Top 10 REAL People Who Look Like Cartoon Characters!

 Top 10 REAL People Who Look Like Cartoon Characters!   

Today we're going to be looking at 10 real people who look like cartoon  characters, so these are real people who  look exactly like cartoon characters and  these are from Disney films and other cartoons. 

10-Eric Cartman

we have Eric  Cartman so I'm sure you guys all know  South Park and I used to watch this so  much back when I was younger but I don't  really watch it now but if you ever have  watched it then you'll remember the  character Eric Cartman and he was like  the main character and probably the  funniest one well one day a guy was in a bus just going from A to B and then he  looks to his left and BAM South Park has  become real cause the real-life  equivalent of Eric Cartman was sitting  right next to him damn I probably think  I was high or something because this guy  looks and dresses exactly like Eric  Cartman and you guys are probably  wondering if you did this on purpose and  I don't think it is I mean it doesn't  look like he's going to a fancy dress  party because he's just reading a book  on the bus and he's not drawing any  attention to himself he's just reading  quietly and I doubt he would do this on  purpose anyway because it's probably not  a good thing to look like Eric Cartman  and this photo was posted on Reddit back  in 2012 and it got like 11 million views  in just a few days but what do you guys  think is this a crazy coincidence or on purpose. 

9-Mario and Luigi

We have Mario and Luigi, so I know the one before may  have been on purpose or maybe not but  there is no way this one is on purpose  and this one is of everyone's favorite  video game brothers Mario and Luigi  that's not just a video game that's a  cartoon - you fuck well who cares now  but seriously I had to put this one on  because of how crazy and realistic this  is so the story behind this one is  basically a guy was sitting in a diner  and then he looks out the window and  sees these two guys and they're workers  of some kind may be plumbers who knows  why this is so coincidental because  there's a short guy with a moustache in  red for Mario and a tall guy in green  for Luigi and this photo went viral back  in 2008 and a ton of people were saying  it's fake and on purpose but I really  don't think that this is on purpose  because let's be honest I don't think  these guys are really the type to play  Mario Brothers and also guys come on who  you prefer playing as most when you were  young for me it was actually Luigi I  know I'm weird. 


We have Shrek so this one is such a meme and  stuff now and I know when some people  are called shrek is kind of like an  insult for example over in the UK we  have soccer player Wayne Rooney and he  is always called Shrek but compared to  the guy you're about to see he looks  nothing like Shrek and that is this guy  okay I'm joking guys it's actually this  guy and this guy was a famous French  wrestler and he was called Maurice  Tillet but his stage name was the French  angel all the world's ugliest man which  i think is kind of mean and this guy is definitely not on purpose because he was  around back in the 1950s and obviously  that was way before Shrek was even  invented and this guy was actually  mocked the whole time for looking like  Shrek but I think he used it to his  advantage to be like scary to his  wrestling opponents and he was a really  famous wrestler back then but  unfortunately, he died in 1954 because of  a heart failure but I had to put this  one on this list because he looks so much like sure it's insane. 


We have up so I'm sure you guys  know the Disney film up with the old guy  and the fat kid and the flying house you  know that one that year it turns out  that the old man in this has a real life  person who looks exactly like him and  here he is now I'm just kidding guys I'm  gonna show you the real one in just a  second and I know some of you might be  like well any old guy could look like  that but guys hear me out because if you  look at this Disney character he's got  an unusually big nose a big mouth and  really squirt losses and it turns out  this one guy's granddad actually looks  exactly like him and as I said before he  has the big red nose the square glasses  and the wide mouth and I just think this  is such an insane coincidence  how much funny is I don't think I'd  really noticed this guy if I walked past  him in the street but when you look at  them side-by-side you can see they're  pretty much identical and honestly I  thought this could be faked or  photoshopped at first but I checked it  out and no it's not this one is totally  real. 


We have Elsa so  I'm sure you guys all know the film  frozen and I have naturally seen it but  I know it's so popular and the main  character in frozen is called Elsa and  no guys I'm not going to show you one of  those Elsa vs. spider-man videos, I'm  actually going to show you a real-life  woman who looks exactly like Elsa from  frozen and this girl was just walking  around a store in America with her  friend when her friend pointed out that  she looked really similar to the Elsa  cardboard cutout that was on display  selling the DVDs so she stood next to it  and her friend took a photo for fun but  it ended up going completely viral  because of how much of a coincidence  this is and I mean they are really  similar like they have the same make up  the same kind of face structure and she  can even do that eyebrow thing if  she dyed her hair then she could look  exactly the same as her well, guys, she  didn't dye her hair but up for it went  viral she did actually post another  photo but this time wearing the outfit  for Elsa I mean if this girl doesn't go  as Elsa for Halloween then she's really missing out.

