Top 10 Movie Endings That Will Make You Cry

 Top 10 Movie Endings That Will Make You Cry 

Have you ever loved a dog a dear friend  or Leonardo DiCaprio ,we'll be counting down our picks  for the top 10 movie endings that will  make you cry  . do you  ever want to watch like a really sad  movie just so you can like feel  something and bawl your eyes out how we  have got you covered also because this  list concerns the movie endings a  spoiler alert is now in effect.
10-The Fault in Our Stars 

Based  on the John Green novel of the same name  The Fault in Our Stars follows a pair of  young cancer patients who fall in love  ,you gave me it forever within the  numbered days and for that I am am  eternally hurt  while the premise alone suggests a  tragedy the engaging love story will  nonetheless pull you in and the endings  still manages to surprise as Gus who is  apparently in remission ends up being  the one to succumb to the disease  funerals I'd decided are not for the ten  for living Hazel's pre funeral eulogy is  very touching and the message Gus leaves  behind after his death will have you  sobbing if you aren't already you don't  get to choose if you get her in this  world but you do have a say in who hurts  you  and I like my choices  I hope she likes hers  okay hazel grace.
9-Hachi a dog's tale 

Hachi a dog's tale a remake  of a film based on a true story Hachi  and dogs tale explores the friendship  between parker a professor and the  titular dog that he accidentally gains  ownership of lost everyday Hachi follows  Parker to the train station and then  waits for him to return  sadly Parker eventually dies while at  work and so never returns by train  prompting Hachi to spend years waiting  for his master to return home eventually  dying in the train station having become  a permanent fixture there well the story  it's based on has spawned plenty of  tributes in pop culture Hachi a dog's  tail still manages to tug at our  heartstrings with its particular take on  a familiar tragic story of man's best  friend .

Is the epic story of  Maximus a Roman general who experiences  betrayal and the loss of his wife and  son gladiator follows Maximus as he  rises through the gladiatorial pits to  confront the emperor responsible for his  fall from grace despite being stabbed  before his duel with the vile ruler  Maximus nevertheless manages to overcome  this handicap to defeat his hated foe  before finally succumbing to his wounds  the final sequence of Maximus reuniting  with his family in the afterlife  it's just a whole whirlwind of  tear-jerking emotion.
7-Brokeback Mountain 

A tragic  romance between two Cowboys torn between  their love for each other and their  families  not to mention societal pressure  Brokeback Mountain cranks the heartache  even higher with its conclusion I wish I  knew how to quit you jack  who repeatedly pushed for a life with  anis dies unexpectedly in an accident  leaving his infrequent lover heartbroken  with only mementos of their time  together to comfort him during his time  of grief when Ennis's daughter asks for  his blessing to marry her boyfriend he  merely asks that they love each other  heavily suggesting that he's learned  that that is all that really matters  his final look at his closet trying to  Jack is just heartbreaking.
6-Marley & Me

Yep it's another  dog movie when a friend of couple John  and Jenny suggests they adopt a dog to  see if they're ready for Parenthood the  rambunctious Marley proves a handful but  he ultimately endears himself to the  pair and proves a valued part of their  family once they start one yeah the  football took it out of him sadly like  most pets Marley eventually reaches the  end of his life before his owners and  his sickness and slow decline make for a  very real and relatable situation that  many pet owners can empathize with  [Music]  already having to put down a pet you  raised is gut-wrenching and Marley and  me condenses that entire experience  start-to-finish  into less than two hours for the  audience the dog has no use for fancy  cars or big homes for designer clothes a  waterlogged stick will do just fine dog  didn't care if you're rich or poor  clever or dull smart or dumb give him  your heart and he'll give me his
 5-my girl 

Dad is developing a  significantly faster rate than my right  and calling me one thing  cancel and die okay sweetie tell me the  mayonnaise out of the fridge, a  coming-of-age story about a  hypochondriac girl named Veda my girl  follows her attempts to come to terms  with the changing world around her as  well as the guilt she feels for the  death of her mother who died shortly  after giving birth to her they come in  all sizes honey just like shoes a child  of course not for short people, unfortunately, Veda is again given an  opportunity to blame herself when her  friend Thomas J dies of an allergic  reaction to bees while looking for a  mood ring she lost near a fallen hive  [Music]  the b-school Thomas J and I killed her  grief well it does help bring her closer  to her father is hard to watch  particularly if you know the pain of  having lost someone when you were young  you think.
4-Million Dollar  Baby

when grizzled boxing trainer Franky  takes on Maggie  an eager up-and-coming boxer their  relationship develops into a pseudo  father-daughter friendship you've got to  move your feet that's one of the best  things I'm gonna be able to teach  tragically Maggie's final match ends  prematurely when a sucker punch leaves  her quadriplegic feeling with her real  family seemingly only interested in the  money she's made Maggie sends them away  grieving for her lost mobility and  feeling suicidal  Maggie asks Frankie to end her life  since she can no longer do it herself  while they may not be related by blood  he's the only family she's got so seeing  Frankie wrestle with an ultimately grant  Maggie's wish is a real uppercut to the  fields disconnect your air machine  and I'll give you a shot you stay asleep.

Titanic a romance set  aboard the infamously doomed unsinkable  ship Titanic follows Jack and roses  relationship as they meet and fall for  one another aboard the vessel  despite overcoming social disapproval  due to their differing social classes  and real danger the pair is separated by  death when Jack dies of hypothermia in  the water while awaiting rescue an  elderly Rose who relates her story to  researchers of the sunken ship later  passes away in her sleep and appears to  reunite with Jack and all the others who  died aboard the Titanic and a final  dream possibly the afterlife this  touching tribute to the dead lovers and  the real people who died aboard the ship  is sure to sink even the hardest of  hearts.
2-The Green Mile

 Given that  this film follows prison guards and the  death row inmates they watch over it  should hardly be a surprise that the  ending is tragic there are a number of  traumatic executions and deaths during  the Green Mile but it's last is easily  the most heartbreaking gentle giant John  Coffey can heal and resurrect people  with his supernatural powers but  ultimately finds himself accused of  murder after being found trying to  resurrect two murder victims John's  innocent Terror at dying will get even  the most cynical viewer weeping while the leader of the guards lives  unnaturally long allowing him to tell  John's story it's bittersweet  consolation to the loss of such a good  sweet man we each owe a death there are  no exceptions  Oh God  sometimes the Green Mile seems so long. 

1-the boy in the Striped   Pyjamas

Set in and around a nazi  concentration camp the boy in the  Striped Pajamas follows an unlikely  friendship between a german boy Bruno  and a Jewish boy Shmuel in the camp with  in occupied Poland pajamas well those we  have to although riddled with historical  inaccuracies the film's strongest aspect  is the central friendship between the  two boys who don't understand the  realities of their situation perhaps you  can come up with us sometime  but that's 2-stroke the animals getting  out is to animals no it's to stop people  getting out are you not allowed out why  what are you done this youthful ignorant  and innocence lead to disaster though as  the conclusion sees Bruno dress in  striped pajamas to help Shmuel find his  father which ultimately leads both to be  locked inside and killed in a gas  chamber few things are as horrific as  the Holocaust but that already awful  chapter in human history is made even  more devastating when focusing on the  death of children.
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