Top 10 Craziest Moments In Sports History

Top 10 Craziest Moments In Sports History 

imagine what our life would be like if  we didn't have sports in it a great deal  more violence perhaps and definitely a  lot more boredom maybe even lethargy  sports have a way of unlocking and  letting loose emotions and feelings that  don't otherwise get expressed not just  for those who are playing but also for  those fans who watch and follow a sport  a huge part of the Russian playing or  following a sport is the ups and downs  that are part and parcel of a sport but  sometimes there's a bit of crazy that  creeps into the experience, today we bring you our list of the craziest moments in sports history.

10- The Play 1982

Next up on our list of the craziest  moments in sports is this ending of the  1982 matchup between college football  rivals California Golden Bears and the  Stanford Cardinals since 1892 these  teams have competed in what is  traditionally known as the big game and  the build-up to this year was no  different with a packed Stadium and  thrill-a-minute atmosphere it was the  last college game for all-american  quarterback and Stanford captain John  Elway and he lived up to his billing in  the last minute of the game setting up a  field goal that put his team ahead 20 to  19 with four seconds left in the game  there were wild celebrations beginning  for the Cardinals and this became the  setting for what is today called the  play the Golden Bears picked up the ball  from the ensuing kickoff and put in five  lateral passes in quick succession the  Stanford band had already entered the  end zone and were beginning their  victory song but before they knew it  their trombone player had been knocked  down by Kevin Moen who scored a  touchdown that gave the Golden Bears the  win 25 to 20 the drama was incomplete  without the match referees who took a  few minutes among the mayhem to consult  each other and finally awarded the  touchdown and to this day this remains  one of the most memorable moments in  American college football. 

 9-Hank Gathers Hank 1988

Gathers was one of the most  promising basketball stars in the  country playing for Loyola Marymount  University in the 1988 to 1989 season he  became just the second player in NCAA  Division one history to lead the nation  in both scoring and rebounding, he was an  even stronger player as a senior in the  next season and was projected as an NBA  lottery pick his health had started  becoming an issue though after he  collapsed during a game in December 1989  he was diagnosed with an abnormal  heartbeat and was prescribed medication  he felt that the medication was making  him sluggish and his performance was  enough to his usual high standards as  his dosage was gradually cut back he  made a recovery scoring 48 points and 13  rebounds in a February third game being  guarded by future first-round draft  picks Stanley Roberts and Shaquille  O'Neal, a month later he was playing in  the West Coast Conference semifinals and  with 1334 left on the clock scored an  amazing dunk of an alley-oop pass he  jogged a few steps up the court and  collapsed and shortly after that stopped  breathing  he was pronounced dead in a local  hospital in an autopsy showed that he had suffered from a heart muscle disorder it's not known whether he was still taking the medication since he had missed the medical tests that had been scheduled the basketball fraternity was saddened and shocked by this death.   

8-Clint Malarchuk 1989

March 22nd, 1989 Clint Malarchuk was a  regular NHL goaltender playing a regular game for the Buffalo Sabres against the st. Louis Blues his team were one goal  up with five minutes left on the clock  in the first period and he hadn't had  any saves to make thus far little did he  know that his life was about to change  in the next few seconds an opposing  player was pulled down right in front of  him and banged into him skates-first and  suddenly there was blood everywhere the  skate had severed his carotid artery and  there was a fountain of blood with every  heartbeat Malarchuk lost over 1 and a  half liters of blood on the ice before  he was taken off fortunately for him his  team's trainer Jim Pizza telly was a  Vietnam War veteran who'd seen severe  injuries before and he was able to  immediately stabilize the injury it took  more than 300 stitches to seal the  seven-inch wound and Malarchuk  miraculously returned to the ice less  than two weeks later but despite all  appearances all was not well he  struggled with psychological trauma for  almost 20 years following the incident. 
7-Monica Seles 1993

In 1993 19-year-old Monica Seles had the  tennis world at her feet in the past  three years she had reached the finals  in 33 of the 34 WTA tournament she had  played winning 22 of them including  eight Grand Slams  she was unquestionably the number one  player in the world consistently  defeating her other rivals including  Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf whom  she had dethroned after a record 186  weeks at the top of the world rankings  all seemed set for one of Tennessee's  greatest rivalries to unfold until the  horrifying events of April 30th happened  Celes was playing in the quarterfinals  of a tournament in Hamburg Germany when  during the changeover between games an  insane fan of Steffi Graf jumped onto  the court and stabbed Seles between her  shoulder blades because he wanted to  help Graf regain the number1 ranking  fortunately for Seles the injury was not  life-threatening but it seriously  affected her mental health and she  stayed away from professional tennis for  the next two years and never recovered  her brilliant form of her pre attack  days what happened to the crazy fan you  wonder German authorities sentenced him  to two years of probation and  psychological treatment and Steffi Graf  went on to set the record for the  highest number of weeks spent at the top  of the world rankings.  

