Top 10 Stress Relief Tips

 Top 10 Stress Relief Tips

Life wisdom what stresses you out the  most you comment and let me know in this   list I'm counting down my top 10 tips for stress relief so favorite this list and come back whenever you're feeling  stressed out.  

1-One minute meditation

Chances are if you're  stressed out you don't think you have  any time for stress relief but the fact  is we can't afford not to make some time  for stress relief while I know it seems  really important that we get all of our  errands done a life full of stress just  isn't worth it  stress compromises our immune system so  we can actually get sick more often it  can cause indigestion and fertility and  can even prevent weight loss recognize  that stress is going to increase your  likelihood of developing chronic disease  and just general illness at the end of  our life it's going to be a lot more  important that we took care of our  physical and mental health than if we  just got all of our errands done my  favorite recommendation for people who  don't have time for stress relief is the  1-minute breathwork meditation so you  repeat this mantra there will never be  enough time for me to get all of the  things done that I want to do and that's  okay and while it sounds really silly  accepting the fact that we're never  going to have time to do all the things  we want to do is something that we can't  avoid and the easier that is the faster  that we can just accept that the better  we're going to feel so this one-minute meditation you repeat this mantra to  yourself just focus on your breath relax  one of the most important things for me  is noticing the tension in my brow and  reminding myself to relax my brow to  relax my face relax the muscles that  you're feeling tense  and if you just start with this one  minute per day no more no less than this  is a really good way to kind of building little habit of stress relief and everybody has one minute per day to spend on this so that is my first  recommendation hopefully you find that helpful again remember the mantra there  will never be enough time for me to  complete all of the tasks I want to  complete and that's okay.

It's easy to  spend our lives in a whirlwind of  distraction the TV on the radio playing  our iPod playing conversations going on  in the cubicle next to us etc and when  we especially think about being in our  car, for instance, you can think about all  the distractions of billboards different  cars different signs and you get the  idea that we're not really focused on  anything we have our mind in a lot of  different places we're always  multitasking and someone left a comment  on our site about mindfulness and  while there are volumes written on the  topic of mindfulness my personal opinion  is that this is really just about paying  attention so rather than having our  attention split between 20 different  things we're actually going to focus our  intention on what we're doing so this is  great because you can actually create a  stress relieving practice out of  anything that you do just by being  mindful about it and I like to use the  little acronym Brent to help me remember  so that is breathe relax enjoy notice  and think so it's about remembering to  breathe which is something that we can  often just forget to do relaxing our the  tension in our bodies as I mentioned in  the last tip relaxing our brow and  relaxing the tension in our face  enjoying the things around us noticing  the things around us looking listening  being very focused on all of the  different aspects of the experience  we're experiencing  and being thankful having gratitude for  the things around us hopefully you can  start using Brent in your own life to  help make everything in your life a  little bit more mindful a little bit  more focused and as we put more focus  and intention in the things that we do  we're not only going to get things done  more quickly but as I mentioned before  each of our daily activities whether  it's doing the dishes making our bed  taking a shower those activities can  become stress relieving simply by adding  mindfulness. 

3-Some fun 

Have some freaking fun  already chances are if you are stressed  out you do not make time for yourself to  have fun have hobbies and just do things  that you enjoy but doing these things is  incredibly important to help relieve  stress help improve our overall physical  and mental health so there's plenty of  different things you can do and as  always this is about finding the thing  that you like to do so you could take up  yoga,if  you are not ready to go for yoga yet you  could take up a new hobby so maybe it's  something artistic or creative or you  take an art class and meaking massage I promise you if  you can find someone to trade a massage  with that's going to provide stress  relief for both of you  so take some time have some fun  recognize that it's not just something  selfish you're doing this is something  that is very important for maintaining  your health so go have some fun do  something you enjoy and enjoy the stress  relief that accompanies that.   

4-Know your triggers 

My next tip  is to start recognizing your triggers so  we're all triggered by different things  and this tip is about the next time  you're feeling stressed you actually  stop for a second and ask what triggered  this so some common triggers are due  dates deadlines traffic jams running  late for an appointment maybe having a  demanding boss or a demanding work  situation family stress etc now we only  have so much power in avoiding our  triggers but that is one aspect of this  tip but the main thing is that we start  recognizing our trip triggers and kind  of keeping a mental list of those  triggers so that we can be aware of them  when they're about to happen and so that  once those triggers are triggered we can  implement the next tip.    5-Stress relief trick  So once we have a  general idea of what our different  stress triggers are then we can begin to  implement our stress relief trick and  the cool thing about the stress relief  trick is that it is different for  everybody and the whole idea is that you  figure out what works for you so you  could do the one-minute breathing  meditation you can remember Brent  breathe relax enjoy notice and thank you  could also do any number of different  things so some people will tap on  acupressure points maybe it's humming  the lyrics to your favorite song maybe  it's taking a run around the block or  who knows the whole idea is that you  figure out something that you like to do  something that works for you and that  you start implementing your stress  relief trick every time you feel stress  coming on or once you've already gotten  stressed out  and over time that will become a habit  and will become a habit that immediately  starts to de-stress you whenever you  start doing whatever is in your little  stress relief trick.
6-Limit stress factors