5-Peter Griffin

We have Peter  Griffin so we all know Peter Griffin  from Family Guy and he's basically a  normal-looking guy he's just like a fat  man with a white shirt glasses and green  trousers but even though he is kind of  normal this guy still blew my mind  because of how much he looks like him  and I don't think this one is on purpose  or anything because it's not like he's  fooling around in a friend's bedroom  this guy literally went out to a  nightclub like this and I'm pretty sure  this was taken before Family Guy was  even invented and I mean it's not just  his clothes this is face too like he  looks exactly the same as Peter Griffin  the only thing this guy doesn't have is  balls for a chin but yeah let me know in  the comments if you guys think this is  on purpose or not because I think this  is totally real and who knows maybe  Peter Griffin is based off this guy. 

4-Ned   Flanders

We have Ned  Flanders so you guys all know that  annoying neighbor Ned Flanders from The  Simpsons well one guy in America had a  real Ned Flanders as his neighbor and  his neighbor basically looked exactly  the same as Ned he had the same haircut  and moustache and glasses and one day he  even dressed up in a pink shirt and a  green jumper so it was literally the  exact doppelganger of Ned Flanders and  even though this one was kind of set up  because his neighbor told him to put the  clothes on he still has the same face  and glasses and hair so this is still a  crazy coincidence like if they ever did  a live-action movie for the Simpsons  they have to use this guy and around the  internet there's a ton of people who say, people look like Ned Flanders okay I  mean some do but come one guy  doesn't look anything like it but even  though some of the other comparisons are  a little bit better this one is  obviously the most accurate I mean the  only things that can make this guy look  even more like Ned is if you had a  yellow skin I just made the closest thing to Ned Flanders you're ever going to see.   


We have Rapunzel so I'm sure a lot  of you guys know the Disney movie  Tangled which is basically like a modern  version of Rapunzel which is a really  old story but yeah the main character of  tangled is called Rapunzel where  basically a girl is locked in a tower so  she grows her hair really  long and then a prince or something  comes and saves her I don't really know  to be honest and it turns out that this  girl here with insanely long hair looks  exactly like her especially when she's  dressed up and has grown out her hair  and this was part of a photo shoot  showing what Disney Princesses would  look like in real life so yeah obviously  this one isn't just a coincidence  because she's in a costume and she's got  grown out hair but apparently the hair  is real I mean damn she must have had to  grow her hair for years just for that  one photo and this girl is actually a  professional model who has a ton of  followers on Instagram so yeah guys even  though this one is set up is still  pretty cool and so realistic. 


We have ratatouille so you guys  all know that Disney movie with the rat  who can cook well here's the rat in real  life okay guys I'm just kidding the real  ratatouille character is the boy from  the movie and this guy was just a mole  of a friend kind of like the story from  the real-life Elsa from before but  anyway they walk past the ratatouille  DVD and his friend took a photo of him  with the DVD cover because he looks  exactly like the guy in the movie I mean  this guy really does he has the same  nose and the same kind of red skin and  even the exact same hair color and style  and this photo went viral because of the  insane coincidence how much crazy right  this one it's not it isn't the cloves or  anything like that this guy just  naturally looks exactly like the guy  from ratatouille and apparently this guy  never noticed the he looked exactly like  the guy from ratatouille before this  went totally viral before his friend I  mean I know how he didn't notice that  first thing because to be honest when I  first saw this image before I even saw  what DVD he was holding I was already  like wow this guy looks exactly like the  guy from ratatouille  but anyway.  

1-Johnny   Bravo

We have Johnny  Bravo so I remember this show so much  because it was so good and if any of you  guys were born in the 90s then I'm sure  you guys will remember Johnny Bravo and  this wasn't a coincidence this guy just  really looks like him he's got the same  glasses hair soul and kind of clothes  and if you guys don't know Johnny Bravo  is so vain and by the looks of this  guy's hair and him taking a selfie he is  too and you might think well okay this  guy does look pretty strong but not as  strong as Johnny Bravo  well that fighter was taken a while ago  before he started working out a lot and  this is him now I mean is this man even  human he looks insanely big I'm pretty  sure Johnny Bravo himself would even be scared of this guy. 

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