Top 10 Best Fantasy Books

 Top 10 Best Fantasy Books 

Today I want to talk to you  guys about my top 10 favorite fantasy  books all the different genres there I  read fantasy is definitely the one genre  that brings out all the fangirling and  all the excitement in me fantasy is my  favorite genre and I read a lot of it I  read both young adults adults and middle  grade fantasy but I would say my  favorite of them is definitely adult  epic fantasy don't without further ado  let's get into my top 10 best fantasy  books okay starting off with.
10-the Lord of the Rings  

This is a little weird because the  series I'm going to talk about some of  you might be surprised that it's so low  on my list but even with that said I'm  not entirely sure which one is my  favorite I'll just tell you that the  series I'm talking about is of course  the Lord of the Rings by JRR tolkien  this is the first part the Fellowship of  the Ring as some of you may know Tolkien  actually intended for these books to be  one book but then the publisher decided  to split them up into three so that's  why we have Fellowship of the Ring two  towers and The Return of the King but  actually it's supposed to be one big  book and there are editions that present  it like that my favorite part in Lord of  the Rings is definitely the Fellowship  of the Ring I am a sucker for good  beginnings and adventures lore the Rings  is the mother/father of the fantasy  genre I know it's not the first epic  fantasy to ever have been written I know  Beowulf is supposed to be one of the  first ones I've never actually read that  but I obviously have read this and I've  seen movies capless times and it is  definitely one of my favorite series it  is probably the most complex fantasy  world you will ever read know it can be  a little bit difficult to get through at  times because it's so dense because it's  so complex Tolkien was a genius he  created his own languages for this  series he created a whole mythology the  lore the Rings is fantastic however I  also really really love The Hobbit  so the Hobbit is the prequel to the Lord  of the Rings even though it was written  way in advance of Lord of the Rings and  this is why this is a little weird  because some people consider this book a  part of the series and others don't  but this is obviously the story of Bilbo  Baggins by  the rain from garden rings this story is  geared more towards a younger audience  so in modern terms this would be a  middle grade fantasy I love this just as  much as I love the Fellowship of the  Ring so I'm not entirely sure which one  of these but I'm just gonna say a big  both count in my heart and number 10  because they are a part of the same  series so moving on to the number 9.  

 9-Theft   of swords 

Spot  of my best fantasy books this is theft  of swords by Michael J Sullivan now this  is actually a bind up of the first two  books this is a series that was  initially self-published but then orbit  picked it up and that's why they bound  two books into one I love this-this is  so much fun to read this is one of the  most enjoyable fantasy books I think  I've ever read the two main characters  Royce and Hadrian  are the best duo I think I've ever read  about their banter is incredible I still  have vivid vivid memories of some of the  scenes in this book even though I've  read it I think three years ago if you  want an epic fun adventure kind of think  of it like like an RPG quest like a big  quest in an RPG game I would highly  highly recommend that's the swords by  Michael J Sullivan
8-six   of crows 

number eight on my  list is aya fantasy series this is six  of crows by Leigh bardugo and the six of  crows duology actually there's only two  books in the series  I am currently reading the second one  but the first one six of crows is  definitely the best young adult fantasy  I have ever read this was so incredibly  done so fun to read so vivid so this  series or this first book is about a  group of six misfits who don't all know  each other in the beginning but they  come together to go on this epic mission  a mission that many say is absolutely  impossible they have to break into this  high security court and steal a hostage  all the six characters in this series  are fantastically written the writing in  general is so so good for this type of  story there's a lot of dialogue in this  I think it's mostly dialogue which I  love because I love seeing the  characters interact with each other that  is the best part of this series highly  recommend a stew.   

