Top 10 Richest Football Players In The World

Top 10 Richest Football Players In The World 

Hello everybody, how excited  are you to dive deep into the financials  of some of the richest football players  in the world well that's what we're  covering in this list football players  are paid exorbitant amounts of money  because without them the industry  wouldn't be as big we've heard it many  times people questioning why someone  like Cristiano Ronaldo is getting paid  100 million dollars for a new contract  when teachers and doctors get paid so  little it all boils down to basic  economics how many teachers are there in  the world what is the economic impact of  one teacher someone like Cristiano  Ronaldo is generating billions of  dollars for the industry and deserves to  be paid a fraction of that keep this in  mind as we go through the numbers  although they get paid big salaries by  their football clubs one of the most  important revenue strings comes from  sponsorship deals and winning  tournaments like UEFA Champions League  and the World Cup or the national league, football players are  no longer just athletes  they've become brands and they know it  here are the top 10 richest football  players in the world.

10-Zina Dean Zidane 

Net worth 70  to 100 million dollars we're starting  strong with a former football player  who's now a successful coach zina Dean  Zidane he's the man that helped to Real  Madrid when their 13th Champions League  trophy he's also known for participating  in six World Cup tournaments alongside  friends and playing for Juventus or Real  Madrid also that time he head-butted  Maserati in his last game having such a  successful football career and now as a  coach he's managed to amass quite a  fortune for himself  in 2001 his transfer from Juventus to  Real Madrid set a world record for 75  million euros at that time he also owns  a few luxury cars and a 2.5 million  dollar house in Madrid with his wife and four children. 

9-Eden Hazard   

Has a net worth 100 million  dollars for non football fans this name  might not sound as familiar but he's  actually one of the biggest names in the  industry right now this 27-year-old  Belgian football player is currently at  Chelsea and Belgium's national team  where he managed to score a permanent  position and some even say he's one of  the best players in the world money-wise  a dennis la is doing pretty well he's  gathered so far roughly 100 million  dollars from his football salaries  transfer fees tournaments and  sponsorships  he's a very positive and fearless person  and that attitude definitely helped him  to get to this point in his career where  he gets a 16 million dollar salary per  year and gets to work with the likes of  Nike 

8-Wayne Rooney  

Net worth 125  million dollars passing the ball next we  get to the talented British boy Wayne  Rooney this guy is a Manchester United  legend and one of England's best  forwards  he's currently playing for DC United and  has a fortune of 125 million dollars  besides his football career, he's been  the face of some media scandals  regarding infidelity and driving under  the influence Rooney is also doing some  investing so far he's invested in a few  small businesses and a Newcastle hotel  other than that he has a wife and four  children to take care of and at least 10  more years in the football world he's  also had one of the most expensive  weddings ever so we better make sure the  money keeps coming in. 


Net worth 130 million dollars but  expected to double in the next few years  this young Brazilian superstar is now  everyone's favorite football player well  he was until this World Cup when he was  seen as faking too many injuries instead  of doing the work  at only 26 years old NEMA scored a 600  million dollar contract with the French  PSG back in August of 2017 from all of  that money two hundred and fifty million  dollars went to Barcelona for letting  him off while the remaining 350 million  dollars will be his salary for the next  three years which is roughly nine  million dollars per month but since that  money is not currently in his bank  accounts newmars net worth at the moment  is 130 million dollars but it's growing  more and more every day since he's got  lots of sponsorships with Gillette Nike  or redbull which bring him roughly 17  million dollars each year.

 6-ZLatin ibrahimovic   

Net worth 141 million  dollars another famous and extraordinary  football player is none other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic if you don't know  whose Lawton is look into the sky he's a  legend although his parents are not  Swedish he was born there and therefore  is a Swedish national he's famous for  playing at Ajax Juventus Inter Milan and  Barcelona football clubs and of course  for Sweden's national team he's  currently signed with the LA galaxy for  1.5 million dollars per year for two  year contract because that's what he  wanted to do he turned down a 100  million dollar offer to play in the  Chinese Super League his career is full  of major highlights and awards so any  brand and football club would be honored  to have him work for them in spite of  all the scandals he faced regarding his  aggressive behavior and racist comments.  

