Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2019

    Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2019  

In today's modern world technology  changes at a rapid rate  what is new today can become obsolete
 in  a very short span you need to refresh  your knowledge frequently in order to  remain up-to-date now that the end of  the year is approaching us it is the  best time to get an awareness of the  current scenario and what is about to  come during the brand-new year which is  standing in front of us therefore in  this list we are here to tell you about  the 10 most trending technologies and  methodologies to learn in 2019, we will  also tell you about the various courses  and certifications which can help you in  learning these technologies and making  your career in them so let us begin .

10-Digital marketing

We have digital marketing ,  digital marketing encompasses all  marketing efforts that use an electronic  device or the internet businesses  leverage digital channels such as search  engines social media email and their  websites to connect with current and  prospective customers since Internet  users are rapidly increasing these days  digital marketing is becoming an  important aspect of even small and  medium-sized businesses ,digital  marketing can be further divided into  specializations such as search engine  optimization social media marketing  search engine marketing email marketing  contact marketing etc search engine  optimization revolves around the  activities which help in ranking our  content on the top of the search engine  results page so that organic traffic can  be brought onto the website search  engine marketing is the practice of  marketing a business using paid  advertisements that appear on search  engine results pages  social media marketing refers to the  process of gaining traffic or attention  through social media sites email  marketing is the process of delivering  promotional email messages to a large  group of people in an attempt to grow  your business content marketing is  focused on creating and distributing  valuable relevant and can  assistant content to attract and retain  a clearly defined audience and  ultimately to drive profitable customer  action some of the tools used in search  engine optimization are Google search  console air F's majestic SEM rush etc  for certification you can do SEO  training from Mo's which is free of cost  in search engine marketing you use tools  like Google Keyword planner AdWords  editor keyword spy PPC web spy SEM rush  spyfu etc for certifications you can do  Google AdWords certification which again  is free of cost in social media  marketing you will be using tools like  buffer HootSuite bazoom o bitly village  etc every social media site provides  certification on its learning platform  and most of them are free like Facebook  has Facebook blueprint twitter has  Twitter flight school google has Academy  for ads you will find many free  certifications on these platforms in  email marketing you will use tools like  MailChimp HubSpot send X etc MailChimp  offers free email marketing  certification then there is another  great email marketing certification by  LinkedIn which is called managing email  marketing lists and campaigns.

On number  nine we have blockchain blockchain is  the future of technology a blockchain is  the structure of data that represents a  financial ledger entry or a record of  transaction each transaction is  digitally signed to ensure its  authenticity and that no one tampers  with it so the ledger itself and the  existing transactions within it are  assumed to be of high integrity Bitcoin  the first cryptocurrency was built on  the blockchain later many other  cryptocurrencies like ether ripple like  coins emerged from it these days a  blockchain is also being used to raise  capital through initial coin offerings  in the finance sector blockchain  technology is being used to store tax  records and electronic invoices in the  healthcare sector men  records are being maintained with the  help of blockchain cloud service  providers like Microsoft Amazon and  Google are also providing support for  blockchain based projects we can say  that blockchain is applicable in a lot  of places blockchain tests net  blockchain as a service by Microsoft  NIST coinbase API Tirion embarq ether  scripter are some tools which are used  in the blockchain field blockchain  certification includes the courses like  certified blockchain expert by  blockchain council IBM blockchain  foundation for developers . 

