Top 10 Cities With The BEST FOOD

Top 10 Cities With The BEST FOOD 

Hello everybody, in this list you've all been dying to see we  know you guys love travel and splurging  when it comes to food so we are here  again with a list of the most gourmet  cities in the world we are headed  together into a culinary adventure all  around the globe  visiting gourmet restaurants where only  Anthony Bourdain would go to find the  most amazing local dishes  it's amazing how food affects us and  awakens our senses every time we taste  something new or delicious and since  food and smell can trigger memories so  we're giving you a few tips on where to  eat and what to eat so you can never  forget your travels most people grow up  in a place where they can't experience  other types of cuisines until later in  life and that's such a shame  since there are so many flavors and  combinations available to us food brings  so much comfort in our lives and it's  basically the main ingredient that  sustains life after water and air so you  might as well make it tasty and  unforgettable other than your mother's  or grandmother's kitchen there are  places where you can fall in love and  ditch your normal diets with so many  restaurants and new concepts launched  some cities do offer holistic approaches  when it comes to food fortunately you  can now find good pizza in England great  sushi in New York or authentic Thai  places in Barcelona we don't have to  travel to a certain place anymore to  have a special kind of food but it does  make a difference if you do but since  not all of us can go as often as we want  to we kindly bring you the ten cities  where you can find various cuisines and  restaurants with real authentic owners  and famous dedicated cooks some of these  destinations are big cities some are  capital cities and some might actually  be on your bucket list  with our tips you'll be fully prepared  when you arrive if you don't know where  to eat because let's be honest you don't  travel the world to drink Starbucks and  eat McDonald's that's  pathetic. 

10-Rome, Italy 

you know what they say When  in Rome do as the Romans do Italy is the  motherland of pizza pasta and gelato  it's no place to diet or restraint the  local cuisine here is to die for and the  foreign ones are simply just as fresh  and delicious as they are in their own  home countries in Rome  you can attend cooking courses food  tours or simply wander the streets and  search for tiny and cozy spots to find  food and it's always cooked with fresh  ingredients there's something quite  romantic and eating a cannoli while  admiring the Colosseum don't you think  other than pizza pasta and all the  gelato in the world we strongly  recommend you try the high-end gourmet  French cuisine from ill Palacio with  their $75 tasting menu exotic Colombian  Japanese flavors at metamorphose e and  of course plenty of seafood prices may  vary from 25 euro per meal to higher  ones and don't forget that pasta  requires a special kind of wine to be  paired with but since some of these  restaurants are some of the best in the  world it's actually a great value for  your money  Italy is a very gastronomic City and  people put a lot of effort into every plate and dish they serve. 

9-New  Delhi, India  

After the tasty wide spreads  of Chinese food Indian cuisine is the  second most loved from all of Asia due  to their culture religion and geography  they are able to combine all sorts of  ingredients and spices to make the  tastiest combinations and sauces it's a  mix of textures spiciness sweet and  comfort in one sitting all cooked with  special techniques and ovens to give it  local touches New Delhi is crowded noisy  but also full of food trucks and  restaurants here you'll find authentic  Indian cuisine at low prices and other  specialties such as Vietnamese Chinese  and even American restaurants it's such  a pity to visit India without trying all  of the variations of curry  pickled mango naan bread and vegetarian  twists they offer famous chefs like  Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay have  visited the city in order to learn how  to properly cook quick Indian meals so  it's safe to say that New Delhi is the  mecca of Indian flavors a quick tip drop  the Western cutlery stigma and dig in  with your fingers for a full sensorial  experience that's the proper way to eat  there.
8-New Orleans, USA   

The great cities like  Miami or Las Vegas have nothing in  comparison with New Orleans this  Louisiana city will make you forget  everything you've eaten so far and fall  in love all over again with soul food  which not a lot of cities can do these  days with so many McDonald's and subway  restaurants opening at every corner this  city is a yummy mix of seafood sauces  meat vegetables and basic spices cooked  with love and tradition since 1800 it's  a travel down memory lane of your  grandma's dishes only adapted and  slightly influenced by French and Dutch  cuisine even though they have some  European influences they've grown so  beautiful you can't pinpoint anymore  which is which from dirty rice to gumbo  or jambalaya  your taste buds will go crazy all of the  time and you'll find yourself asking for  more if you're a foodie then this is a  real place where you need to be there  are over 800 restaurants in New Orleans and you can't find better soul food anywhere else guaranteed besides the tasty foods you  get to enjoy 24/7 let's not mention the beautiful architectural houses and great  weather. 

