Top 10 Female Leaders in History

Top 10 Female Leaders in History

Today  we're gives men andcounting down our picks for the  top ten historical women's leaders, I  believe that God  women  equal rights, for this list we've looked  at the most important iconic and  effective women's leaders throughout  ancient and modern world history
10-Queen Elizabeth ii 

queen Elizabeth ii she's managed to  to modernize and evolve the monarchy  like no other we begin our ascent to the  throne with England's Queen and head of  the Commonwealth Her Royal Highness  Elizabeth the second is one of the most  instantly recognizable women ever to  have lived I must say though this dinner  is a humbling reminder of the fleeting  nature of presidencies and prime  ministerships your Majesty's reign has  spanned about a dozen of each  the world's oldest reigning monarch  Britain's longest-lived and having  recently surpassed Queen Victoria to  become the UK's longest reigning head of  state she's been making history for  years I have been deeply touched this  year by the selflessness of aid workers  and medical volunteers who have gone  abroad to help victims of conflict she's  a symbol of British and European  tradition but has also proven  consistently adaptable to the  ever-changing modern world she's a royal  one-off she very much leaves family to  go off and find their own way and if you  get it the wrong stand by you will be put  back in your place which you know  quite rightly .
9-Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi i  have you ever danger on my life and I  think I've had a pretty full life and it  makes no difference whether you die in  bed or you're done standing up the only  ever female Prime Minister of India so  far Indira Gandhi held the office for  four non-consecutive terms between the  years in 1966 and 1984 holding roles as  president of the Indian National  Congress and Minister of Information and  Broadcasting before assuming full power  as PM  in 1966 India's always tried to be on  the side of peace and negotiations and  so on but of course, we can't endanger  our security in any way a surprisingly  ruthless ruler, she was an exceptionally strong willed  woman working in an until then man's  world bringing about great agricultural  change in India itself through the  poverty tackling Green Revolution and an  influential figure in creating the stand-alone nation Bangladesh Gandhi was one  of the most important women of the twentieth century.
8- Queen Victoria   

Queen Victoria, she has a  very disciplined mind she has a  propensity for hard work and a quick  intelligence and she is strikingly sure  of her own fitness to rule  officially  titled Queen of the United Kingdom of  Great Britain and Ireland and Empress of  India Queen Victoria was also  affectionately known as the grandmother  of Europe when she becomes Queen she  suddenly realizes that what she demands  can happen head of a royal family that  stretched across an entire continent  this lady was internationally liked and  respected Victoria oversaw the  Industrial Revolution in Britain she  held her own against political uprisings  that dominated Europe during the mid  19th century the legend says that she  was not amused but she was pretty  incredible she was the matriarch  responsible for the the welfare of her  subjects in return expecting their love  and respect by the the end she'd got both.
 7-sorghaghtani BEKI

sorghaghtani BEKI daughter-in-law to Genghis Khan sergeich  Thani beki became arguably the most  important influential and tactically  impressive woman within the Mongol  empire following the legendary leader's death mother to four sons, she ensured  that each of her offspring inherited at  least some slice of Mongol rule with  probably the most the significant portion  held by second-oldest Kublai who founded  the Yuan Dynasty in China a master  manipulator famed forward thinker and a  notably tolerant woman, it was said of  sorghum Thani that if there was another  woman like her, the race of women would  be far superior to that of men.
6- Benazir Bhautto

Benazir Bhautto they don't accept they kill people  and they think they won't even have to  go to jail they won't have to answer  before a judge and that's wrong born  into Pakistani politics benazir bhutto  is perhaps one of the bravest leaders to  make today's countdown Rocio Matata no  chickie sorry mummy mashallah office  caddy again a victim to the military  rule of General Muhammad zia-ul-haq  under whom her father the former Prime  Minister was executed she endured  several spells in prison or exile before  eventually spearheading the Pakistani  People's Party to election success in  1988 I was imprisoned and nearly died in  prison because of neglect, there were  death threats there were many low  moments violent opposition forever  dogged her charismatic leadership  however culminating with her  assassination in 2007 having returned to  Pakistan concerned over the extremism  erupting there she was herself killed in  a bombing right before the next general  election I learned when I saw my father  in prison that the most important thing  in life is to serve the people and when  you go to the grave you don't take any  property with you.
5-Angela Merkel 