5-Dave Whelan   

Net worth 210  million dollars out of all the rich  football players on this top list we  have here Dave Whelan he's the oldest  this football legend is now over 81  years old and played for some of the  smaller clubs in England but he's  actually a football club owner, he owns Ligue 1 Club Wigan Athletic and  is also the owner of DW Stadium home to  League One Football Club Wigan Athletic  and rugby league club Wigan Warriors  but unlike most candidates on this list  dave is the only one so far that has a  strong investment career and shifted  dramatically into the business side of  football being the main man behind the  success of the team he has a fortune of  two hundred and ten million dollars and  two children to pass it on to and in  fact back in the day he also bought  Manchester United Football Club for 11.5  million pounds but the deal was later  scrapped and thinking how big the club  is now and the achievements they have  it's no wonder Dave regrets this a lot  since he could have been a billionaire  by now. 

4-Lionel messi   

Net   worth 295 million dollars there are so  many articles and good things to say  about Messi that we don't know where to  start a few other football players are  as popular and as loved as he is but  here he is on our top list because he's  also one of the richest football players  in the world  Lionel Messi is currently signed with  Barcelona and also a key player for  Argentina's national team he won several  awards and championships with Barcelona  and is also among the best players in  the world his goals are fantastic he's a  real team player and his fan base his  bias side he scored three hundred and  eighty three goals for Barcelona so far  and 65 for Argentina he holds a few  records as well and is one of the  richest players of the world has ever  seen his net worth is estimated at 295  million dollars although there are  multiple sources saying differently he's  most definitely making big money out of  his talent and fame you might not know  this but Messi and his father almost  went to jail recently because of tax  evasion remember the Panama papers  scandal  turns out he was using offshore accounts  to avoid paying taxes after he lawyered  up he got away with only a fine of 5  million euros  I had a lack sirs. 

3-Cristiano Ronaldo   

Net worth 321 million dollars after  Messi it was only natural to have  Cristiano Ronaldo these two guys are  constantly battling it out and their  fans are split between Barcelona and  Real Madrid who are Portugal versus  Argentina whatever people say one thing  is for sure Ronaldo is a star a real  hard-working athlete and a money-making  machine sources often say that he makes  more money than Messi and vice-versa  but that depends a lot on who you're  talking to Ronaldo is set to have around  321 million dollars in his bank account  and considering he's only 33 years old  and is already one of the richest  football players in the world that's a  huge deal he now has three children a  beautiful girlfriend multiple  sponsorship deals successful career and  a luxurious life his lifetime Nike  contract is worth upwards of 1 billion  dollars and a 14 million dollar estate  in Madrid it certainly can't get much  better than that. 

2-David Beckham  

Net worth 350 million dollars we've  reached that point in our top list where  we have to talk about the Brad Pitt of  football which is of course David  Beckham ladies he's still married and  guys he's still playing football his  career has been filled with great  achievements he's being decorated by the  Queen of England  besides being handsome and talented  David Beckham is also rich at 43 years  old David Beckham has managed to make  350 million dollars aside from aging  like no one else on this planet David  still rocks a crazy 6-pack and sexy  shorts and H&M commercials from red  carpet appearances to USA football teams  this guy can make anything work for him  and alongside his famous wife Victoria  Beckham they are definitely a power  couple but most people don't know is  that his wife Victoria Beckham is  actually richer than he is being worth  over four hundred and fifty million  dollars so needless to say they're doing  all right. 

1-Faiq bolikah   

Net worth  twenty billion dollars if you thought  Ronaldo or Messi were the richest  football players in the world you've  been reading the wrong news there indeed  famous talented and rich but not as rich  as fake Bolkiah who's the nephew of the  sultan of brunai hassan al bokya with an  estimated fortune of twenty billion  dollars that's how much this young  football player can expect to inherit  maybe even more he's currently playing  for leister City and Bruno's national  team at only 20 years old just looking  at his social media pictures it seems  like he has a pretty comfortable and  exciting life being the son of a prince  and the nephew of a sultan so even  though his football career is not  shining yet at least he doesn't have to  worry about money and a lack sirs if  you've never heard of the Sultan of  Brunei oh boy are you in for a treat he  has the largest car collection in the world pavement made of gold and lives the ultimate lavish life.
we're curious  to see how high some players salaries  will get and what other gems will appear  in the next few years but in the  meantime we are curious to know who's the better player Ronaldo or Messi let us know in the comments below.