to go bungee jumping but a  jumpers worst nightmare happened for  cord snap she  fell directly into the  waters below waters that  were infected  with crocodiles with her feet still  tied  together  Erin swam as fast as she could and  tell  them to rock until help arrived she had  a lot  of injuries but miraculously  survived there were  some special people  in Australia who heard that  story and  got inspired to create an extreme sport  known as crocodile bungee and yes it's a  play on  words of Crocodile Dundee this  extreme sport still  seems to have  underground status but there are  enough  rumors to make one thing that there's a  Secrets  for it crocodile bungee is exactly what  it  sounds like you bungee jump over  water that is  filled with crocodiles or  other treacherous  creatures variations  of it have even included  sharks if your  kind of adrenaline rush and also  recreating scenes from Jaws and more  power to you. 


If you've ever been to the  circus you've probably  seen tightrope  walkers work their magic on the high  wire you might have even felt some  anxiety  when the safety net was removed  and you watch them  go across the rope on  a unicycle but the extreme  sport of  highlining is much more intense than  being  just several dozen feet off the  ground  highlighting involves walking  across and narrow rope that's thousands  of feet above the ground in  2012 an  American rock climber named Dean Potter  made headlines when he Highline across  the enca  grand canyon in China what made  his attempt even  more dangerous was that  he wasn't wearing a safety  harness that  meant that if he fell off the wire he  would have been done for many highliners  will wear  a harness or have a safety net  in place because  who wants their life to  end but the most intense  adrenaline  addicts like the added a zillion of  taking an extra risk videos of  highliners are all  over the internet and it almost looks like they're all trying to outdo each other in some crazy way. 

3-Glacier boarding  

Any sport involving ice  already has some danger to  it even ice  skating hanging out around a glacier is  not a great idea with the possibility of  falling  ice floods and freezing  temperatures glaciers can be quite  dangerous glacier boarding is an extreme  version of body boarding but instead of  doing it  on a nice warm beach your body  boarding through  the rivers of glaciers  the act of getting to the  glacier itself  is pretty risky boarders have to  hike  across a glacier to find streams of  glacial runoff once the ice begins to  quickly melt it  creates a flash flood  and borders are set down the glacier  through freezing water glacier boarding  is  still in new sport but since it's  caught the attention of so many athletes  and nature lovers  there seems to be some  progress in regards to creating rules to  make the sport a bit safer given  how  dangerous this extreme sport is making  it safer  might actually turn away the  hardcore adrenaline  junkies  if you're inspired and want to try it  out  veteran glacier borders recommend  wearing wet  seats and flippers to  decrease your chances of getting  hypothermia. 

2-Ocean zorbing  

If you haven't  caught on to the trend yet Zor  being is  when you're inside a massive bubble and  can do things like walk on water or  bounce off of  fellows or burrs water  zorbing has gotten incredibly popular  among Millennials because it  allows you  to do some crazy shenanigans in the  swimming pool but there were some  special athletes  who saw this concept  and decided to take it a step  further  instead of a swimming pool or a small  body  of water people started taking  there's orbs to the  ocean remember that  scene at the end of Finding  Nemo when  the aquarium fish were floating above  the  ocean still in their bags well it's  kind of the  same thing believe it or not  long-distance runners  have gotten into  oceans orbit too because they  want to  try to run across the ocean not only is  this sport extreme but it's also  incredibly  dangerous the US Coast Guard  have had to rescue numerous oceans or  burrs who try to get as far out  to sea  as possible considering that crossing an  ocean by ship can be risky it's even  more intense  when you're in a zorb. 


Have you ever looked up to the sky and  wish that  you could walk among the  clouds well that dream doesn't have to  stay up in the clouds  since the  1920s people from all over the  world have participated in an extreme  sport known as wing-  walking it's exactly  what it sounds like you walk on the  wings of a plane not only that but you  sometimes perform the tricks as well  this sport  came about after World War  one when the air pilots  who fought in  the war found themselves unemployed they  started doing wing-walking shows to make  some  money the trend caught on quickly  and it remains a  popular sport today the  athletes are strapped to  the plane  because the wind could blow them away if  not but if something goes wrong with a  plane you  virtually have no protection  to save your skin  while that may be  disconcerting wing-walking is  one of the  biggest adrenaline rushes you'll ever  experience plus it's quite the crowd-pleaser if you ever find out that you're good at you can have yourself a very profitable career. 

That's all for extreme sports  you didn't know  existed would you ever  try out one of these  extreme sports tell  us all about it in the  comments below  thanks for playing with us and  we'll see  you next time.