Top 10 New Open World Games of 2019

 Top 10 New Open World Games of 2019   

2019 is going to be an open year for the world get it, and today we are talking about the top 10 open world games of 2019. 

10-Atomic  heart 

Atomic  heart a wildly inventive looking game  that looks equal parts Bioshock Fallout  and hey let's exist in the Soviet Union  in fact the story takes place  specifically in an alternate history  Soviet Union in which technological  revolutions have already taken place the  open world this exists and appears to  look nothing like anything else on the  market and that alone should be enough I  think to get anybody interested in this  game but the idea of an exaggerated  weirdness based on the real-life secrecy  of the actual scientific juggernaut that  was inside the Soviet Union I think  makes for a historical fiction that is  possibly more interesting than anything  else we've looked at that could somehow  be placed in a similar category, it's a  world that could not only say something  about the past but perhaps our own  future very rarely has material made  about the Soviet Union not also said  something about the world as it is  outside the Soviet Union but one that is  critical of the internal even in an  exaggerated way I think can and will  probably lead to a very interesting  narrative that makes for a very  engrossing and different world that I  cannot wait to wander around in atomic  heart is coming to Windows Xbox one and  PlayStation 4 sometime this year.
9-division 2   

The division 2 which  Ubisoft has said quote we've made the  open-world in division 2 so alive now  I'm going to go ahead and say that's  definitely marketing but it's also a  claim that when the game comes out we  can say is either true or false and  that's important Ubisoft went on to say  both enemy factions and the civilians  will be out targeting different tactical  locations resources acting on needs and  goals they really want to focus on  making the open-world feel kind of like  a war zone rather than a place where you  do objectives of course that means a  more unpredictable aspect to the way  things work and they said running around  the city is really interesting because  you don't know what's going to happen  around the next  and your actions helping the civilians  in the world you'll see translate into  them becoming more capable but also  their homes will become little  fortresses and I think that stuff sounds  pretty cool  honestly if your actions actually have  an effect on the world in this way and  the world just constantly seems to be  happening around you like you know the  world is I think the division to could  really build on the original into  something that we all actually care  about a lot more and that would be very  good. 
8-Far cry new dawn 

Far cry new dawn the  first actual narrative sequel in the Far  Cry universe and a very interesting  piece of work because among other things  it is using a modified map of hope  county of course it will be severely  modified as it is post nuclear  apocalypse which to me is quite an  interesting prospect we haven't really  experienced the difference between pre  and post nuclear apocalypse in the same  location in any game fallout kinda gave  us add a little with fallout 4 is intro  but I think this is along the lines of  the Far Cry tradition using the same map  for Far Cry primal the way that they did  I think kind of translates to this  except for obviously this is going into  the future  there's another thing they're doing in  this game which is expedition missions  which take place in different places in  the country meaning you're not gonna be  in Hope County the entire game but it  seems like these will probably play out  as mini open worlds that you can go to  and do other things which I think sounds  incredibly good I am really enjoying  that idea. 

7-Rage 2 

Rage 2 which  is very interesting on account the  developers have said it's going to be a  lot more open world than the original  rage which is an open-world game it is  however developed not like an open-world  game it's a very linear game that  doesn't really take advantage of the  open world in the way that it could I  mean in a lot of ways, it is a quality  game but just never went far enough in  any direction I think which is funny  because the open-world in the game is  primarily about traveling around  avalanches developing this sequel so I  think we all know exactly how that turns  out they're a very good developer when  it comes to open-world they are  phenomenal at building sand boxes and  setting you free in them with lots of  tools to cause havoc and it looks very  much like Rage 2 is going to be a lot like that. 