Once we've become  more familiar with our stress triggers  we can start to recognize other factors  that contribute to our stress so a good  example for me is hunger I am ten times  more likely to get stressed out and  upset over something if I haven't eaten  then if I'm handling the same exact  thing but I have eaten so on the way to  dinner I get road rage but on the way  home it doesn't bother me so much and my  tip here is that I can avoid hunger and  avoid the stress that usually comes  along with me being hungry by carrying  around snacks like trail mix or nuts and  avoiding skipping meals another factor  that's very common is not getting enough  sleep so you'll notice if somebody  hasn't gotten enough sleep they'll be  super cranky and a lot more likely to  get stressed out so as we start to  recognize these different factors and  recognize that these are things we can  take care of there's things we can do to  avoid getting super hungry and things we  can do to improve our sleep. 

7-Hormone cortisol 

Normally when we think about stress we  think about stress as an experience or  an emotion that we feel but it's  important to recognize that stress is  actually a physical condition and when  we experience stress it actually turns  on an entirely separate part of our  nervous system the sympathetic nervous  system and basically you can think about  in the wild the fight-or-flight response  where suddenly you've seen a bear and  your fight-or-flight response goes on  your body is getting ready to help you  run to help you escape that situation so  recognize that when we're feeling  stressed out our body is physically  going through changes so we release the  stress hormone cortisol for instance and  cortisol is known to inhibit digestion  which is why stress can cause stomach  issues and digestive issues it also can  has been linked to insomnia has even  been linked to infertility and metabolic  syndrome which is often characterized by  excess belly fat and if we can start to  recognize that stress oh it's not just  some pesky thing that we that we feel  sometimes this is actually a physical  condition and is very stressful on our  body then it's going to help us lend a  little more importance to stress relief  activities.
8-Other sources of stress  

Another aspect of this tip is  recognizing that certain things in our  lifestyle and environment can also  stress our body and stress our organ  systems so excessive alcohol stresses  your liver a diet of processed foods  loaded with chemicals is going to be  stressful on your digestive system your  gallbladder your liver  improving our physical health by  improving our diet for instance is  actually going to relieve the stress  that we feel because our organ systems  our overall health is going to be less  stressed in general it's also worth  noting that the American Journal of  Psychiatry has officially published  studies that show a diet of processed  foods is linked to increased anxiety  depression and stress and that a diet of  whole natural foods. 


Next tip is exercise and I know that  everybody hates hearing that they need  to exercise so in this tip I'm going to  give you some ideas on how you can  incorporate exercise into your schedule  already so this is without making  additional time for exercise so while  you are doing dishes brushing your teeth  doing laundry cooking dinner you can  actually keep your core engaged  just keep your ab muscles flexed you can  do calf raises or you can do squats you  can incorporate movement incorporates a  little bit of physical exercise into the  things that you're already doing so  maybe while you're watching a TV show or  while you're watching a movie you're  down on the floor doing some sit-ups or  doing some of the other exercises, you could also take the  stairs instead of the elevator when  you're carrying back groceries from the  grocery store go ahead and just do a  couple of curls with that bag you could  turn your stress relief fun activity  your hobby into something that's also  physical exercise so maybe it's going  for a run or going hiking or maybe it's  joining a soccer team or an after-school  sports team the idea here is that any  little tiny  a that we can add physical exercise into  our lives is not only going to improve  our overall health but it's really going  to help us not only handle stress when  we inevitably get stressed out but it's  also going to just lower our overall  stress levels and hopefully lend to us  feeling a lot less stressed out. 

10-Get some  fresh air  

Oxygen is incredibly important for our  mental clarity and not to mention our  overall health and proper functioning of  our bodies so just going outside and  getting some fresh air getting some  sunshine can be a really good way to  relieve stress especially if you're  somebody who spends many hours at work  sitting in front of the computer or  sitting in a cubicle just I even have a  little timer on my computer that will  tell me hey you know you've been sitting  here for an hour go get up and walk  around and maybe you just go walk around  the office and take some deep breaths  maybe you actually go walk outside and  enjoy the fresh air but the idea here is  that we just make time even if it's just  a couple minutes here and there to do  some deep breathing or to get out in the  fresh air if we're spending a lot of our  time indoors or we're spending a lot of  our time just sedentary that is going to  drastically increase the overall amount  of stress that we're feeling and the  likelihood that certain experiences will  really really stress us out so you can  remember Brent breathe relax enjoy  notice and think or be thankful and use  this tip whenever you're feeling  stressed out it is completely free to  walk outside and breathe some fresh air  so I encourage you to do it as much as  possible. 

Did you know all of this stuff going in leave us a comment let us know what you're thinking and if you like this list.