Top 10 Healthy Tips,Weight Loss, Diet and Nutrition

 Top 10 Healthy Tips,Weight Loss, Diet and  Nutrition

Did your pants shrink are you feeling groggy and like maybe you've been splurging too much on unhealthy foods today I'm going to count down my top ten tips about cleansing detoxing and fasting to give you some good realistic ideas on how you can clean up your diet the. 

1-Limit toxic intake

First thing to know is that your  body is always detoxifying as long as  you aren't overwhelming your body with  toxins so the first thing that we want  to do if we're wanting to cleanse and  detox and assist our body in that  process is to limit the number of toxins  we're putting into our body so things  like alcohol caffeine sugar any kind of  refined food processed food any kind of  junk food all of those things are going  to have a lot of toxicity so if you can  just take those things out of your diet  and focus on eating real natural foods  then that is a huge step just right  there and you're not having to  significantly cut your caloric intake.
2-Drink more water

The second thing you can start to do is  drink more water and I talked a lot  about drinking water so maybe you've  already started doing that in that case  anything you can start drinking lemon  water or apple cider vinegar and water  and especially if you do this first  thing in the morning this is a really  great way to get your body detoxifying  and it's also alkalizing to your body so  drinking lemon water in the morning is  actually an Ayurvedic practice but again  it has this kind of double benefit of  also helping to detoxify and alkalis I  kind of like to alternate using apple  cider vinegar and using lemon but both  of these are really good habit to start  adding into your daily routine.  

3-Eat more vegetables 

So once you've gotten number one and  number two which is eliminating the  toxic foods and drinking more water then  the next thing you want to start doing  is eating more detoxifying foods and  basically that's your fruits and  vegetables so I would recommend going to  the grocery store get yourself a bag of  celery a bag of carrots a bag of spinach  as many vegetables as you can see  yourself eating and just make a  commitment to yourself to eat those  vegetables in place of snacks or candy  or whatever other thing you might be  eating and just kind of give yourself  the challenge of eating as much of those  vegetables as you can and as short of a  span of time as possible if that helps  you or spread it out over the course of  a week the idea is just that you're  going to increase your intake of these  detoxifying vegetables if you want to go  a step further you can actually enjoy  green smoothies or green juices which  will also be highly detoxifying but the  main point of this tip is just to eat  more vegetables. 

4- Commit to yourself & Write it down 

Now there are a lot of  different cleanse and detox products out  there and some of these products are  healthy and some of these products are  what I might say kind of a scam but the  main reason that any kind of weight loss  or cleanse product is helpful is because  it is a commitment that we make to  ourselves so when we click that little  button or we spend some money to order  some kind of product we feel like we're  making a tangible commitment to  ourselves so this tip is to actually  save your money on products and cleanses  and different stuff like that and spend  it on healthy foods like the ones I've  mentioned before and to give yourself a  tangible commitment write down what  you're going to do and so pick how many  days you want to do if you have one day  then do one day if you want to do it  three days do  three days the whole idea is to pick  something that's realistic for you and  know you can always go longer but take  your minimum commitment and write it  down and then write down you can see  ever in three day cleanse and then write  down what you're going to do so no  caffeine no sugar maybe it's no alcohol  maybe it's I'm going to drink a green juice  every day you pick your cleanse you get  to design it yourself and then write it  down put it in stone maybe write it down  a couple times put one on your fridge  one on your car one at work on your desk  maybe one inside your fridge and just  know that this is your tangible  commitment to yourself know that any  kind of weight loss product or whatever  it's not the product that's helping you  lose weight it's you and your commitment  to yourself so doing something like this  writing it down talking about it to a  friend leave it in the comments write it  down make your commitment to yourself  and know that you are the one who's  responsible for your health your weight  loss and your general health and  happiness. 

5-Stop stressing  

If you are stressing yourself  out over your detox or your diet or  whatever it may be then realize that  stress kind of defeats the whole purpose  of what you're doing so when we want our  body to be better at detoxifying we want  to try and cleanse bad things out of our  body then stress is going to be one of  the many things that actually kind of  acts like toxicity in itself so when we  get really stressed out and we have a  lot of the stress hormone cortisol  pumping through our veins  it makes our digestive wellness less  effective and less efficient it makes  our immune system less efficient our  energy levels our mood and our ability  to detox and detoxify are actually going  to suffer so if you are wanting to  improve your body's ability to detox  then making an effort to  relieve stress is really really  important so just making some time to  have some downtime or watch a relaxing  video a meditation maybe do some yoga  anything that's just going to give you a  chance to calm down  to breathe deeply to maybe be more aware  of your surroundings and just walk  outside or get some fresh air all of  those things are going to help and then  you just need to make a conscious effort  to recognize what stresses you out when  you're getting the most stressed out and  try to avoid those situations because if  you're really stressed out over your  detox you're kind of defeating the  purpose. 

