Top 10 Disney Villains You Can't Help But Love

 Top 10 Disney Villains You Can't Help But Love

Top 10 Disney Villains We Secretly Love and Adore When it comes to Disney, the good guys always win in the end which is great, right? I mean, the whole point of fairytales is to show that the power of Good can prevail and I'm all about that. But it makes you think about the bad guys though not only are they villainized well, mostly because that's kind of their point, but they also end up losing the game every single time And the thing is, in some cases, the bad guys aren't all that bad Okay, maybe they are. In fact, they're usually downright evil. But who are we trying to fool? Sometimes, you can relate to the bad guys. Even if they are Disney villains who encapsulate pure evil. Because they're genuine. They're interesting. They're fun. Which Disney villains are the BEST, though? We're piling them up, putting our morality on mute and asking ourselves that very question. These are the 10 Disney Villains We Secretly Love and Adore.

10-Yzma, The Emperor's New Groove

She's a sassy villainess. She looks sassy and she definitely knows her fashion statements. Beyond all that, Yzma is excellently created. The way her face expressions reveal her thoughts is more than impressive. Paired with Cuzco, Yrma really shines through and together, they create the biggest conglomeration of drama queen-ness in the history of Disney and really, all animations. She isn't as evil as other villains, at least in our opinion, but she's unique and refreshing. Then again, she did turn Cuzco into a freaking llama, which is screwed up. But points for originality.

9-Captain Hook, Peter Pan

Nobody likes a grump, but Captain Hook is kind of the exception to the rule. He's a pirate, which makes him pretty bad in the first place. But even with all his evilness towards the children in the movie, Captain Hook is still pretty light. We love Captain Hook for his flamboyance, for his goofiness and for his sense of fashion let's face it, he can dress!. Hook may not be very smart hell, children fool him. But he's entertaining in his own way, and really, the only thing he wants to do is foil Peter Pan, who just kind of strikes me as creepy. Bias, sure. But I gotta side with Hook.

8-Doctor Facilier, Princess and the Frog

Now, here's a villain with magical charisma! Although frequently forgotten, Dr. Facilier is pretty powerful. His charm and his skills attract people into false promises of making their greatest dreams come true but he ends up delivering something different every time. Moreover, he has all this power from some guys on the other side which makes him one of the darkest and probably most severely unappreciated Disney villains ever. And yeah, the Friends on the Other Side song is amazing, which makes the character even better. And on top of that, Keith Davidson's voice really brings the villain to life. Dr. Facilier is far from a doctor he's a charlatan, an evil player, and potentially a bridge between some out-of-world-demons and mankind. But you can't resist him he's just too entertaining.

7-Jafar, Aladdin

The only reason Jafar isn't higher up our list is because he might not be that bad And hear me out. There are plenty of crazy theories supporting him, in fact, and some actually make a bit of sense!. Even if Jafar is evil and he wants all the power to himself although he's doing pretty well on his own too, without the help of a super-powerful Genie, bewitching the sultan and ruling the entire city through him. Jafar is also smart, and he has goals, and his ambition is almost inspirational almost please don't go about stealing magic lamps!. The city under Jafar's domination does pretty good economically we can see it's a thriving city with low criminality. And although Jafar has plenty of power even without the Genie on his side, he isn't above dressing in rags to achieve what he wants. We love Jafar because he's very well-contoured, and because, well, his dreams are pretty much the goals of every other guy: to get the girl, money, power, successful There's some relatability. Will he go to any extent to make that happen? Sure. That's why he's a villain. But he's kind of relatable in a weird way too.

6-Scar,The lion king  

He's an easy one to love if not for anything else, then for the fact that he's a big cat and we all know the internet belongs to cats On the surface, Scar is a really villainous villain he kills his own brother, tries to kill his nephew and takes over the royal throne. He's essentially a Game of Thrones character. Deep inside, well, he's even more rotten than his surface. So why love him? He's a classy villain. Jeremy Irons really infused him with plenty of meat especially for a cartoon character, and you can see it on the screen. You can see it in Scar's voice inflexions, in the way he takes over the Kingdom after murdering his actual big brother, in the way he mesmerizes the audience with one of the catchiest Disney songs ever. Really, in everything he does. We love Scar!.

