Top 10 Worst Foods & Habits for our health

Top 10 Worst Foods & Habits for our health 

Today I'm counting down the top 10 worst foods and habits for our health I want you to leave me a comment and let me know what you think the worst most unhealthy food or habit is so you can see if you guess correctly.   

1-Not eating enough healthy facts

The first  mistake is not getting enough high-quality fats in our diet and I know that  that's actually backward from what we  have been told there was this huge craze  of non-fat foods fat-free products  telling us that we needed to avoid fat  but the truth is our body needs fats  they are essential to our mental health  literally these healthy fats compose our  brain cells they're also essential to  helping us feel full and satisfied and  satisfying our hunger so if you're  somebody that craves really fattening  foods like fried foods or potato chips  this is probably an indication that your  body is needing fats and the trick is  you just need to be eating the right  fats and not the wrong fats so, of course, we want to avoid fried foods we also  want to avoid trans fats and oftentimes  you won't see the word trans fats on the  label we're gonna have to turn it over  and read the ingredients and look for  words like hydrogenated oils or  partially hydrogenated oils these are  trans fats and they are really horrific  for your health and what we do want to  do is increase our intake of good  healthy fats so this is nuts avocados  fish good high-quality oils like coconut  oil or olive oil and the more that we  just incorporate these into our diet or  even take an omega-3 supplement if  that's easier for you-you're going to  find increased mental clarity you're  going to find that you actually become  full and satisfied when you eat rather  than still feeling hungry after you eat  and you're also going to find that you  have less cravings for really fattening foods. 

2-Drinkin from plastic 

The second worst habit is drinking  out of plastic containers and especially  microwaving plastic  containers so bisphenol A or BPA got a  lot of attention because it is a really  horrific chemical that's known to be an  endocrine disruptor it also has been  linked to obesity it's been linked to  hormone imbalances and even to fetal  development issues so at this point the  FDA has actually banned BPA from use in  baby bottles but there are still a lot  of groups who would like to see it  banned completely from all food storing  containers because it's found in baby  bottles it's found in plastic water  bottles it's found in a lot of different  kinds of plastic and even if it's a  plastic that doesn't necessarily contain  BPA you want to recognize that pretty  much all plastics have the potential to  leach into the food especially when  they're heated and none of these plastic  chemicals are good and healthy for our  bodies so the best solution is going to  be avoiding drinking or eating from  plastic containers as much as possible  and especially avoiding microwaving  things in plastic containers so glass  drinking out of glass is a great  alternative  there are also stainless steel water  bottles available if you need something  that's a little more durable just  recognize that the plastics industry is  really going out of its way to prevent  this information about the dangers of  plastics from getting out to us making a  big fuss about oh it's really not a  health issue but in 2010 Canada's  Department of the Environment did  officially state that BPA is a toxic  substance so just recognize that even  though there's some controversy about  the safety of plastics you're going to  be a lot better off just avoiding them  completely.  

 3-Toxic skin care products 

The next mistake is lathering  up with a chemical soup every time we  shower so this tip is about recognizing  that your skin is a direct pathway into  your bloodstream so things we put on our  skin actually do enter our body and can  affect our health so the Environmental  Working Group estimated that the average  woman uses twelve different skin or  cosmetic products that have a total of  168 different chemical ingredients just  contained in those twelve products while  the average male uses only six products  with a total of 85 different chemical  ingredients and you should know that  there is no oversight over the safety of  these cosmetic ingredient products so  all of these chemicals that we are  putting on our skin and into our  bloodstream none of them have been  tested for safety many of them are known  carcinogens so we want to actually turn  over the labels of the products that  we're using on our skin and apply the  same rules that we do to food and if  it's a big long list of chemicals that  we have no idea where they came from  we want to avoid those products as much  as possible coconut oil sweet almond oil  shea butter these are really great  natural moisturizers for the skin if you  are somebody who uses a lot of acne  creams or skin clearing potions this  also applies to you too if it's got a  huge list of crazy chemicals I would  avoid a product like that you should  recognize that even the American Academy  of Dermatology has officially stated  that a healthy diet is very important  for good clean skin and clear skin so as  we improve our overall health just do  simple things like drinking more water  eating more fruits and vegetables taking  the chemical junk out of our diet and  out of our skin products we should see  our skin clear up anyways and actually  not even need those crazy acne potions. 

4-Dependence on caffeine or stimulant drugs   

Americans drink 400 million cups of  coffee every single day and while  caffeinated beverages can be a good  quick fix for energy issues depending on  them all throughout the day or every  single morning for several years of your  life can actually lead to a situation  where you're going to have such severe  fatigue that even a cup of coffee won't  help so it's important to recognize that  every time we artificially create energy  in our body by drinking a caffeinated  beverage or by actually doing a  stimulant drug or anything like that  we're kind of creating an energy deficit  and it's really just a matter of time  but before our adrenals are so just  fatigued and overworked that they're  going to just poop out completely and  then you end up with a really severe  issue like chronic fatigue syndrome so  I'm not saying that you can never ever  drink a cup of coffee or caffeinated  beverage but if you are somebody who  drinks them really regularly or who has  been drinking a cup of coffee every day  for 10 or 20 years just recognize that  within your body the health effects are  negative and the effect on your adrenal  glands is negative and this isn't a good  habit that we want to be doing on a  really regular basis so this is not  popular information I know you guys  don't want to hear this but this is a  really important tip for protecting our  health and our energy.  

