Top 10 Bizarre Borders You Won't Believe Exist

Top 10 Bizarre Borders You Won't Believe Exist     

Today we're going to be looking at the 10 most bizarre waters you won't believe  exist when we think of a country's  border you probably imagine giant fences  and walls and a lot of passport control  but this is not the same in some parts  of the world from zip wire borders to  country ball is located in cafes you  won't believe these spoilers actually  exist. 

10-China and Mongolia 

This border isn't the  most impressive on this list but it is  by far the funniest and it's one border  that everyone who passes through must  get a photo with across the border or to  dinosaurs kissing each other the  dinosaurs are so reports and they really  are showing each other some love but the  question is why on earth these statues  even here well there are two reasons to  this first of is to advertise something  called dinosaurs fairyland which is a  science or amusement park in a nearby  town so this is kind of like one big  advertisement which brings in a lot of  money for the local economy and also the  area wanted to show off that they're a  fossil hotspot put all of those reasons  together and you get this one hilarious  border however, it seems to the border  gets a lot more attention than dinosaur  fairy land itself but let's be honest  how could you not stop and check out two  dinosaurs making out the cool thing  about this border is the dinosaurs are  the scale of how big they really were  all those years ago we all know China  used to walter border mongolia and scare  Mun coiling and warriors off but I think  these giant dinosaurs would have done  the trick when it comes to scaring people off. 

9-Spain and Portugal  

Now a lot of the time borders are pretty  boring right there's simply a fence that  lets people in and out of a place well  at this border between Spain and  Portugal there are no fences at all  instead there's a river but there's no  bridge going over it so you may be  wondering how do you get from Spain to  Portugal well you have to take something  more awesome than a car or a boat that  is a zip wire this has got to be the  most fun and funny border ever however  I'm guessing anyone with a fear of  heights would simply have to find  another border the zip wire goes 250  miles an hour and as a toll of only 12  dollars and the zip wire also sets you  back in time by one hour thanks to the  timezone difference he simply show the  zip wire attendant your passport and  away zip the journeys only around 60  seconds long and the wait isn't long  either that is a lot better than a nasty  traffic jam on the highway also I don't  think that most borders  such an awesome view unfortunately  though this is if I can only take you to  Portugal if you want to get back to  Spain you'd need to take a boat over a  different border. 

8-Belgium and  Netherlands

Certain borders are very  tight and it wouldn't be uncommon to see  armed guards and barbed wire fences and  even if a border doesn't have those  things no border in the world would be  described as relaxed right well this  border between Germany and the  Netherlands literally goes through a  cafe you can enter this cafe in the  Netherlands and leave in Belgium and  vice-versa  while most borders are very uptight and  official you can literally have an  espresso on this border there are no  fences here at all and instead there's  just two stone slabs once this NL for  Netherlands and the other B for Belgium  the cafe is called den angle and it's  actually rated 5 stars the town the  border Liezel is called ball norsu and  it's nicknamed the most complicated  border town in the world it may also be  complicated for the cafe but thanks to  this weird border the cafes now  internationally famous and this is now  the most visited place in the entire  town as you pretty much have to go to  this cafe if you want to check out the  cool border this border sure is a lot  more welcoming than the us-mexico border.   

7-Switzerland and Italy  

One  word that wouldn't be used to describe  borders are nice they're often very  functional government buildings and are  not usually very interesting and of  course they're known for their tight  security and unsightly barbed wire  fences and so on well if you go to the  border of Switzerland and Italy you may  not even realize there's a border there  a few sticks and a thin orange string  maps out the borders here the point of  these are not to stop people traveling  in and out of the countries but to  simply make sure people know where they  are technically you're not supposed to  cross the border here ask there's no  passport control but I guess that fact  also makes the place where literally  anyone can cross the border the borders  very plain and picturesque and looks  like a postcard and instead of a giant  water offence there's something that  could easily be confused for a ski  barrier in fact I think even a ski slope  barrier is more secure than this border  we all know that Switzerland is very  peaceful and both countries are in the  EU so citizens to travel freely without  visas or anything like that  would you ever want to check out this  awesome and peaceful border if you do then be warned it's very hard to get there but if you do you'll have no trouble getting into Italy or  Switzerland. 