6-Days gone    

Days gone which actually looks to  separate itself pretty significantly it  doesn't want to dizzy you with an  absolute ton of side quests and  activities instead giving you gameplay  loops and things that you can just  engage in but keeping the actual  narrative basically on a single path  they've also given you a motorcycle  which they've promised is a big part of  the game and by that I mean you're going  to have to take care of it you're gonna  have to park it hide it save it and you  can't like whistle to have the horse  just come towards you wherever the bike  is that's where it is you run out of  fuel you're gonna need to get some fuel  and bring it back it's not messing  around and neither the hordes the hordes  literally just exist on the game map and  when you see a horde you will have to  deal with them in a lot of different  ways they aren't like scripted  encounters they just are on the open  world meaning you'll be dealing with the  open world in a lot of variable ways and  that sounds really cool cuz these  encounters look amazing and obviously  there will be scripted ones but to have  them just kind of possible at any time  is going to give a nice feel to the  world also no loading screens so that's  good. 


Anthem which is  boasting a quote unquote completely  seamless open world now they're  certainly not the first to do it but  Bioware is going to be loading and  unloading stuff just on a constant basis  so you can continually travel in any  direction and never see a load screen  that's of course a very good thing but  what's cool to hear is they're talking  about how this open world will gradually  expand over time also you'll see things  like these storms they've talked about  called shaper storms which are  supposedly world altering so I have a  feeling some of the stuff we've seen in  say the fortnight seasons that just  autre lis changes the world itself is  something we might also be seen in  anthem albeit with a completely  different style of gameplay I think  that's very cool I have pretty high  hopes for this actually I acknowledge it  may be Electronic Arts but I mean if  it's not that would be great. 

4-Crackdown 3 

Crackdown 3 which is  actually coming out which is astounding  however the thing that we have to talk  about is the open world  one of the big things this game has been  touted for is the cloud destruction  elements which exist only in the  multiplayer world the single-player  world is about saving the city and they  thought and it might not be great to  have the entire thing fully destructible  but keeping that in mind when you're  playing in multiplayer it's a big world  that you can destroy all of and that's  it that's the full reason to buy the  game  I'm sure the single-player campaign is  going to be great I'm going to play it  I'll go through the whole thing  there's no reason not to it seems like  it's going to be a good campaign but I  want to level the city too I think both  approaches are probably relevant to  their specific mode and I'm very  interested in both but I'm really  interested in destroying a city.
3-Daying light 2

Daying light 2 which the open  world is meant to really be part of the  game play in a way that I think a lot of  open worlds look at it as a location we  talked kind of about what a sort of  unfolding world might be like when we  were talking about Division two but  dying light too has really set out a  specific vision for what that might look  like the idea is to have an adaptive  narrative where all of the things that  you do completely change what factions  people groups locations how everything  is in the game you could blow something  up and it would just change how a  society works for instance the idea is  to make an open-world with consequences  which is in my opinion a very  interesting idea again if they can  deliver on it like I said with the  division - if they can deliver on it is  a big deal simply saying the world is  very interactive doesn't mean it is and  this is all obviously a marketing for  these games but I mean if you look at  what we've seen of dying light - it is  very cool-looking the first one's great  and what they've said of the second one  sounds pretty good. 

2-The outer  worlds 

The outer worlds which obsidian has been  comparing to Knights of the Old Republic  - and saying that technically it's not  an open-world game because there's two  big planets they both kind of exist in  their own maps but they technically work  out like an open-world and if we're  thinking about it's probably going to be  a lot bigger both of them than a lot of  traditional open-world titles were as  they were developing the genre but it's  interesting to see the kind of insight  they're giving they've also talked about  how  their intent is to make it very new  Vegas a style as far as exploration and  interaction with the locals, this is  honestly kind of my big game that I'm  really looking forward to so to see them  kind of combine the aesthetics of  Bioshock and fallout put it in space and  talk about Knights of the Old Republic  they're kind of specifically like hey  Falcon this is something you want to  play isn't it we know. 

1-Cyberpunk 2077 

And number one is  of course cyberpunk 2077 what looks to  be the biggest open-world game possibly  at all like for like us in terms of  attention that will get it maybe the one  that gets all of the attention forever  because they've taken a very condensed  vertical approach to the open-world  they're giving you as much as they can  in the space that they are giving you  and that is very encouraging in my  opinion really I don't care how big like  physically an open-world is I care how  good it is and if that's the approach  they're taking there's a much better chance of it.

Are you interested  in this year, leave us a comment let us  know what you think and if you like this list.