Top 10 Health & Weight Loss Tips

Top 10 Health & Weight Loss Tips

Today I'm going to share ten simple tips to help you get closer to becoming the healthy person that you want to be. 

1-Setting goals 

Oftentimes we can actually be  our own biggest obstacle to reaching our  health goals and what I mean by that is  that our mindset can actually set us  back rather than pulling us forward so  for instance if we are seeing our health  journey right or are our journey to  improving our health as something that's  overwhelming really difficult something  that we don't have the discipline for  well suddenly you've created actually a  much bigger challenge then this journey  is in the first place so what I propose  is that you start observing your thought  process and catching yourself when you  have these thoughts like this is too  hard this is too confusing this is  overwhelming and try to replace those  thoughts with a more positive mindset  and this takes a little bit of practice  okay but it will make a tremendous  difference so when you catch yourself  thinking those kind of judgmental  thoughts right that are actually setting  you back and making it more difficult  replace them with a thought like this is  simple there are hundreds of different  ways that I can improve my health and  every little thing that I do makes a big  improvement in the big picture so as we  transition our mindset from seeing this  as something difficult and overwhelming  to seeing it as something simple and  maybe even something fun and exciting  suddenly we've made this entire process  much more enjoyable and you've increased  your chances of actually meeting  those different health goals. 

2-Have some fun 

Tip number  2 is to have some freaking fun already  so maybe you're thinking geez Karina how  is having fun  going to make me healthier  let me see if I can't explain so first  of all you need to understand that  stress is more than just a mental  phenomenon even though we mostly  experience stress as something in our  minds understand that stress causes  physical changes in the body so stress  hormones like cortisol are released when  we start feeling stress and feeling  overwhelmed in our minds and the  physical effects of cortisol actually do  prevent us from being healthy or make us  less healthy so it's going to affect the  quality of our sleep it's actually going  to affect our blood sugar metabolism  okay if we're coursing if we have lots  of cortisol coursing through our bodies  throughout the day it's going to affect  our digestion our immune system the list  really goes on and on so the more that  we can have fun do something that makes  you smile something that brings you  enjoyment that is literally going to  help reduce the levels of stress  hormones in your body and help you to be  more healthy so we not only have these  stress reducing benefits when we're  doing things that bring us enjoyment but  they've also found that when we're  smiling and laughing this has other  profound benefits on our health not to  mention our overall outlook on things so  if you can do activities that also put  you in situations where you are getting  fresh air getting sunshine or doing  things that help you be physically  active like running around or playing  sports then now you're actually adding  even more benefits on in terms of your  health so when we think about getting  fresh air breathing more deeply these  are all things that are going to help  improve our  energy levels and improve our  detoxification even clear up our skin if  we are getting good sun exposure then  our bodies are able to create vitamin D  which is known to have profound physical  and mental health benefits so do things  that are going to get you outside do  things that are going to bring you  enjoyment and what you'll find is that  as you make time for yourself and you  make time for doing things that bring  you joy it's going to be a lot easier to  start doing those other things on your  health and wellness journey. 

3-Healthy Fats 

So now let's  dive into some of those simple things  you can do to start improving your  health one of my favorite  recommendations is to eat more healthy  fats now this has several different  benefits okay several different reasons  that I make this recommendation one of  the first things to understand is that  your brain and your nervous system is  largely made out of fat so when we eat  more healthy fats like omega-3 fats I  have some chia seeds here as an example  of a source of good healthy fats as we  put more of these good healthy fats into  our body it's literally going to improve  the health of our brain you could say  alright and it's going to improve our  nervous system health overall because  all of the nerve cells throughout our  body are actually lined in something  called a myelin sheath which is made out  of fat and that's how the electrical  signal is conducted that helps our brain  communicate with the rest of our body so  we have those benefits all right some  kind of physical health benefits when we  think about an idea of weight loss and  satisfying our hunger which is at least  for me one of the most important things  for me to be able to do all right  because if I'm walking around feeling  hungry it's just  going to make me not feel  as happy not being as good of a mood  so satisfying hunger is a huge huge  aspect and whether you're trying to lose  weight or not we all want to satisfy our  hunger in the healthiest way possible so  again that brings us back to fats and  understanding that eating healthy fats  is one of the key ways that we help to  satisfy our body's hunger and get rid of  those hangry feelings that can just nag  at us all day long especially for people  who are trying to get healthy one of the  things I often see is that they're  reducing fat in their diet they're  eating fat free foods they're avoiding  fats more than anything else so this tip  is to actually eat more healthy fats so  nuts seeds these are all great examples  avocados fish these are all excellent  sources of good healthy fats and you  know the other great thing about fats is  that they're really fun to eat it tastes  really good. 