7-Tokyo, Japan

Very few  places can make really great sushi like  the authentic ones in Japan it's a  matter of quality technique ingredients  and passion and they can't be found most  of the time outside of the country if  you're a sushi lover and we bet there  are lots of you then you should  definitely visit Tokyo possibly during  sakura season in march to make the most  of it other than traditional Japanese  food and snacks Tokyo is a cosmopolitan  city where other Asian cuisines can  pleasantly surprise you from perfectly  cooked rice authentic miso soup algae  and Rolf  the most common Japanese dishes are  insanely tasty and quite healthy too  since Okinawa a Japanese island is the  place where people live the longest in  the world there's no better place to  have sushi and traditional Japanese food  in the world than in Tokyo where you can  choose from over 160,000 restaurants now  that's a mega city where you can easily  be overwhelmed most restaurants will  have a waiting line and often times  lunch is cheaper than dinner so maybe  try to eat more at lunch prices may vary  from five dollars to a fancy 300 dollar  meal at a high-end restaurant and they  also have a strong street food culture  where you can indulge in sushi and ramen  all day long  other than that the city also abounds in  European and Indian restaurants as well  as other Asian cuisines such as  Vietnamese Korean or Taiwanese you can  expect only the best quality and  services from Japanese people not to  mention the variety of snacks and sodas.  

6-Barcelona, Spain  

There are a  lot of cities with good restaurants and  coffee shops but Barcelona simply makes  it hard for you to choose only one once  you set foot in this city you'll want to  come back every year this vibrant city  has vegans meat lovers and hipsters all  covered since there's a wide range of  restaurants and specialty coffee shops  on top of great food and coffee  Barcelona also has huge hall markets  with fresh fruits vegetables hamana and  seafood that will catch your eye and  soul if you're into that kind of  attraction then LeBeau kieta is the best  place to do it since it's right on the  Rambla street there are various  restaurants on the beach tapas places  and waffle and ice cream trucks  everywhere making it really hard to  resist the city is a mix of all of the  influences that you can think of from  african to french American or Asian and exquisite three Michelin star  restaurants like les art a restaurant or  tickets a contemporary tapas with the  world's best chefs Barcelona makes  everyone fall in love with the city especially with the food and the wine  and since you're in the Catalan  city be aware that prices are much  higher than any other city in Spain. 

5-Hanoi, Vietnam   

Southeast Asia has boomed  with tourists in the last several years  and it seems like the Indochina  Peninsula is now one of the most visited  areas Thailand Laos Cambodia or Vietnam  are fully packed with new tourists  willing to learn more about their  culture and their heritage what they  don't know is the best part about their  trip is going to be the food and out of  all of Vietnam Hanoi seems to be the  winning city for food lovers  sweet-and-sour Fah  with noodles and spring onion is the  best cure for a hangover and if you had  a rice-based dish you're in for a full  experience Hanoi is the city where food  is highly important for families they  usually eat together and although there  are various influences to be found all  across the country Fah and noodles are  the main dish to try most people fall in  love with Vietnam within the first few  hours upon arrival and choose to return  over and over again for authentic food  and culture experiences there are over  1,000 40 restaurants in Hanoi only and  they vary from traditional Vietnamese  tasty food local fast food and the  weirdest fruits like rambutan light  sheet or jackfruit crazy right the  prices are quite low at most restaurants  and food trucks in comparison with other  countries varying from $2 to 20 for a  three-course meal in a mid-range  restaurant for a full Vietnamese  experience you can rent a motorcycle and  visit the whole city and countryside.  

