Top 10 Movie Mistakes Animators Made Without Getting Caught

  Top 10 Movie Mistakes Animators Made Without Getting Caught 

Animation is without a doubt one of the  most popular genres in the film industry  beloved by kids adults and everyone in  between they are some of the year's most  successful films but despite the amount  of time it takes to animate these films  sometimes mistakes inevitably are made  and make it into the final cut  we can't fault the animators too hard  they do amazing work but once we see  them we can't unsee these mistakes that  ended up in the film nonetheless.  


Can you guess the hit  animated feature based off of these  emoji stay tuned to find out you went  you little Dickens Zootopia, Zootopia was  a huge hit for Disney not only getting  heaps of critical praise and great  earnings at the box office but the film  also won best-animated picture at the  2017 Academy Awards how's that for  bragging rights but despite all the  praise and the power of the mouse house  behind it some animation mistakes  inevitably made their way into the final  cut the film follows Lieutenant Judy  Hopps valedictorian and parking duty  officer for the local Police Department  on her first day though she ends up  getting hustled by none other than Nick  Wilde and his associate Finnick and so  the movie begins  Judy lives in a pretty dingy apartment  but it's in this apartment where we get  to mistakes in the same sequence judy  tosses her notebook next to her alarm  clock after a terrible day thing is that  alarm clock was on the windowsill in the  previous scene in the apartment the  notebook actually disappears between  shots making us wonder if her apartment  is actually haunted by some kind of  poltergeist needless to say, we think the  animators definitely weren't as focused  on the details in this scene but we  won't fault them for it they still made  an awesome movie. 
9-Finding dory  

Finding Nemo still ranks as  one of Pixar's top films so it's a bit  surprising it took that long to come up  with a sequel better late than never we  guess in 2016 we got to team up with  Nemo Marlin and Dory yet again in  finding dory which  saw the forgetful blue tang star in her  own film dorias adventures Cesar's  searching for her own family this time  around and they head towards California  which caused the story to remember key  moments of her past she eventually ends  up captured by a wildlife preserve oh  and meets up with the extra grouchy Hank  the local octopus - one tentacle with  the help of Hanks spider-man like  abilities Dory is able to navigate the  hallways and rooms of the institution  looking for clues it's here where we get  a bizarre animation mistake while  navigating the hallway Hank sees that a  person is coming down it in their  direction as he hides we get a good look down the hallway in question despite being pretty unimpressive in the previous shots there's a sudden water fountain that magically appears in the next shot nestled between two pictures the fountain clearly wasn't that important to the employees. 


We still  have the music for Moana  stuck in our heads but that's not a bad  thing it was really good after all but  despite how fun and charming that film  was we can't help but notice some  animation mistakes that made its way  into the final cut of course we try not  to let this ruin our enjoyment of the  film but sometimes we just can't help it  Moana xanimation was straight up  gorgeous especially the water animation  the ocean has never looked more alive in  the animation Jonathan but despite the  level of attention that went into  designing it and other aspects of  ancient Polynesia it's the simplest  thing we often forget when Luana heads  into the cave and discovers the ancient  ships lying dormant an animation mistake  actually happens right under your nose  ever catch it when we first see the ship  she walks on the beaches bare except for  the sand obviously but cut back to a  shot of the shoreline and a sudden rock  has appeared on the beach  perhaps there's actually a giant crab  that moved in between shots but we're  gonna chalk this one up to two different  sets having been animated and spliced  together.  

7-"Batman: The Killing Joke"

Many keep on  forgetting but animation isn't limited  to family-friendly material true those  films are the most popular and often  earned their respective studios of boat  money but there are some great animated  films out there that are tailored for a  more mature audience take Batman The  Killing Joke for example based on the  insanely popular graphic novel of the  same name written by Alan Moore no less  The Killing Joke sees the Dark Knight go  up against the Joker at his most cool  and twisted to the point where he may  have actually broke Batman the film  adaptation made some changes though and  those were very polarizing amongst fans  one such was the romantic relationship  between Batman and Batgirl but now  there's another reason to not be as  lukewarm about these scenes as there is  in fact an animation mistake during the  scene where these two get together  Batman's hands actually move locations  between shots perhaps the animators  hadn't decided what Batman should be  doing in the moment but it's clear that  there were multiple ideas about where it  should go what are your thoughts on the  animated versions inclusion of a romance  between Batman and Batgirl let us know. 

