Top 10 Unbreakable Sport Records

 Top 10 Unbreakable Sport Records 

Today  we're going to get  sporty and motivated and talk about some  records in sport that are said to be  unbreakable nobody will ever ever  surpass that now people have said this  about many records in the past and then  guess what people have gone on to beat  them but even so many people say that  the records we're about to talk about  surely surely they can't be beaten now  do you guys agree  does anyone wait to find out let's see  as we jump into our top 10 unbreakable  sports records. 

10- Michael  Phelps

American swimmer Michael Phelps  is often called the greatest Olympian of  all time  now most athletes would consider it the  pinnacle of their career if they achieve  a gold medal at an Olympic event the  Olympics comes around every four years  and so it's considered a huge  achievement if an athlete can stay on  top of their sport for years and years  and earn maybe three four five gold  medals drew Michael Phelps career he  earned 18 gold medals what the number  two spot has nine that's literally half  the amount that Phelps achieved it's a  fairly recent record Phelps got his last  gold medal in 2012 but people are  already saying that 18 gold medals for  one athlete might just be impossible to beat,what do you  think?.
9-The Golden State Warriors win record

At number 9  now we have the Golden State Warriors  who hold the NBA record for the most  wins in one season an incredible 73 back  in 1972 the LA Lakers managed 69 wins in  one season and then basketball fans had  to wait 24 years but Michael Jordan and  the Chicago Bulls to top that with their  72 wins they were the first team to  break 70 wins in one season and many  people thought that this was simply  unbeatable and they weren't wrong in the  last 20 years since then most teams  didn't even come close and then in 2016  Stefan curry led the Warriors to 73 wins  in one season nobody thought they'd ever  see this record be broken a spell  you buy this team when curry was asked  what the 73 wins meant to him he said it  means I am a part of the best team ever  and some people are now starting to  believe him.
8-Steffi  Grafon

Next up a number eight we  have legendary tennis player Steffi Graf  on August 17 to 1987 she became the  number one ranked women's tennis player  in the world she held on to that title  for almost four years that's absolutely  crazy until March 11th 1991 for a total  of 186 weeks at the number one spot for  many years the closest anyone came to  being that dominant in the sport was  Martina Hingis but she only managed 80  weeks before being knocked off the  number one spot that's not even half of  what Steffi Graf managed and Steffi  didn't have easy competition it wasn't  just like a fluke one of her main rivals  was a legend Monica Seles current number  one in the world Serena Williams might  be the only person who could take this  title but she'd have to remain number  one until mid-september 2016 only time  will tell.   

7-Kareem  abdul-jabbar

Now number 7 we have Kareem  abdul-jabbar who holds the record for  the most career points in the NBA  history with an astounding 38,000 387  letters of the game like Wilt  Chamberlain and Shaquille O'Neal don't  even come close to this even Michael  Jordan trails by 6,000 points Kareem was  a 7 foot 2 legend of the sport who spent  most of his career with the Milwaukee  Bucks and LA Lakers finally retiring in  1989 with a whole slew of records  including most minutes played and most  field goals made he eventually lost  those titles over time but today 27  years on nobody nobody looks like  they're ever going to be that incredible  amount of career points the best hope in  almost three decades was Kobe Bryant he  was only 5000 points behind Kareem but  then he retired in April 2016 and now  people are seriously wondering if the  sporting record will ever be beaten. 

6-the  longest tennis match of all time

Now   number six we have something I actually  remember watching yes I will never  forget this tennis match we're about to  talk about how could I it was the  longest tennis match of all time however  you look at it either by time or number  of  named the 2010 Wimbledon match between  American John Isner and French Nicolas  mahute is the longest tennis game since  records began the game started on a 22nd  of June but had to be postponed until  the next day because of fading light yes  they literally ran out of sunlight then  the next day the same thing happened on  the third day John Isner  finally finally won over the course of  those days the match lasted eleven hours  and five minutes smashing the previous  record by over four and a half hours the  score actually got so high that the  scoreboard at the event broke yeah it  actually just broke because it wasn't  programmed to go that high mental.    
5-Paula  Radcliffe 