4-Guadalajara, Mexico 

A jewel in  Central America is definitely  Guadalajara Mexico  unlike mexico city guadalajara is a moor  culture and food-oriented place rather  than business and politics the city is  home to mariachi music and is full of  events and festivals all year round if  you're into tacos guacamole and tequila  you're going to have us  see tasty trip here on the food menu  you'll have an amazing Mexican variety  and a lot of other Spanish influences as  well you can indulge in tortas aha ganas  birria and pozole like it's Friday night  and calories don't count topped with  some tequila shots or a cold cerveza and  you'll truly understand why Mexican  people are so happy since Mexico is  surrounded by other amazing cultures you  can also find traditional Latin or  Central American dishes Guadalajara is  indeed a vibrant city with open-minded  people that even though you're  surrounded by tradition or rules they  still live in the moment and balance  everything out smoothly. 

3-Paris, France   

If you thought there would  be a food-related article without Paris  then you're wrong we can't talk about  gourmet food without mentioning pastry  chocolate and creamy French desserts  Paris is the capital city of love  fashion and food three of the most  important aspects of life and the city  where you have to travel at least once  in the land of croissants butter and  macarons you can get lost and wander the  streets until you find the cozy  restaurant with traditional gourmet  cheeses whether you're in Montmartre  array or the sean's ELISA you'll always  find a chic restaurant with the tastiest  French food or if you want a different  experience you can enjoy a picnic in the  park or a dinner at the eiffel tower at  Jules Verne restaurant which is around  $200 a person their cuisine is very carb  oriented mixed with freshly brewed  coffee and long walks  maybe that's the perfect lifestyle and  the reason why the French have been  living for so long and prospering for  decades baguette sandwiches lots of  fondue and Michelin star restaurants are  just the cherry on top of Paris because  there's also wine champagne and eclairs  to try your trip in Paris must be about  food and art it's impossible to do  something else in such a bourgeois City  for extra inspiration hot chocolate and great Instagram pictures go to Angelina or cafĂ© de Flore  and live your best French life and while we're still talking about romantic Paris. 

2-Montreal, Canada   

Second, to last is also a  French inspired City but across the  Atlantic in Canada we're talking about  Montreal the ever-evolving city where  poutine and bagels are a must for both  tourists and locals there are plenty of  things to visit there and even more  restaurants to fill your belly with  delicious comfort food in the country of  drake and Ryan gosling their cuisine is  influenced by French and American  flavors so you'll get a nice big portion  of carbs and gravy with extra cheese it  might be a little blood clogging for  those who are not used to it  but very tasty if you happen to be in  the city  don't miss the Robin square laven you or  motiva restaurants for the best food  your money can possibly buy and remember  that the Canadian dollar is not the same with the American dollar there are also around 50 other varieties of restaurants such as Jamaican Czech  Mauritian or Turkish to try for those who are multicultural and maybe just not  into gravy. 

1-Athens, Greece   

For  the last food city we have something  light fresh and filled with aromatic  herbs and oils  we're in Greece now and we're enjoying  the food the wine and all of the  historic sights it has to offer  Athens the capital city is a very  colorful and Mediterranean city with  cozy local restaurants and real Greek  salad with feta cheese they will serve  you strong brewed coffee with pastry for  breakfast and yummy meatballs or gai  rose for lunch or dinner they're all  served with salads and olives and a cold  beverage so you're in the right place  from the start their street food culture  is booming but traditional restaurants  such as dinner in the sky or Cemal  gastronomic sit you will make your  tastebuds go crazy as well as your  wallet. 

Now with a full belly  you always think better and so do we  after visiting so many cities and so  many delicious cuisines  we're wondering which one is actually  the healthiest it's probably a tie  between Mediterranean and Asian but it's  too hard to choose so we're asking you  guys which one do you think  the best for dieting and weight watching  let us know your answer in the comment section.