5-Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty

Let's face it: Maleficent is quite relatable. OK, not in the sense that you'd curse a baby because you weren't invited to a party, but in the sense that you feel her pettiness. You know her rage. You get her. Maleficent is not a nice person in any way hell, even her name suggests it! But she's absolutely magnetic. You can't get your eyes off her not when she curses a baby and comes back 16 years later to make sure her words are fulfilled, not when she doesn't want Sleeping Beauty to be awoken by true love, not when she turns into a freaking dragon Plus, technically, Maleficent's got her own movie, so once you see that you'll feel even more attracted to her.

4-Ursula, The Little Mermaid

She's a real villain in every sense there is WHO steals someone's voice?. But she's fabulous. She has the makeup skills of an artist, the mad witchcraft ability of a Satanist and the self- confidence of a pageant queen, despite having the looks of a schoolbus fire. With such a killer voice, she really makes evil look fun because frankly, she revels in it. Ursula is bad to the bone or, you know, to whatever holds octopuses together. But she's so good at being bad that you can't but love her.

3-Gaston, Beauty and the Beast

On the one hand, he's a player. He's also smug, arrogant and he seems to be unable to look past his own looks. Many would say he's misogynistic but then again, the setting of the film is like 1740 So, is he really by that time's standard? And he's dangerous, violent and hot-headed. And yet, even with all of this, Gaston is recurrently ranked as one of the most liked Disney villains ever. Why? Well, he seems to have some sort of magnetism that rallies people around him. He's the attractive guy who would normally get the girl in pretty much every other movie but spoiler alert, not here. And I think, if we're being honest, it's that he's really not any worse than the movie's good guy. The Beast kidnaps a woman and forces her to go to creepy dinner parties with her. This is the Disney equivalent of chaining your Tinder date to a radiator. And self-centered or not, you gotta give Gaston credit for leading the charge to fight a literal beast.

2-Oogie Boogie, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Okay, we're kind of out of season with Oogie Boogie here, as he's the absolute and yet sadly uncrowned villain KING of Halloween and Christmas animations. Oogie Boogie is a pretty peculiar guy. To begin with, he's made out of a burlap sack and animated by a thousand and one bugs. That's enough to give anyone nightmares which is actually where this fun boogieman comes from. Everything about him is just insane in the most way. The dice, the roulette wheel, the toys and weird stuff in his lair. But the strangest thing about Oogie Boogie is that he doesn't pop up on screen for more than 10 minutes total in the entire movie. But he sticks with you for every minute of your life once you see him. A truly haunting Tim Burton creation worthy of a medal. And the thing that does it, is his amazing singing voice. Voiced by Ken Page, Oogie Boogie delivers the best song in Nightmare Before Christmas and arguably one of the best in the Disney universe. He may be the thing of nightmares, but they're the most fun nightmares you can have.

1-Hades, Hercules

This dude is the literal King of Hell so, yeah, he's pretty bad. The thing is though, this guy has BIG ambitions. He's a god and he wants to overthrow his big brother Zeus, who else? and rule over Olympus and, well, the world. He's ready to do anything it takes but on the way to that, he knows better than to lose his sense of humor. And with the voice of James Woods, we get nothing but quick-witted, sarcastic hilarity. Although he rules over the dead, he's got energy like nobody else. He's downright manic in everything: the way he talks, the way he moves Even his hair is manic. No commercial to hair dye intended here, but Hades is most likely the inventor of the colored hair trend. When he's chill, his hair is cool blue. But when he turns up, the hair changes into different shades of yellow, orange, and red. He's like that meter that gauges threats of terrorism. How can you not love him? An energy-bomb, a comedian, and a hair guru at the same time. I bet an Olympus ruled by him would never get boring. And that's why he get's our pick for number one.

But what do you think? Who's the Disney Villain that you can't help but love and adore? Let us know in the comment section below.