Top 10 Greatest Olympic Opening Ceremonies

 Top 10 Greatest Olympic Opening Ceremonies 

you most beautiful and most amazing  top tenors of Olympic glory   I'm just  about putting my popcorn in the  microwave but this year's Olympic  opening ceremony so to drum up some  excitement I've had a look a whole load  of previous Olympic opening ceremonies  and I wanted to hit you up with the top  10 best of the bunch so in the spirit of  sportsmanship here we have the top 10   Olympic opening ceremonies of all time. 

10-Amsterdam 1928

In our number ten we have Amsterdam 1928  so why Amsterdam 1928 when very little  footage still exists compared to the  Bobby Dazzlers of recent years two  reasons really the footage that does  exist makes people look like they're  having the best blooming time ever and  because this was a landmark opening  ceremony that affected forthcoming  opening ceremonies so by this I mean  that this was the first year of the  modern Olympic flame in ancient Greek  times the Olympics included a flame  however the torch and flame cauldron as  we know it were brought to life in  Amsterdam in 1928  now the much famed Dutch architect Jan  wills designed the cauldron which then  sat atop Amsterdam's olympic stadion  when the huge bowl of fire was lit the  audience watched with the utmost or  moving on to a way more recent Olympics  we have the first of a few American  hosted Olympics.
9-Salt Lake City 2002 

In at number nine we  have the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics  of 2002 so this is the only Winter  Olympics Opening Ceremony on our list  and although not technically considered  in the same category as the Summer  Olympics we thought this gorgeous  opening ceremony absolutely deserved a  spot on our list now this was a very  important Olympic opening ceremony as it  was the first since the horrific 9/11  attack on American soil the start of the  ceremony was marked by a flag that flew  in the World Trade Center on 9/11  brought into the stadium by Rice Eccles  by the way all of the turf in the  stadium was replaced by ice and the  performers performed on ice skates for  ever marking the ceremony as the one  with all of the skating on top of that  they got five Utah Native American  tribes together who all rode in on  horseback and performed several  traditional welcome stomp dances ice  horses  and polar bear puppets national pride  what more do you possibly want the Dixie  Chicks alright then  they've got it. 

8-London 1948

In at number eight we  have the London 1948 post-war Olympics  in a similar spirit to the Salt Lake  City Games London was tasked with the  job of opening up the first post-war  time games after a hiatus during the  bloodshed and aftermath now these are a  time of austerity so none of the usual  Opening Ceremony flashiness was  permitted it but it was the spirit of  the event that made this one of the best  opening ceremonies of all time people  were very thankful for the peace and the  Olympics offered a sense of worldwide  healing as nations came together for the  first time since the fighting now the  initial footage shows the torch being  lipped by a chap in exceptionally tighty  whities with a backdrop of the good old  White Cliffs of Dover they then show a V  for victory and peace and sportsmanship  to start the proceedings the king that  arrives and all 80,000 spectators were  pretty darn excited there was a 21-gun  salute and a very impressive flag parade  yes it was suspicious but that's what  many countries needed. 

7-Atlanta 1996 

In our number   seven we have Atlanta 1996 so of course  the centennial of the modern Olympic  Games was going to be huge and who does  it better than America taking place in  the Centennial Olympic Stadium the  ceremony was quintessentially American  with many a star-spangled banner  marching bands cheerleaders college  sports and Chevrolet trucks the event  also paid homage to the south and its  home state of Georgia and it was  televised to an audience of a whopping  thirty nine point seven million what  really set the Opening Ceremony apart  however is the role of Muhammad Ali  despite suffering from Parkinson's Ali  carried the torch to light the Olympic  Cauldron marking the start of the games  like he actually stands up strong with  the torch and lights the flame which  floats up magically lighting a huge cauldron well done Muhammad Ali he will forever be remembered for this moment. 

6-Barcelona 1992

In at  number sex we have Barcelona 1992 so in  theory Atlanta were trying to outdo  their predecessors Barcelona Barcelona  whacked on a crew  think spectacle they even included  Freddie Mercury Freddie Mercury recorded  his absolute banger Barcelona with Queen  before he died and it was used in  opening proceedings along with some  pretty crazy Greek mezzo-soprano  another highlight were that there were  many colorful and elaborate costumes of  the performers there was also a cool  Bionic Running Man puppet and I really  enjoyed the innovative way the cold room  was lips' Paralympic Archer Antonio  ravallo fired a flaming arrow lit by the  olympic torch in one of the most the at  Racal Lighting's to take place in  history delighting the crowd of around  70,000 spectators. 