7-The final Empire 

This is the first series you will see by  this author on my list but it won't be  the last this is one of my favorites  fantasy authors I have read all of this  series but this comes in at number 7 and  I won't keep you guessing any longer  this is the final Empire by Brandon  Sanderson this is the first book in the  Mistborn series Brandon Sanderson is in  my opinion that most prolific fantasy  author you will find right now in modern  fantasy he puts out so much work so many  books in so many different series he has  at least like three books coming out  each year which especially for thick  fantasy book novels that is a lot and  it's all good but this is definitely my  second favorite series of his so you  follow this kind of sewage gremlin  called vin a 16 year old girl who has  very powerful magic but she doesn't know  it the magic system in this series and  honestly in any Oh Brandon Sanderson  series but especially in this series is  fantastic it's all about wielding metals  every version of this worlds kind of  wizard can control one of the ten eleven  metals  I think but some can control all of them  and those people are called miss I'm  sure you've heard of this I'm traded for  the Sanderson before if you haven't read  this book I'm sure you will fall in love  with sunny Sun just as much as I did  there are three books in the original  series so there's the final Empire the  well of Ascension and the hero of Ages  the second one starting with ally of law  follows the same world but hundreds of  years into the future so you see this is  a really interesting evolution of this  magical world the kind of evolves very  similarly to our own world than this one  they have guns  for example which they've been in the  first series so it's very very  interestingly done and I'm really  curious to see how it evolves even more  into the future. 
6-the magicians 

We have Lev Grossman's and magicians so  this series the trilogy and the consists  of the magician's the magician's land  and the magician King so this is pitched  as what if Harry Potter went to college  the main character Quentin is on his way  to take an exam for getting into a  one of the big American universities I  forgot which one is like Yale or  something like that instead he finds  himself taking an exam to get into  brake bills a magic University don't  expect this to be a sort of whimsical  Harry Potter story the point is that  this kind of mirrors what would happen  if someone obsessed with a magical  universe so for example me would get the  chance to live in that magical universe  and to be a wizard and it's not always  as fantastical and as magical as you  might initially believe can you guess  what this is.

 5-Clash of Kings  

Coming in at number five is  the epic of epic fantasy series his song  device and Fire by George R Mart I'm not  entirely sure which one plays my  favorite a second Clash of Kings but  anyway what can I even say abroad a Song  of Ice and Fire  it is incredible this is epic fantasy  this is everything you can ever want  from an epic fantasy series it has so  many characters and so many amazing  characters and obviously the twists and  turns and the unexpected everything so  masterfully done I know some people have  issues with George RR Martin's writing  and of course it's not perfect no one is  perfect and he does tend to write weird  sexy and describe pages and pages of  what people were eating and what they're  wearing I'm sure you've seen the show  first season very much mirrors the first  book then it starts to go on tangents  and it starts to change things so at  this point I think the stories are quite  different especially obviously since the  shell surpassed the books that are out I  as well as the entire fantasy community  are afraid that we might never know how  the books end but the last one came out  in 2011 well it's been seven years are  you shitting me  2011 , it my favorite character  from Game of Thrones is Jon Snow  I think his arc is amazing and then Aria  and Tyrion of course everyone looks Arya  and they're here but yeah I really don't  know what else to say everyone knows  Game of Thrones is otherwise on fire and  if you don't you really really should.
4-Assassins Quest (The Farseer#3)  

Number four is a series by one of my  absolute favorite  first actually she's one of the few  women at the co-authors on this list  unfortunately I wish there were more  tears I'm talking about is called the  Farseer trilogy by Robin hobb and this  is the first book assassin's apprentice  then we have the second book royal  assassin and the third book assassins  quest which I have in a different  edition from the three I think actually  the last one is my favorite  and this is her first series and  actually the one that continues on the  most for the two main characters from  this is the one character and then  another side character in this series  becomes a more important character in a  later series I think there are another  three separate trilogies following the  same characters I've only read this  first truly although I do have the first  book to her second trilogy we just call  the live ship traders and this first  book is ship of magic but this series  isn't does not follow the characters  from the first trilogy although a lot of  people say that this is her best  villagey so I'm very very excited to  read this  I guess so the first book assassin's  apprentice follows our main character  called Fitz who is the bastard boy a  prince and he has brought into the court  and taught the art of assassination he  finds out that there's more to him than  people really believe and again he has  some special abilities than make him  very unique in this world it's just so  beautifully written and the characters  are incredible so I would highly  recommend this first series than  anything in my Robin hobb I think she is  fantastic.

