Top 10 Scary Animal Creations

Top 10 Scary Animal Creations 

What’s your favorite animal?  I love animals but sometimes they can be real  creeps. 
10-Beaver Dam

Beaver Dam that can be seen from SPACE  While at first this may not seem that scary,  think about it….a Beaver Dam you can SEE  FROM SPACE.  SPACE.  It is a popular myth that you can see the  Great Wall of China from Space, but….  Like I said it’s a myth.  The only human made structures you can see  from space are the Bingham Canyon Mine – made  with dynamite and the greenhouses if Almeria  in Spain.  That’s what we get from all our fancy human  tools and fancy human brains.  BEAVERS MATE.  They’re coming through.  Beavers are adept builders and they love nothing  more than to make a nice big dam for themselves.  The biggest beaver dam in the world was found  in Wood Buffalo national park in Northern  Alberta, Canada.  The animal made construction was measured  at 2,790 feet, so twice the length of the  hoover dam.  Beavers do it better, say it with me now!  When can we expect the beaver revulsion?  Soon.  We’re at their mercy and they have a shaaaarp  bite.  I crossed a beaver dam when portaging once.  IT was terrifying.  They don’t like their spaces being disturbed,  and if you’re unlucky, while you try and  cross one, they mite pop out and bite you. 

 9-The Giant Ant  Colony   

Next up at number 9 we have the Giant Ant  Colony.  In 2012, experts in Brazil found an Ant abandoned  colony that they suspected was one of the  biggest ones ever found.  There was only one way to find out just how  big it was.  They poured ten tonnes of concrete into the  holes on the surface, which served as air  conditioning ducts for the ants.  They knew it would take a day or two of pouring  - but they didnt expect to be doing it for  10 days.  When it was full and the concrete had dried,  they began excavating.  They uncovered an ant city that looked like  something straight out of an alien movie.  These tiny ants had excavated around 40 tonnes  of soil to create the labyrinth.  To put in human perspectives, the experts  say that this thing is the equivalent of the  great wall of china in terms of effort.  Many people are a bit disturbed by the sight  of this, especially if youre not really into  creepy crawlies.  It can be a little bit unnerving to know this  is going on just inches below us.
8- Termite Monoliths 

Take a look at this gothic looking castle  of doom.  No, Draculas’ minions didn’t build it….  Termites did.  Mound building Termites are super efficient  creeps that build high rises in their home  countries of Africa, Australia and South America.  These mounds can sometimes be 30 metres in  diameter and over 6 metres high.  Have a look at the Bungle Bungle Park - the  place is blooming covered in termites!  Each one of these mounds can house up to 2  million termites….  Which is horrifying.  You want to know something weird - despite  building their towers high into the sky - the  termites mainly live underground.  This has absolutely baffled scientists for  hundreds of years and they still don’t have  an exact answer as to why.  A lot of people write bugs off as being pretty  basic, but in actual fact, not only can termites  build these incredible, if bone chilling structures,  they are also known to actively farm mould. 

7-Whale Song  

Next up at number 7 we have The Whale Song.  Songs are created - we humans do it a lot  - so do whales - and something weird is happening  with them.  All around the world, blue whales arent singing  like they used to.  The largest animals on the planet are singing  in deeper voices every year and scientists  don't know why.  Ever since the 1960s, whales all over the  world now sing in a frequency 30% lower than  they did before.  Mark Donald is president of Whale Acoustics,  a company that specialises in this kind of  monitoring.  He said -We don't have an answer.  We just have a lot of recordings- … Mark  and his team arent convinced by the suggested  explanations of ocean noise pollution, changing  population dynamics or new mating strategies.  Its getting creepy now and experts arent even  sure when it will end.  Do they sense something changing in the ocean?  On the whole planet?  Is there something we know that they don't?  While humans scratch their heads trying to  figure it out, the whale song gets lower,  and lower, and lower.

 6-Horrifying Spider Web

I  do not like a spider.  I really don’t.  I am a nature lover so I basically just try  and grin and bear them, but this is too much  for me to accept.  In 2007, these super giant spider webs arrived  straight from your literal nightmares in Dallas,  Texas.  Lake Tawakoni State Park fell victim to a  giant communal spider web that caused a stir  on social media.  3,300 intrepid tourists visted the park over  the labour day holiday.  Apparently the phenomenon occurred as a result  of wet summer conditions, causing the parks  spider population to explode.  Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Biologist,  Mike Quinn, referred to the spiders work as  sheet webbing, and it is thought to have covered  the length of a football pitch.  One visitor described the webs as draping  the tree like shrouds….which, if you don’t  know what a shroud is, it is a like a funeral  cloak a dead person is buried in.  That description really isn’t making me  feel better about the spiders!  The spiders, by the way, are thought to be  the Guatemalan long jawed spider….ghhhhhreeeeaaaat!  I never even thought about spiders having  jaws.  Apparently the webs were so popular that the  New York Times ran the pictures as a lead  story.  Local Superintendent, Garde, said “the spiders  are great little guys.  They put our park on the map.”  Yeah….  But...also….argh!  Spiders Danny?  How do you feel about spiders?  I actually don't mind them but if you don't  like them - perhaps youll like our next one  because it definitely scares spiders . 
5-The Mud Dauber Prisons