Being  on to number five now we have Paula  Radcliffe who currently holds the record  for the fastest women's marathon time of  all time in 2003 Paul around the London  Marathon in 2 hours 15 minutes and 25  seconds beating her own record by more  than two minutes that was 13 years ago  and nobody has since come close to  running 26.2 miles back quickly it's  simply amazing  that doesn't seem to be any explanation  for how Paulette ran that fast other  than she was obviously dedicated to it  she was obviously built for it and she  had an amazing training regime in an  interview Paula Radcliffe once joked  that her daughter ila who was born in  2007 might be the only person who will  beat her own record now you might think  that's ridiculous but to be honest it's  been almost a decade now and people are  starting to believe it. 
4-Usain Bolt

And number four  we have the fastest man on the planet at  the time we're Writing this list Usain Bolt who holds a record for  running 100 meters in a mind-blowing 9.5  8 seconds now he actually holds the top  three spots for this as if one wasn't  enough and he's the only person who  seems to be able to beat himself it's  been seven years since Usain Bolt broke  that nine point six barrier and a lot of  people are wondering will anyone be able  to even run 100 meters in less than 9.5  eight is it even physically possible in  2008 a mathematician calculated that it  might be physically possible for someone  to do it slightly quicker but only up to  nine point four four seconds now  scientists have weighed up a whole bunch  of possible conditions to try and  predict  we'll be possible but the truth is no  one knows it seems like the only way for  Usain Bolt record to be broken is to  just sit and wait but seeing as he's the  only competition he has at the moment we  might be waiting.  

3-Cy young

A while moving on to  number three now we're going back in  time to talk about cy young and possibly  the greatest baseball record of all time  during his 22-year long career in the  MLB he managed 511 wins I'm pausing for  effect that's almost 100 more wins than  Walter Johnson who got 417 he was in  second place in fact only 24 players  have ever managed to break the 300 mark  the current leader is Bartolo Colon he's  been playing for 19 years and he's only  at 219 wins  hopefully these figures will give you  idea for just how incredible site  Young's 511 career winds are for some  baseball fans this record is totally  unbreakable because the sport has  actually changed so much since then for  example the threat of the ball leaving  the yard was smaller back then the  strike zone was larger and the pictures  were often told to pitch to contact  still what got side this record wasn't  necessarily these changes but the sheer  durability of the guy he was just so  tough most players back then might be  lucky to see 15 seasons he saw 22 he got  this record and now people think it will  remain literally forever.  

 2-Wilt Chamberlain

Alright guys coming in number 2 now we  have a name that any basketball fan will  know as one edged into the NBA record  books Wilt Chamberlain and his 100 point  game in 1961 Wilk shot the world by  scoring a staggering 78 points in one  game people were amazed and was  speculating that perhaps one day maybe  80 points might be beaten just three  months later wilt proved that and more  was possible by scoring 100 points in  his legendary game for the Philadelphia  Warriors versus the New York Knicks on  March 2nd 1962 the game was not actually  televised and no video footage has ever  surfaced but there are sound recordings  of the games fourth quarter as it was  being broadcast on the radio over Wiltse  career he racked up at least a dozen NBA  records that many now see as being  unbreakable but this one is  widely agreed as the best in January  2006 the world held its breath as Kobe  Bryant played a spectacular game that  looked promising to take the title but  he still fell short with 81 points it's  been 54 years now since we'll set that  record but a long time over half a  century and people have almost given up  on seeing it ever being broken in their  lifetime it's a truly incredible  statistic . 

1-Wayne   Gretzky

And finally at number one  we've got a hockey player that became so  legendary in his sport he's often  referred to as quite simply the great  one but you might know him as Wayne  Gretzky during his 20-year long career  between 1979 and 1999 he racked up more  NHL records than anyone thought possible  but many are most impressed by how many  career points he took away a  mind-bending 2,850 seven of them that's  more than 1,000 more than his nearest  contender in second place the average  number of points that professional  hockey player gets per season is about  112 now they managed to bring that up to  an impressive 140 and then consistently  did that for about 20 years they still  wouldn't be able to beat Wayne Gretzky's  record how crazy is that it's a simple  fact that he is so far ahead of anyone  else and has been for 17 years since you  retired that makes people seriously  doubt this record will ever be broken  they don't call you the great one for  nothing.   

Did you know all of this  stuff going in leave us a comment let us  know what you're thinking and if you  like this list.