10 Terrifying Facts About Space

  10 Terrifying Facts About Space 

Space is infinitely large infinitely  fascinating and most of all infinitely  scary  while roughly 99.99 percent of it is  literally empty space when you do come  across something of substance there's a  halfway decent chance that could easily  kill you or at the very least destroy  your life much of what's truly scary  about space are millions or even billions  of light-years away so there's a little  chance for it to affect our daily lives  however space is incredibly  unpredictable and completely out of our control if some rogue star or errant black hole decides that tomorrow is our little blue marbles time to go then we're just going to have to accept it in the meantime join us as we count down ten truly terrifying  facts about the horror film that is our universe.
 10- Our Galaxy is slowly being sucked away 

They say nature  abhors a vacuum well she should do  something about the astronomically  powerful vacuum that is slowly but  surely sucking up our galaxy like a  spaghetti noodle roughly 150 to 250  million light years away from our own  Milky Way galaxy lies an anomaly known  as the Great Attractor a cute name like  that betrays just how horrifying this  thing is it's massive gravitational pull  is enough to send entire galaxies its  way where they then collapse upon  themselves and very likely we're on a  collision course with it remember  nothing in space sits still and that  includes the Milky Way our galaxy zips  through space at 1.3 million miles per  hour and because the Great Attractor is  so gravitationally powerful we are  headed right toward it brannad this  isn't likely to happen for a few billion  years but simply knowing the universe  has already decided our galaxy's fate  like that is sobering to say the least  what's truly scary is we still don't  actually know what the Great Attractor  is for one thing there doesn't appear to  be enough mass around that area to  account for all that gravitational pull  not that we could just peer into a  telescope to find out the Great  Attractor is conveniently enough hidden  behind what's called the zone of  avoidance that's the part of the Milky  Way that's so cluttered with gases stars  and space dust that we simply can't see  beyond it so whatever the Great  Attractor actually is it remains largely  a mystery beyond the fact that it's  endlessly huge and endlessly hungry  they're.
 9-The giant black hole roaming through space

All the rage right now what with  scientists recently capturing our first  ever image of these otherwise invisible  nightmares but the Eye of Sauron looking  phenomenon that's trending in the news  isn't the black hole we should be  worried about there's one far closer and  far more capable of crushing us without  a single thought given the catchy name  of be three one seven one five plus four  two five this whole is wandering through  space at about three million miles per  hour and I do mean wandering most black  holes remain attached to its galaxies  but be three one seven one five plus  four to five is something else entirely  a row black hole whose galaxies got  ripped to shreds after colliding with a  bigger galaxy rather than assimilate  into the bigger galaxy as most black  holes do b3 171 five plus four twenty  five instead found itself ripped away  hurtling around space on lonesome  sucking up whatever's in its path  it's the intergalactic equivalent of a  starving tiger that escaped the zoo and  is heading for your backyard  the rogue B three one seven one five  plus four to five is currently about two  billion light-years away from us but at  its current zippy speed it could  potentially cover that distance mighty  fast and if it does come our way we  won't even know because everything  around us will instantaneously disappear  B three one seven one five plus four to  five is a million times more massive  than the Sun so it likely won't have to  get close at all if it wants to destroy  our entire galaxy.
8-Solar superstorms could leave us in total darkness

World leaders billions of light-years  away are certainly scary but at least we  can sleep knowing they're not likely to  kill us in our lifetime however there is  something that could if not kill us  instantaneously destroy our powering  technology sending us back to the dark  ages with no warning whatsoever the  culprit  our very own son occasionally the Sun  emits gigantic solar flares that can  generate cosmic solar storms these  storms caused catastrophic levels of UV  radiation and energy to hurtle hundreds  of millions of miles from the sun's  surface in a matter of seconds if any of  these storms come Earth's way the  radiation and energy would likely be  enough to disable and destroy all things  electric goodbye internet GPS TV and  artificial lighting of any kind we would  instantly be plunged back into pre-technological times relying on whatever  heat and light earth decides to provide  for us and nothing more it would likely  take years to recover and the cost would  be trillions of dollars don't think for  a second it can't happen because just a  few years ago it almost did in July 2012  the Sun Belt out its most powerful solar  flare in over a hundred and 50 years  sending a huge wave of toxic energies  screaming through Earth's orbit our  planet miss getting caught in the  crossfire by just one week had the Sun  thrown its tantrum just a wee bit sooner  the world today would be mighty  different very possibly you wouldn't reading this list right now nor would  I have written and filmed it instead  we'd all be farming for food and hunting  around candles for warmth at night.
7-Meteors can strike without warning

You know how our old friends the dinosaurs  bid farewell to existence thanks to a  meteor strike 65 million years ago well  that could happen again at literally any  time if a big enough space rock was to  enter our the atmosphere and punch our  planet at the top speed anywhere from  twenty-five thousand to a hundred and  sixty thousand miles per hour the  ensuing series of disasters combined  with oxygen choking dust would send  almost all life to an early grave  thankfully we do have modern technology  provided a solar flare doesn't knock it  all out first that can track nearby  meteors comets and asteroids if we  detect one maybe close and large enough  to do major damage we can work to  reroute or even destroy it before it  destroys us but even then if space wants  to hurt us it can and will no matter  what we think we got a big reminder of  that in 2013 when a meteor entered the  atmosphere over Russia it broke apart in  the  rocks wind up injuring hundreds but what  if it had stayed intact if it did and if  it had been any bigger untold amounts of  life could have perished.
6-Some stars suck the life out of others  

