Top 10 Interesting Facts That Almost Nobody Knows

Top 10 Interesting Facts That Almost Nobody Knows    

Welcome everybody, today we will talking about the top 10 Interesting Facts That Almost Nobody Knows, so here is a potential miniseries that I want to offer you guys where I try to find facts that are interesting potentially mind-blowing and typically obscure facts that nobody really knows about it so Let’s go. 


let's learn  something the Mona Lisa's most likely  the most famous painting to ever exist I  don't need to tell you that but did you  know that Leonardo da Vinci was not the  only person painting Lisa del Giocondo  and yes that's the name of the woman in the Mona Lisa Lisa del Giocondo  Leonardo da Vinci actually had two  students who painted their own versions  of the two different paintings Leonardo  da Vinci made of the Mona Lisa the first  one is known as the Prado Mona Lisa  due to the students name not being known  it is actually named after the museum in  Spain that is currently in Leonardo da  Vinci's version as well as the pratas  version are actually different angles of  Lisa while the painting was being done  and I actually personally like the Prado  better the other versions of the Mona  Lisa were topless versions and keep in  mind that these were commissioned by her  husband Oh the sixteenth century so even  though there's only one famous Monalisa  Lisa del Giocondo actually had  commissions of many different paintings  all of which she never received. 

9-The Venus flytrap 

Now many people tend to associate the  Venus flytrap with tropical plant life  in many movies that have the Venus  flytrap or venus flytrap-like plants  they are always shown within rainforests  of some sort and to the surprise of  those except the people who live in its  native region the Venus flytrap is  actually native to North and South  Carolina the United States even though  it has been introduced to different  parts of the country and the world its  native region is just a 60 mile radius  around the city Wilmington North  Carolina so yes it is about as American  as the bald eagle and apple pie and  actually doesn't really fare well in  rainforests and even though it may sound  stupid we should change its name to the  freedom flytrap because it makes no  sense whatsoever but you know America  yeah. 

8-China and tobacco 

Now China contains about 350  million people who use cigarettes they  also, consume about 40% of all the  cigarettes on earth surprisingly enough  though China's actually allowed  state-run tobacco companies to sponsor  school systems and school facilities one  of the schools being the suit want to  back Oh Project Hope primary school a  school that was constructed after an  earthquake hit and the tobacco company  used its money to construct a new school  though it has parts of its curriculum  that support tobacco use as well as  having messages on the walls in the  school itself that say and I quote work  hard for society tobacco can help you  become an achiever Yan an achiever for  lung cancer and yes this is extremely  awkward given the fact that tobacco use  is already extremely high in China but  it hasn't gone completely under the  radar there is the bay. 

7-Pruney digits 

There is actually a reason why   your fingers and toes get pruning when  they are left in water for prolonged  periods of time a lot of people accepted  that it's just a natural thing where  your body just adsorbs water and it  can't be helped  but actually, the opposite is true the  reason why your fingers get prunings  because the autonomic nervous system  tells it to do so and we understand this  because people have nerve damage and  their fingers and toes actually don't  experience any type of pruning in the  areas where the nerve damage is and it  has been a useful way for doctors to be  able to determine if there's been any  damage in the given areas so if your  fingers and toes don't react and start  pruning when they're in water for  prolonged periods of time I'd get it  checked out because you might have nerve  damage. 

6-Iron skeleton

Just about every organism on  earth that has the skeletal system uses  calcium as the main material to  construct it but there is one organism  that is known that actually has a  skeletal system that doesn't use calcium  but iron sulfates yep its skeletal  system is made out of iron known as the  scaly foot gastropod which in other  words, is a snail it uses the iron  sulfates Greyjoy and pyrite also known  as fool's gold to be able to create scale like siclari's these are an exoskeleton and it also uses these material to make an iron shell easily one of the most unique organisms ever discovered and quite literally harder than rock. 

