10 Resident Evil Facts You Probably Didn't Know

10 Resident Evil Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Resident Evil is a long and storied  franchise with lots to learn about hi  folks its Falcon and today on game ranks  here's 10 Resident Evil facts you  probably didn't know. 
10- Leon  Kennedy

Leon  Kennedy is a type a when it comes to  blood type the reason we know this of  course is that Japanese video game  manuals include that information why you  might ask  well there's actually a big believer in  Japan that blood type determines  personality type A blood would mean a  perfectionist who works well with others  but is also nervous and anxious  although biologically speaking that is a  very dicey prospect probably not  provable with science, if the entire  population at least understands what is  meant by it it actually erases a lot of  the need for certain types of exposition  there's a cultural shorthand so to speak  and you can say well this person works  well with others is a perfectionist and get really antsy about stuff by saying  they are type a and Leon Kennedy is a  type a.
9- Resident Evil movie  facts

Some Resident Evil movie  facts for you every single Resident Evil  movie has turned a profit these movies  have a combined revenue of over a  billion dollars  not bad for let's just face it some  contentious film a lot of people like  them a lot of people really really  really really don't like them  interestingly enough George a Romero's  the inventor of the zombie genre at  least what we would currently call the  zombie genre actually wrote a script for  the original Resident Evil it was  rejected and we got what we got during  filming on the first one there was an  accident that injured 16 people when  medics came they were having a lot of  trouble figuring out who was injured and  how because of the zombie makeup and it  wasn't just that Resident Evil the final  chapter actually had a stuntwoman lose  an arm she was doing a motorcycle stunt  and hit a camera crane and almost died  because the left artery and her neck was  actually severed a slightly less good  outcome is when a crew member was  crushed to death by a Hummer yeah they  were really not good productions in  terms of casualties.  

8- Evil 4 

An evil 4 was originally supposed to be  a stylish reboot as in we had the three  probably in my opinion best games of the  series and they were ready to turn the  page and try something totally different  they developed a game that was very  different and then decided it definitely  wasn't Resident Evil 4 or Resident Evil  at all for that matter what they ended  up doing with that was reworking it into  Devil May Cry which is a phenomenal game  but so different from Resident Evil 4 or  any Resident Evil game for that matter  that it's really hard to imagine that  game being Resident Evil but the way  things ended up I definitely am not  gonna complain personally Devil May Cry  is awesome.   

7-source code

There's evidence the  original Resident Evil shares some  source code with gooftroop for the Super  Nintendo now I do not have definitive  proof for this I spent a lot of time  trying to dig to find some sort of final  word on the situation but goof troop was  directed by Shinji Mikami Resident Evil  was developed by Shinji Mikami Resident  Evil's 3d movement is apparently a  pseudo 3d movement which uses entirely  2d planes in order to accomplish what  it's doing the original basis for  Resident Evil was apparently goof troop  you can find this all over the internet  basically stated as fact with some  little tidbits of evidence with it I'd  personally like to hear it out of Shinji  Mikami's mouth but whether is smoke  there is fire a lot of the time I think  it's interesting as it's not quite  speculation as there's a lot of actually  programming minded people who have made  this assertion but again I'd like to  hear it out of Shinji Mikami's mouth.  


The music for the Resident Evil  movie the original Resident Evil movie  was written by Marilyn Manson at least  the theme music which is kind of a  plodding track with a lot of industrial  sounds that you might attribute to a  Trent Reznor or a particularly  downtrodden version of Mark Mothersbaugh  but no it's actually Marilyn Manson who  has actually scored a lot of film and  interestingly enough Mamoru samuragochi  the original composer of the music for  Resident  Musha was revealed to be a fraud most of  the music that was credited to him  starting in 1996 was ghost written by a  composer named takashi nagashi thanks to  this the resident evil' director's cut  has mansion basement.
5- Resident  Evil 4 

Resident  Evil 4 has an interesting relationship  with Nintendo  Mikami and company remade the original  Resident Evil on the Gamecube and it  didn't sell that well what Mikami took  this as was that consumers didn't want  strictly survival-horror never mind that  it was the original Resident Evil game  on the Gamecube a system that had no  affiliation with Resident Evil at all in  any case all three console companies  tried to court Mikami to get Resident  Evil 4 as an exclusive originally he  actually met with Microsoft but they  failed to WoW him or even give a  coherent mission statement according to  him he just didn't want to go with Sony  because he didn't like the emotion  engine of the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo  eventually courted him by saying games  are incredible toys crafted by Shigeru  Miyamoto and putting Resident Evil here  we'll put them on a level with him or at  least something to that extent  he went with that because it's least  coherent I guess.  