Angela Merkel  she's very quiet  and I think that's  what people like about her she has a  high standing in Germany because she  she's one of us probably the most  powerful woman in the world today German  Chancellor Angela Merkel is one of the  most important voices within 21st  century Europe unofficially titled the  decider she has played a crucial role in  piecing Europe back together since 2007  s financial crisis maintaining a firm  grip upon the continents precarious  purse strings,the economy has to serve people not the way round , by expertly navigating herself  and her country through the crisis  Merkel has managed to flourish where  other European leaders have fallen  Michelle and I are very much looking  forward to hosting the Chancellor and  professors are at tonight's state dinner  where I'll have the privilege of  presenting Angela with the medal of  freedom holding office for three terms  and Counting she is one of the  longest-serving leaders on the planet my fellow citizens, in the coming year we must do utmost to strengthen our country’s cohesion   will make our society more humane and more successful .
4- Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher the lady's not for  turning the first and until now only  female Prime Minister of Great Britain  Margaret Thatcher's time at number 10  Downing Street is never likely to be  forgotten you would rather have the pub  for matches of liberal politics yes it  came up he didn't intend it to an often  ruthless leader her hardline policies on  social reform cuts  reductions in trade union influence and  mass privatization earned her almighty  criticism we have seen a new birth of  leadership in Britain and that is the  most important thing the most enduring  thing that is going to come out of this  coal strike however despite her apparent  domestic opposition Thatcher served for  three terms until resigning from her  post in 1990 ladies and gentlemen we're  leaving Downing Street for the last time  after eleven and a half wonderful years  and we're very happy that we leave the  United Kingdom in a very very much  better State  the original Iron Lady Thatcher knew how to talk the talk but she was in no way afraid to walk the walk either where there is discord may we bring harmony whether gsella maybe bring truth where there is doubt may we bring faith.


Cleopatra kindred of Horus and  rah beloved of the Moon and Sun dotted  to Isis and of Upper and Lower Egypt  Queen we head into the years BC but once  in today's top ten but we do so for one  of the most iconic women history has  ever known without a Treaty of alliance  with Egypt you could not hold the  territories under your command true  possibly then Lord Antony you come  before me as a suppliant the last of the  active Pharaohs upon her ascension to  the throne in ancient Egypt Cleopatra  was seen as a reincarnation of the  ideally matriarchal goddess Isis he  starts to realize that he's involved  with somebody quite unlike anything he's  ever met a lady who's an intellectual a  philosopher with an enormous sense of  humor and fun a life story famously  adapted for stage and screen on more  than one occasion she fought against  Rome with Mark Antony but was ultimately  unable to prevent Octavian's victory  defiant until death however she  committed suicide before the new Roman  Empire was fully established.
2-Catherine  ii 

Catherine ii more famously known  as Catherine the Great there are very  good reasons why this Russian Empress  was given such a gracious moniker ruling  for 34 years she oversaw what's largely  considered Russia's Golden Age a period  of massive modernization bringing the  country in line with the rest of Europe  and in fact beyond most of it it's eye  advancement made in agriculture  education the military and the arts  Catherine also oversaw Russia's  geographical growth expanding the  borders on all sides even into Alaska a  celebrated ruler she's beaten by just  one other she really made Russia into a  sort of super great power of its day an  imperial European power in a way it  hadn't really been even under Peter the  Great.
1-Joan of Arc    

Joan of Arc give me an army  take me to Orly oh the shortest-lived  of today's top ten Joan of Arc's a  literal legend of a leader following  divine intervention allegedly  experienced during her youth she fought  for shall the seventh ascension to the  French throne overcoming English  opposition at Orleans  against all odds a figure who many  believed to be a mythical virgin sent by  God to save France she was ultimately  betrayed by shell and burned at the  stake as a heretic by the English  however history remembers her as  strong-willed strongly admired and  incredibly brave canonized as a saint in  1920 hers is an altogether higher level  of leadership.
do you agree with our list which women's leader do you think was the most important?