At number 5 we have the Mud Dauber Prisons.  These wasps eat spiders - but in a very creepy  way.  Mud daubers build prisons for spiders made  out of mud and wasp vomit.  Sounds like Im making it up right?  Part of me wishes I was but no, they really  do this.  Mud dauber nests can contain dozens of these  prison cells and each cell can contain up  to 3 spiders.  You might be wondering why the spiders don't  try and escape, well, as much as Id like to  see a spider version of the Shawshank Redemption,  they cant escape because the wasps paralyze  them.  At this point, even those of you who hate  spiders are wondering why they the wasps do  all of this.  Well, its food - but not for them - for their  babies.  The wasps lay eggs on the paralyzed spiders.  Once the eggs hatch, the wasp larvae finds  its first meal ready to devour.  Soon enough it will be a fully grown wasp  improsing spiders for the next generation,  its kinda sweet really.  There are many things humans have copied from  the animal kingdom, I don't think this will  ever be one of them . 

4- Wasps 

Wooden Hornests Nest  Wasps scare me at the best of times because  they sting without remorse.  Hornests are like even angrier wasps.  At least with bees, stinging is a last resort...saying  that really makes me want to sing Papa Roach.  Anyway, wasps and hornets can just keep on  stinging.  Again, bees live in hives which are kind of  pretty and are functional as they give us  wax or honey.  Hornets What do they give us.  This.  This is what you get from Hornets.  Thanks hornets….thanks for the carefree  stinging and the sleepless nights.  Wasps and hornets make their nests from chewing  wood into a pulp and sticking it together  with their saliva.  Haaaannnyway….the wasps chose the creepiest  wood to harvest and the creepest place to  nest….in an old wooden statue.  The picture was shared on reddit by Count  Bubs who said that their dad stumbled across  the horrifying sight in a shed he hadn’t  used for years.  Cool.  You should always watch out for a wasp or  hornets nest too; they may look old and abandoned…  but the creepy little stingsters could still  be hibernating inside.  Yuck. 

3-Trapdoor Spider  

Next up at number 3 we have The Trapdoor Spider.  Spiders usually build webs - people who are  scared of spiders are usually not fond of  webs.  However, there may be something even more  creepy for a spider to live in - a trapdoor.  The aptly named Trapdoor Spider in Australia  dig burrows under the ground where they spend  their entire lives - and they live quite a  long time, around 20 years or more.  Of course, they don't just live underground,  if a door can close, its supposed to open  again.  The trapdoor spider makes a door to their  burrow using soil and leaves and even makes  a hinge using their own silk - this allows  the spider burrow to be completely invisible  while sealed, so youd never know if you were  right next to it.  They don't only use their silk for hinges  though - oh no - they have a much more important  use for it.  The trapdoor spider sits and waits for its  prey to pass by and trigger one of the specially  made tripwires around its burrow.  It will then leap out and drag its victim  underground to consume it.  If insects had horror movies, the trapdoor  spider would be one of the biggest villains.  There havent been any reports of them dragging  humans down but er, Im not gonna take any  chances . 
2- Crab in Baby Head

Oh Hermit crab, you really have surpassed  yourself with the level of creepy you can  achieve.  By and large, I am very pro crab, even though  they are similar to spiders.  I like that they walk sideways and they are  pincery.  I guess I wouldn’t love them if they lived  in my house or my garden like spiders often  try maybe that’s why I like them….  Out of sight, fond in mind!  So this hermit crab is a coconut crab in the  pacific island… guess what it decided to  live in?  Eeer...the creepy decapitated head of a vacant  eyed doll.  If I saw that monstrosity coming towards me  I think I would do more than scream.  ARGH.  The dolls head also seemed to rot and deteriorate  over time...making it look even scarier as  time went on.  What is that baby from toy story called?!  The mutant one in sids room?  This is like a real life version of that.  To be honest, the fact this exists is scary  on a whole other level, too.  Hermit crabs usually use the empty shells  of mollusks to protect themselves, but this  crab used a plastic dolls head..which speaks  volumes as to our ocean pollution.  Every year, the world ocean sees a dump of  anyway between 5 to 14 million tons of plastic  and other toxic debris.  This debris releases toxins that are contributing  to the the biggest marine life mass extinction  in millenia.
 1-Spider Decoys

And finally at number 1 we have Spider Decoys.  In 2017, scientists in Peru discovered a new  species of spider - that was cool - but the  spiders were doing something very strange.  They were making models of themselves - tiny  little fake spiders that would sit on the  web.  From a distance, these models look surprisingly  like a spider but theyre actually made up  of bits of leaves, debris and even dead insects.  At first this might seem like some sort of  strange ritual.  Humans like to make models of ourselves for  art or religion - is that what the ants are  doing?  Is this their sort of ant religion?  Scientists were amazed by the fact that every  spider model they found had 8 legs, it was  like the spiders knew what they looked like  somehow - very creepy stuff.  Because the species is such a recent discovery,  scientists will need more time to fully understand  how and why the spiders do this.  The current theory is that they build the  fake versions of themselves to act as decoys  - perhaps as a defense mechanism to confuse  predators.  Hopefully.  That sounds a lot better than a spider religion  starting   in   the Amazon.      

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