Hello everyone do you like street art  we're not talking about indecent words  and all kinds of symbols on city walls  but about realistic pictures painted by  talented artists from all over the world  right under the open sky they might be  monochrome images Banksy style or  awesome 3d paintings that literally  transfer viewers to another dimension  making them feel like computer game  heroes or like Gulliver in a city of  giants sometimes street art is so  realistic that it's unclear whether it's  a drawing or a real car that fell  through the asphalt somewhere in Japan  so in today's list we're going to show you  ten incredibly cool 3d street art from  around the world let's get it on.

10-The  floor is lava

Surely in your childhood  you like to jump on chairs sofas another  furniture in the living room or bedroom  imagining that the floor beneath you is  hot lava which you can't touch with your  feet otherwise and you feel like you're  in a Terminator movie well you get the  idea  most of us no longer play these games or  at least we don't talk about it but the  famous ukrainian street artist alex maxi  of decided to recreate a lava floor in  real life true there were no  grandfather's chair neither that old  dresser that threatened to fall down  with every jump for his amazing drawing  Alex chose a site in the Kiev State  Aviation Museum  however it's boring just to draw some  lava when there are so many great flying  vehicles around right it's way cooler to  imagine yourself as the hero of some  tough action movie and use a helicopter  well why not a helicopter in the end the  artist created a scene from a Hollywood  blockbuster which stopped wait what are  we talking about get on the helicopter  the volcanoes waking up. 

9-street art in  Moscow

Despite the fact that naik  created these drawings they can be  considered a true work of street art  imagine that you're walking through a  park and suddenly in the middle of the  trail you find a bottomless abyss with a  shaky half-broken bridge or snow-covered  ice blocks in the middle of a hot summer  whoever seems Queen Elsa's hiding  somewhere nearby this, of course, is just  an optical illusion created by the true  master  of 3d arts the famous German artist  Marian roots heart and Gregor Voss ik it  took them more than eight hours to  create each of these amazing drawings  first using a special technology the  images were drawn with chalk and only  then the artists began to work with  colours honestly we were gret not being as patient as they are. 

8-INE wall 

If  you think you can only find incredible  3d artworks on the streets of big cities  then you're wrong  some companies for example INE prefer  to decorate their offices not with  motivating phrases or boards with  complex graphics arrows and hidden  dwarves but with real murals and special  paintings created directly on the walls  to be honest the result is great  although the guest artists in fact drew  a different wall on the existing wall  look how realistic that jutting wires  are could it be that one of the  employees have the desire to place  secret agent and cut them off because  we'd like to do it. 


Buying your own house is very  complicated and very few people want to  live in a box to transport frigerators  parents, by the way, threaten their  children we're sending them to live in a  box if they don't get better in their  studies however artist Leon Kia is not  afraid of such horror stories, on the contrary, this man decided to paint a  huge realistic cardboard box the size of  a room, in fact, this piece of street art  created simultaneously on the wall and  the floor behind an old customs building  on the Isle of Aruba is a cleverly  disguised social advertisement and like  any social advertisement here of course  there is a sad story about the shortage  of medicines in Venezuela but even if  there were no meaning to the drawing and  it'd still be a great work of art you  could probably live in a box this size  if you could have install the Internet  right. 

6-Mohamed Ali

We know that this drawing  can't be considered a work of street art  in the strict sense of the word since  it's not been painted on the street even  so it seems to us that it deserves our  attention especially since they're not  people made of Lego or some fallen trees  but life-sized Muhammad Ali himself  actually, it looks like he's swinging and  about to WoW the author of the image the  incredible artist Chris Carlson created  his eye-catching three-dimensional works  using soft chalk on concrete or special  paper so it's no wonder he's decided to  paint the famous boxer undercover  otherwise, this creation would easily be  erased by the rain or a gust of wind too  strong hmm but if it were a Chuck Norris  painting there'd be no problem since the  wind can't erase Chuck it's Chuck who  stops the wind. 


