Top 10 High Tech Tents in the World

 Top 10 High Tech Tents in the World

Hi there camping is loved by many but  few love all the inconveniences that are  so keenly felt during a hike like  insects while the animals reign cold or  heat but what have the developers of  modern tents managed to come up with to  make life easier for travelers read   this to the end and you'll learn about  the top 10 High Tech Tents in the World. 

10-Flight tent 

The  British company tinsel presents a  hammock tip called flight which combines  light weight and functionality the  weight of the tent along with cables and  straps for fixing only weigh 7.2 pounds  because of the weight it can easily be  carried and taken on foot while still  being large enough to comfortably  accommodate two people giving that it is  waterproof travelers will be able to  comfortably in most importantly stay dry  in rest even during a heavy rain  installing flight is very simple anyone  can set it up in just 10 minutes all you  need is three trees to wrap the straps  around which will hold and suspend the  tent into the air its dome is made of a  durable polyester mesh which perfectly  protects against mosquitoes the  developers of flight did not forget  about one of the most important things  all tents need which is storage flight  has four internal pockets perfect for  all of those personal items that you need at your fingertips.  
9-Bubble tent 

Recently a new product was developed  that will delight lovers of creative  tents it's called bubble tents these  bubbles are not only comfortable unique  and functional but also are able to  completely change the way people spend  time in the fresh air so what is unique  about bubble tents  first the diameter of the tent is from  157 to 196 inches its size is enough so  that you can comfortably accommodate  even a huge bed  secondly the tint is made of a material  that is not only durable but also  fireproof water-resistant and when  resistant and finally it is impossible  not to mention the fact that the tint  has three rooms it provides one central  large transparent bubble in two smaller  sleeping bubbles with separate entrances  which are located on the sides. 

8-Car tent 

Would you  like to go on an unforgettable journey  with a comfortable two-story house with  you if so then look at this cool  two-story tent from tree line outdoors  which is mounted on the roof of any car  one part of the tent is installed on the  roof and the second a small room with a  ladder is installed next to the car on  the second floor is a steel staircase  which also serves as a frame for the  tent the hinge system tent frame and  holders are all made of stainless steel  or aluminum so the parts are not subject  to corrosion and are not toxic the outer  material of the tent is a UV resistant  and waterproof polyester on the second  floor there is a sleeping compartment  with a foam mattress a tent such as this  allows you to not worry about the  weather in the possible nighttime attack  of wild animals. 

7-Camp tent 

Experienced travelers  know that before a big hike everything  should be carefully planned and prepared  for and one of the main points is the  setup and breakdown of the camp and here  is the space station the area of this  dome-shaped structure is 248 square feet  the dome-shaped shape of the tent  minimizes wind load and the inner skirt  stretched around the perimeter prevents  moisture from entering space station has  three double zipper doors for easy entry  and exit as well as windows that provide  sunlight inside the tent  thanks to 15 sturdy struts the tent will  stand even in very strong winds but the  most interesting thing is that the giant  tent can be packed into a regular bag. 

6-MSR remote tent 

If you like the winter and resting in  the mountains with a tent then this  novelty is for you at the end of  February 2017 the company mountain  safety research released a new series of  tents MSR remote this series will  include two double-layer tents which are  primarily designed for mountain field  conditions these tents are made of dense  materials and have an increased living  space due to a more spacious lobby the  frame of the tents are made from Easton  cyclone advanced composite poles both  models provide two entrances several  pockets for personal equipment as well  as mounting under the lighting. 

5-Acar-top tent 

In recent  years tourist tents that mount on the  roof of a car have been gaining more and  more popularity and I camper has joined  the trend they created a new model sky  camp which allows you to comfortably sit  or lay on the roof of your car this new  tent is very easy to set up when folded  it looks like a very compact trunk and  is easily attached to the roof of even a  small car to set this up you just flip  open the cover of the case which becomes  the roof in second half of the floor and  then pull out the ladder which pulls the  frame behind it and spreads out the tent  to the end and that is pretty much with  the setup of this tent it does not take  a long time it can accommodate two  adults and two children or three adults  the floor of the tent has a large number  of aluminum ribs and insulation the top  of the tent can be made out of polyester  or a more dense canvas both variants  withstand even very heavy rain a small  bonus in the roof of the tent there is a  small window through which you can  admire the Stars.

4-Shelter pod tent 

There is a new tent  called shelter pod which is designed as  an addition to the camper it makes it  more versatile and provides additional  protection partly awning partly dome  tent this multi-purpose construction is  an additional shelter outside the camper  having covered the campsite between the  campers with a tent, you get protection  from rain and Sun and turning the dome  up protection from the wind  it can also be used as a fully enclosed  sleeping tent and with the large windows  and the elaborate folding system this  allows you to admire beautiful views of  the open space the tent is installed on  the car that is attached to the sidewall  of the camper even one person can  install shelter pod and it will take  from 10 to 15 minutes this semi-dome  cover can be folded in several different ways resulting in a fully enclosed shelter or a partially open one as well as a fully opened arched entrance. 

3-Orange solar 

Tent  Modern  manufacturers kaleidoscope in orange  communication preparing for the summer  season presented an innovative model a  four-person tent called the orange solar  tent in addition to its primary function  the tent can be used to charge mobile  devices and this is all due to the fact  that photovoltaic cells are located on  the frame of the structure which  accumulate solar energy throughout the  day by controlling the battery charge  indicator excess electricity can be used  to illuminate the tent the special  material from which the tin is made will  reflect the sun rays while maintaining a  comfortable temperature inside. 

2-Released a  tent 

According  to the Australian developers from the  company Lotus Bell if we are camping  then do it in style, they have released a  tent that is impressive not only in size  comfort but also functionality with  nearly sixteen feet of tent this is  perfect for lovers of music festivals  under the open sky as well as for  parties in the fresh air and for hiking  it is made in the form of a round tent  with ten flexible racks and with the  help of several ropes that stretch along  the entire perimeter in windy weather, it  is recommended to reduce the tension  somewhat so the tent will be able to  withstand gust of wind with speeds up to  46 miles per hour.
1-Pod tent

If you are going out into nature with a  large group of people you should  definitely think about practical tents, in this case, a great solution would be a  modular design that allows you to  combine several tents together the  company m2c innovation presented its new  development pod tents it is a modular  multi sleep tent that can be  interconnected giving them the desired  configuration tints are presented in two  models maxi paint sleeper in many four  sleeper at the same time the modular  design with additional tunnels will  allow the connecting of tents to each  other so that the whole group of guests  can comfortably rest inside in the event  that one group wants to close off their  part they can always take advantage of this in close off the aisle thanks to high-strength materials like ripstop polyester and fiberglass travelers who are on the inside of the pod tents will not be afraid of any weather surprises the weight of the maxi model is slightly over 45 pounds. 

The english company filled candy approached  the creation of tents not only from a  practical but also from a creative point  of view in general they made sure that  the tourists house was beautiful and  original it seems the designer has  thought through every last detail  providing tint colors for all occasions  for lovers of minimalism the texture of  wood grass and bricks for romantics the  starry sky butterflies grass a bonfire  in the background of the night and a  loving couple on the background of a  Setting Sun for humorist tents with  funny pictures and for fans of food and  watermelon tent a cheese tent a sandwich  tent in tent strewn with strawberries  and sweets. 

What kind of tip would you choose tell us about it in the comments in addition these tents are not only just original but they are also made of ultra light waterproof material and designed for two people.