Much like an  empire conquering new lands to become a  bigger empire there are actually stars  out there so dedicated to becoming  bigger brighter stars they were  literally eaten nearby stars to become  bigger and brighter technically called  out type stars but more appropriately  nicknamed vampire stars these predators  are typically enormous blue giants  attached to much smaller stars that  serve as the bigger stars dinner imagine  a supermassive Shang soon from Mortal  Kombat sucking his opponent's Souls to  stay forever young and you're on the  right track this kind of life isn't  meant to last long and indeed these  vampire stars are on a collision course  with boom once it sucks up enough of its  partner stars energy not only will the  smaller star be left a cold lifeless  husk but the vampire star will grow so  massive and so bloated that it will  likely explode in a spectacular  supernova that's why it's so important  to not overeat.
5-The Eridanus supervoid 

Sometimes the scariest  something is nothing at all take the  original Superboy a section of  intergalactic space that is just that  super void there's literally nothing  inside not even dark matter scientists  estimate the original super void also  known as the CMV cold spot measures 500  million light years across a Lightyear  spins roughly five point eight eight  trillion miles so multiply that by 500  million and realize there's an entire  section of space that large with  absolutely nothing around now realize  that NASA has yet to discover anything  in the universe larger than that some  think the void may be the largest black  hole in the universe while others  actually think it may have formed when a  parallel universe collided with our own  stamping out any and all matter caught  in the middle of a multiverse the theory has certainly left the field it's currently  about as plausible as any other  explanation for the voids eerie  existence.

 4-One day, all lights in the sky will vanish

Few sites are more beautiful than a  starry night sky on a clear evening  space can seem positively littered with  glowing dots and swirls of different  shapes and sizes it won't last forever  however as depressing as it sounds Earth  will eventually bear witness to a sky  with virtually nothing on display future  night Watchers will see nothing but  endless black over the next several  billion years our galaxy will merge with  other galaxies keeping them largely out  of you meanwhile other galaxies will  move further and further away from us  making it difficult and eventually  impossible for us to see them adding to  that issue is that as the universe  expands more and more it'll do so faster  and faster to the point where one day  you'll see stars in the next they're  gone forever in billions of years if  we're still around humans will likely  have no idea space even exists they'll  see the Sun the moon a few extra dots  here and there and that's it as  scientific american explained to our  distant descendants the universe will  look like a small puddle of stars in an  endless changeless boy it's not quite as  romantic as a backlit canopy but far  more realistic.
3-Extended space travel can change your DNA

Not everything's scary  about space is millions or billions of  miles away sometimes space can mess with  us right in front of your very eyes take  a 2016 incident where the rigors of  space actually changed immense genetic  the build-up to the point where he became an  entirely different person in 2016 an  astronaut named Scott Kelly returned to  Earth after a year working in the  International Space Station to his  surprise he learned that he was two  inches taller than before that shouldn't  happen to adults but that's not all  scientists studied his DNA and  discovered that his genetic makeup had  dramatically changed compared to when he  first left Earth  this meant that for all intents and  purposes Scott Kelly was literally a new  man  he also no longer had an identical twin  brother when he left Earth fellow  astronaut Mike Kelly looked exactly like  him a year later they were fraternal  twins simply because space willed it  that way but how scientists believe that  space is so foreign and so hard on the  human body that can actually alter our  cells basic biology effectively mutating  them this is what happened to Scott  Kelly and he's remained a changed person  to this day he's no longer two inches  taller than his brother but his DNA  remains altered and it will likely stay  that way for the rest of his life.

If you're going to die in space chances  are it won't happen due to a black hole  or a solar flare smacking you in the  face more likely you'll succumb to the  horrors of decompression or exposure to  the vacuum of space which sounds like a  terrible way to go for the most part if  an astronaut suffers decompression they  will die very shortly after in 1965 a  technician at Houston's Johnson Space  Center was working in a vacuum chamber  he accidentally detached a hose which  immediately depressurize his spacesuit  within seconds he was unconscious though  thankfully others were present to  repressurize his suit in time for him to  regain consciousness even that brief bit  of exposure to what is essentially space  damaged the man he could feel his tongue  begin to boil as he passed out and for  four days afterward he couldn't taste  anything he wound up being okay but  exposure to that vacuum for even a few  seconds longer could have proven  devastating if not violently fatal.

 1-Floating animal (and human) corpses

Let's close this list out with a  terrifying space fact that only exists  because of us look up in the night sky  and realize that among the stars and  lights there are likely countless dead  bodies up there we've effectively turned  space into an infinitely large floating  Cemetery while we don't do it anymore  the early days of exploring space saw us  doing so using animals we would send  dogs cats rats flies rabbits frogs and  even a chimpanzee into space mostly to  see what would happen as it turned out  nothing good happened and tragically  many animals died in space even worse  many of them are still up there stuck in  spacecraft that never returned to Earth  and are doomed to drift forever through  space alone and forgotten even creepier  is how many failed human missions met  the same fate  nobody ever collected these spacecraft  either meaning countless doomed major  Tom's are stuck up there too floating in  their tin cans far above the world for  all eternity or at least until the Sun  catches them and roasted them to dust.
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