Top 10 Scary Times Animals Predicted Disasters

 Top 10 Scary Times Animals Predicted Disasters 

Today we are talking about The Top 10 Scary  Times Animals Predicted Disasters.  Do you have a pet? let me know if you have a pet and if you think they have any special talents?   This well-known farm animal can predict when an Earthquake is going to happen. so, Let's get started!


According to a study done in September 1997,  a group of cows came down from the mountains two days before a strong earthquake.  The report was made by the entire village,  stating that a herd of cows left the hill pasture and descended into the village streets  2 days before the earthquake hit.  The earthquake hit the Umbia-Marche regions  of Central Italy and is known to be one of  the strongest events to occur in Italy over the past 30 years.  The study information was collected using  a specific questionnaire including data on earthquake lights, spring variations, and irregular animal behavior.  A possible explanation for the cow's behavior is that local air ionization was caused by stress-activated positive holes.  What?. are you telling me that AIR is what helped the cows predict the future?  The studies show that the cows felt the stress in the air due to the tectonic structure,  elevation, and air pressure of the locations in Central Italy, where the earthquake struck.  I mean, I guess that makes sense.  OR maybe the cows were just going for a  walk?  I’ll let you guys decide.   

9-The Rhode Island Death Cat 

This feline accurately predicts when someone is about to number 9 we have  The Rhode Island Death Cat  Meet Oscar.  Oscar is a 14-year-old therapy cat that lives in a Nursing home in Rhode Island, USA.  Nurses on staff noticed that Oscar would curl up and sleep next to residents who were about to die within the next day or so.  By 2010 he had accurately predicted 100 deaths.  It seems that the moggy has an uncanny ability  to sense the approach of the grim reaper and  is there to comfort patients in their final moments.  Oscars death predictions have become so accurate  that now the nursing home calls up family  and loved ones of those that he sits near  in order to warn them that their passing is iminent.  His gift was shared with the world when he  was featured in an article in the New England  Journal of Medicine in 2007 - it is thought  that he is responding to some kind of pheromone  given off by those who are dying.  Medics are studying his abilities in the hope  of learning something about animal insights  - it seems that animals have an instinct that  science cannot yet put its finger.

Did these animals really sense a Tsunami was coming?  At number 8 we have Flamingos.  Before the Tsunami in Sri Lanka hit, coastal animals seemed to sense something was coming and fled to safety.  One flock of animals in more particular was the flamingos.  According to eye witnesses, before the tsunami hit flamingos abandoned their low-lying breeding areas and flew to high ground for safety.  The massive tsunami rolled through the Indian  Ocean on December 26, killing more than 150’000  people in a dozen countries.  However, the beach was one of the worst-hit areas of the 500-square-mile wildlife reserve,  which is home to a variety of animals, including elephants, leopards, and 130 species of birds.  After the disaster, the president of the Wildlife  Conservation Society, Ravi Corea, did not see any animal carcasses nor did the park employees know of any.  Could it be that they all fled to safety before hand?  The belief that wild and domestic animals possess a sixth sense has been around for centuries.  Wildlife experts believe animals’ have more acute hearing, and other senses, that might allow them to hear or feel the Earth’s vibration.  This theory would mean that they get tipped off that a natural disaster is coming long before humans even realize what’s going on.   

7-Jenny The Cat of the Titanic 

Ships very often have at least one cat aboard.  The reason being that they control rodents who can cause all manner of damage and spread disease.  The RMS Titanic had a cat onboard by the name of Jenny.  It is said that Jenny gave birth on the ship the week before the ill fated ship set sail  . Urban legend has it that Jenny upped and left with her kittens one by one the day before the ship left Southampton.  It is reported that ship stoker Jim Mulholland,  who often fed the cat, witnessed her meticulous departure and claimed: that cat knows something.  There was indeed a cat called Jenny aboard  the RMS before it set sail, it is noted in many crew accounts, but whether or not the  legend is true, we don't know for sure.  