4-Spice it up 

So tip  number four is to spice it up and I'm  literally talking about eating more  spices so whether you cook at home  or not all right now obviously cooking  at home is something we're going to want  to try and do more of if we want to  improve our health but even if you're  someone who's not cooking at home yet I  encourage you to maybe try out buying  some spices and you can even carry these  along with you and add them to the  healthier foods that you're eating in  restaurants because when we're talking  about processed foods one of the big  reasons that we like those foods so much  is that they have a whole lot of flavor  right  so as we're transitioning to healthier  foods which don't use things like msg  and you know all of these different food  chemicals that I've talked about and  many of my other lists we're going to  want to probably have some spices to add  to those healthier foods to help  transition ourselves into eating them  also understand that most of the spices  pretty much all of them for that matter  give you a lot of health benefits in and  of themselves  alright so turmeric okay this may be one  of the most well-known spices at least  at this point because it's known to have  a lot of health benefits it's really  high in antioxidants, it has very good  immune building functions and it can  also, serve as a natural antibacterial  agent in the body okay so for me this is  just a huge double win because you have  something that improves the flavor of  the food and is also improving your  health in the process another great  example is sea salt so what I have here  is what's called Himalayan pink sea salt  but it's actually the iron that gives it  that pink color so when you're using a  sea salt as opposed to a conventional  table salt the regular iodized salt that  we're usually using you're going to have  something that contains a lot more  minerals and in the case of this salt  contains a lot of trace minerals as well  when we're craving certain foods those  cravings while they could just be you  know kind of a random craving for  something oftentimes those cravings can  also, be signals so salt cravings are  usually a signal that you're deficient  in minerals so what most of us are doing  if we're eating the average diet is that  we're eating huge amounts of iodized  salt which is just sodium and we're  actually becoming more and more  deficient in the other minerals like  potassium iron magnesium etc so  transitioning to using a sea salt  instead of a regular table salt is going  to be a great way to get more minerals  in your diet and it's actually going to  reduce your salt cravings and who  doesn't want that so one of the  recommendations I actually make to a lot  of my family members is to carry some of  sea salt along with you when you go  to restaurants and then order your food  with no salt or at least ask them to use  less salt and then you can add to taste  however much salt you need of your good  much healthier salt so this is twofold  because now you're  going to be having less  sodium by having them put less salt in  the food and you're  going to be having more  minerals because you're using this  really great sea salt so again it's kind  of a double win. 

