Top 10 Best Selling Video Games Of All Time

  Top 10 Best Selling Video Games Of All Time

The modern video game industry flattens  the likes of film and music in terms of  annual revenue and it's been like that  for years dismissing video games as some  kind of nerdy fad makes you look like an  idiot now as I fight dragons say the  geeks will inherit the earth with  triple-a titles now being as hyped as a  Star Wars sequel or new Beyonce album  there have been many that have captured  the hearts minds and hours of time of  the populace so much so some have  garnered a license to essentially print  money so what about this hand pick 10 of  the best-selling games of all time are  they actually good well have they  reached this spot because they were  bundle with a console and reach this  height simply by proxy I'm looking at  you eSports i kid i absolutely love wii  sports so we've looked at the top 25  best-selling games of all time and pick  the 10 best games from those so here we  go . 

10-Call of duty modern  warfare 2  

22.7 million sales the 25th  best-selling intervention ump-45 model  1887 akimbo Barrett 50 Cal predator  missle pave low tactical nuke I'm just  listing the many things that made me  want to throw my 360 out the window back  in the day I sucked up on warfare 2 but  I still played it every night it's just  that  good the sequels the utterly perfect  call of duty 4 modern warfare 2 had  everything a hard-hitting campaign  including the infamous no Russian  mission the horrendously addictive  multiplayer and the perfection seeking  special ops modern warfare 2 had hours  upon hours of entertaining to give even if the majority of it was spent dying due to the spas-12 sniper rifle.


144 million sales the 2nd best-selling since 2009 minecraft has  become a force to be reckoned with many  imitations have tried but nothing has  ever managed to replicate its success  not only being so successful it may as  well need its own mint since it's making  so much money so quickly it's also, a  cultural phenomenon releasing on pretty  much every platform you could think of  minecraft simple sandbox design means  that it's reached corners of a potential  audience that no other title has been  able to touch from just recreational  play to use in schools minecraft is more  than just another game all horribly  tasteless jokes aside minecraft has  helped children with autism the world  over helping them make new friends and interact with one another all in all minecraft is one hell of a  title it changed the world it helped the world. 

8-Grand Theft Auto

25 million sales the 18th best-selling  while GTA 4 was a pretty big deal upon  release that lost our goggles are  falling apart  after the release of its successor and  Nico's adventures in Liberty City are  starting to wither with age now that  doesn't at all mean it was a bad title  it's still the same critically acclaimed  beast today as it was back in 2008  taking a more serious tone in comparison  to the previous and future games, it's  stuck with some and missed with others  however, compared to other open world  titles at the time GTA 4 was definitely  on top cinematic vast shooty and  explodey  the guinea-pig GTA of the seventh generation deserves every accolade it received. 

7-Player unknowns  battlegrounds 

24 million sales the 21st  best-selling aa pub G the game that  ripped off fortnight  no the game that ripped off paladin's  battlegrounds named it all the game that  ripped off red depredation 2  suppose a battle royale mode so well  they did it before red they're too even  released yeah that's the one player  loans money printer has spearheaded a  new genre of games one that as we've  seen is being copied and shoehorn into  every existing multiplayer property  imaginable the endless replayability of  pub G has massively accounted for its  success the original steam release  boasts over two million players online  at any one time and pub she has a huge  player base over on the Xbox one version  even with the poor optimization of the  pre-release PC version I should mention  it runs pretty darn well now the Xbox  version still has quite a few kinks to  iron out but you can't slap a minimum  frame rate on pure adrenaline-fuelled fun now can you yes you probably can as sound off they know. 

6-Grand theft  auto san andreas 
27.5million sales the 16th best-selling  looking back san andreas was a feat of  video game design cramming that much  content onto a single PlayStation 2 our  Xbox disk was incredible  not everything was completely beloved  though with the need to eat and work out  being a little polarizing but the praise  for the title scope and sheer amount of  things to do was almost unanimous with  his premise firmly rooted in early 90s  happenings of Los Angeles roping in tons  of classic movie references and an  all-star voice cast this is the point in  time when GTA went from smash hit video  game to full-fledged pop-culture  phenomenon san andreas still stands tall  in the series even against the later  more impressive titles in the series  simply put it's another testament to  rockstars demented genius. 