6-Thailand,Laos and Myanmar 

The  nickname of this border that borders  these three countries is called the  golden triangle this is because the  countries all back onto each other  making a triangle shape you must have  heard of being able to be in  six at once at the four corners monument  in the USA but here you can be in three  countries at once which is much more  impressive to practi a friends about  this border is buy some water on a river  and is made on one large painted wooden  triangle each country's painted a  different color with Thailand being  yellow Laius being red and Miami being  green the cool thing about this border  being in a triangular shape is that you  can stand in the middle of this thing  and be in three countries at once and it  can also be used as a super basic map as  it literally points you in the direction  of each country this place is a popular  tourist hotspot and the only place on  earth where you can be in more than two  countries at any given time and in case  you're wondering why they call this  triangle the Golden Triangle it's not to  do with gold instead it's because of the  water in the river the river is pretty  dirty making the water a brown gold  color but I guess the brown triangle  then really have the same ring to it.

5-Mexico and USA 

So a lot of  you guys watching probably have seen  this border you may assume the borders  very boring and harsh with large fences  and guards everywhere but remember  that's only on the main points of entry  one area of the border is actually very  peaceful and friendly at one part of the  border locals from Mexico in the u.s.  played a game of volleyball over the  fence together and that's an electric  fence so this is like extreme volleyball  but even so this is a very awesome and  powerful photo especially as if there  seems to be a lot of tension between  Mexico and the US when it comes to  borders so it's great to see citizens  coming together apparently, this is a  common thing that these people and  others do and local kids from both  Mexico and the u.s. enjoy playing this  game over the border the reason they can  do this is because of the Security's  more lacs sure there are still guards  and fences by the series not near any  highways but instead next two towns on  both sides where do you ever want to  have a game of border volleyball if the u .s. ends up building that wall I hope  they make it low enough so these guys can still play volleyball. 

4-Canada and USA   

So we've seen a border go through a cafe  which made things inconvenient to them  well if you thought that was  inconvenient then check out this border  between Canada and the USA this border  goes through an entire town making life  very difficult for the residents the  town is called Derby Line and the border  goes have right through the buildings of  this town many homes and businesses have  metal lines going through them to show  you the border and there's even a street  in the town with a sign saying don't  drive on to the USA on this street there  are no border patrol here however and  there are no fences either this means  you can literally stand in two countries  at once which is pretty cool so if the  u.s. and North Korea decide to go at one  another you can safely use  this route to escape to Canada just  imagine wanting to visit your neighbor  but having to go into another country to  do it seriously some people here live in  the same town but in a different country  how mail arrives to the right places in  this area is a mystery to me. 

3-Poland and Ukraine  

So we've seen the  China and Mongolia border which features  two dinosaurs kissing well that's not  the only border that features animals  the border between Poland and Ukraine  are decorated with two giant fish the  fish are made in the fields around the  border kind of like how a crop circle is  made the fish weren't made by aliens  though but by an artist named Jairus  Lord Cassie era from Poland they wanted  to sow the seeds of unity between Poland  and Ukraine and looks like they've done  this pretty well it looks simple from  above but these fish are actually made  of over 23 different types of plants you  may think the fish look kind of wacky  and the board of our people love them  and they spread a good message of unity  and the artist who created this has even  won awards for their work sadly these  can't be seen if you're just driving by  but if you happen to be passing over the  Poland Ukraine border in a helicopter as  you do then check out these border fish  where general border did you prefer the  dinosaurs or these fish. 

2-Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean   

Now  this is not a border between countries  but instead between oceans where the  Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean  makes it looks photoshopped but it's  100% real some people think that the  oceans water won't mix, however, this is  not the case the Glacial water meeting  the shores of the Gulf of Alaska makes  an offer water density and temperature  so it's because the Atlantic Ocean has  glacial water and the Pacific Ocean has  offshore water these waters do not blend  together which makes this amazing  divided between two seas the Glacial  water coming from the Atlantic is green  color because of the salinity of the  water and the offshore water coming from  the Pacific Ocean is a dark blue this is  because of the salinity and the water  density in the area there's a lot of  science to this border but it looks  amazing even a boat going across these  waters won't mix them and some have even  mistaken it for an oil spill as it seems  impossible that it could be so different  in one area like the fish border this  one of course will expel it from above  but even so this board is one of the  most amazing and most unexplained in the  world as there are so many false  theories about this border. 

1-Norway and Sweden 

This has been dubbed  the most beautiful border in the world  we all know that a lot of what makes up  the countries Norway and Sweden are  snowy forests well this doesn't mean  they didn't want to show off their  border the  here has no security or fence and is in  the middle of nowhere what they did to  create the border was cut down a line of  trees this makes an amazing view from  the top of the mountains that you can  see exactly where they've cut to  maintain a perfect line without trees  the reason why they've done this is  because people travelling wouldn't know  whether they were in Norway or Sweden  otherwise it looks like it's in the  middle of nowhere but believe it or not  some people actually use this route to  get to the two countries this border is  amazing as it seems totally symbolic on  the surface but really it serves a  natural purpose and it's one of the most  heavily photographed borders in Europe.

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