5-Step by step 

Tip number five remember  that Rome was not built in a day now  granted you are not trying to build your  own civilization but sometimes the  thought of getting healthier and  changing our diet can seem just as  overwhelming so this tip is to look for  small incremental steps of improvement  that you can make again if you're  someone who's eating the typical diet of  candy bars and sodas and things like  that it's  going to be pretty difficult for  you to overnight just stop eating sugar  altogether so what I propose is looking  for small incremental improvements you  can make so I have a couple examples  here so this first one is a jojo's  chocolate bar so this is a dark  chocolate all right now  but  the basic thing to understand is that  replacing a regular candy bar with dark  chocolate is going to have several  benefits number one dark chocolate is  going to contain less sugar than a milk  chocolate bar and then also consider  that a bar like this which also contains  nuts  is going to have a couple of different  benefits so number one that added  healthy fat and added fiber is going to  make it more likely that a bar like this  can satisfy your hunger a little bit  alright it's going to be more satisfying  to your body to eat it and then again  the added health benefits of the fats  which we talked about earlier then we  can also look at a KIND bar and you may be familiar  with this brand it's becoming more and  more easy to find but essentially this  is what I would call an alternative to  like a nutrigrain bar or an energy bar  so what we have in this one is something  that contains a lot of different whole  grains so quinoa amaranth millet  buckwheat not only do we get a lot of  fiber from these whole grains  so again fiber that's  going to satisfy our  hunger right but we also get a lot of  other nutrients as well so we get  minerals we get some protein replacing  your typical energy bar or nutrigrain  bar with something like this is such a  vast improvement and then consider that  if you're using a bar like this to  replace a candy bar you know so this one is  eight grams of sugar you know literally, these bars contain about anywhere from a  fifth to a tenth as much sugar as your  typical candies so these are great  examples of making small incremental  improvements that are going to make it a  lot easier to make these changes than if  you tried to just give up sugar  overnight. 

6-Reduce  our exposure to toxins 

So tip number six along the  same lines of looking for small  incremental improvements that we can  make in our diet and in our lifestyle is  to also consider ways that we can reduce  our exposure to toxins so we get exposed  to toxins when we eat processed  dudes when we eat junk foods and fast  foods we also expose ourselves to toxins  with some of the different skin care  products that we may be using and   but then another area where we are  exposing ourselves to a lot of  unnecessary toxicity is when we are  drinking from plastic water bottles or  microwaving our food in plastic  containers and it's because the  chemicals in plastic will actually leach  into the food or into the water again  especially when the plastic is heated up  or when you've left a plastic water  bottle in the backseat of your car for  instance so one simple recommendation is  to just replace your plastic water  bottles with glass so you can just reuse  glass bottles that you've bought for  another purpose obviously or you can  actually, invest in a reusable glass  bottle and another additional benefit of replacing  your plastic with reusable glass as  you're also reducing your  environmental footprint all right so  hopefully most of the plastic water  bottles are being recycled but we're  just also have to understand that a lot  of that plastic is ending up in  landfills it's ending up in the ocean   and of itself so reducing your  plastic with reusable glass just has so  many benefits again not only to your  health but to the world as a whole so  that's a great simple thing you can do  to start improving your health and  reducing your exposure to toxins. 


One of  the most common questions that I get is  about supplements Karina do I need to  take supplements what supplements should  I take and the reason that this is such  a hard question to answer is that that's  really going to vary person to person  and really the only way to know for sure  what things you should be supplementing  is actually to have your blood work done  and take a look at you know what are you  deficient in what are you not getting  enough of so as far as making an overall  recommendation of a supplement that I  really think could help anyone the  primary thing I would recommend is  probiotics so probiotics actually feed  the good bacteria in your gut so you  have all of this different bacteria and  your digestive tract but it's what they  call good bacteria because it's actually  responsible for helping you digest your  food for helping your immune system so  probiotics actually feed that good  bacteria so to speak so what I have here  are some hyper biotics and what I want  you to notice is that they are multiple  strain blends so I think this one  contains five strains and this one  contains 15 different strains or  different varieties of probiotics so  what you get when you're taking a  probiotic is something that's going to  literally, improve your body's ability to  digest your food it's going to improve  your  immune system and it can also, help to  improve things like digestive discomfort  or other digestive tract issues that  people may be having and again those are  kind of increasingly common when we're  eating a lot of processed foods so probiotics I'm going to be a great supplement you can start taking even if you're not changing your diet at all adding probiotics into your daily health regimen is definitely something that can bring you a lot of benefits. 