6-"The  Spongebob movie: sponge out of water"

A  lot of us grew with SpongeBob  SquarePants and regularly reference him  and his antics to this day heck many  moments from the beloved TV series are  popular memes and gifs to this day the  franchise was insanely popular to the  point where it even got a few big-screen  films most recently in 2015  sponge out of water the film focuses in  on the Krusty Krab and its main  competition the Chum Bucket which is run  by plankton spongebob a fry cook at the  Krusty Krab  has been guarding the secret to the  Krabby Patties from plankton for years  now naturally since this is a spongebob  feature all manner of mayhem ensues and  we have ourselves quite the adventure  during the film  spongebob and his crew find themselves  stranded on Pelican island due to being  a nervous individual Squidward ends up  releasing some ink into the ground as a  result of this condition in need of some  ink spongebob uses it for his pen which  if you think about it and it's pretty  gross but in the following shot all of  that ink somehow magically vanished  we don't think spongebob used that much  ink in his message  if he did that would have been an  impressive letter. 

5-The peanuts   movie

The peanuts movie might be a bit  more underrated than most of the other  films on this list but it was still a  critical and commercial success and is  one of the more charming films in recent  memory offering some great nostalgia for  fans of Snoopy and Charlie Brown  the film's plot was actually a heck of a  lot simpler than most animated films in  recent memory it revolved around Charlie  Brown trying to get noticed by the new  girl in class while also learning to  stand up her himself and break out of  his shell a bit but as we all know  Charlie Brown is a bit of a blockhead  but that's why we liked him so much  one of the subplots in the film came was  Snoopy writing his own story which in  turn we got to see acted out as a world  war 1 flying a spectacle as he drafts  his story he gives his pages to  Woodstock to get his opinion Woodstock  proceeds to check the pages into the  trash though as this goes on though  Charlie Brown runs into the shot from  the front of the house when he  approaches Snoopy all the papers and  trash have magically disappeared from  the shot we don't think Woodstock has  the strength to fly away with them. 

4-Big hero 6

Where's our big hero 6 sequel  we know we're getting a TV series on  Disney XD but we want more baymax on the  big screen we loved this Marvel like  adaptation that Disney produced back in  2015 which featured a young yet highly  intelligent boy team up with his  brothers robot baymax  in a quest to save the world spoilers if  you haven't seen big hero 6 by now what  are you waiting for in the film a  terrible accident leaves our young  protagonist hero without his brother the  two of them would spend a lot of time  together at the local university where  hero's brother Tadashi has been working  in the same field as Professor Callaghan  early on the professor asks Hiro if he  can see some of his microbots in the  first shot we see him wearing a blue  shirt over his vest cut to the close-up  and Hiro hands over his creation to the  profile  outstretched arm there's a problem  though the shirt is now red furthermore  when we cut back to the white shot  Callahan's shirt is blue again it's  likely the animators mixed up the  character models in this scene as  Callahan can be seen wearing a red shirt  a few scenes later after Hiro's demonstration. 


Cars three raced into theaters  earlier this summer and was seen by many  fans and critics as a step up from the  notorious cars to the film created by  Pixar yet again centers on Lightning  McQueen the seven-time piston cup  champion and his newfound rivalry with  an up-and-coming hotshot named Jackson's  storm due to storms cutting-edge  technology a lot of the older cars like  lightning are finding themselves  outdated and unimportant to the scene  you can bet we'll have something on cars  three when it hits video but for now  we're going to take a step back and look  at cars one the film has a pretty  unusual yet funny scene with lightning  and his friend mater ending up tipping  some tractors which would be the cars  equivalent of cow tipping in the scene  mater sneaks up on some sleeping  tractors and scares them awake causing  them to end up springing backwards  resulting in their engines facing the  sky there's a problem here though we see  mater flip two tractors before we get a  wide shot where he gets the whole field  in that shot the two tractors that are  already up are nowhere to be seen  chances are they didn't just drive away  so where'd they go. 


Frozen is one of the  biggest films in recent memory so of  course we had to include it on our list  the film was full of great and memorable  characters nice twists and a cool play  on Disney zone conventions it also had  some catchy tunes that we still can't  help hum every now and again what we  can't help it in the film  Elsa kind of puts the kingdom in deep  deep deep deep snow and it's up to her  sister Anna to save the day by this  point we're all pretty familiar with the hair animation hoop which saw Elsa's hair passed directly through her shoulder now that's a pretty huge mistake but we know you know that one so here's one, you may not be as familiar. 

At  one point in the film Hans and his  guards end up at Elsa's ice castle and  encountered the terrifying snow monster  known as marshmallow wasting no time he knocks - guards aside and into a snow  mound but there's clearly nothing around  them aside from snow upon impact we cut  away for a few moments as the guards  notice Elsa at the castle door when we  return to the two guards on the snow  there's a sudden crossbow bolt just  lying there ready to be used well that  sure is convenient.    

So there you have it  everyone which animation mistake is the  most troublesome for you , leave comment for us.