8-Agile methodology    

At number 8 we  have agile methodology it is not a  technology but it is a way of developing  software in such a way that the whole  process is faster and error-free  it is a practice that promotes  continuous iteration of development and  testing through the software development  lifecycle of the project both  development and testing activities are  concurrent so agile methodology can be  used in any kind of development process  be it blockchain web development IOT  cloud computing AI or any other field  where complex projects are being managed  then there are many frameworks which  give us specific guidelines on how to  implement agile in the project  management scrum is the most popular  agile framework it is a collection of  values team roles and rituals used in  combination to create iterative work  products Kanban is another agile  framework it is a visual system for  managing work as it moves through a  process  Kanban visualizes both the process the  workflow and the actual work passing  through that process the goal of Kanban  is to identify potential bottlenecks in  your process and fix them so work can  flow through it cost-effectively at an  optimal speed or thorough point  similarly extreme programming is based  on five values namely communication   simplicity feedback courage and respect  scaled agile framework or safe is  another framework which helps you to  apply lean agile practices at the  enterprise level it provides guidance to  work at enterprise portfolio value  stream program and team levels now  coming to the tools used please remember  that the tools use an agile frameworks  are not very technical they are there  only to make processes smoother  sometimes you can even manage to work  without them in scrum you would be using  tools like github JIRA agile o for scrum  etc the top certifications in scrum are  certified scrum master certified scrum  product owner certified scrum developer  certified agile leadership all issued by  the scrum Alliance pmi-acp by project  management institute professional scrum  master by scrum or get cetera Trello and  lean kit are popular tools of can be the top certifications in Kanban our  Kanban development lean Kanban training  team Kanban practitioner Kanban  management professional etc in safe  Kandice and JIRA are popular tools the  top safe certifications are leading safe  four point six safe four point six four  teams safe four point six with SPC  certification safe advanced scrum master  all issued by scaled agile incorporated  in extreme programming you use tools  like extreme planner project planning  and tracking system target process clone  extreme management tool you can visit  knowledge Hut for all the agile related  certifications .

7-development web

At number seven we have  web development web development is the  work involved in developing a website  for the internet or an intranet web  development can range from developing a  simple single static page of plain text  to complete web-based Internet  applications or web apps electronic  businesses or social network services  now web development can be done by using  different programming languages some of  the popular programming languages for  web development are JavaScript angular  Python  HP Ruby etc in JavaScript you use tools  like sublime text  gulp NPM web pack etc Microsoft and CSD  Microsoft MTA AWS certified developer  cloud era CCD H are some of the popular  certifications you can opt for Aguilera  needs tools like web storm Aptana karma  Jasmine angularities did not have official  certifications but you can take training  from various training providers to learn  the language in Python tools like  selenium robot framework test-complete  are popular again in python you can get  trained by trading providers and gain  course completion certificate from them  PHP uses tools like eclipse netbeans  noosphere komodo Zend PHP is the  official PHP certification. 


Next in our  countdown at number 6 we have cybersecurity, cybersecurity is the practice  of protecting systems networks and  programs from digital attacks these  attacks are usually aimed at accessing  changing or destroying sensitive  information extorting money from users  or interrupting normal business  processes implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly  challenging today because there are more  devices than people and attackers are  becoming more innovative some of the  popular tools in cybersecurity  our new PG TrueCrypt open web  application security project clamavi OS  sec snort ids/ips tool open VA s  backtrack OSS IM IP cop etc the  certifications in cybersecurity can be  divided into three levels entry-level  intermediate and advanced level at the  entry level you have certifications like  MTA CCNA com T ia security + g SEC etc  at the intermediate level we have SSCP c  eh o SCP  es CP an advanced level there are  certifications like CIS a CIS CIS P etc. 
5-IOT or  Internet of Things   

Coming to the number 5 we have IOT or  Internet of Things it is an ecosystem of  connected physical objects that are  accessible through the internet the  thing in IOT could be a person with a  heart monitor or an automobile with  built-in sensors ie objects that have  been assigned an IP address and have the  ability to collect and transfer data  over a network without manual assistance  or intervention the embedded technology  in the objects helps them to interact  with internal states or the external  environment which in turn affects the  decisions taken in IOT programming and  development you use tools like tehsil T  Eclipse IOT Arduino platform IO canopy  low sand drone Schmitt IFTTT IBM Watson  etc IOT is interrelated with multiple  disciplines  it requires programming languages  cybersecurity cloud computing networking  and protocols etc therefore you need  certifications like IOT certification  training on Azure IOT sensors and  devices IOT capstone project cyber  security and privacy in the IOT etc. 

