Today I'm going to  be talking about my recommended reads  for historical fiction, since we're  already on the topic of World War 2 historical fiction let's just get into those.


So the first book is actually an  adult book and that is the nightingale  by Kristen Hannah I listened to the  audiobook for this recently and I'm sure  you guys have heard of it because I have  kind of not stopped talking about it  since I read it everyone had been  telling me how amazing this book was and  telling me that I need to read it and I  was like yeah it's on my list like I'll  get to it eventually and honestly I just  thought there was no possible way that I  could live  to all the hype that surrounds it but it  didn't just survive that hype it  literally just exceeded , it exceeded  all of my expectations this is one of  those books where while I'm reading it I  feel like it's really happening and then  when I'm done I like remember that it's  not real but I'm still left thinking and  reeling after this story it's the  amazing story of two sisters and  nazi-occupied France as they are trying  and fighting to survive and it is just  heartbreaking and honestly made me think  of my family's own experiences in the  Netherlands and just how difficult it  would be to live during that time period  and to see your country occupied by this  terrible enemy I just can't even imagine  living through that in this book did  such a good job really delving into that  and delving into the women's side of the  war which i think is a story that is  super important so if you're looking for  an adult historical fiction I hope that  you try this one out and pick it up  because it is honestly so good and so  heartbreaking and you're going to need  tissues let me tell you .  

2-The girl  in the blue coat

Next is the girl  in the blue coat by Monica Hesse this is  kind of a similar note to the  nightingale because this really made me  think of my family but that is mostly  because this book is actually set in  Amsterdam in World War 2 you follow the  main character of Hanukkah and I'm  probably saying that wrong I'm really  sorry but you follow her as she has been  working on the black-market trying to  survive and make some money however one  of her neighbors tasked her with trying  to find a Jewish girl who she had been  hiding who has gone missing so the story  turns into this mystery full of high  stakes and my favorite part about it was  it was very realistic world war 2 is a  time where everyone is just fighting to  survive and decisions that might seem  easy now in retrospect really are  difficult because it's kind of a time  where you have to put yourself first  this brought so much nostalgia to me  just remembering all of my Dutch  heritage and it really made me think of  my family and the stories that I've  heard about them and how they helped out  during the war and it was just such a  well-done story very well researched and  I really enjoyed it.  

3-Salt to the sea    

Next is salt to the sea by Virtusa  Petty's in my last recommendations list   I don't think I had read this book yet  so I recommended between shades of grey  which I do still really  but this book is just magical honestly  virtus of Hetty's is such an incredible  historical fiction writer she makes you  care for these characters and absolutely  tears your heart out in the end this  follows various characters all coming  from different places as they come  together and are trying to flee Germany  at the tail end of World War two it's  really not a safe place for anyone and  they all have their different things  that brought them there and you really  get to delve into their stories and why  they're running away and what brought  them there in the different perspectives  of this story because it's told and I  think it's five or six perspectives for  I was close but this is telling the  story is something I didn't really know  about which is one of the greatest  maritime tragedies in history and it's  just so well done I highly recommend  that you check it out.  

4-The Pearl  thief 

Next is the Pearl  thief by Elizabeth we and Elizabeth  Queen is the author that did the blurb  on orphan monster spy and in my last  list I talked about code name Verity by  her rose under fire is the sequel to  that and that is also absolutely  incredible but the Pearl thief is the  one I wanted to talk about today so the  Pearl thief is different because it's  set in 1930 in Scotland and it gives you  a really interesting perspective on  river pearls which is something I had  never heard of before this is actually a  prequel where you get to know more about  one of the characters of code name  Verity and I thought it was amazing to  learn more about her and where she came  from and it gave me a greater  appreciation for her as a character and  I already had a very intense  appreciation for her I think this was  just really cool and such an interesting  thing to look into there's lots of  different mysteries going on in regards  to the pearls and you get to see the  whole thing unfold and it's really cool. 
5-The valiant the   

Rest of the books are kind of  jumping all around different time  periods and histories so first we have  the valiant by Leslie Livingston this is  a historical fantasy that follows a  female gladiator and it is based on the  fact that there was evidence excavated  that showed that there were female  gladiators I don't really know a lot  about ancient Rome admittedly it's  something that I would like to learn  more about I just haven't really delved  into it because I find it incredibly  confusing but I felt like this book did  a really good job of helping my  understanding and showing these amazing  female warriors and I just fell in love  with the characters and I haven't read  the sequel yet but I can't wait to read  it and  Leslie Livingston is also a Canadian  author which is always a thumbs-up in my  book get it books the moving on. 

