Top 10 Future Technology That's Here Right Now

 Top 10 Future Technology That's Here Right Now 

you know every  year there seems to be a new innovation  something that makes life easier for  some and more complicated for the less  technologically inclined for this  installment we're looking to the future  of technology at 10 anticipated concepts  that could actually, do some good  or at the very least sound really cool to talk about. 

10-Sunscreen pill

Maybe we can't speak for  everyone but it may be safe to say that  there is a general distaste when it  comes to the slimy feel that some  sunscreens leave behind it's also a  nuisance to have to stop lounging every  so often to reapply set layer of slime  but British researchers from King's  College in London may have stumbled upon  a means of creating a sunscreen pill  while studying coral dr. Paul long along  with fellow researchers believed that  algae living in the coral produces a  compound with a purpose not too  dissimilar from sunscreen, the team is  looking to biosynthetic Li develop the  same compound to create a simple tablet  or pill while current supplements  promise sun protection they're not  recommended as replacements for  sunscreen should the sunscreen pill see  the light of day even the most sensitive  skin type should be able to enjoy a day  in the Sun without the annoyance of  water resistant screens. 
9-Cell  fitting clothes

Most of us marveled when Marty McFly put  on that oversized jacket and it  immediately shrunk to fit his form what  a brilliant idea an invention that would  eradicate fitting rooms and the need for  different fits of clothing but for so  long it seemed like a mere fantasy with  time though comes ingenuity and the  concept of self adjusting clothing could  be in our near future in 2014 it was  reported that researchers from Purdue  University we're working on a robotic  fabric that can compress and expand in  certain scenarios the fabric is actually  the first step of the university's  intent on making a robotic skin that  could be used on space missions and  space exploration just imagine how much  money and time boyfriend's across the  world would save from having to sit  through the inevitable shopping with a  girlfriend escapades.

 8-Universal  translators

One of man's greatest  barriers is language and that could be  very well an issue of the past as the  Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy showed  us breaking that barrier is going to be  an essential part of communicating with  potential extraterrestrials but prior to  that it'll definitely be a great means  of uniting the world linguistically  speaking back in 2014 Microsoft unveiled  a new technology that would allow Skype  users to communicate regardless of the  language difference and while there are  some kinks to work out it's a great step  towards a possible handheld device  unfortunately the biggest hitch that  comes with any current translator is  that not all dialogue translates  perfectly going from one language to  another then back to the original  language can cause a confusing word jumble with potentially disastrous results. 
7-Mind controlled  appliances

The implementation of mind  controlled technologies isn't entirely a  new concept as there are several devices  on the market that allow users to  control video games and certain aspects  of their computers with nothing but a  thought but how convenient would life be  if every aspect of our homes was mind  controlled gone are the days of having  to get out of bed just to run the  dishwasher or start the washing machine  need to shut down the oven before dinner  burns don't bother getting up just shut  your oven off with a simple thought yeah  I may sound ridiculous but how far off  are we with voice-activated lights and  television remotes.
6-Portable  healing laser   

You're walking down the  street when you stumble and fall your  arm landing on a sharp piece of glass  what would once result in a slew of  stitches in a fairly ugly scar in the  past could actually be healed much  quicker with a laser in 2008 physicist  Abraham Katz er was experimenting with  laser bonded healing hoping to  eventually permanently replace sutures  in surgical bonding and healing  the practice of laser healing is being  looked at and implemented for a range of  therapies and healings including  arthritis migraines and cell  regeneration but these all require in  office visits the technology is looking  to be fitted for personal and portable  use meaning those nasty cuts burns and  sores could eventually be on the same  level as holding a pen maybe we're not  too far off from having portable devices  to instantly heal external injuries.  

5-motor neuroprosthetics

The  science of prosthetic limbs has become  more and more lifelike over the years  producing limbs that look like they're  made of flesh and blood  though they may look real though to the  wearer, there's something vital that's  missing and that's the ability to  consciously move the replica limb for  patients that may have lost their hand  in a tragic accident the implementation  of motor neural prosthetics would allow  them to regain functionality of their  prosthetic fingers to perform common  everyday activities such advancements in  neuro prosthetics have been made as seen  in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil where a  spinal cord injury patient was able to  perform the initial kick off. 

4-Permanent artificial organs

Artificial  organs have always been a means of  prolonging an individual's life as they  wait for a replacement but they were  never meant to be a permanent solution  current artificial organs may be able to  temporarily mimic the functionality of  the original organic organ but they  don't carry the sustainability needed to  endure a lifetime of use enter Carm at a  French based company co-founded by a  heart transplant specialist on lukovitch  a in December of 2013 car mat presented  an artificial heart that is meant to be  a permanent solution the early model  weighed three times that of a human  heart but worked off of sophisticated  sensors to work independently while both  of car mats heart transplant patients  died one within 72 days of the operation  the other in less than a year it's  obvious the right steps are being taken  in artificial limb advancement yet we  still have a way to go. 

3-Personal nanofactory

The introduction of three  Priti has put the world into a tailspin  but we also may be overlooking a far  more impressive technology that could be  on the horizon nano factories are  thought to be a low-cost high-quality  manufacturing system that from a  molecular level is believed to be able  to build just about anything where 3d  printing is limited by the materials  used nano factories or molecular  assemblers recreate materials and  products at the atomic level meaning  we'll likely be able to create anything  regardless of the material through 3d  printing is quick to become a household  technology nano factories are a ways off  from being personal the larger question  that stems from every household owning a  nano Factory is what would it eventually  due to the current suppliers that  provide us with products, we could  virtually make ourselves. 

2-Crash  proof cars   

It's a well-known fact that  fathers generally a greater fear of  flying the true danger comes from the  ride to the airport due to the human  factor that comes with driving it can be  terrifying being on the roads today but  BMW is trying to make it so there is  nothing to fear a 360-degree collision  avoidance system is being developed at  BMWs research and innovation center a  leap in innovation that could change the  way we drive and the way we feel about  driving completely if every manufacturer  is able to utilize this technology once  perfected cars could be on the verge of  self-driving and insurance companies  could be facing a very grim future  already there are sensors on many  vehicles that alert of unsafe distances  to other objects so we're already on our  way  however this technology may already be  obsolete as many companies such as  Google and even regular citizens have created self-driving car concepts that may become an everyday reality within the next 10 years. 

1-Avatars (DARPA)   

James Cameron's  explosive theatrical film of blue aliens  may not have been too far off from a  possible future in 2012 the Defense  Advanced Research Projects Agency  released details on a program that would  allow soldiers to fight without being  put in harm's way these avatars would be humanoid bipedal robots rather  than a race of extraterrestrials but the  concept is pretty similar in 2011 a  lifelike bipedal robot pet man was  showcased by Boston Dynamics who had  designed the robot for the US Department  of Defense pet man wasn't designed for  combat but rather was meant to test  chemical protection clothing for the  army the robot showed off a range of  motion similar to normal human movement  which is vital to the Avatar program it  makes you wonder how far off are we from  creating entire armies of robots what  are their future technologies. 

Do you  know of that we already have here what  do you think the future holds for  technological advancements do you have  an idea for a future top 10 let us know  in the comments section below