Number 4 we have DevOps, DevOps is the  combination of cultural philosophies  practices and tools that increase an  organization's ability to deliver  applications and services at high-velocity DevOps is not a technology but  a practice which brings together the  software developer and the operations  team to work smoothly reaching fast to  the customers requirements there are  many benefits we receive from the DevOps  model such as speed rapid delivery  reliability scale improved  collaborations and security some of the  tools used in DevOps argot Jenkins  docker puppet chef kubernetes in ansible  the certifications include DevOps  foundation certification DevOps leader  dev set up  Engineering DevOps test engineering etc.   

 3-cloud computing 

At number three there is cloud computing  cloud computing is the delivery of  computing Sciences like servers storage  databases networking software analytics  intelligence and more over the Internet  or the cloud to offer faster innovation  flexible resources and economies of  scale you typically pay only for cloud  services you use helping lower your  operating costs run your infrastructure  more efficiently and scale as your  business needs change  currently there are three main cloud  service providers in the market Amazon  Web Services also known as AWS Microsoft  Azure and Google cloud platform some of  the tools you use for cloud computing  are Amazon ec2 AWS CloudFormation  Microsoft's Windows Azure Google App  Engine cloud sim terraform etc preferred  certifications and cloud computing are  AWS developer associate training AWS  Solutions Architect associate-level  training AWS technical essentials  training AWS system ops accurate  administrator certification training AWS  cloud practitioner certification  Microsoft Azure for AWS experts  Microsoft Azure fundamentals and G suite  administrator the next in our list.
 2-big data  

 At  number 2 is big data, big data is a term  that describes the large volume of data  both structured and unstructured that  inundates a business on a day to day  basis but it's not the amount of data  that's important  it's what organizations do with the data  that matters big data can be analyzed  for insights that lead to better  decisions and strategic business moves  many people get confused between Big  Data and data science while big data is  a large amount of data data science is a  blend of various tools algorithms and  machine learning principles with the  goal to discover hidden patterns from  the raw data it also involves solving a  problem in various ways to arrive at the  solution and on the other hand it  involves to design and construct new  processes for data modeling and  production using various prototypes  algorithms predictive models and custom  analysis to operate on Big Data data  science uses various tools like our  Python skaila etc therefore the  certifications to enter in the field of  big data are based on these tools you  have our programming language training  and certification Python 101 mastering  Python training Python and enterprise  training you also have data science  training data science boot camp training  etc.


At the top of our list is AI or  artificial intelligence artificial  intelligence makes it possible for  machines to learn from experience adjust  to new inputs and perform human-like  tasks most AI examples that you hear  about today from chess-playing computers  to self-driving cars rely heavily on  deep learning and natural language  processing using these technologies  computers can be trained to accomplish  specific tasks by processing large  amounts of data and recognizing patterns  in the data neutral networks machine  learning deep learning etc are the ways  in which the AI learns new things the  tools involved in machine learning are  sensor flow  Apache system ml CAF Apache mahute open  and n torch neuro deep learning 4j  mycroft OpenCog etc some of the best  certifications in the field of  artificial intelligence is machine  learning AI certification offered by  Stanford University on Coursera AI for  beginners being offered on Linda AI  certification course offered by  Microsoft on EDX certificate in machine  learning by University of Washington  robotic process automation using UI path  training course and learn with Google AI. 

If you observe closely then you will  find that every technology is connected  with each other  IOT and other data sources can be  used to collect big data then data  science uses machine learning and deep  learning to process the data sets the  data sets processed by machine learning  and deep learning helps in the  development of artificial intelligence  cloud computing hosts the computing  services over the Internet which makes  the data software algorithms websites  etc easily accessible cloud computing  also empowers IOT since everything is on  the cloud  therefore cybersecurity becomes crucial  for the safety of our data the  development process of all the required  software and products can be made more  efficient by following agile efficient  processes make efficient businesses but  no matter how good a product or service  a business produces if it is not  promoted then people will never know about it and that is where digital marketing comes into play. 

 So these were the top technologies which will trend in 2019  make sure you upskill yourself.