Top 10 Bizarre Laws From Around The World!

Top 10 Bizarre Laws From Around The World!  

Hey guys what's up,today we're going to be looking at the  10 weirdest laws from around the world  so we all know that some laws are really  weird in the world but for some of these  I had no idea they existed and I don't  think some of these should be allowed  but some of these could actually help  you in your life like a life hack or  something so coming in. 

10-Flushing the toilet 

We have  flushing the toilet after 10 p.m. so  this law is coming from Switzerland and  basically if you were in Switzerland  you're not actually allowed to flush a  toilet after 10 p.m. and that's already  a pretty crazy and dumb law but the  reason for this law is even more dumb  basically the whole big reason why it's  technically illegal to flush the toilet  after 10 p.m. in Switzerland is because  it's counted as noise pollution which  basically means you're being so loud  you're disturbing other people around  you I mean damn how loud is Swiss  toilets for real though this law is just  so dumb like do they just want everyone  to wet the bed or something I mean I  already do that enough this law does not  help okay I'm kidding but to be honest I  don't feel too bad for Swiss people  because I highly doubt that anyone  actually obeys this law and also they  couldn't even know it was you unless  they have toilet police or something but  I mean come on I doubt they have. 

9-More than one kid   

So this law  is from China and is pretty weird and  just really controlling so I'm guessing  most of you guys live in America or  Europe and it's common to see families  with two kids three kids maybe even up  to six kids and who knows maybe you're  even in one of those families well if  you are then count yourself lucky that  you don't live in China because parents  in China are restricted to only having  one child and the reason for this does  kind of makes sense basically before  this law the death rates were really low  and the birth rates were really high and  basically China's population was getting  so huge I mean they already had a  population of 1.4 billion and to prevent  to perspective the USA only has a  population of 317 million  so yeah they introduced this law  basically to have less people but I mean  I don't know it does seem like the  government are being pretty controlling  and I would imagine it would get kind of  lonely if you don't have any siblings so  what do you guys think should they have  done this or not. 

8-Unmarried women parachuting on Saturdays 

I had to put this one on this list  cause of how insanely specific this one  is so this one is coming from Florida in  America and basically it means so women  who aren't married aren't allowed to  parachute on Saturdays and I mean this  is a pretty common thing so I'm  surprised they banned it okay I'm just  kidding guys I doubt this happens too  much but I wonder if you weren't a  married woman and you tried to go  parachuting on a Saturday if the company  who does it would let you if any of you  guys fit that criteria then try this and  tell me if it works but yeah even though  a lot of people saw this law as outdated  they never got rid of it and it's mostly  because it's known as one of those weird  and funny old American laws so yeah even  though this is kind of unfair I doubt it  affects that many people. 


So this law is coming from  England where I live and basically in  England it turns out it's the law that  men over the age of 12 in England have  to do two hours of longbow training  every week I mean damn I never do that  pile I'm sure it's fine oh shit not  again now I'm just kidding guys that  this law obviously is never used anymore  and I didn't even know it was a law this  law actually came about in 15 14 when  Henry the eighth was the King so yeah  this is so old and never used but for  some reason they never got rid of this  law and in 2012 the chairman of law  commissioned in England tried to get  this law removed but for some reason it  still hasn't been removed and today it's  just one of those laws that they never  got around to removing in fact it's  probably illegal to have a bow and arrow  without a license nowadays knowing  England like yeah if you guys never see  me again then just know I've been locked  up for not doing my bow and arrow  training. 

6-Being fat   

So if you guys are overweight and also in  Japan then how are you watching this you  should be in jail now that seriously is  actually illegal in Japan to be  overweight and what's really weird about  this is that sumo wrestling comes from  Japan where you basically compete to be  the heaviest person well okay not  exactly but it does help  so yeah Japanese people who are between  the ages of 46 and 74 have to have their  waist lines measured at least once a  year and if they don't fit the criteria  they have to seek medical assistance  straight away to be honest I don't know  if there's some kind of exception for  sumo wrestlers because I didn't even  know if they have a tape measure that  big and you can't get arrested for being  overweight but apparently you can  actually get a fine if you don't do  something about it but yeah I don't  think there's actually too bad of the  law because it makes people healthier  but then again some people say the  government is being a little bit too  controlling and sometimes people have  medical problems that make them fat and  I guess I agree with that too  but I'll let you guys make up your own  minds on this one. 