5-The forgotten warning 

Just prior to when the United  States dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan  it actually came with quite a bit of  warning contrary to popular belief the  United States actually dropped millions  upon millions of Flyers 300 cities  telling them about 35 potential cities  where an absolutely devastating bomb  would be released the papers went as far  as to even tell the civilians that they  themselves are not the target  but the military in the warehouse isn't  anything that pertains to supporting the  military is what the target is and  because bombs don't have eyes it's up to  the people to flee for themselves the  cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were in  the list of potential cities to be  bombed and there were some slight  evacuations more so after the first bomb  but nowhere near what was necessary and  because a lot of people didn't take it  seriously including the Japanese  government well you know the set outcome  of that and the rest is history. 

4-Oldest building on earth 

If I were to ask you where you think the  oldest building in the world is you  probably think of Egypt or maybe some  parts of the Middle East may be even  Malta or India currently the oldest  building on earth is actually in the  region of Brittany France once thought  to be in Malta it was actually later  discovered through carbon dating that it  is a building called Barneses  and yes it is extremely old older than  all the pyramids in Egypt nope it is the  oldest building that is still around and  surprisingly enough it's been kept in  pristine condition and is being restored  by the French government. 

3-Back from extinction

Roughly 2,000  years ago the Romans conquered the  region of what is now Israel in order to  make the advance faster the Romans  actually destroyed one of the staple  crops of the area the Jordan date tree  and through the constant destruction of  this tree they ran it to complete  extinction the species is so old that it  is actually mentioned in the Torah the  Bible and the cur  and has been gone for centuries and  centuries until the 1960s a group of  archaeologists were examining a palace  where they found a jar full of scenes  and it was later confirmed that they  were Judy and a tree seeds carbon dating  show that they were over 2,000 years old  and they were kept in a local university  for 40 years until 2005 where they tried  to plant them luck would have it one  actually sprouted scientists are taking  great care of the plant and it currently  looks like this scientists plan to  research it to be able to try to find  what medical benefits it may have that  are listed in the three holy books and  the tree was named Methuselah after the  longest-living major figure in the Old  Testament. 

2-Epic rap battles

In history  Rap elves are becoming more  and more popular I mean just the fact  the most popular show on the Internet  ever is Epic Rap Battles of History goes  to show you just that surprisingly  enough though there were actual rap  battles in history most famously done by  the Vikings, the Vikings were known to  participate in a ritualistic exchange of  insults done in a poetic form that was  done between two people even the Norse  gods are recorded in legends of having  these rap battles known as fighting it  typically involved insults that ranged  from being a coward all the way to  sexual deficiencies so basically, people  haven't changed at all but the Vikings  were not alone in these insulting poetic  battles the Japanese the Inuit the  Arabians and even the scottish all had  their own versions of these battles but  only the Norse stay all the way back to  fifth century AD oh and makes me proud to be 1/16 Swedish. 

1-Killer whale of doom 

Nowadays many people  know that the killer whale is not a whale at all but actually more related  to dolphins I mean just come on look at  it the name that we have today killer whale is actually a mistranslation from  Spanish to English due to the fact that  in terms of how things are ordered  Spanish is typically in Reverse to what  English has things killer whale from  whale killer and yes  orcas another name they're known as are  known to kill whales typically they go  out to the camp but when in numbers they  will go after the biggest of all animals, the humpback  as you can see this  humpback is struggling trying to  actually get away from this herd of  angry orcas but if he's the Orca was PG  or a nicer name than just killer whale  you're wrong that's because the name of  the Orca comes from the Latin word or Kaunas which means of the kingdom of the  Dead  so yes things just took a really weird  and unexpected turn orcas is a Roman God  who is the embodiment of death and he  shares his name with his after world  he's typically seen along Pluto who is  the Roman equivalent to Hades so that's  right  shambo's species is named after the  embodiment of death so maybe we  shouldn't be keeping these animals and  tanks and letting them swim with people  what both of the names of a species involve murder and death that's two red flags right there. 

So I want to thank you guys and I thought this would be  an awesome list to do and let me know  your thoughts on anything, now my  question for you guys is which fact did  you find the most interesting I found  them all pretty interesting did I pick  them but if I had to say a favorite it'd  probably be the Oracle one because that  was freaking hilarious when I found out  about it so leave us your thought in comments.