3-Words Of Radiance(The Stormlight archive #2)

Okay so number three again  this order is Lola I'm not sure about  this order because all of these can be  my number one I mentioned you will see  this author again in my list and I am  talking about Brandon Sanderson and the  series I want to talk about is a  Stormlight archive his 10 book ethic  mother of the series that he's trying to  write there's only three books out now  first one is the way of Kings second one  it's words words radiance the third one  is oath bringer although I don't have  that yet because I'm waiting for it to  be released in these editions I think  once this series is done this will be  the most epic of epic fantasy series  it's so massive in scope and it's so  well executed as well this is the mother  of epic fantasy right here I mean these  books are a thousand two hundred pages  each and I enjoyed every word of them  but the two main characters are a guy  called Caledon and a girl called Shalon  I think is how you pronounce it the  blurb doesn't even say anything because  I don't really know how you can explain  the series so you like epic fantasy if  you like magic if you like huge  expensive battles if you like politics  if you like intrigue if you like  fantastic creatures and fantastic  world building this is all you'll ever  want and need from a fantasy series  normally archived but Brandon Sanderson  is my number three. 

 2-Harry Potter and the  Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter #4)  

Oh boy okay now on  second place my favorite fantasy series  or fantasy book is Harry Potter and the  Goblet of Fire I have the entire series  here in lovely little box these are  the adult English editions which I love  I also have the gorgeous Illustrated  editions of the first three books those  are the only ones that have come out yet  and they come out once a year I don't  really feel like I need to explain why  this is my number two and on my list it  could be number one  obviously there's dust ology involved  because I read these growing up but I  keep rereading them every single year  I'm rereading the third one right now in  the illustrated edition they're the  reason why I read they're the reason why  I write they're the reason why I am the  person that I am today but the fourth  book is my favorite of the entire series  it's the one I enjoy reviewing most I  love the tournament I love the Triwizard  Tournament I love all the things that  the characters are facing and it's also  because this is the time when they start  growing up and you see them start having  those teenager specific moments I don't  think it's worth explaining more than  that.   

1-The  name of the wind   

Okay so we're finally here this is  my favorite fantasy book of all time my  favorite series of all time I never  really expected to find something that I  enjoy as much as the Harry Potter series  I always thought because of the  nostalgia aspect because I've read them  so much because of so many other things  I always thought nothing could ever top  Harry Potter for me it's my number one  because of that reason but I think this  series is a beautiful beautiful thing  and I want everyone to read it so my  favorite fantasy book of all time really  my favorite book of all time you the  name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss so  this is the king Killer chronicles by  Patrick Rothfuss and the first one is  name of the wind  second one Wise Man's Fear third one  unfortunately is still not out yet this  is supposed to be a trilogy the second  one came out around the same time as  George RR Martin's A Dance with Dragons  so seven years ago and we still don't  have the third book honestly I'd rather  wait and have the perfect book instead  of being impatient and just having  something that he might not be  completely satisfied with there is also  a novella  following one of the side characters Ari  and then we also have a short story  following one of the other side  characters in this anthology we begin  the story in the present where a world  famous chronicler who writes down famous  people's lives comes in to be in where  our main character both works even  though he's under a false identity at  the time chronicler knows who he is  and he convinces him to tell his story  so that he writes down and both agrees  that he will tell his entire story and  three days the idea is that book one is  the first day that the chronicler writes  down the story in a second his second  day and so on and then we follow the  past through what the chronicler is  writing and in the story we begin when  he is a child and following a tragedy he  is lost and he eventually makes his way  to a University where he learns magic I  think the reason this resonated with me  the most is that this is epic fantasy  but it's very close to the character  like and being thrown under in other  epic odyssey's you don't follow a cast  of characters you only follow both  perspective so of course if you don't  like his character then you know  gonna enjoy the story but I love his  character and I love what Rothfuss is  doing with the writing and this is  gorgeous  it's the most gorgeous writing I've seen  them in fantasy and they it really  inspires being it's the kind of  storytelling where every single time you  go back and read you find more things  that you didn't notice the first time  it's so intricately written the magic  system is really cool.  

I hope you'll pick  this book up and let me know what you  think ,so I hope you enjoyed this list i  hope you will pick some of these books  up or otherwise, just tell me what you  think about them thanks so much.