10 Strangest Things Found In Space

 10 Strangest Things Found In Space 

Staring up into a starry night sky is  one of the most pleasant experiences in  the world and it's an occupation that  has fascinated 
humans for centuries with  generations of astronomers spending  entire lifetimes looking into their  telescopes and discovering what lies  beyond the naked eye technology has  really helped us see and understand  things that lie far far away from us on  our tiny planet earth and the true  massiveness of the universe is something  that we can perhaps never grasp in our  short lifetimes given that it can take a  beam of light from one corner of the  known universe billions of years to  reach us here so the sheer number of  things that exist out there is  mind-boggling and in this episode of top  trending we'll share with you the ten  most interesting things that we found in  outer space.
10-Shooting star

We start our list with a type of  shooting star very different from the  ones that we look for in the night sky  the shooting stars that we are sometimes  lucky to see are not actually stars but  meteors that are burning up when they  make contact with the Earth's atmosphere  and outer space though there are real  stars sometimes many times the size of  our Sun which are shooting through  galaxies at speeds hundreds of times  faster than the speed of the fastest  bullet we have on earth called  hypervelocity stars their existence was  first predicted by astronomer Jack Hills  in 1988 who described a hypothetical  encounter between a supermassive black  hole in a binary star system when one of  these two stars orbiting each other is  consumed by the black hole the other is  flung out at extremely high speeds his  theory was not accepted until 2005 when  another astronomer Warren brown observed  a star that was leaving the Milky Way  galaxy at 853 km/s or over 3 million  km/h since then over two dozen such  hypervelocity stars have been discovered  so the next time you see a shooting star  make sure you wish that we never give in  the way of a real shooting star.
9-   Magnetare

And number nine on our list is one of  the most mysterious and terrifying  objects in space a magnet are short for  magnetic stars these are an extremely  dense type of neutron star with an ultra-strong magnetic field up to 1  quadrillion Gauss that's 1,000 trillion  times stronger than the Earth's magnetic  field theoretically if you were to go  within a thousand kilometers of a  magnetar it wouldn't just upset your bioelectricity and nerve impulses it would  sort of dissolve the atoms that make up  your body these magnetic fields are so  powerful that they're known to cause  starquakes or earthquakes on stars and  sometimes they just erupt and send out  blasts of gamma rays such as the  explosion caused by a magnetar named SGR  1806-20 in december 2004 which in a  fifth of a second released more energy  than our Sun gives out in 250,000 years  let's thank our stars that this  explosion happened over 50,000  light-years away from us because if it  were closer than a thousand light years  it would have probably triggered a mass  extinction event on earth.
8- Water cloud

If you thought that water was a rare  commodity in the universe be prepared to  be shocked water as you'll see later in  this list as well has been found in many  places in space in 2011 two teams of  astronomers discovered the largest  reservoir of water ever found in the  universe containing 140 trillion times  as much water as is contained in all of  Earth's oceans combined it's located  over 12 billion light-years away  near a black hole that's 20 billion  times bigger than the Sun in which emits  as much energy as a thousand trillion  Suns the water is in liquid though in  his present as a cloud of water vapor  surrounding the black hole and if you  thought you'd seen big clouds your mind  will be amazed at the size of this one  it's hundreds of light years across  which means it would take a beam of  light hundreds of years to travel from  one end of this cloud to the other.
 7- Ethyl alcohol

Somewhere near the center of our galaxy  about 26,000 light-years away from us  lies a massive dense molecular cloud of  gas and dust it weighs about three  million times the mass of our Sun and  spans a distance of a hundred and fifty  lightyears  what makes this giant cloud really  interesting is what it contains  scientists say it will taste like  raspberries and smell like rum that's  because their spectrographs determined  that this cloud is made up of ethyl  formate which is the chemical that gives  raspberries their taste and Rahmat smell  as well as different forms of alcohol a  study estimated that this cloud has  enough ethyl alcohol to make 400  trillion trillion pints of beer enough  for every single person on earth to  drink three hundred thousand pints of  beer every day for the next 1 billion  years now that's a challenge worth taking up.
 6- Pillars of creation

