Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

If there's one model that Hollywood has  learned to live by its bigger is better  film historians tend to credit the  one-two punch of Steven Spielberg's jaws  released in the summer of 1975 and  George Lucas's original 1977 smash Star  Wars with ushering in the era of the big  summer blockbuster and in the  intervening years these blockbusters  have only gotten more epic and more  expensive 1991's  Terminator 2 Judgment Day was the first  film to cost over 100 million dollars to  produce but when it comes to the  costliest productions ever it's telling  that it's not even in the top ten  adjusted for inflation these are the  blockbusters that broke the bank the ten  most expensive films of all time.

10-Water worled  276M$

Win Waterworld hit screens in July of 1995  it's unfortunate reputation preceded it  details of the film's production have  been constantly leaking to the press  during its shoot near the Hawaiian  Islands and they were not encouraging  the film's already exorbitant budget of  100 million dollars had ballooned out of  control in various mishaps specific to a  large-scale production shot entirely at  sea had befallen both cast and crew star  and producer Kevin Costner was nearly  killed performing a stunt in which he  was furiously blasted with seawater  while suspended 40 feet in the air and  actresses Jeanne Tripplehorn and Tina  maja Reno had almost plummeted to the  ocean's depths when a boat they were on  simply decided to fall apart even  experienced stuntman Laird Hamilton  became lost at sea while commuting to  work on his jet ski having to be rescued  by helicopter  but the troubled shoot was only the  beginning of the film's problems  audiences found the finished product to  be a confounding and confusing mess and  critics were lukewarm as well the great  Roger Ebert declared it one of those  marginal pictures you're not unhappy to  have seen but can't quite recommend not  exactly high praise for the most  ambitious and expensive film production  today even after more than two decades  in countless high budget blockbusters  Costner's epic boondoggle checks in as  the tenth most expensive film ever made  with a final budget of 172 million  dollars equivalent to nearly 276 million  in today's dollars.  

9-John carter  281M$ 

Attempt to adapt edgar rice burroughs  classic Barsoom series of pulp novels  failed to get off the ground for years  beginning with a proposed animated  version in the early 1930s which would  have been presided over by Warner  Brothers legend Bob Clampett but failed  to materialize during the 80s the films  rights fell to Walt Disney Studios but a  planned adaptation to be directed by  diehard Helmer John McTiernan fell apart  as the production team realized that  special effects technology hadn't yet  come far enough to faithfully render  Burroughs vision of his Martian society  but the house of mouse never gave up on  the idea and finally in 2012 audiences  were given John Carter based on the  first novel and burro series and  starring Taylor Kitsch as the titular  intergalactic hero unfortunately the  film fell spectacularly flat with  moviegoers and critics alike director  Andrew Stanton who had held the visually  amazing and thematically rich animated  features Finding Nemo and wall-e for  Disney and Pixar was criticized for  failing to deliver memorable characters  in action sequences and for creating an  alien world that felt thin and  underdeveloped with its eye-popping  budget of 263 million dollars about 281  million dollars in today's money the  ninth most expensive film of all time  underperformed severely enough at the  box office to amount to a nearly 200  million dollar loss for Disney plans for  sequels were unceremoniously scrapped  and Disney even allowed the film rights  to revert back to Burroughs estate.
 8-Harry potter and the half blood pringe 285M$ 

 The  Harry Potter film series is as  universally beloved as JK Rowling's  classic novels with its child  protagonists literally growing up before  audiences eyes throughout its eight  installments they might have begun as  precocious preteens in the debut chapter  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone  but just like their characters Daniel  Radcliffe is Harry Rupert Grint as Ron  and Emma Watson as Hermione had become  angsty teenagers as the series was  nearing its conclusion and the storyline  had become considerably darker as well  2009's Harry Potter and the half-blood  Prince based on the sixth book in the  series tells a harrowing enough tale  that at at times edges close to outright  horror featuring the shocking death of  beloved Hogwarts headmaster Albus  Dumbledore the film brings its young  protagonists face to face with fear and  hopelessness while setting the stage for  the triumphant final act Harry Potter  and the Deathly Hallows which would be  split into two films half-blood prince  would become one of the best reviewed  films in the sea  and like the rest of them it was a  decisive financial success grossing  nearly a billion dollars at the  worldwide box office it's a good thing  too  not only is it the most expensive film  in the series it's the eighth most  expensive film of all time with an  adjusted budget of 285 million dollars
7- AVengers:age of ultron  290M$