4-Resident Evil  2

Resident Evil  2 basically was a disaster in  development it was the first game he DK  Kamiya had developed and he revealed  some things on Twitter about how  turbulent it had been you see it's a  game where they pretty much developed a  full game and then threw it out and then  rewrote the entire thing and Kamiya had  said that it had got him to start  drinking basically on a daily basis  which the way he says that it seems as  though it is a negative.

3-Remaking Resident Evil 2

Capcom  had considered remaking Resident Evil 2  way back in 2002 for the Nintendo  GameCube but Shinji Mikami did not want  to do it because he was working on  Resident Evil 4 and as we know people  who care about things usually don't want  to do things that get in the way of the  thing they care about in the following  years though Hideki Kamiya apparently  had done a lot of pestering of Capcom to  try to get the remake to happen and on  top of that they had even considered the  first-person view in the Sam  as Resident Evil 7 because they actually  used the engine from Resident Evil 7 to  make the game they also thought they  might do the fixed cameras with the tank  controls but it ended up figuring that  didn't really work as well in 2019 and I  think they made the right choice it  looks amazing and I cannot wait to play  it.

  2-Sweet home  it's

Resident Evil was originally  inspired by a game called sweet home  it's actually a game that's made very  similarly in structure and it was a game  that was based on a movie but the movie  is widely regarded to be much less good  than the game which is not something  that normally happens with licensed  games Resident Evil even actually began  as a remake of sweet home now beyond the  fact that the game used a lot of the  same mansion unlocking slowly mechanics  that eventually inspired Resident Evil  it was also a turn-based RPG which is  very interesting to think about when  looking at it because it's just very  much of that it looks very much like  that but at the same time has this very  strange sort of GUI quality to a lot of  aspects of it and it really has some  amazing art considering the time and  when I say amazing I don't mean like it  was very stylish I mean like it was  really really incredibly good and  finally.
 1- Number of players

Interestingly enough  Resident Evil 1 originally had a  two-player mode which is interesting  because it probably would have worked  except for characters had too high of a  polygon count for the PlayStation to  handle it speaking of too many polygons  for the PlayStation to handle the reason  they ended up going with the  pre-rendered backgrounds is actually  quite interesting originally Resident  Evil was intended to be a first-person  shooter that was fully 3d now thinking  about why they didn't do two-player  because of the polygon counts of  characters sounds to me like probably  not something that would have worked at  least on the level that they wanted it  to work on so what the ultimately found  was alone in the dark alone in the dark  obviously moves quite a bit like  Resident Evil and when they played alone  in the dark they base  we had their breakthrough moment Shinji  Mikami was originally not excited to use  the fixed view camera angles because as  you know video games are meant to be  immersive and this apparently would have  been bad for the immersion factor I have  to say I disagree because if you've ever  played Resident Evil especially when  there wasn't anything on that technical  level in existence yet it was very  immersive it was very different it was I  mean it didn't really look like reality  but it certainly was a big step up from  everything else we had seen up until  that point and part of it was that he  was able to use pre-rendered backgrounds  in the game and achieve a level of  detail it just wouldn't have been  possible if he had done it as a fully 3d  doom clone style sweet home doom thing   ultimately Resident Evil's awesome so  everything that led them to where they  ended up I'm happy for quick bonus fact  for you a quote-unquote human meat  butcher shop was open in London as a PR  stunt by Capcom this was in 2012  actually quite a ways before the  destination themed restaurant thing  craze that frankly we hear about all the  time thanks Japan had really taken root  but that's a that's I mean that would  get publicity I can say that human meat  you all geared up to play Resident Evil  two's remake. 

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