6-Get more exercise 

Before I move on to fasting and  cleansing I want to make one more note  about our physical body so this one is  about exercise and you need to realize  that exercise is one of the primary ways  that the body detoxifies itself so  getting exercise getting your body  sweating this is going to be really  important for cleansing and detoxifying  another thing to realize is that not  getting physical activity in itself is  pretty stressful on the body so when  we're talking about wanting to relieve  stress wanting to improve our body's  ability to detox exercise is a really  important factor so one of my favorite  tips is that if you can't make more time  for physical activity then find ways to  make your daily activities more physical  or more active like taking the stairs  instead of the elevator.   

7-Avoid extremes 

Have you ever  been extremely extremely cold and then  stuck you're extremely cold hand into  extremely hot maybe boiling water maybe  you haven't tried that but you can  imagine it's probably not very pleasant  so this tip is about avoiding extremes  so you can imagine that if you're eating  a the average diet of processed foods  and sugar alcohol and caffeine and then  all of a sudden, you go to fasting no  food or maybe you're doing some kind of  cleansing a liquor or something like  that you can imagine that this is a  really extreme change to make and while  that extreme change may not necessarily  hurt you it's probably not going to be  very pleasant so this is why I always  recommend small reasonable realistic  changes so rather than making some  extreme change that you're going to make  an extreme change back to your old foods  as soon as you get done with it we're  going to make small changes that we're  gonna have for the long haul so drinking  the lemon water is a really good example  eating more vegetables is a really good  example realize that you don't have to  do something really really extreme in  order to have extreme benefits in your  health and if you give your body more  simple changes that are not going to be  this abrupt real extreme change then not  only is it going to be easier to keep  those new habits that you've made but  they're also going to be more pleasant  overall. 

8-Adjust your life to make your easier 

But let's say that you are  committed to doing a fast or doing a  cleanse or doing something kind of  extreme the tip I would recommend number  one is to really educate yourself about  this fast or this cleanse and do as much  research as you can to really be  prepared going in so you're not going to  just read one post that somebody says to  eat this and go and eat it you want to  actually do as much research on you as  you can for whatever this program is  you're going to do the other thing is to  realize that if you're going from eating  2,000 calories a day to eating maybe 500  calories a day you can expect to have  about a quarter of the energy that you  would normally have so if we're going to  do something kind of extreme like this  and extremely cut our caloric intake we  need to be able to also make changes in  our daily life so have more downtime  have less stress maybe this is a time  that you're off work for  or you're on vacation for a little while  and you just have a little bit more time  to veg out really because if you're  doing a faster cleanse you're gonna need  some downtime and relaxation time you  don't want to be running a bunch of  errands stressed out with work stressed  out with your home life and then trying  to do a faster cleanse on top of it  so I'm not trying to discourage you from  doing a faster cleanse you just need to  be realistic with yourself and realistic  about how this dietary change is going  to affect your life and what changes  you're going to make so that you can  actually handle those big dietary changes. 

9-Be realistic about how much time you have 

Another benefit of fasting is  that it gives our digestive system a  break it's like giving your digestive  tract a little vacation so we just want  to make sure that if we're going to do  this we're not going to make these  extreme sudden changes we're going to  ease in and ease out and I'll discuss  that a little bit more but the idea is  that fasting can be very helpful can be  very beneficial for our bodies but again  this is an extreme change meaning that  we're making to our diet so extreme  changes in our diet are going to require  a little bit more preparation and a  little bit more planning than something  like just eating more vegetables or just  drinking more water. 

10-Allow your body to adjust   

So expanding on the  idea of avoiding these extreme changes  from eating one way to drastically  eating another way another concept I  want to introduce you to is easing in  easing out of your fast or cleanse so  this easing in-and-out process gives  your body a chance to adjust to whatever  changes you're making so for instance  when I did the Master Cleanse I tried to  eat really healthy for the couple of  weeks leading up to it and then I spent  three days eating all raw veggies mostly  soups and stuff that were easy to digest  and then three days doing just vegetable  juices and then 10 days on my Master  Cleanse and then three days on the  juices three days on the raw food so you  get this idea that you're kind of easing  your body in so that your body can  adjust and kind of acclimate itself and  you can read a lot more about easing in  and easing out I read about it on the  internet and I actually there's a book  on the Master Cleanse that I read as  well so again back to educating  ourselves on whatever plan we're going  to do and just remember that doing a  cleanse or doing a fast is not a quick  fix so if you're just thinking oh I'm  going to do this cleanser fast and then  go back to eating junk then you kind of  have your priorities out of balance  realize that it would actually be a lot  better for your body to make some good  sustainable changes that you're going to  have for the long haul than to just go  on this extreme cleanse for a little  while and then go back to eating the  same foods you are eating before.  

I hope that you will give it  a thumbs up and even share it if you  found it useful be sure to make your  commitment to yourself whatever it is  you're going to do maybe your commitment  is just to drink more water if that's it  then so be it  okay so you're going to make this little  commitment for yourself  write it down leave it in the comments  section down below so that we can all  kind of be going through this together  remember that weight loss and getting  healthy doesn't come from some product  that you buy it comes from you and you  having the commitment to yourself and  the confidence in yourself to know that  you can do this so that's where this  really comes in handy this is your  confidence your commitment to yourself  be sure to leave a comment and I look  forward to seeing you again next time.