Top 10 Video Game Things That DIED In 2018

Top 10 Video Game Things That DIED In 2018

2018 was a great year for gaming but it  also saw some casualties hi folks its  Falcon and today  we will talking about  Top 10 video  game things that died in 2018. 


Number 10 is miitomo remember miitomo  the first Nintendo app it was kind of a  game that was kind of a social network  it was really oriented around logging in  every single day to get some coins I  thought it was kind of cool in some  respects but in others I really thought  it was a big waste of time and I think  that those are ultimately the things  it's sort of won out because they didn't  really develop a lot further beyond the  initial premise and that's my overall  issue with it I would guess that it's  probably a similar issue to what a lot  of other people have had with it  honestly did you play Fire Emblem heroes  on smartphone it's actually good I would  much rather see the effort put in those  directions and I think that's kind of  why they're shutting down miitomo so  well some people might miss it I  probably won't.   

9-Final Fantasy 

Number 9 is pretty much  the rest of Final Fantasy 15s remaining  DLC now this is unfortunate because the  reason it happened is the director of  Final Fantasy 15 Tetsuya Nomura left  Square Enix which is unfortunate and it  also exposes some of the bigger problems  of releasing a game not as a finished  work but rather as a pseudo platform for  more content if you think about that it  actually makes games feel very weird in  games going back as far as like fallout  3 where the real ending was paid DLC  imagine if between the game and that  ending the director quit or retired or  something the vision for the game would  be severely compromised with Final  Fantasy 15 it was to the point where  they thought canceling a bunch of DLC  they would have made a bot load of money  off of whether it was good or not so  it's potentially a pretty severe problem  and I think this is something we should  be thinking about more that maybe we  wouldn't have spent any attention on if  this hadn't happened. 

8-boss key

Number 8 is boss key Studios Cliff  Bleszinski x' project they built  lawbreakers which was an online game a  shooter along  lines of overwatch and they spent a lot  of money on it it basically made it  impossible for the studio to go anywhere  specifically because of this and as a  creative side project that came up with  the battle royale game radical Heights  which I'll take them at their word about  it being a creative side project but to  me it does seem like it could just as  easily be kind of a last-ditch effort at  scoring a hit which they kind of put out  in zero hour and Wow it was it wasn't  good enough it was fairly buggy and  although it looked cool and had a  definite identity it wasn't enough. 


Nintendo decided hey ROM  sites that's going to be no more websites  that archive and store roms or basically  what you need to download to play old  games on emulators has gotten quite  sue-happy shutting down these ROM sites  entirely now for the purposes of  archival of games this is very bad most  of the games on these sites are not  available in any other form there are  certainly the big hits that show up on  various Nintendo services although let's  just say the current crop on the switch  online service is so limited and frankly  in my opinion not that great at all but  it's not just what games can I play  today it's how do we have these games 50  years in the future do they just cease  to exist and that's a question that  we're having to think about a lot more  now in 2018 thanks Nintendo.

Old paragon got shut down because you  know fortnight is much bigger than  Paragon, Paragon Epic Games MOBA didn't  meet growth expectations and it was  actually a while back they shifted their  resources towards working on fortnight  actually happening somewhere in 2017 but  early this year they shut it down and  moved all of the employees working on it  to fortnight because that's how business  works. 


Very similar to number six  runescape classic which was at the time  of its closure not even actually really  supported at all by employees of the  company that owned and maintained  runescape which has like a bunch of  different versions of runescape going so  it's not like runescape is actually gone  just that  particular iteration runescape classic  is if you want that kind of runescape  you can go into old school runescape  which is apparently almost the same I  don't know it's been a very long time  since I've been particularly into that  but they've found a lot of success with  the mobile port of old school runescape  which is very interesting  still runescape classic after 17 years  of operation being shut down is a bit of  a landmark and it does bring up some  memories.
4-Evolve stage 2  

Number four is evolved the servers for  evolved the four on one asymmetrical  monster hunting extravaganza that I  think everybody knew within a short time  of its existence was probably goimg to shut  down in fact it's possible that it  lasted a little bit longer than some of  us expected due to the stage two sort of  quote-unquote reboot that didn't fix  enough of the problems you'll still be  able to play the game peer-to-peer but I  mean that means that you need to know  several people who want to play the game  which it's evolved it was a really cool  idea but it really didn't pan out so I  don't think anybody's surprised I do  think that it kind of sucks that it  didn't turn out to be as cool as it  sounded but that's what happened. 


Number  three is wildstar an MMORPG that a lot  of people actually liked quite a bit no  it's not necessarily because there  weren't enough people playing the game  but the business model perhaps just  wasn't enough to sustain cuz this was a  game that people did actually like and  did have a pretty big community built  around it but ncsoft to people who owned  carbide studios the developers of  wildstar eventually had to lay off a  bunch of employees and when you lay off  employees from an mm oh and online  content platform it's not a good sign it  sucks has it really aren't a lot of  sci-fi MMOs and it was a pretty well  liked game like I said. 

2-Club Penguin 

Number two is  Club Penguin yes we know that Club  Penguin shut down in 2017 but Disney  attempted to revive Club Penguin on  mobile as Club Penguin Island they also  had a cheaper subscription price on the  mobile platform and it didn't work out  unfortunately Disney has closed Club  Penguin Island closing the entirety of  Club Penguin for good there are private  servers it's still  possible to play the game but it's not  official this was the last bastion of the official Club Penguin. 

1-telltale games   

And finally  number one is, of course, telltale games  this one hit a lot of people hard  because it's happened for a lot of  reasons some of them being slow declines  in sales that maybe could have been  sustained with better management part of  it is that management's interactions  with the employees which were reportedly  less than good and they turned over the  development to the third season to a  different developer and apparently have  filed know that they're not going to  exist anymore that's pretty much it for  a while they maintained they weren't  going to shut down but I think everybody  kind of saw through that which means  we're never  going to see the stranger  things cam which kind of sucks cuz I  think stranger things was a really good  choice for that kind of game and the  wolf among us season two isn't  going to  happen on top of that it really sucks  for all of the people who were very  invested in trying to bring the company  back to its former greatness a lot of  developers that work there were really  dead set on that and unfortunately those  people ended up without jobs which sucks and a few bonus dead things for you  prima games the video games strategy  guide maker announced that they'll be  closing their doors and obviously that  means the end of a pretty long tradition  in video games the prima games strategy  guide next is the steam machine which  was very quietly killed off valve and  did relationships with hardware partners  I mean you could still, in theory, build a  steam machine but it's kind of like a  project that's a bit over hey valve  makes some games please YouTube gaming  ended as a standalone thing it is now  fully integrated into YouTube finally  steam link died off at least the  hardware steam link was a means to play  steam games on your TV it was pretty  cool I mean you'll still be able to use  steam in-home streaming and I'm pretty  sure you'll be able to use the hardware  itself still but what was actually a  pretty innovative way of PC gaming on  the TV it's dead now  kind of a depressing video actually Some  of these things were quite good some of  them weren't of course but it's really  up to you which is which.

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