6-Walk on earth a stranger 

Next is  walk on earth a stranger by Rae Carson  this is set in the US during the gold  rush this is another historical fantasy  because our main character can actually  sense gold but the main character's  father has been murdered so she finds  herself fleeing west to California which  isn't exactly an easy task for a girl so  she ends up disguising herself as a man  and going across gold rush era America  and it was just really cool lots of  cowboys all that stuff and I really  enjoyed it.  

7-After Alice  

Next is after Alice by Gregory Maguire  this is an interesting one because it's  really like historical fantasy but  historical fantasy retelling so this is  a retelling of Alice in Wonderland  obviously but it goes to 1860s Oxford  and shows how the people that Alice left  behind are reacting to her going down  the rabbit hole and wondering like where  did she go this was really cool a very  unique historical fiction so if you're  looking for something a little bit fun  kind of nerdy because it really delves  into Victorian England and the standards  that are particularly set upon women  which is something I really enjoyed it's  really like a satire surrounding that  then you might like this one but it is  definitely a very nerdy read. 

8-The  lady elizabeth 

Next is the  lady elizabeth by Alison Weir this is  all about Queen Elizabeth the first but  in her youth up until the time that she  ends up being crowned Queen I enjoyed  the perspective in this and the white if  questions that it addressed but I  particularly liked the fact that it  followed her as a kid and you saw her  kind of grappling with the fact that her  father had her mother beheaded and now  is going through all these different  wives and having them beheaded and she's  like what is happening but you also get  to see how defiant Elizabeth is and how  she doesn't care what other people want  from her she is determined to rule in  her own right and I found her to be a  really admirable character I find her to  be one of the most fascinating  historical figures so I really liked  reading this historical fiction about  her especially because Alison Weir is  actually a historian she has written a  biography on Elizabeth the first so it  was interesting to get the perspective  of a historian on things that she  thought kind of what if these things  happened  how would history have  with that so this was really fascinating  and I also read innocent trader by her  and that one was also very good and it  wasn't as good as this one but I want to  read the rest of her books too. 

9-My Plain Jane 

Next is  my Plain Jane by the lady Janie's aka Cynthia's hand Brody Ashton and Jody  meadows this is actually the companion  sequel to my lady Jane which I believe I  mentioned in the last historical  fictions recommendations that I did and  you don't have to have read that one  first in order to read this one but you  really should because it's amazing both  of these books are so hilarious and just  such a joy to read they bring a smile to  my face every time I delve into them  they're so weird and quirky and my Plain  Jane  it tells in to Jane Eyre and once again  is making fun of the Victorian era and I  just love when things make fun of the  Victorian era particularly this one  delves into the Victorian Gothic which i  think is hilarious I just like making  fun of gothic things it's honestly just  such a fun and different historical  fiction so definitely try this out if  you are looking for an upbeat and  light-hearted and funny historical  fiction. 

10-A mad wicked folly

Next is a mad wicked folly by  Sheeran big seller this book is set in  Edwardian England and it follows the  women's suffragette movement which I  really liked seeing it was interesting  to delve more into that era because it's  honestly one that I don't know a ton  about I enjoyed her main character as  she is just like why are these things  put on women like why do I have to live  like this why can't I just make  decisions for myself and she defies  expectations but not really  intentionally she is just trying to live  her life like she poses nude because she  wants to be an artist but then she ends  up getting caught posing nude so then  this whole scandal ensues and she's just  like I just wanted to make art but she's  definitely a fiery character and I  really loved her. 

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