While it's not the highest ranking film  based on the Marvel property to grace  our list 2015's Avengers age of Ultron  the sequel to Joss Whedon's epic 2012  crossover smash The Avengers is the only  film in the top 10 to be produced by  Marvel Studios whose cinematic universe  has captured the imaginations of  audiences worldwide on the way to  becoming the single highest-grossing  film franchise of all time  age of Ultron finds heroes Iron Man  Captain America the Hulk Thor Black  Widow and Hawkeye operating as an  established team taking down a secret  Hydra base in the film's propulsive  opening sequence while hardly breaking a  sweat of course no matter how expensive  Marvel Studios films are the exact  opposite of risky propositions Bar None  every one of them has opened number one  at the box office and no fewer than  three have broken 1 billion dollars  worldwide the most recent being this  year's phenomenal black panther but  after the record-breaking success of the  Avengers Marvel knew that they had to go  big when it came time to serve up a  sequel and that they certainly did age  of Ultron sports the largest budget of  any single MCU films so far adjusted for  inflation the team showdown with the  sinister artificial intelligence of  Ultron cost nearly 290 million dollars  to bring to the screen.

6-Tangled   292M$ 

If there's one  film you probably didn't expect to see  on this list it would be this one  released in 2010 the Animated Feature  tangled is a humorous retelling of the  Rapunzel fairy tale part of a brief  trend at the time of giving classic  fairy tales the snarky animated update  treatment you may be wondering how any  animated film could top the budget of  Marvel Studios most expensive outing but  it makes a little more sense when you  consider that the film was in  development for six years during which  time its animators constantly pushed the  envelope of computer animation  technology for example the production  team decided early on to present the  film in the style of the classical oil  painting in an attempt to bring the  intuitiveness and warmth of hand-drawn  animation to CGI animating hair also  turned out to be considerably difficult  which was a major roadblock considering  that this was a Rapunzel story and  animators kept trying new techniques in  software  sweets throughout the films long  development in the end tangled proved to  be a critical and financial success  earning praise for its spectacular  animation and even inviting favorable  comparison to Disney's classic works  while cleaning up at the worldwide box  office to the tune of nearly 600 million  dollars after marketing costs however  such a performance was necessary for  tangled to turn any profit at all  shockingly it's the sixth most expensive  film ever made with an adjusted budget  of a whopping 292 million dollars   
5-Justice league  300M$


Warner  Brothers DC extended universe was  introduced with 2013's Man of Steel and  was intended to serve as longtime Marvel  rival DC's answer to Marvel Studios  Cinematic Universe unfortunately it  hasn't quite worked out that way DC's  films have largely struggled to find  their footing narratively  and endured harsh assessments from  critics with the notable exception of  2017 s Wonder Woman but they have  enjoyed financial success up to a point  that point being the most recent entry  Justice League observers might have  expected the first live action on-screen  team-up of DC's flagship superhero team  featuring the likes of Batman Wonder  Woman the flash and Aquaman to have no  trouble shattering the 1 billion dollar  mark worldwide but it didn't even come  close  critics pointed to a disjointed story  tonal and pacing problems and other  fundamental issues with the film's  writing that not even a last-minute  course correction by Avengers director  Joss Whedon who stepped in when Helmer  Zack Snyder had to depart due to a  family tragedy could solve Justice  League struggled to a mere 657 million  dollars worldwide gross on a lavish  budget of 300 million dollars which with  marketing and other costs considered  makes it the highest grossing flop of  all time all told it's speculated by  industry insiders that Warner Brothers  lost up to 100 million dollars on the  movie and it's lukewarm reception has  prompted a serious internal reappraisal  of the entire series creative direction.
 4- Spider man3  304M$

Along with Fox Studios x-men films Sam  Raimi's original spider-man series went  a long way toward establishing the look  tone and storytelling conventions of the  modern superhero movie its first two  installments released in 2002 in 2004  were met with widespread praise and  boatloads of money and for the third  film in the series Raimi planned to  adult in some fanservice with a plethora  of new villains including Thomas Haden  Church his Sandman and fan favorite  venom whom starred Topher Grace left  long-running sitcom that 70s show to  portray unfortunately this meant that  the film suffered from what is now  commonly known as villain blowed critics  accused it of sluggish pacing related to  its attempts to shoehorn in too many  characters and also noted that it lacked  the humor and personality of the first  two entries although the film performed  respectively at the box office grossing  890 million dollars worldwide the  creative stagnation was enough for Raimi  to scrap plans for a fourth installment  allowing the series to be rebooted with  a new cast and crew for 2012's the  amazing spider-man it goes to show that  more money villains and storyline don't  always translate to a terribly  compelling film even its staggering  earnings and ridiculous adjusted budget  of 304 million dollars couldn't keep  spider-man 3 from becoming the nail in  the coffin of its series.
 3- Titanc   305M$