5-Sedentary lifestyle 

The next worst  habit is a sedentary lifestyle bottom  line is that our bodies were made to  move and if we're spending a lot of our  time sitting at a desk or driving in a  car and then we get home and we sit on  the couch a good way to think about it  is how much of my time and my spending  doing these different things and if  you're spending most of your time  sitting around than that can be a  problem so the point of fitness and  exercise is not only to strengthen the  muscles that we can see on the outside  but also to strengthen our heart and our  other organs so cardiovascular disease  heart attacks all of these things are  going to have increased likelihood if  you are living a sedentary lifestyle and  you aren't regularly getting your heart  pumping and getting your heart  working so you can actually, strengthen  your heart which arguably is one of the  most important muscles in your body it's  also important to do flexibility and  stretching something like yoga because  this not only improves our circulation  of our blood but it also improves  circulation of our lymph which is  important for clear skin and reducing  cellulite which we were talking about in  the last tip and it's also going to help  prevent pain probably most importantly  is that if we are spending a lot of time  sedentary then we're likely going to be  spending a lot of time with chronic pain  so whether it's something like arthritis  or whether it's just nagging back pain  all the time  these things are significantly prevented  and relieved by doing something like  regular stretching or yoga so hopefully  this tip encourages you to get out there  get moving there are a million different  ways to move your body and hopefully you  will find one that you really do enjoy  and can do on a regular basis.
6-processed foods 

Fast foods,  junk foods, processed foods, and that  includes the genetically modified foods  unfortunately the foods that are the  most convenient the most advertised the  most addictive and least expensive are  also really really horrific for our  health and you don't need me to tell you  that fast foods and junk foods aren't  good for us but what it's important to  realize is that processed foods in  general so that's anything that comes in  a package anything with a really long  ingredient list especially when that  ingredient list is a bunch of really  long chemical names anything that is a  prepackaged meal or a microwave dinner  and also pretty much anything that we  get from restaurants these are processed  foods and that means that they are not  natural foods they have a whole host of  different chemicals added to them so  that's preservatives that's artificial  flavors artificial colors it also  includes chemicals that are added to  food  specifically to purposefully make the  foods more addictive and that's one of  the reasons that it can be so hard to  stop eating these foods and to resist  these foods but as we can transition our  diet to things that are more natural so  fruits and vegetable beans grains that  have not been processed or have not been  breached we will be able to regain our  health we're going to not only have more  energy and probably more mental clarity  but it's going to help protect us from  obesity diabetes heart disease cancer  all of these different diseases which  are now being linked to a diet of  processed foods. 

7-Drugs & medications 

So drugs are bad okay we  know that we shouldn't be doing illicit  illegal drugs we know that addictions to  alcohol and really any addiction is not  a healthful habit to have in our lives  but what may be a lot of people don't  realize is that depending on  over-the-counter medications or even  prescribed medications to keep us  healthy is really kind of bass-ackwards  so the ideal scene is that our body is  in such good health that we don't need  to take a prescribed medication in order  to quote-unquote  keep us healthy and if you are taking a  prescribed medication like a statin drug  for instance then this doesn't really  mean that the medication is making  you healthy it's compensating for  something that your body is not able to  do on its own but that it should be able  to do and we can think about the almost  comedic list of side effects that  accompany any kind of prescribed  medication and that is just evidence of  the fact that these drugs affect our  bodies in a myriad of ways so maybe  we're taking the drug for this one  problem but we're actually going to have  side effects because the drug is  affecting a lot of different organs in  our body and it's affecting our overall  health  so we want to avoid relying on  prescription drugs and if you're taking  a lot of different prescription drugs  together then that would also be  something that I would recommend you  look for a functional doctor a doctor of  functional medicine who can maybe help  you address these issues and figure out  how to get you out of a situation where  you're relying on those medications to  keep you healthy and really those  medications are just there to keep you alive.  Now sadly this applies to the  over-the-counter medications too because  all of these medic medications whether  they're over-the-counter or whether  they're prescription drugs they are  going to be really hard on your liver in  many cases they're really high on hard  on your digestive tract and you will  know that when you take them because  they make you feel really sick to your  stomach Tylenol is actually the number  one cause of liver failure it is  actually even more so than alcohol  because the effects of tylenol and  aspirin and all of these different drugs  are really hard on your liver which has  to detoxify your body and try to get rid  of toxic chemicals that we ingest so  even tylenol and aspirin are things that  I'm not going to say you can never take  them but if you're taking these types of  drugs on a really regular basis like  several times a week you want to  recognize that these aren't like  vitamins these aren't giving nutrients  to your body these are medications these  are toxic chemicals that while they may  help with your headache, for instance, are  going to have an accumulative effect of  toxicity in your body so I would hope  that this information is useful to you  and that you're able to lay off some of  the over-the-counter and prescribed  medications that you're taking. 