While there is a list of animals that have all displayed stress or the desire to run away before natural disasters happen,  Sharks seem to do the opposite.  Infact, they seem to be the ultimate storm chasers.  Neil Hammerschlag conducted a story in the  Marine Conservation Program at the University of Miami.  He conducted his study by tagging sharks and observing their behavior.  Through this study, he found out that sharks,  mainly Tiger sharks, gravitate to rapid temperature changes, rather than running from them.  When there is a rapid temperature change it usually means that’s where a storm is intensifying.  By monitoring shark movements, one can help  predict where storms will emerge and develop.  Who needs a weather app ?   


The  Rats of Helike  Some scholars speculate that the destruction of the ancient Greek city of Helike was the inspiration behind the legend of Atlantis.  In the year 373 BCE the city was destroyed  by an earthquake followed by a Tsnunami which lead the acropolis to sink into the sea.  The ruins of the city have been noted in ancient  Roman literature and it seems were something of a tourist attraction.  Now very few traces of the city remain.  Sadly all of city’s inhabitants perished as a result of the disaster.however if they  had listened to the animals of Helike, they would have survived.  It was recorded that five days before the disaster all of the animals AND vermin in the city fled.  Five whole days!  That would have been enough for me to think.hmmm, Maybe they know something that we don't.and  they did!  They saw it coming at jettisoned out of there.  


Rumour has it that there are some creepy-crawlies that supposedly react to oncoming earthquakes,  which leads us to number 4  Ants began making that list in 2013.  They made the list later on because apparently  they are only able to anticipate an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.0 or greater.  That’s so low on the scale many humans would barely feel them.  But, none the less, these little guys have  the sense when an earthquake is going to happen.  A 3-year study of ants in Germany found that before an earthquake, the ants would leave their mounds, even at night.  This is odd behavior for ants because being outside after dark exposes them to predators,  so they often hide when it gets dark.  The researchers tracked some of the ant mounds  for 24 hours along Germany's quake-prone areas.There  were 10 earthquakes between magnitude 2.0  and 3.2 during the study period, from 2009  to 2012.  But how would an insect know a quake is coming?  The researchers believe it’s something to do with the ant’s ability to sense changes in carbon dioxide levels and the Earth’s magnetic field.  Ants?  Really?  I underestimated these little guys.  

 3-The Dogs of Saxony     

Legend has it that in 1533, prior to the Battle of Sievershausen, in former saxony, present  day Germany, a great number of dogs gathered near the scene of the fight in Meissen.  The dogs banded together in their hundreds,  yelping, barking, howling and running wild through the fields and forest.  While it seems from historical recordings that the townsfolk were baffled, they did not heed the warning.  On the 9th July 1553, the battle broke out and 4,000 people were killed.  I feel like the dogs knew.  They knew, didn't they!
2-Dogs predict Storms 

Speaking of dogs, have you ever wondered why some dogs freak out during thunderstorms?  Or even start acting a little strange beforehand?  Apparently these every day pets are more talented  than we think., which brings us to number 2 Dogs predict Storms.  While we love to think our dogs are simply amazing and have magical superpowers, there is science to back up that dogs can predict when Thunderstorms strike.  When the barometric pressure changes and static electricity differs, it is often a sign that a tornado, hurricane, or thunderstorm is on the horizon.  Dogs have the ability to feel these changes and will often let their owners know by barking or by seeking shelter in small confined places.  Not only that but they have an incredible sense of smell and can smell rain from a longer distance.  Lightening creates the smell of ozone, which lingers in the humidity before a storm.  This scent is a signal to your dog that something is on the way.  A special 11-year-old dog from Nebraska, named  Champ, is known for saving lives during a  Tornado.  The Sticklemans, his owners, said they live too far from town for them to hear any warning sirens, and that Champ was their only sign.  Champ could sense the storm coming and bolted  for the basement where he remained until they followed.  The family survived the Tornado but their whole house was destroyed.  If they weren’t in the basement in time,  they claim that they probably wouldn’t have made it.  

 1-The Pets of East Japan    

In 2011 Japan was struck by a horrifying Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami.  The earthquake occurred off the coast of Tohoku on Friday 11th March 2011.  The earthquake was measured at a 9.1 magnitude  and as a result, if the chaos that ensued,  15,896 people died, with a further 2,537 missing.  Who could have known what devastation was coming?  Well, the pets, apparently.   

Did you know all of this stuff going in leave us a comment let us know what you're thinking and if you like this list?