If you don't have a  place to live you can draw a box the  size of a house but if you dream of  having a huge empower 'full truck then  you must run to the store buy paint and  crayons choose a suitable surface and be  patient that's exactly what famous  artists and at Ronen did well actually  her drawing is not a fantasy but an  unusual advertisement for the company  whose name can be seen on the license  plates of the huge vehicle but the  important thing is the realistic style  of the drawing which creates the  illusion that it's ready to  and then concrete slabs and starts a  huge journey at any time maybe along the  way it'll meet Shia LaBeouf in is yellow  Chevrolet Camaro and pick a fight with  the Decepticons if you know how to  contact Michael Bay be sure to share  this idea with him not in vain  the last transformers showed that the  film universe is open to any idea no  matter how crazy it is.

 4-Rocket league

Is  another drawing by Chris Carlson this  time based on a video game that combines  racing and football yeah it sounds a  little strange like kind of like a horse  hockey wait it seems that sport does  really exist bowling it's not surprising  that the creators of this videogame have  decided to combine football with racing  cars seriously this game really exists  you can check it out on Google but  you've better believe us however you  don't need to be a professional player  well or a polo players who appreciate  this drawing because it's incredibly  great you can stand on the edge and  after a couple of seconds you'll feel  like you're part of this cartoon world  such as in Spy Kids 3 but let's be  honest the graphics in this image are much better. 

3-Drawing in the mall

If you like to watch  fun YouTube videos about fast and cool  cooks or workers with flash abilities  then you probably know that Indians are  the real masters in all kinds of jobs  where you didn't doubt that and that's  why we weren't surprised to find this  impressive drawing created not in the  middle of a deserted concrete platform  but directly on the floor of a large  shopping mall by the way  unlike other street artworks this one  was made not by a famous artist but by  several at once the work itself was  created to announce an agency that  organizes different kinds of parties to  be honest we have no idea how a party  can be connected to a giant precipice a  suspension bridge or an escalator  painted on the floor but we do know that  these artists turned out to be awesome  and visitors to them all got a couple of  souvenir photos. 

2-Giant sink

As you  probably know street art is an  international phenomenon and you can  find all sorts of great drawings in  almost any parts of the world where  there's a dry area and a little bit of  painting for example there's giants and  somewhat surrealistic painting was  painted in Roeseler Belgium on the  sidewalk next to a parking lot and it's  well, to be honest, we don't quite  understand what the artists have  portrayed looks like a sink with glasses  and cups the size of a minivan but for  some reason there's a blonde kid sitting  there playing with a xylophone now we  don't really understand anything if you  have any idea of what exactly this  drawing means share your opinion in the  comments but let us say that the  author's vision is certainly singular in  the end artists are creative and a bit  strange  by the way leon kia helped to the  creation of this drawing yeah the same  guy with a huge cardboard box maybe  there's a hidden social implication here  too. 

1-Gateway to another world

Edgar Mullah is one of the most famous  and well-known street artists in the  world what you haven't ever heard of him  well sure you've seen his work because  he did almost half of the most memorable  street works on the Internet to remember  this frozen abyss of this fantastic  River in the middle of a narrow and  quiet street these are Edgar Mueller's  most famous drawings we must  that the German artists as a special  passion for giant paintings at the  beginning of his career he produced  mainly classical paintings transferring  them to asphalt and concrete but now  with great passion he creates whole  fragments of unknown worlds, for example, this huge waterfall which appeared a  specially designated site in the Mexican  state of Nayarit this drawing reminds us  especially of an incredible portal to an  unknown country such as Narnia or the  Middle earth  and it's realism really captures the  spirit of these places one more second  and you'll fall there while cold drops  of some magic water will spill on your  face we you're a hearer of an unknown  world it is true that we couldn't see in  the image a single hobbits elf or  talking mouse but maybe they're behind  the camera. 
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