8-Factory-Farmed Meat & Dairy 

Americans consume a lot of meat like 25  billion pounds and that's just beef now  I'm not going to tell you that you  shouldn't eat meat I think it's  important that we really pay attention  to the way our body feels when we eat  different foods and then make our own  choice accordingly but what you do need  to know is that when you do eat meat or  any animal products so that would  include dairy products eggs and even  fish it's important to look for  something that is grass-fed or  wild-caught in the case of fish organic  if you can find it and from a local  farmer if that's available to you  because when we're eating conventional  animal products these come from factory  farms so what does that mean a factory  farm means that these animals are kept  in very close quarters with one another  oftentimes with chickens they actually  have to cut the beaks of the chickens  off because they would peck each other  to death due to this high-stress highly  confined environment that they are  forced to be in some of these mo animals  never even see the light of day one time  over the course of their whole lives so  if you can just imagine these animals  are stressed out their whole lives  they're sick their whole lives because  they're fed an unnatural diet of grains  or corn and they're actually given  antibiotics just to keep them alive all  of these different chemicals that the  animals are being given all of the  stress the animals are under while  they're alive this equates to very  negative health effects when we eat  those animals so if you're going to eat  animal products look for the words  grass-fed look for the words if you're  buying fish you want to look for the  words wild-caught and just recognize  that the conventional meats that we get  in the grocery store or restaurants, of course, anything that's in junk food or  fast food this is coming from factory  farmed animal  and is really really bad for our health. 

9-Sugar,hfcs & aspatame 

I love sugar just as much as you do I  promise but we really need to wake up  and realize that sugar is not good for  us and if you are eating the  conventional American diet of these  processed foods then sugar is in just  about everything from white bread salad  dressing to spaghetti sauce you name it  if you actually turn over the label and  look at the sugar content you will see  how much sugar is actually found in  these products now high fructose corn  syrup is another sweetener that I  definitely want to warn everyone about  so we take everything from my video our  food chemicals killing you and combine  it with the fact that high fructose corn  syrup is even sweeter than sugar so it  can be even more addictive we want to  avoid things that contain high fructose  corn syrup avoid things that contain  huge amounts of sugar and we definitely  want to avoid the artificial sweeteners  so that's aspartame any of those little  colored packets that you find there's  the white packet that says sugar and  then there's a couple of other ones that  are different colors and those are your  artificial sweeteners so if we're  looking for something sweet our best bet  is just eating a whole piece of fruit  because the fiber in the fruit is going  to kind of ease the effects of all the  sugar that's contained in the fruit you  also want to just become aware of how  much sugar is in the foods that you're  buying because a lot of times we don't  even realize how much sugar it's  estimated that each American eats  somewhere between 143 and 200 pounds of  sugar every year and that's just way too  much sugar sugar has been linked to  cancers it's been linked to all kinds of  different immune system problems mental  health type of issues so if you're  somebody who eats a lot of sugar or  considers yourself a sugar addict I  would highly recommend that you work on  removing those artificial sweeteners and  huge amounts of sugar from your diet and  look for some natural sweeteners like  fruit honey even stevia is going to be a  better substitute for sugar or high  fructose corn syrup. 


Not only is stress  incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant  but it's also really terrible for our  health when our body is surging with  cortisol and we are really stressed out  it's going to stress our immune system  our digestive system our reproductive  system and in general is just going to  lend us to higher blood pressure and all  kinds of other health related issues so  we live in a crazy society where we're  always rushing around there's always a  million things to do and one of the  things that really helped me is just  accepting that there will always be more  stuff to do then I have time for and  recognizing that's okay it's going  to be a lot more important for us to  prioritize our health taking some  downtime avoiding stress avoiding  staying really stressed out and just  being stressed out all the time as much  as we can and at the end of our lives  really it's going to mean a lot more healthy if we can avoid stress then if we  had actually been stressed out our life  but we got all of our errands are done so  things like yoga meditation just having  a fun hobby that you enjoy are really  good ways to decrease the amount of  stress in your life just breathing  deeply is really a good way to decrease  the amount of stress in our lives  stress has been linked to infertility  and a whole host of other issues just  the amount of weakening your immune  system and making you more likely to get  sick may be one of the number one  reasons to try and avoid being stressed  out as much as we can. 

So in this list I was counting down the  top ten worst foods and worst habits for  our health did you know all of this stuff going in leave us a comment let us know what you're thinking and if you like this list.