And number six on our list is one of the  best photographs taken by the iconic  Hubble Space Telescope located in the  Eagle Nebula about 7,000 light-years  away from Earth this massive handshake  structure reaching out into the space  above is one of the most iconic space  images of all time it was named the  pillars of creation because the cool  molecular hydrogen gas and dust that  make them up are part of an active  star-forming region and hidden in the  wispy columns our newborn stars the  picture was first taken on April 1st, 1995 and in 2015 a newer larger higher  resolution image was released to  celebrate the 25th anniversary of the  Hubble Space Telescope.
5-Face on Mars

Next on our list of the most interesting  things found in space are two amazing  discoveries within our solar system in  1976 NASA's Viking one orbiter was  circling Mars on a mission to identify  possible landing sites for its sister  ship Viking 2 as it was snapping photos  and sending them back to earth there was  one that took their breath away what  appeared to be a humanoid face carved  into the surface of the sidonians region  of Mars NASA tried to play it down as a  rock formation with shadows but that  didn't stop rumour mongers and  conspiracy theorists from believing that  this was evidence of life on Mars since  then this face has become a pop icon  starring in Hollywood films TV shows  comic books magazines radio shows and  even grocery store checkout lines new  technology however has put an end to  this speculation with higher resolution  images showing that the face is in fact  a rock formation but what about this  photograph taken in 2012 by a spacecraft  orbiting mercury this arrangement of  craters looks exactly like Mickey Mouse  so if you include Pluto it's clear that  Walt Disney has made an impression  across the breadth of the solar system.
4- Blackhole

And number four on our list is a black  hole at the center of the galaxy called  3c 303 a mere two billion light years  away from us what makes it so  interesting is not just the fact that  this black hole has a giant jet of  matter shooting out of its core but that  this jet is accompanied by the strongest  electrical current in the universe  estimated at 10 raised to the power of  18 amps or 1x amp this current is  equivalent to the power of 1 trillion  bolts of lightning this galactic scale  electric current can surely be a  solution to all of our energy needs if  only we can figure out a way to get a  wire that long. 

A quasar is one of the brightest and  most energetic objects in the universe  and forms the nucleus of a galaxy in its  early days a large quasar group is a  collection of quasars and are the  largest astronomical structures that are  thought to exist in January 2011 British  astronomers announced the discovery of a  huge large quasar group comprising of a  collection of 74 quasars it was the  largest structure that had ever been  seen and it was estimated that it would  take a car traveling at the speed of  light over four billion years to just  get across it  it was so big in fact that its existence  was believed impossible by the  principles of cosmology and challenges  our understanding of the universe on  large scales since then however an even  larger formation has been discovered the  Hercules Corona Borealis great wall  which is estimated to be twice as big as  the huge large quasar group.
2- The   planet55 Cancri E

At number two on this list is a planet  that is exquisite in its nature and  probably the most expensive thing in the  universe 55 Cancri E is about twice the  size of the earth and eight times as  heavy and is the closest to five planets  which orbit a star in the cancer  constellation about 40 light-years from  us like Earth it's a rocky planet but  the similarity ends there because the  planet is made largely of carbon and due  to the high pressure and temperature of  nearly 5000 Fahrenheit that is sustained  due to its nearness to the star at least  one third of the planet consists of pure  diamond you heard that right it's a  planet that's made up of diamond heavier  than our entire planet now that's going  to be one hell of a bright sparkle in  the sky.
1-The   planet Gliese 436 B

Aand number one on our list of the most  interesting things in outer space is the  planet Gliese 436 B whose surface is  made up of believe-it-or-not  burning ice it orbits very close to a  red dwarf star  so the temperature on its surface is 439  degrees Celsius close to 800 degrees  Fahrenheit so how can water exist in a  solid form at a temperature over four  times its boiling point turns out that  the planet has an immense gravitational  force which increases with depth which  prevents the water vapor from  evaporating as it does on earth and  instead compresses it so hard that it  becomes a solid forming a thick layer of  ice all over the planet it's like how  the diamond planet was formed only the  temperature and pressure on Gliese 436 B  turns its water into ice that will burn  you if you touch it thus creating what's  probably the most fascinating planet  that exists.  

That's it folks our list of  the ten most interesting things in outer  space  do you agree disagree do you know of any  other interesting things in space, you'd  like to share with the world let us know  in the comments section we love hearing from you .