5-Incest marriages   

So this one has got to  be one of the creepiest ones in this  entire video so basically in Alabama in  America incest marriages are technically  legal and if you guys don't know we're  incest means is basically where you're  in a relationship with a family member  and I don't mean just cousins and shit I  mean like literally marrying your mom or  dad and Alabama is the only state in  America that allows you to do this so  yeah if any of you guys from other  states have a crush on that weird uncle  then too bad I just think this is really  weird and some people even think it  should be totally illegal and some  people actually trying to get this  banned not just because it's really  weird  but also because you know the whole  hillbilly marrying their cousin  stereotype yeah that's basically where  this comes from and people don't want to  be seen like that but yeah this is  probably one of the most controversial  laws in America so I had to put it on this list. 

4-Dying in the houses of parliament   

Now this is a  really dumb one coming from England and  I'm not talking about me so basically in  England we have this thing called the  houses of parliament where politicians  talk about stuff so I guess it's kind of  like Congress in America where they have  meetings and stuff but it turns out that  a law got made in 1811 that made it  literally illegal to die in the houses  of parliament  so yeah let's say you're a politician  and you just die in the houses of  parliament you get taken to jail instead  of hospital well okay that's a bit of an  exaggeration but I mean this is a really  crazy law like how can you blame a guy  for dying and to be honest I doubt any  punishment or whatever will be given if  someone actually did die in the houses  of parliament but we have no way to know  because no one has actually died in the  houses of parliament yet well except  this guy but anyway this one is a  really weird and dumb law.
3- Paid in full

And this one is kind of a  life hack so if you guys ever got out to  eat and finished your food but they give  you some shit like this and you're just  not full after you finish your food well  if you live in Denmark and this happens  to you then you don't even have to pay  for the food I mean damn can you imagine  doing that in America they get mad if  you don't tip there let alone not pay at  all but I mean although this law is good  if a restaurant basically scams you and  gives you barely any food but I mean  what if someone like this guy comes into  your restaurant  I mean seriously though there are some  greedy ass guys you could just come in  and get unlimited food and because they  can't really test how full you actually  are the laws just left up to your  opinion but then again I would feel kind  of bad abusing this law so I doubt that  too many people get like tons of food. 

2-Not smiling

Hey are you  having a bad day oh you are well then  get in jail how dare you and that's  exactly how a policeman in Milan in  Italy would react if they saw you  weren't smiling well okay guys not  exactly but I mean it is actually  against the law to not smile in Milan  today I lost my job all my friends died  and I found out I have AIDS I am so   happy so yeah it's crazy  but technically true you have to smile  and if you don't obey this law you could  actually get a big fine the only times  you are allowed to not smile is at  funerals and hospital visits and this  law came around in the 1800s and has  never been removed this sounds like some  North Korea shit like forcing people to  smile what and I don't know how many  policemen actually enforce this because  it's so ridiculous but if any of you  guys are from Milan or have been there  then let me know if this is still a  thing that people are doing or not. 

1-Have eating in a place that's on fire

And  coming up lost on this list we have  eating in a place that's on fire so when  you guys go out to eat you want to eat  it too place this fire right  but yeah in Chicago you literally can't  eat in a place this on fire so if your  favorite restaurant burns down in the  middle of your meal then by law in  Chicago, you have to stop eating and I  have no idea why this is a law I mean  it's just common sense and I don't know  what happened to make them make this law  like well some guy in a burning  restaurant but his food was so good he  just had to keep eating and died I have  no clue but I think there is such a  weird and dumb idea and who knows if you would actually get in trouble with the law if you actually did this for some reason, in fact, I'd be interested to know what happens so if you live in Chicago then set fire to your house eat something and see if you get arrested  I'm just kidding guys don't actually do that. 

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