6-Nancy Kerrigan 1994

In the early 90s two of the great rivals in the US Figure Skating world were  Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding who had finished right behind each other in the  1992 Winter Olympics as well as the  World Figure Skating Championships but in the run-up to the 1994 Winter  Olympics just one day before the u.s.  national team was to be chosen Nancy  Kerrigan was attacked as she left her  practice session her assailant whacked  her with a police baton right above her  knee trying to break her leg but  fortunately for her it only resulted in  a bruising swelling what shocked the  world was the revelation that the  attacker was hired by Tonya Harding's  ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and her  bodyguard Shawn Eckardt Harden  continuously denied the allegation that  she was involved in planning the attack  and threatened legal action against the  US Figure Skating Association when they  wanted to cancel her selection to the  Winter Olympics both Kerrigan and  Harding competed in the Olympics and  Kerrigan went on to win the silver medal  but Tonya Harding's skating career came  to a quick end with the US Association  stripping her of her 1994 title and  banning her for life American courts  convicted the attacker her ex-husband  and bodyguard for the attack and also  convicted Harding for interfering with  the prosecution to this day she denies  her involvement in the attack and the  drama that followed it has been the  subject of much media speculation many  Broadway plays as well as the Hollywood  blockbuster I Tonya.  
5-Andres escobar 1994

Andres escobar was the captain of the  hudley acclaimed Colombian team that  went to the 1994 football World Cup in  the USA this was at the height of the  narco-terrorism that had troubled this  nation and he was an ambassador of  goodwill working to promote a positive  image of his country after losing their  first game there was much pressure on  Colombia to win their match against  their host nation but in the first half  Escobar accidentally deflected a cross  from u.s. midfielder John Harkes into  the Colombian goal and they went on to  lose the match two to one and were  eliminated from the tournament ten days  later in his hometown of met Ian Escobar  was leaving a bar late at night when he  got into an argument with three men one  of whom pulled out a gun and shot him  six times  Escobar died in a hospital 45 minutes  later it was later revealed that the  shooter was a henchman of one of the  drug lords who had betted heavily on the  outcome of the game and that Escobar was  murdered as a punishment for scoring the  own goal the incident sent shockwaves  through the footballing world into this  day colombian fans still carry  photographs of andre escobar two  football games that they attend.  

4-Dale Earnhardt  2001

Dale Earnhardt is widely regarded as one  of the greatest NASCAR drivers of all  time racing for over 25 years in winning  the championship a record seven times  but his story had a tragic ending he was  racing the Daytona 500 in his trademark  number three black car and had spent the  final few laps preventing an overtaking  maneuver by Sterling Marlin thus  ensuring that his teammates Richard  Waltrip and son Dale Earnhardt jr. would  win first in second place in the race at  turn four on the final lap of the race  Earnhardt's car brushed against Marlins  and slid off course crossing in front of  Ken Schrader's number 36 car and having  a head-on collision with the side wall  at a speed over 150 miles an hour the  car slid into the infield and Schrader  who had minor injuries was the first to  reach Earnhardt's car paramedics pulled  him out of the car and took him  immediately to the Halifax Medical  Center but all attempts to revive him  failed it is conjectured that he died  immediately on impact due to a skull  fracture many new safety measures have  been incorporated into NASCAR racing  following this accident including better  seat belts head and neck support and  safety walls and Earnhardt's death in  February 2001 was the last such fatality  on a NASCAR racetrack. 

3-Ron Artest 2004

The ugly incidents of the malice at the  palace will forever remain in the minds  of basketball fans the Indiana Pacers  were playing the Detroit Pistons in  their home arena at Auburn Hills  Michigan there were 45 seconds left on  the clock and the Pacers were leading by  double digits when there was a brawl  that broke out amongst the players after  a foul on sub pushing officials and  other players quickly intervened and run  our tests a Pacers player involved in  the beginning of the fight lay down on  the scores table as the altercation was  being resolved a spectator from the  stands threw a plastic cup of Diet Coke  that hit our tests in his chest and he  jumped off the table and ran into the  stands and started fighting with the  person who he thought had thrown the cup  at him other players and spectators  quickly joined the fight that spread  like wildfire across the stadium ranging  from the court into the stands with  chairs bottles punches and kicks being  thrown about there was absolute chaos  and security personnel could do nothing  about it the rest of the match was  called off and awarded to the Pacers 97  to 82 their players were escorted by  police off the court and onto their bus  which was also escorted by police  cruisers the NBA Commissioner was quick  to react and the next day there were  total bans of 146 matches imposed on  various players involved in the scuffle  with over eleven million dollars in  player salary being lost because of the  suspensions. 

2-zinedine  zidane 2006

One of the most honored European  footballers of all time is zinedine  zidane hero of france's 1998 World Cup  in 2000 euro cup triumphs but the way  his playing career ended is one of the  most preposterous stories in football  history his last match was against Italy  in the final of the 2006 World Cup and  he scored a penalty in the seventh  minute of the game  Italy soon equalized and no more goals  were scored in the regulation 90 minutes  Zidane was at the heart of the action  during extra time almost scoring with a  header that the Italian goalkeeper just  tipped over the bar and when he was  jogging back out the pitch there  appeared to be an exchange of words with  Italian defender Marco Materazzi and out  of nowhere Zidane felled matter Rossi  with a powerful headbutt there was  intense media speculation about what led  to this and many years later madirasi  admitted to having said something  insulting about Zidane sister following  the headbutt Zidane was red-carded out  of the game and France lost the World  Cup in the penalty shootout after extra  time he had already announced his  retirement from international football  after the tournament so his last moments  on the field were far from the rest of  his glorious career. 

1-Kevin ware 2013

One of the goriest injuries in sports  history is the broken leg of basketball  player Kevin ware on Easter Sunday of  2013 he was playing guard for the  Louisville Cardinals against Duke  University in the NCAA tournament with  under seven minutes left to play in the  first half where jumped out of the key  to attempt to block a three-pointer and  turned his head to watch the ball travel  to the basket he landed awkwardly and  fell to the ground and horror of Horrors  his shin bone was sticking out of his  leg the players and referees were  traumatized and shocked as medical  professionals arrived and took over  but where's thoughts and words were with  his team urging them to go on and win  the game he suffered a compound fracture  of his tibia requiring intensive surgery  at the hospital he was taken to  fortunately for where he recovered fully  and after completing his college career  is currently pursuing a promising career  as a professional in the Greek basket  Le. 

That's our list of the craziest moments in sports history do you agree disagree are there any other crazy moments that you'd like to add let us know in the comments section we love hearing from you.