5-Tokyo 1964

In at number five we have  Tokyo 1964 now this Olympic opening  ceremony was hugely important as it was  the first to be broadcast live  internationally and can you believe it  it was also the first to be televised in  color this now allowed spectators across  the globe to feel fully immersed in the  action now Japan had previously missed  out on hosting the previously awarded  Olympics of 1940 but they missed out  because of their involvement in World  War two now the flag was raised to a gun  salute and hundreds of colored balloons  were released into the Olympic Stadium  which before the days of high budget  spectacles must have looked absolutely  beautiful especially on those colored TV  screens on top of it all the person  chosen to light the cauldron was born on  the same day that the her Ashima bombs  were dropped making this a political  statement that the past was behind Japan. 

4-Athens 2004

In number four we have Athens 2004 now  the Greeks very much store the 28th  Olympiad as a homecoming for them as the  ancient Greeks were the founding fathers  of the Olympics not because of this the  ceremony very much focused on harking  back to those days celebrating Greek  gods and the body as an athletic form in  the beginning the stadium was flooded  with water as a boy rode in on a paper  style boat this was followed by a  beautiful color parade depicting the  transition from ancient times to modern  later there was a very impressive video  screen - stadium trick a single flame  was flung out of a scream into a pool in  the stadium which then ignited with the  Olympic rings rising in  James created by avant-garde  choreographer Demetrius Papa wanna the  ceremony was very much a success. 

3-Sydney   2000 

Getting  very close in at number 3 we have Sydney  to thousands so it is the games that  then Olympic Committee president won  Antonio Samaranch would call the most  beautiful opening ceremony he had ever  seen  presented by Australia's channel 7  Sydney's millennial Olympic opening  ceremony focused on themes of the  aquatic and Aboriginal recognizing the  owners of the Australian land originally  a lone rider on a stock horse entered  the stadium followed by a hundred and  twenty other riders all holding Olympic  flags which was really really quite the  image the horses circled to form Olympic  rings it was amazing from the outback  from the mountains to the sea the  Australians welcome to the world in a  real Aussie way they also used the theme  music from the Man from Snowy River  which was amazing now my favorite part  of the ceremony was the luminescent  presentation of the vibrant undersea  life and of course the big good a flag  because good a world straddles got this  you know quick deploy the jellyfish  puppets yeah I promised not to see that  ever again.
2-London 2012

In our number two from my  hometown  we have London 2012 so I'm really lucky  as I got to experience a few games in  the London Olympics of 2012 firsthand as  I was living in the city at the time my  fat mates and I even had an opening  ceremony party at our house where we  projected this absolute gem on the big  screen I mean it was truly amazing Danny  Boyle did an excellent job with his  Isles of wonder theme so it started with  British musician Frank Turner surrounded  by a field of actual sheep then this is  when the craziness started happening  this sparked a very impressive  Industrial Revolution theme with tall  buildings popping out of a grass Mound  it was amazing now the best part of it  all was that the Queen was involved  that's right the Queen did a skit with  James Bond who by the way parachuted  into the stadium having dropped out of a  plane  then haughty David Beckham rocked up  with a speedboat yielding the torch I  mean does it get any better yes it does  the cauldron was finally lit and was an  absolute feast for the eyes it was a  flower design  204 individual flaming petals one for  each competing nation can we just again  reflect on how the Queen acted alongside  Daniel Craig as James Bond the Queen of  the United Kingdom what an absolute babe.
1-Beijing 2008

Okay so we have reached that all  important moment in our most amazing top  10 Olympic opening ceremonies what I'm  going to reveal the number one spot  now although London 2012 was incredible  it has to be Beijing 2008 so aside from  the incredible design of the Beijing  Olympic Stadium known as the nest the  opening 10 minutes were by far the most  exhilarating ever after dramatic  countdown hundreds of fireworks took off  around the stadium followed by a display  of Chinese culture with thousands of  martial artists who then did their very  own glow-in-the-dark movement now this  was followed by even more fireworks  triggered across the city so just keep  on getting better from there on out now  this was co-directed by Chinese  filmmaker Zhang Yimou and Chinese  choreographer Zhang Jing another show  featured a cast of over 15,000  performers the for our ceremony explored  images of ancient Chinese culture  scripture and color just like so much  color that were geishas aerial  performances the works all in all the  ceremony was reported to have cost over  a hundred million u.s. dollars to  produce seriously although I can believe  it having watched those fireworks like  that must have been a serious gunpowder  budget so Beijing was the most expensive  opening ceremony to date with London in  second place having spent seventy five  million dollars is money really what why  is your great opening ceremony all in  all is it worth it do let me know your  thoughts in the comment section down  below.   

This has  been most amazing top 10 hope you like  our sports content let me know what you  think in the comment section down below