For a dozen  years after its 1997 release James  Cameron's historical epic Titanic  reigned as the all-time highest-grossing  film it was the first movie to surpass a  billion dollars at the box office  eventually ending up with a worldwide  Hall of 2.18 billion at 111 Oscars made  a household name out of Leonardo  DiCaprio and prompted Cameron to  famously proclaimed himself king of the  world  but the iconic film was a major headache  to bring to the screen as Cameron had  apparently failed to learn the lessons  of Waterworld maritime shoot just a  couple years earlier the 138 day filming  schedule ballooned to 160 as various  cast and crew were stricken with  illnesses and infection from all of the  time spent in ice-cold water  in a bizarre turn of events Cameron and  several others were poisoned by an irate  crew member who spiked their food with  the hardcore drug PCP causing further  delays 20th Century Fox executives began  to panic as production costs soared near  the unprecedented 200 million dollar  mark and the film's runtime threatened  to exceed three hours which would lead  to fewer screenings through it all  Cameron  girly refused any and all suggestions to  trim expenses or scenes and in the end  the 195 minute film ended up costing  well more than 1 million dollars per  minute of screen time of course the  suits at Fox ended up grateful they  hadn't pulled the plug when Titanic  proceeded to annihilate every box office  record but they could be forgiven for  sweating a little during production the  most expensive film ever made at the  time  Cameron finally brought Titanic in for  just over 200 million dollars or about  305 million in today's dollars.
2- Pirates of the carribean: AT worled’s end  354M$

When  Pirates of the Caribbean curse of the  Black Pearl was released in 2003 film  goers were understandably a bit  skeptical about a big-budget pirate  adventure which had historically not  done well in modern Hollywood based on a  theme park attraction Disneyland's  iconic Pirates of the Caribbean ride but  director Gore Verbinski whose success  with 2002's the ring had made him a hot  property delivered an entertaining ride  and Johnny Depp's portrayal of the  wisecracking Captain Jack Sparrow made  audiences fall in love with the  character overnight the film was a  surprise box-office smash meaning that  sequels were in short order  with the next two installments Dead  Man's Chest and at World's End being  shot back-to-back the two films were  given separate budgets and although the  225 million dollars set aside for Dead  Man's Chest was nothing to sneeze at at  World's End became the most expensive  film of all time upon its release in  2007 its 300 million dollar budget would  translate to an astonishing 354 million  in today's dollars but it's rain would  only last for years and it would be  unseated by its sequel  on.
1-Pirates of the carribean on stranger tides  412M$ 

Stranger Tides arrived as the first  Pirates of the Caribbean film not to be  directed by Gore Verbinski and also  absent were series regulars Orlando  Bloom and here in Knightley and while  critics weren't terribly impressed  audiences were absolutely thrilled  reviews took the film to task for  serious writing problems and the absence  of Verbinski's sure-handed presences  director was noted but Johnny Depp's  charismatic presence and the film's  eye-popping spectacle won over  moviegoers in spite of the film's mixed  reviews on Stranger Tides shattered all  kinds of box-office records upon its  release and it's a good thing because it  took an absurd amount of money to bring  to the screen the 106 day shoot employed  state-of-the-art 3d cameras similar to  those used to shoot James Cameron's  superior technological achievement  avatar which incidentally is the  highest-grossing film ever by a wide  margin 10 different visual effects  houses contributed to the movies 1112  CGI assisted scenes and Disney pulled  out all of the stops to ensure that on  Stranger Tides would be a feast for the  eyes on par with Cameron's reigning  box-office champ the strategy paid off  on Stranger Tides raked in over a  billion dollars at the worldwide box  office and is currently the 25th highest  grossing film of all time but it's also  by far the most expensive  adjusted for today's dollars it cost an  unbelievable 412 million dollars to  bring to the screen.

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