8-Eating more vegetables 

Tip number  eight now I know that you don't need me  to tell you that eating more vegetables  will improve your health so I'm not   going to tell you that but what I want to  show you is something that can again  kind of give you a little step in the  right direction  so a really good way to add a lot more  nutrients into your diet is by drinking  some kind of a green drink and one of  the simplest things is using a green mix  powder like this one so this one's  called formula 95 greens this is  probably the best tasting green powder  that I've ever tried and what's really  cool about this is it contains 95  different ingredients so we have a lot  of different vegetables different greens  we have chlorella spirulina spinach  broccoli we have super fruits so we  actually get a whole lot of antioxidants  and stuff from this drink as well so  what you want to look for if you are   going to take some kind of a green powder  or supplement powder like this is number  one that the ingredients are foods  because what that tells you is that  these are not synthetic vitamins or  nutrients because if you're taking  vitamin A or vitamin B or whatever it  may be in some cases those are actually  synthetically made vitamins so what you  want is something that comes for  food right because when you have the  different food sources you're much more  insured of actually getting a  nutritionally complete source of those  nutrients so something like this is a  great very simple way to add more  nutrients into your diet again the  healthiest way to go is actually getting  your nutrients from the healthy foods  themselves but if you're looking for a  simple easy way kind of to step you in  the right direction definitely recommend  maybe trying out a green drink like this. 

9-lit’s start  

Tip number nine is to just start  somewhere anywhere remember that there  are hundreds if not thousands of  different things that we can do to start  improving our health and getting closer  to reaching those health and weight loss  goals so just pick something and know  that that is a wonderful step in the  right direction  so one little guideline that I like to  use for myself is to implement either  one new habit or one new food a week so  each week I'm either going to try a new  food or I'm going to try and implement a  new healthy habit and again the smaller  the better alright so maybe it's  something like drinking a glass of water  in the morning or replacing your plastic  water bottles with reusable glass maybe  it's just something like getting more  physical activity throughout the day so  rather than trying to set aside a big  chunk of time to work out which a lot of  us have a hard time doing right we're  just busy we don't have time to set  aside all right so maybe our new habit  is  going to be just getting up from our  desks throughout the day and moving  around a little bit walking around the  office or maybe even putting on a little  stretching video throughout the day  recognize that you can break your  physical activity up into smaller little  time chunks if that makes it easier than  aside a big chunk of time other examples  would be trying a new food like chia  seeds maybe you're looking at me like  I'm crazy with my chia seeds so try  something new implement a new habit one  of my favorite things is drinking  coconut water instead of sports drinks  we get electrolytes we get minerals this  is something that is also going to be a  little bit sweet because of that natural  sugar in the coconut water so just  trying something new and understanding  that every step no matter how small is a  huge step in your health journey. 

10-Creative expression 

Tip number ten so this is kind of similar to  what we talked about earlier about doing  things that bring you enjoyment that get  you outside or get you having fun and  laughing but this tip is to find a means  of creative expression so when we are  expressing ourselves when we are  confronting our emotions in a way that  is therapeutic and cathartic this is  going to actually have once again many  mental and physical health benefits so a  lot of us you know I hear this all the  time people say oh I'm just not artistic  at all or I wish I was creative I wish  it was as creative as you write so again  this is kind of harkening back to that  judgmental side of ourselves that's  telling us that we're not talented and  we're not creative but actually the  truth is that every single person has  that creative expression inside of them  so this tip is to look for a way to crew  to creatively express yourself so maybe  it's something like coloring or drawing  there's all of these amazing adult  coloring books now with these beautiful  flowers and animals and all kinds of  beautiful things there's so much benefit  that comes from doing an activity even  just coloring in a coloring book maybe  it's doing something muse  goal or creative maybe you're the  building type and you actually want to  get out in the shop and do metalworking  or sculpting or you know the the whole  idea here is just that it could be  anything and so I encourage you to  really ask yourself you know what  creative thing would I have fun doing  and remember that it's not about  creating amazing works of art it's about  doing something for yourself and what  you'll find is that when you're doing  something just for your own benefit just  for your own enjoyment oftentimes you  end up creating something really  beautiful that other people end up  enjoying as well.  

Thank you so much for  joining me for this list I truly hope  that it gave you some good simple ideas  of things that you can do be sure to let  me know if you have a health topic or  health obstacle that you would like, leave it in comments.