5-Mario  Kart Wii  

37 million sales the 6th  best-selling could you imagine playing  Mario Kart with a physical wheel you can  actually, turn well that's what I was  thinking about when I was playing Mario  Kart Double Dash back in the day lo and  behold in 2008 that's exactly what  Nintendo did Mario Kart Wii is not only  the sixth best-selling game of all time  it's also the best-selling entry in the  entire Mario Kart series furiously  addictive great both when playing alone  and with friends and especially when  you're blind drunk at a house party  Mario Kart stands alone atop the kart  racing genre unless you ask Scott in  which he'll go on about Crash Team  Racing  again hosting some great original tracks  and picking some damn good ones for the  four retro cups Sallah  online gameplay with wiiconnect24 may it rest in peace you could sink hours upon  hours into Mario Kart Wii and trust me  we did. 


170 million sales for the 1st best-selling  way before the tetris formula was  changed up no end throwing power-ups  Puyo Puyo and bloody microtransactions  into the mix the most popular Tetris  title was quite modest in comparison the  version bundled with the original  Gameboy is the best-selling version of  the best-selling game franchise ever  Alexey Pajitnov addictive block dropping  line making smash is still going strong  today simply because the gameplay and  replayability is simply timeless I still  find myself sinking time into tetris D s  my personal favorite in the series but  the original 1989 release of Tetris for  the Game Boy is still regarded as the  best it doesn't matter what platform  you're on there will always be a Tetris  waiting for you it's like your dog  waiting by your front door when you come  home from work tetris is a damn good boy.
3-Pokemon red blue and green  

31.3 million sales the 8th  best-selling the trio of games that made  the Pokemon brand a commercial force of  nature almost overnight these first  iterations proved the formula to be  instantly accessible and successful and  subsequently created one of the biggest  gaming franchises ever known collecting  and battling hundreds of monsters was  way ahead of its time even more so at  the Game Boy link cable being able to  trade and battle with other players  while the graphics and audio weren't  hugely groundbreaking they have gone  down in videogame infamy irrelevance of  that pokemon red blue and green were the  epitome of substance over style putting  aside the flashy graphics for solid hour  draining gameplay highly addictive and  highly successful pokemons continued  through seven generations of games and  countless spin-offs and shows absolutely  no sign of stopping.
2-Grand theft auto 5  

90 million sales the 3rd best salad  goodness me it's Grand Theft Auto again  returning to the sillier approach to GTA  5 is the most polished and innovative  entry in the series as well as being one  of the most complete sandbox games ever  made as if a cinematic action paced  story wasn't enough Rockstar really  pushed the boat out with a character  switching mechanic which is most likely  changed the series forever in addition  to the expansive single  GTA online is one of the most consistent  money printers we have ever seen and  with a huge player base logging in every  day online has kept GTA 5 going since  its launch in 2013 even if it meant  Rockstar haven't done much else since  actually we can ignore that new game  hiatus now that Red Dead 2 is on the way.
1-Super mario brothers  

40.2million sales the 5th  best-selling often cited as the greatest  video game ever made Super Mario  Brothers for the NES is the most iconic  video game of all time one that kicked  off the biggest selling character  franchise ever not only did it save the  industry from the video game crash of  1983 Thank You et it was the highest  selling game for a single platform until  we sports rocked up in 2006 anyone who  is anyone has played Super Mario  Brothers in some form be it on the NES  or not and everyone knows what it's  about  Mario saves Princess Peach from Bowser  simple but brilliant this plotline has  pretty much never changed since the  early days, it may not be the best  selling of all time but it is simply one  of the best Mario shigeru Nintendo we take our caps off to you.

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